lol im such a nerd..

Goodbye, SourceFed.

I honestly don’t really know where to start.

Five years of this amazing channel that I was obsessed with from the beginning. I was one of the people that were subbed before the channel actually started. So many hosts have come and gone, the channel went through so many changes, and I’ve come so accustomed to having them around that I just sort of expected them to always be around. I know that’s not a realistic thing to think- but when something becomes so trusted and present, you let your guard down and don’t expect this sort of thing to happen. 

Well, here we are.

Thank you so much to everyone who was a part of my all time favorite channel. To everyone that made me laugh and cry. To everyone who made me feel good when I couldn’t do that for myself.

Thank you.

I could never put into words what you all actually mean to me.

and thank you to everyone here at the Nerd Herd! I’ve made wonderful friends here and I’ve had so much fun running this blog for all 5,300 of you. I know I’ve been kinda quiet, but I never lost love for you. It’s been a pleasure.

That’s not to say that the Nerd Herd is going anywhere. At least, not right now. As long as there’s fans of SourceFed out there that keep the spirit alive, I’ll be here too.

Even having written all that, I still can’t believe we have to say goodbye.

Goodbye, SourceFed.

Bonne Année - Happy New Year
Vieille Année - Old Year
Nouvelle Année - New Year
Les bonnes résolutions du Nouvel An - New Year’s resolutions
Le Saint Sylvestre - New Year’s Eve
Hiver (m) - Winter
Décembre (m) - December
Janvier (m) - January
Fête (f) - Party
Célébration (f) - Celebration
Concert (m) - Concert
Parade (f) - Parade
Tradition (f) - Tradition
Champagne (m) - Champagne
Toast (m) - wassail
Oraison (f) - Speech
Horloge (f) - Clock
Compte à rebours (m) - Countdown
Minuit (m) - Midnight
Bisou (m) - Kiss
Pétard (m) - Firecracker
Feu d'artifice (m) - Firework
Présentation (f) - Presentation, display
Confettis (mpl) - Confetti