lol ignore dis

People really need to stop telling artists what they’re allowed to draw and what they’re not allowed to draw. I don’t know where this mindset came from that they need to gang up on people but seriously

artists are humans and they have the talent and mind to create. I think people should leave them the fuck alone and just learn to draw theirselves instead of trying to dictate what everyone else does.

tfw you get a clutch 4-man rez to win the game and get the final blow on the genji who was on your ass the entire match, and you lose potg to said genji with a super underwhelming triple :(

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He needed to ask about Hades. That was the main purpose of seeking Nico out again. He needed to ask about the mask in the painting. Every time he got close to bringing it up, he ended up rambling about everything else on his mind and it seemed too abrupt a segue. Truth be told, he didn’t want Nico to tense up and stop talking to him.

He’d been surprised to actually find Nico here. It was still a few days before classes started back up, and he’d ended up flying from The Principia to the Columbia campus the day after the meeting with Bianca Di Angelo to try to think through this without the influence of his teammates and friends.

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