lol im clumsy

studio mir owes me $10 each time i hear cronan’s evil laugh, farran falls over or rosalyn says something Cryptic  

EXO as Girls
  • Suho: pretty, smart, student-body president
  • Sehun: the hot one who don't give two shits if you're single, thinks everyday is a fashion show
  • Luhan: the sensitive one that all guys have a crush on
  • Xiumin: the sporty one who only dates athletes
  • Lay: the one who nicely rejects guys because she says she has to focus on school
  • Chen: the annoying one who follows her crush around and bugs him
  • Kyungsoo: the one girl that everyone is afraid of, but has 2 friends who understand her
  • Kai: dates one guy after the other, doesn't care about other's opinions about her
  • Baekhyun: the one girl who's talented in almost everything related to music
  • Chanyeol: the one who's obsessed with her crush and secretly has a shrine of him in her room (lol idk)
  • Kris: the one who seems cold on the outside but is actually really really clumsy and funny when you get to know her
  • Tao: cries at almost everything and when that time of month comes around, everyone avoids her