lol im so sorry but this was random

His body seems to be moving on autopilot as deft fingers loosen the tight knot of his tie in jerky movements that are so unlike him. His eyes scan the crowd for that familiar tuft of black, spiky, unruly hair and a twinge of panic jabs at him when he can’t find Hajime anywhere.


His name, said in that same rough voice with just the softest hints of complete and utter love, makes him melt in relief. Tooru turns around and his breath catches in his throat when he finally lays eyes on him.

Hajime’s face shines with a thin coat of sweat, his tie completely undone and resting haphazardly across his shoulders. His shirt is a size too small, showing off his delectable arms and those broad shoulders that have always been a source of strength and support to Tooru. His cheeks are flushed and the broad grin on his face is so genuine, so raw, so Hajime. Tooru swallows slowly and takes a step closer, and Hajime mirrors him, his smile softer, but no less happy.

One step, two step, three steps and they meet, with no place to go, no place to run, no place to hide.

Hajime’s head tilts up the slightest bit the same moment Tooru raises his hand and hesitantly places it on his shoulder before sliding it up, cupping the side of Hajime’s neck.

“We did it huh?” Tooru chuckles, mere centimeters away from Hajime’s lips.

Hajime nods, leaning into Tooru’s touch. “We sure did. I’m proud of myself for not killing you, you know.”

“I’m proud of you too.”

Hajime huffs and leans in closer. “Shut up and kiss me already.”

And Tooru does, with a smile on his face and a pounding heart. He pulls back a moment later, his eyes still squeezed shut when he murmurs, “Always.”

Hajime’s the one to close the distance between them, stealing Tooru’s lips and his breath and his heart all over again, and he doesn’t need to say it for Tooru to understand.


(for @kidovna, based on this masterpiece

chapter 20.

Rich || Jaebum

Originally posted by mixedangel

Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 2018

Warnings: Smut (lol oops) but fluffy jaebum omg

note: HI EVERYONE! IDK WHAT I JUST WROTE BUT I’M SO SORRY FOR THE REALL UNRELATED AND RANDOM PLOT LINE THIS CHAPTER HAS. like… i just wrote down whatever came to my mind. anyways, the video will be up next week and the last chapter will also be posted next week tuesday! happy reading and take care -admin

The bright sunlight illuminated the room, early in the morning, disturbing my beauty sleep. I slowly opened my eyes to face Jaebum right beside me. His arms wrapped around my waist, holding me to his side. I looked at his handsome peaceful face and smiled to myself. This was the first time Jaebum ever stayed in bed with me. From the previous times we spent together, he would always leave my side. Today, the amount of joy of just seeing his face to wake up to was enough to make me decide to stay here. I can’t go back now, especially when someone I loved two years ago confessed to me.

“At least take a picture if you’re going to stare at me like that,” Jaebum croaked out, his eyes still closed but his mouth formed a smile.

I softly laughed under my breath as I buried my face in the croak of his neck, “I don’t like pictures. I like to live in the moment.”

“Take it all in, baby girl.” Jaebum said with his morning voice which was incredibly sexy. I propped myself up on my elbows to take a good look at his face. He flashed me a charming smile and grabbed my face to give me a quick kiss on the mouth.

“You look beautiful in the morning, (Y/N).” Jaebum smiled. I slapped him on the chest, shaking my head at his mushy comments as I felt my cheeks rise in color. Even though his comments were cheesy and mushy, it still made me feel fuzzy inside.

“Let go of me so I can get out of bed.” I shyly said as I tried to pry his hand away from my waist.

“Are you serious? Let’s me think of a few reasons why you should stay in bed with me.” He smirked at me as he scanned my face. Jaebum’s hands pulled me down in bed again as he rested his thumb on my cheek. His fingers roaming down to my lips as I flickered my eyes up to meet his. I could see a sly smile plastered on his face and I knew he had a few things up on sleeve already early in the morning.

“Reason number one. You’re unbelievably sexy in the morning especially when you’re currently naked in front of me.” Jaebum smirked, as his hands roamed further down my face and onto my neck. “Reason number two. With you being naked beside me, you know what that does to a man? And reason number three. Round two still needs to happen.”

“Those aren’t reasons, Jae.” I chuckled under my breath. “They’re more like statements and you implying that you want morning sex.”

“Glad you got my memo.” Jaebum said, flashing another charming smile. “If you don’t want morning sex, can you at least take care of the big guy down below?”

“Unbelievable,” I scoffed as I pushed my way out of his embrace and got out of bed, “You take care of it yourself. I have work.”

And with that, I walked away from Jaebum and his protests as I grabbed my shirt from the floor and headed towards the bathroom. It was definitely different from his last house from two years ago and more modern. His bathroom was too beautiful that I stood there, in the middle of the large room, and admired the beauty. My eyes wandered to the bathtub in the corner, in which I thought I would take a bath rather than taking a shower since the tub was gorgeous.

“God, how rich is he to afford all this stuff.” I mumbled to myself, walking towards the tub.

“I go to work, baby girl. Not to mention, I own a company.” Jaebum’s voice suddenly appeared from behind, causing me to jump slightly. I turned around to face Jaebum, as he held two towels in hand and walked over to me.

“No, you are not joining me.” I pointed my finger at him and gave him a mean stare. But he ignore my protests as he turned on the bathtub and started to make a bath. I whined and started to pout since I wanted my alone time in the bath. But Jaebum continued to fill up the bath and pour in the bath salt.

“Done.” He cutely smiled at me. It was rare that he would do anything cute towards me and I couldn’t help but just smile widely at his actions. Maybe, I’ll let him join me in bath. Jaebum stepped aside and I took that as a cue to step into the bath. Beforing entering the bath, I placed a finger under Jaebum’s chin and motioned him to join me as well.

I slipped into the tub and hummed from the way the hot water eases my sore muscles from last night. Jaebum joined me quickly after, slipping into the tub. I settled in between Jaebum’s legs as his strong arms wrapped around me. He massaged my arms and shoulders, making his way down to my inner thighs, softly drawing circles. Jaebum leaned down to press a kiss on my neck Almost immediately, I tilted my head to the side, granting him more access to my soft skin.

“Relax, baby girl. Let me take care of you.” Jaebum whispered in my ear, as his lips made their way to mine, kissing me softly. His fingers wandered down my stomach to my clit as he rubbed his fingers along my clit slowly, making me whimper into his mouth. He took this opportunity to slip his tongue in my mouth, making me moan from this sensation. Without warning, Jaebum plunged his fingers into me, making me gasp from his action. Jaebum moved significantly slow as I felt his hard cock poking at my back.

“Fuck.” Jaebum growled at my touch. My fingers wrapped around his shaft, moving at the pace he was pleasuring me at. His jaw dropped from the amount of pleasure he was receiving as he started to increase the pace of his fingers. I started to buck against his fingers as I was getting closer to my peak. But all the movements stopped when we heard a phone ring in the distant.

“Shit, that’s my phone.” I cursed, catching my breath from the harsh denial.

“I’ll go get it.” Jaebum stated, standing up from the tub and grabbing the towel from the side. I laid back in the tub, closing my eyes and took in deep breaths to calm myself down. Although I planned to have a peaceful bath, this was a much better feeling with Jaebum by my side.

“Here.” Jaebum said, handing me the ringing phone that rudely interrupted our time. “But before you pick up, I want you to stand up and lean against that wall.”

I took my phone from his hand and bit my lips. Doing what he demanded, I stood up from the bath and leaned against the cold wall, my hair and body dripping wet from the water. Jaebum grabbed me by the waist, forcing me to bend forward as he slowly slipped himself inside of me. His huge cock filling me up inside, remaining still as I swiped the screen on my phone.

“Hello?” I breathed out, trying to contain my moans as Jaebum started to move at a slow pace.

“(Y/N)?” Rose answered on the other end. “Are you feeling any better?”

“Yeah, I’m good.” I gave a quick short reply. Jaebum suddenly pulled out as he gripped my hips hard and plunged into my pussy again in one go, filling me to the hilt. I pressed my lips together trying not to moan while on the phone as he didn’t spare any mercy and began thrusting at a vicious pace, not giving me time to adjust to his size.

“We have a meeting today. Do you want me to pick you up?” Rose asked through the phone. I couldn’t focus on Rose while Jaebum fucked me hard from behind. It was hard to multitask since Jaebum hit all of my hidden nerves, making my hitch my breath as my nails scratched the beautiful walls of the bathroom.

“Talk to her.” Jaebum growled from behind, smacking my ass at the same time as he continued to assault my pussy. I bit my lips, trying so hard not to scream as he quicken his pace harder, and brisker, making my whole body shake as it led me to my peak faster.

“Sure,” I managed to breath out, “Just text me when you’re here. Sorry Rose, I gotta go.”

I hung up as I threw my phone to the side of the bathtub and let out loud moan. Jaebum brought his fingers up to my clit, rubbing it as the pitch of my voice got higher. Jaebum didn’t stop thrusting and rubbing my clit, making my knees buckle. The familiar knot at the pit of my stomach started to unravel as my orgasm hit me hard.

“Can you take one more?” Jaebum groaned, as he started to go harder and faster, my pussy swallowing his hard cock even tighter. I shook my head in response since the overstimulation was too hard for me to handle. Last night I could take it but, I was too sensitive to take other one right now. Jaebum understood my thoughts as he pulled out of me, pumping his cock to release himself. I sank back down in the tub, slightly pulling my hair as I tried to catch my breath.

“Are you okay?” Jaebum asked, as he slipped in beside me.

“Fuck.” I cursed, breathing heavily. “I’m okay but I think I need a break from your big friend down there.”

Jaebum chuckled as he kissed my shoulders, “Relax, baby. I don’t always crave for sex. Just your love is enough for me.”

Rose and I stood inside the big space inside of my soon-to-be store as I wandered around the building. I noted down a few things I wanted to fix and also made out a plan on where everything should go. Rose, who stood by my side, helped me with all the planning and made sure everything was organized. We brought in the shipped clothes and started lining everything up on the racks and shelves. The workers did an fantastic job on making this place look chic and modern. There were only a few things that I wanted to do before opening day involving the store. So the stress building up in me was something that would keep me up late at night.

“Opening day is two days from now.” Rose noted. “When should we book the tickets to go back?”

“I’m not going back.” I simply stated, looking at the clothes rack ahead of me.

“What? You have to go back though.” Rose cried out in disbelief.

“Rose, listen to me,” I said, turning towards her and grabbing her shoulder, “I can’t go back because I realized my life is here and not there.”

“Just a few days ago, you didn’t even want to come back here.” Rose sighed, brushing away my hands. “And now you’re saying you want to stay?”

“I ran away from here to forget my past. But the only thing remained was the feeling of love that I left behind here. When I fainted yesterday from the lack of sleep, I woke up at Jaebum’s hous-”

“He insisted on taking you home.” Rose interrupted. “Are you staying here because of him?”

I looked at Rose and smiled at her. Just by looking at me face, Rose already knew the answer to her question since it was obvious. I told Rose about Jaebum when we first met and how I missed the feeling of him being by my side. She said she wanted to see me happy with a guy just like Jaebum. And as best friends, and partners in business, she completely understood my reason. Although moving will be complicated, my happiness was something she and I seeked the most.

“Yes,” I smiled at her, “It’s because I love him.”

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who is your favorite character in mob?? (sorry if this is random lol, im curious)

mob and ritsu usually top off my list of favorites as a two-way tie for first place, but lately i’ve been on more of a ritsu kick. he’s a good boy, poorly understood by everyone, just trying to do his best out there. 

bonus PSA: stop drawing ritsu with knives, you fools! i know y'all really, really want him to be yandere, but his associated utensil is and always has been spoons, so at least do him the service of making him a weird spoon yandere. TERU is the one who should be drawn with knives. jk as if teru will ever handle a knife again haha. 

spaceinvaydr  asked:

Would you be willing to draw any characters from Dota 2? I would love to see some of them in your art style

i dont know anything abt dota 2,, but i still wanted to draw something for u so here u go !!! (i just chose a random character from here lol)


More random 2jae fluff! Sorry this is so… idk

Reference used was their Real GOT7 S2 EP9 

now if you would excuse me  i shall now jump off a cliff with my 2jae feels

((im also accepting 2jae drawing requests for anyone who wants lol 

like very very very very easy requests lmao ))

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hi emilia! i just went through everything you have about autistic alec and bpd magnus lol. do you have any, like, slice-of-life headcanons for the two of them? thanks! <3

yes!!!!! and sfdghg i’m so glad to hear you enjoyed them, they’re like. my only reason for living rn

  • alec knows magnus has no emotional permanence so!! he sends him random ‘i love you’ texts or like,, pictures of animals whenever he has the time
  • and he just goes out of his way to let magnus know how wonderful n loved he is!!! he’ll happily validate him all day long and he means every single thing he says. ’you look amazing’, ‘you’re so kind’, etc
  • alec learns how to sense when magnus is spiralling or in need of extra affection and when that happens he’ll go to him & hug him cause he knows that makes him feel better
  • magnus is a known impulse shopper™ and sometimes alec will catch him in the act and be like. magnus do you really need that maybe you shouldn’t get that. and every now and then he manages to convince him but not always
  • sometimes when he’s tired and messes up a potion magnus has to stop himself from crying cause the mood drop is just that bad
  • alec gently plays with magnus’ hands and jewelry when magnus is dissociating cause it helps ground him and alec loves stimming that way
  • alec is mostly nonverbal first thing in the morning so magnus will talk quietly and not expect anything more than a smile in return until he can speak again
  • magnus has figured out what kind of touch is welcome and reassuring for alec when he’s having a meltdown; 1) like i mentioned in an earlier post, the gentle pressure of his hand over alec’s + 2) his hands in alec’s hair
  • and magnus loves stroking alec’s hair too cause he’s constantly craving physical intimacy from him and it’s reassuring for him to know alec needs it too, that he’s not being clingy
  • alec tells magnus he loves it when he’s clingy
  • sometimes magnus will ask alec about archery and listen to him talk about it for ages. and he genuinely enjoys listening to it
  • magnus takes note of all the different ways alec stims and sometimes he will do it with him, eg by rubbing their hands together, to let him know there’s nothing wrong with it and just cause he wants to, and when he sees alec likes it he makes a habit out of it
HC: Yordle Hair

Headcanon: Older yordles have notably Long Hair, while younger ones have notably Short Hair


//Ech, when it comes to stuff behind the yordle race, there’s only so much info to leech off of to help support headcanons and stuff around them. (Riot please update yordle lore soon, yeah?)

// Because of that, im finding it kind of hard to go in a lenghty detail of this headcanon so I’m just gonna do a basic run down of this headcanon and keep it short and simple. (Sorry in advanced for typos)

Long Haired Yordles:

// Somewhere in these yordles’ lore/stories is info that state that they’ve either been around for a generally long time or you can naturally tell that they’re old based on the things that they do or the things that they say.

// Plus, taking the HC in consideration. There is an interesting quote from Omega Squad Teemo, which is stated to be set in an alternate future, quote:

-“You can’t tell but, uh, I’ve grown quite the beard under here.”

// Be that as it may, if Teemo did go about being exposed/ being in war after war. Surely he’s aged quite a bit through his rough experiences.

Short Haired Yordles:

// Sadly there isn’t too much info lore-wise to help support that these yordles’ are considered necessarily ‘young’, but naturally head canon-wise I find these select few as like your average ‘young adults.’ 

But there is one small piece of canon info that speaks for itself. Taking a few quotes from Tristana’s newest story ‘The Quiet Night’ quote:

-“Old one?” said Tristana with a playfully indignant grin. “I’m a young slip of a girl!”

-“I told you, I’m not old” said Tristana. “I’m actually pretty young for a Yordle.”  


// For Gnar, I can’t really count his tail as like, separate hair similar to like head hair or facial hair. But I mean realistically, judging by his natural behavior he of course, has a ‘young’ vibe to him. 

//As for Veigar, his face is sadly hidden in his classic design, so that’s not much of help. And I’m a bit uncertain if theres enough info in hos lore to state if he’s old or not. However a lot of his skins depict him having either a rather long beard, or a mustache…then again of course, those are skins after all.


//And there you go! This is as short as I could keep it and hopefully it makes sense. However if people do get confused or anything by certain things i can try to help answer some speculating questions as best as possible. ^^;;

// Thanks for reading through if you did!

hey so im really sad they showed a random het sex scene over malec’s first time and im cryyyying bc it’s reminded me that no one wants to see queer people have sex

there have been two straight sex scenes (together in a bed, whatever you want to call it)

but we’ll never see malec like that. they just won’t show two men like that. This show made me forget it for awhile, but actually the idea of two men in bed together on cable (I think freeform is cable) tv is ridiculous 

we won’t get it so we might as well stop hoping, just enjoy whatever we DO get (like lots of kisses) (and hopefully better written scenes)

@ladyjekyll Sorry sloppy coloring >////< Final Colored =3 Hope you like it.


- Hockey AU Graves and Credence

- Ladyjekyll

- imagaypotatoe


Credence: “C’mon Mr. Graves”

Me(Next to Credence): “Kick his butt >=3″

Arrow To Ladyjekyll: “Killing It <3″

Arrow to Graves: “Getting beat by a novice (In front of the bae too)

Random Bits:

Graves is wearing a jersey of the San Jose Sharks Team (Credence is wear this team’s gear too <3)

Ladyjekyll is wearing a Florida Panthers jersey

I (imagaypotatoe) am wearing a Vancouver Canucks jersey

welcome to niko draws characters he knows nothing about!: a fun exercise for no damn reason. first up, kaneki. thanks to the anonny that requested him! im actually kinda cheating on this one cause i have read some of the TG manga. but i only got up to chp 60 something so. not really. we good. 

u know me, i like glitchy gifs. (i will, however, post up the png version too)

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001 - haikyuu!! :D

thank you so much!! <3

001 | haikyuu

  • Favorite character: Oikawa but??? i love everyone??
  • Least Favorite character: ok but Asahi lol i’m sorry i guss
  • 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): (canon ships in haikyuu ahh) Oikawa x Iwaizumi, Kuroo x Kenma, Bokuto x Akaashi, Daichi x Sugawara, Tsukishima x Yamaguchi
  • Character I find most attractive: Akaashi, Oikawa, Shimizu, Kuroo and Suga
  • Character I would marry: Oikawa or Suga or Daichi
  • Character I would be best friends with: Bokuto, Kuroo and Terushima
  • A random thought: i gotta catch up with the manga damn im behind
  • An unpopular opinion: i guess me not liking Asahi and AsaNoya is a bit unpopular :P
  • My canon OTP: IwaOi (shhh)
  • Non-canon OTP: TsukkiYama
  • Most badass character: Noyaaaa and Ennoshita!
  • Pairing I am not a fan of: lmao AsaNoya and KuroTsukki
  • Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): ??? no they’re all beautiful, give everyone more panels
  • Favourite friendship: BoKuroo <3

Send me a fandom/character/ship and I’l tell you my…

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is there a specific way you arrange your gifs? i know it's a weird question sjdf but your gifsets always looks so organized and neat??? i cant really explain it but when i make gifsets i just arrange the gifs in whatever way but yours looks so nice all the time kasjdf im sorry im not making any sense

do they really!? i really dont do anything special and am terrible at removing gifs so i feel like most of them are a mess and disorganized. this makes me really happy that you think that, thank you! lol

Anonymous said:Hey, random question, but do you have a bluray disk reader? If not, how do you watch your blurays? Sorry and thanks

yes i have a blueray drive in my pc and a ps4 if i want to watch on the tv

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It's almost pisces season! .... I'm turning 21 soon. I have a fakes so I've even been going out for awhile now so it's not the actual being legal to drink I'm excited about. I had good intentions starting the new year but did something regrettable 8 days in lol. Sounds bad but I feel like once I turn 21 it's when I really wanna leave my bullshit games and immature acts behind and start fresh and also not let guys take advantage of my forgiving heart. Sorry random ❤️

you go babe!!! any day is a day to turn ur life around but big milestones are the best times to really say “ok, time to change things”. also im so shook at u having a fake id wtf my 12 yr old ass could never