lol if you saw the last long tag

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Saint Scout....I can already see the stained glass window made in your honor

it would just be my screaming face and a beautiful inscription at the bottom that reads “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN”

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Hi Scout! Did you see the picture Rob posted on his twitter where Misha kissed the side of his head?? Aggggghh, it’s so friggin cute!! <3 X)



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You’re amazing. I just had to say that.

aw geez thank you;;;

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What’s The Empty?? I very recently just got back into the fandom again after having nothing to do with it since 2014 so I’m like major confused LOL I’m reaching the end of season 9 so if it’s spoilery shrugs lmao (also you don’t have to answer if this is annoying btw) ((love you and your blog too, you’ve improved so much since I last saw your art❤️))


@justanotheridijiton recently accumulated all of my posts in one tag regarding The Empy and it’s hilarious

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I was bored and going through tags and learned the hets love Camille? They think she is so cute and supportive and are impressed with Harry for keeping it low key and lasting this long lol.i even saw tags yesterday about how she must be serious.

mh i reckon that varies depending on where you look! when i was trying to track down those pics this morning i saw sooo many hets being sus. the “i don’t like her vibe but i’m gonna shut up now 🙃” comments greatly outweighed the “omg that’s so cute 😍” comments.

so i was tagged by my love @flintwoodandco to make a playlist based on my url. thanks indigo! lol this was fun i made it right away after i saw that you tagged me. anyway, here we go..

O ff she goes // bad suns
H ero // family of the year 
T -shirt weather // circa waves
U gh! // the 1975
R inse me down // bombay bicycle club
N ew biome // sure sure
T wo weeks // grizzly bear
A ll those friendly people // funeral suits
N eedle and a knife // tennis

you can listen it here if you want to ♫

and i tag @marisascoulter  @mxrcusflint @lepetitcomte @ff-sunset-oasis @pottermorts @rcbbstark @durmstranqs @rowle @fredweaselys @lilyevane and anyone who wants to do this! ♥


To be continued??? Maybe?? (It actually sounds like a really fun AU so it may be continued.)

But yeah this is related to that last comic. I was going through the notes and tags and I saw these comments:

So shout out to quidditchchick004, my-aobaconda-dont, and lilacpinkballad for inspiring me to throw all three things together to make this.

I decided it’d be better if I made this comic it’s own post instead since I made it a bit longer than I meant to lol.
Urban Outfitters Uses A Curvy Model To Sell A Size It Doesn't Carry
One step forward, one step back.


I think I saw a size 14 at Urban once. Maybe. I could have dreamed it.

But also…Urban Outfitters has long been confirmed as a lazy front for an organization of super-villains…………so I don’t know why people are surprised………….