lol if you saw the last long tag
Urban Outfitters Uses A Curvy Model To Sell A Size It Doesn't Carry
One step forward, one step back.


I think I saw a size 14 at Urban once. Maybe. I could have dreamed it.

But also…Urban Outfitters has long been confirmed as a lazy front for an organization of super-villains…………so I don’t know why people are surprised………….

thanks @mrtrashpants for tagging me!! I saw this a few days ago but I’m only getting around to do it now cause I’m so lazy anyways HERE WE GO 

Rules: Answer the 20 questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better. (I counted 29 questions but whatever 🤔) 

Nickname: don’t have one everyone just calls me Riley 

Gender: male 

Star sign: scorpio 

Height: 5'10 last time I checked 

Time right now: 7:56pm 

Last thing I googled: black canary 

Favorite Bands: i’ve actually been listening to a lot of 70s music lately because of a show I’ve been watching LMAO but nah just monsta x ☺ 

Favorite Solo Artists: hyosung, hyuna, gd, taeyeon, dean 

Song stuck in your head: I’m still jamming out to excuse measfdhk

Last movie I watched: honestly don’t watch movies that much anymore but I think rogue one when I saw it in the theaters w/my brother 

Last TV Show I watched: fargo im obsessed 

When did you create your blog: almost 4 years ago now god help me 😪 

What kind of stuff do you post: omg I’m a multifandom mess on here I post kpop, video games, and tv shows idk how i even have followers

When did your blog reach it’s peak: lmao what never 😂 

Do you have other blogs: i have 5 side blogs but I only really use three of them, I use my kpop blog the most 

Do you get asks regularly: I get like one ask a year 

Why you chose your URL: idk it’s a location from a video game I liked I want to change it tho 

Following: 1,164 blogs 🙊 

Posts: 18,924 

Hogwarts House: hufflepuff 

Pokémon Team: instinct!! 

Favorite colors: blue, red and orange 

Average hours of sleep: depends on if I work the next morning but maybe like 9 hours 

Lucky numbers: 4, 7 and 8 

Favorite Characters: jfc I like way too many characters but on the top of my head peggy blumquist, jaime and cersei lannister, Vanessa Ives, bran stark, Norma bates this is too hard I’m gonna stop 

What are you wearing right now: red shirt, black shorts and a beanie 😶 

How many blankets do you sleep with: usually 2 

Dream job: idk tbh 😭 

Dream trip: Japan, South Korea and New Zealand!! 

Ok I’m gonna tag @sanhapup @ameehhhhh @talesofakat @gerrardz @imperfect-nostalgia @jiwonahs @flawlesskihyun