lol im not laughing



In which I’ve done a lot of page work today so I drew a bunch of self-indulgent wind-down drawings of my fave hero with dopey cats and other such relatable pokes.

(I couldn’t remember what Greninja was called so I named it’s drawing layer Ninjago)

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do you guys remember that time fetus jihope were so extra that they couldnt even drink something out of a bottle like normal beings

and you had jin on the side giving them the nastiest look 

jungkook sitting across from them looking kind of pained and out of it 


tae judging them super hard not even trying to hide it

and then turning to the camera like he’s in the office

Gavin, I'm gonna fucking stab you in the eye

Ryan, you suck.”
“You’re about to suck in a minute.”
—-> Bonus: Geoff’s hysteric laughter