lol idk why i laughed so much


Jack betrayed by his son. Lol i have so much fun doing this idk why xDD

I laughed in this moment for like 24 hours and still i can’t breath, somebody save me. Anyway, The Last Guardian is my favorite game in 2016, i’m in love with this game, it’s beautiful and with Jack’s funny xDD. And Trico AAAAAAAAA my heart is fully clear i want Trico so badly <’333

Also - WARNING FOR THE HEADPHONES USERS ON THE END, i forget about it x”D sorry guys, love ya <’3

taekook fic rec #3

PLEASE feel free to recommend me any of your favorite BTS fanfics (any ship), because I will read them. Also, please let me know if you liked any of the stories I recommend!

IMPORTANT: All of the fics I rec will be on a scale of 8 to 10. (8- really good, happy I read it.  9- amazing, I loved it! 10- perfect, one of my favorites. [*]= top fave)

Enjoy and happy reading~

  1. Hit and Run

Summary: Jimin and Jungkook have been the top hitmen duo in Seoul since the day they picked up their first revolvers and shot a man without a second look back. But when they cross paths with a skilled hacker by the name of Kim Taehyung, things start to change up a little.

AU: Hitmen 

Rated: M

Length: 4 chps, 27.3k words

Warnings: Some violence and language  

My Review: Wow….I am so pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed this SO MUCH. The characterization was so on point along with the plot, romance, humor,…. everything. I never thought I would read a hitmen!AU for some reason and yet here I am today. It’s one of my top favorites. 

My Rating: 10/10 

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Lowkey is Z kinda single white femaling Matty?? Like dude photoshop Matts face onto that pic boom, but also look at him!!! Like good for you Zero! Also why did Matty have to hit him with the cheetah pic?? Bursting my boys confidence bubble lol but that whole exchange had me laughing in the middle of Safeway.

lmaoo plsss with single white female. he honestly didn’t think blonde was his thing.. like he went into it thinking he’d maybe color it brown or something slightly lighter than his natural hair. however, ppl kept suggesting blonde and all these other wild pastel colors to him and the more he laughed it off the more he started to take it seriously. 

even when he sat down in the hairstylist’s chair he still didn’t know what color to pick. the stylist asked if he had any options and Zero said a number of different browns he had been considering. he then jokingly mentioned that people were saying he should go blonde but thought it was ridiculous. listen.. as soon as he said blonde the stylist got so excited about it and said that she thought blonde was actually a great idea and how it would look nicely against his skin. she started pulling out all these different samples which by the way none of them were brown and Zero was just sitting in the chair like..

like at this point he couldn’t be a little bitch and back out of it with how excited the stylist was so he just gave in and was like.. fine. the whole time he was internally screaming about it but then when he seen the outcome he was like..

like he knewwwwwwwwwwww… the first thing he thought about was Matt and how he’d take it and it made him giggle a little bit because he’s fake.

lmfaooo Matt’s twitter reaction though lmao.. i laughed about it too because..


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I went DnDing yesterday and out of the five (5) people there were at least four (4) lgbt+ people. One was gay, another was panromantic asexual, another was DATING the pan ace and I'm ace, and have no idea about the other one. Now I know why I like these people so much, most likely no one is straight lol

i’m laughing when i was a kid i thought everyone was straight now it’s like no one is straight??? where did all the straights go??? idk but not here and i like that 

Hey! So I’ve seen a lot of people doing these, and I decided to do one for my 5,000th post, but I missed that so here it is now! This is a list of people who I consider to be my friends (I hope they all feel the same, otherwise this could be awkward lol) I highly recommend following all of them because I love them all very much.

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The clip of kookie deepthroating Joonie's bday hat, what video is that from?

he l lo~ (´∀`*) ♡

ahah ah from this video right?? ahah this is from one of the old Bangtan Bombs when it was Namjoons birthday lol; still have no idea why he did it but it cracks me up ahaha. heres  a link~

[BANGTAN BOMB] Rap Monster Birthday Tweetヽ(*・ω・)ノ click me 

^OK BUT I WANT YOU TO PAY ATTENTION TO NAMJOONS FACE WHEN JUNGKOOK DOES THIS AHAHA; feel free to ask anything else (o・ω・o) much luvs~ ♡

How words/ actions affect someone

So idk why but I thought I’d share this. Not that big of a thing but when i was in 9th grade, one day i wore a tshirt and it had like very small sleeves and it kinda got ridden up. So, I’m fat and i know that, people have always been very good at reminding me. So my best friend pointed at my arm and laughed saying “omg you shouldn’t wear sleeveless top ever, your arms look fat and funny ha ha” and my other friends that were around me kinda joined in the laughing too. And I know it’s not that big of a deal. It seems like a harmless comment but it isn’t. It’s been 6 years since this and I didn’t wore sleeves that were even up to my elbow till 4 years after this. 4 WHOLE YEARS, I didn’t wear what i wanted just because of this stupid thing. And when i got out of school I realised how stupid of me it was to get affected by this. Because it happens, it always does. And no matter how sad it is we can’t stop people from being like this. I still don’t feel comfortable wearing short sleeves because I’m always terrified that someone would comment on it and laugh at me.

101 things I love about Jung Hoseok

  1. his eyes
  2. his nose shape
  3. his teeth
  4. his lips
  5. his hair
  6. his face shape
  7. his warmth
  8. his smiles
  9. his laugh
  10. how he pushes people over sometimes if he’s laughing too hard
  11. his love for skinship
  12. he’s a lover not a fighter yes good
  13. his dancing (his control is incredible and every time I watch him I am even more enamored by his skill)
  14. his rapping
  15. his singing
  16. his hand shape
  17. his legs
  18. specifically his thighs
  19. his feet they’re pretty have you seen them
  21. his hips
  22. his back
  23. his shoulders
  24. when he giggles
  25. his lyrics in 1VERSE
  26. 1VERSE
  27. his rap lyrics in pretty much every other BTS song
  28. his fashion sense
  29. his confidence
  30. his humility
  31. how he will literally grab someone’s hand and put in on himself so that they’ll pet or massage him
  32. when he takes candids of his members
  33. his little affinity for photography because he sees it as a way to keep memories alive
  34. how his fingers spread out really wide without him even trying
  35. his li’l ears
  36. his English
  37. his Japanese
  38. him introducing BTS in multiple languages
  39. his raspy voice when he’s trying to be quiet/when he’s feeling relaxed
  40. how he’s one of those ppl who tries 2 whisper but doesn’t actually know how to whisper lmao it’s just like a lower, growly type of sound instead of his regular speaking volume/voice
  41. shameless aegyo
  42. shamelessly acting sexy
  43. a very, very understanding person
  44. wants everyone to be happy all the time
  45. his crying face is cute?? wha- bby… ;;u;;
  46. writes raps targeting a terrorist group in Korea bc they fucked with his hometown and they target women and they’re just flat out awful and oh my god just read this I love him omfg
  47. his rap lyrics
  48. he likes hip-hop and rap music, but he also apparently likes softer songs as well bc he always recs them on the rare occasion that he recs anything at all
  49. ex. Nell’s ‘Time Spent Walking Through Memories’, Remy Shand’s ‘Rocksteady’, Naturally 7′s ‘Closer’
  50. he’d rather a kiss on the lips than on the cheek -giggling like a shoujo girl-
  51. probably has soft hands??? idk why but I imagine he has soft hands?? maybe someone who has touched his hand before can tell me, that would be nice…
  52. 22yo and mature yet remains playful bc he wants to “remain a child at heart”
  53. his handwriting which totally suits his personality bc it’s messy and spastic, but bubbly and cute
  54. when he tries 2 draw some stuff
  55. when he uses this emote @_@
  56. pro at fanservice
  57. can probably befriend some of the shyest and least sociable people because he’s so friendly and sociable himself
  58. heart-shaped lips
  59. pre-debut braces
  60. collects action figures did u see him in AHL he got so fcking excited when he walked into that one shop and saw all the action figures what a fucking cute-ass fucker jsfsdf bye he bought the Spongebob one I’m gonna squish him (update: he went 2 an action figure museum/showcase thing or whatever that was what a cute little geek boy)
  61. has this obvious joy when it comes to making people laugh. not just bc he’s part of the sunshine line, but he just genuinely tries to make people laugh and looks like :// if he doesn’t get a good reaction
  62. scared of a variety of things it okay bby, ARMY will protect u
  63. very much a hoe
  64. very much my ideal type
  65. I have only seen him hold a baby once but it was adorable and he held it so gently, but so safely with his arms all around it wowowow cutecutecutecutecutecute
  66. quite aware of his surroundings, notices almost everything. (I think he’d be that person who listens to what you’re talking about even though someone started talking over you, like even if u don’t think he’s listening, he probably heard what you said.)
  67. he gave Namjoon his gold medal after he won that race it was so cute idfkkfkgj
  68. not afraid to cry and doesn’t seem to buy into that whole “““real men don’t c ry ..!! :// :P !!”“““ bullshit
  69. when someone makes fun of him or ignores him and he does that thing where he grabs their shirt and gets up in their face
  70. playful and can act energetic, but damn he’s so chill tbh
  71. doesn’t appear to mind making a little bit of a scene with his large expressions and gestures and his loud laugh/voice
  72. self-aware
  73. sniffed Jungkook’s neck and Jimin’s head and likes the smell of Mickey’s paws oh my god… ♥♥♥
  74. so open, so warm, so kind, so lovely
  75. when he gets unexpectedly bashful
  76. Jungkook was too shy to do freestyle on Hope On The Street so Hobi let him do one of his best choreos instead and of course was shouting supportive things n being the good hype man he is wow ;u; ♥
  77. when that random pug on that one pet shop broadcast thing was squirming bc ppl kept taking it from Hoseok n it wanted Hobi back
  78. Stop him…. (“Q:Which cosplay does J-hope prefer: 1. Schoolgirl 2. Cheerleader 3. Nurse 4. Naked”)
  79. he likes 2 take bites of other people’s food
  80. he’s like always trying to live his life to the fullest?? he experiences things with such emotion ;;
  81. when he does little shouts and ad-libs in the bg of songs
  82. A+ sense of humor.. doesn’t seem to particularly enjoy laughing at people’s pains and misfortunes, but would probably laugh at a fart joke and also likes wordplay.. 내 스타일 👌
  83. he does the bouncy leg thing when he’s sitting down ;u;
  84. was damn ready 2 switch seats w/Jimin bc Chimchar was feeling carsick (JM: “can anyone switch seats with me…?” HS: -already has his seat belt undone halfway through Jimin’s sentence??-)
  85. when he takes his hat off, runs his hand through his hair, den puts his hat back on 👌👍
  86. I don’t know if this is just because his job description kind of calls for him being this way with social media but he seems to keep his personal friendships/family life out of the public view like he seems kind of private that way and idk I think I respect that
  87. kind of mentioned a massage thing already but like he and Jimin seem 2 always massage each other?? I think it’s bc they’re both main dancers so they understand the aches that go along with it and I bet u Hoseok will also massage other member’s backs n stuff he’s a mama-like caretaker li’l bub he wants ppl to be comfy n happy inside and out
  88. when he stutters
  89. “too bad~ but it’s too sweet, it’s too sweet~ -body rolls n does cool dance moves-” he got to do that whole video on his own bro I’m so proud of him ;;
  90. wants to trAVEEEELLLL can u imagine going on a trip with him oh my fff ;u;
  91. he can beatbox bro like got damn
  92. bitchface
  93. Yoongi said Hoseok has a soft spot for compliments lol~
  94. he doesn’t like… take himself too seriously?? idk like… he acts sexy for the camera and then laughs at himself for it
  95. wrote a song about his mother
  96. included his mother’s voice in the song by calling her and recording her answering his call
  97. girl group dance pro
  98. “my butt is nice -proceeds to show off his butt-”
  99. when he went to that one artist’s showcase or whatever that was with Jimin #artappreciation
  100. casual glaces at the cam-bam dfdhr why do I like that so much
  101. “You couldn’t tell which one was the flower, huh? I was the flower.”

Finished my inks for my chimera boy!

Still iffy on his name but I’ve decided on some personality at least! I like the idea of him being self conscious of the fact he’s bits of lion, goat, dragon and snake smooshed together–like sometimes he will accidentally bah or his snake tail will try and do her own thing or he’ll cough or sneeze fires sometimes but has just kinda tries to laugh at himself before anyone else can do it for him. So he’ll purposely dress with patterns that don’t match and just kinda be all “I don’t match anyways so why bother~” [which he’s not coloured yet so you can’t see that lol]

Leaning towards the name Chadmera but idk how much I love that.

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Dia? Why? Why? Im in so much pain rn, idk why? Lol! Im laugh-crying rn. Like crazy. And I'm not even done part 8, yet. 😢😢😢😆 this is so heartbreaking for me. *sobs*

Omg…there there…let me give you a hug 😣😣😣😣 i know the angst are a bit strong on that series..forgive me 😣😣😣😣

(Although I’m secretly smiling wide at everyone’s reaction lol i’m so sorry^^;)

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Idk why but it's making me laugh so hard to see you say "FUCK" like I think some part of me thought you (the mod of this blog) were actually just a little pink bug lol

Little pink bugs can cuss too 

(Today’s daily was guest art by @occasionallysalazzle ! They will probably be doing guest art for a few days because mod is a sweetheart and is helping me with doing my dailies for the weekend!) 

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hii~ I love your account so much, you make the best reactions lol ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ but I wanted to know if you could make a bts reaction to you getting a ferret? like they get home and they see it or like you two go to buy a pet & you end up liking the ferrets better idk something like that haha, please & thank youuu!

I laughed so much when I saw this request omfg. Sorry for the long wait hon and thank you ilyyy

Gifs not mine



You: I got a ferret. Isn’t so adorableeeeeee?

Jin: Now I’ve got one more mouth to feed

You: :))))))))))))))))))))))))

Jin: Now let me pet it.

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Suga: Did you fart?

You: No, it’s the ferret.

Suga: THE WAT?

You: I got a ferret. It’s too cute and I couldn’t resist

Suga: It stinks..*gif*

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Rap Mon: *Gif*

You: He’s not that baddd

Rap Mon: It’s a male?

You: Yeaaa its a boy

Rap Mon: You better not like him more than me

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You: But

Jhope: Pleaseeee jagiyaaaa *gif*

You: Ok fine you can watch it for the night..


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You: YES!



Jimin: I fucking love you

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You: Wha…where is it?

Taehyung: Where’s what?

You: The ferret

Taehyung: What..why didn’t you tell me? I called animal control..

You: I told you I got a ferret!

Taehyung: I thought you meant like a stuffed animal..

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Jungkook: You’re joking right?

You: Haha….Nope.

Jungkook: *gif*

Jungkook: Then I guess I’m about to make another friend

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this wasn’t even that great bc SCHOOL IS WITHIN A WEEK *cries*

Ask me something~

Signs based on personal experience:

(I’m a Sag btw and this post was made before I knew much about astrology lol)

aries: pretty nice and sweet, but can be misunderstanding assholes at times, so it takes some effort to know them but once u do they’re ok

taurus: personality is very cute, good with ppl, get excited easily, MEME TRASH, just rlly sweet in general like how tf??

gemini: don’t talk much, they’re not as 2 faced as ppl think they’re just better at hiding their real feelings, kind of distanced and aloof like idk why??

cancer: life is a party and they’re gonna OWN it, have a gr8 sense of humor, usuAlLY HAVE THE GREATEST LAUGHS TBH, may seem pretty rude on the outside but r literally sweet lil marshmallows

leo: great friend, hilarious, VERY BLUNT NO JOKE, can make pretty self deprecating jokes but also have great confidence, also: amazing hair like woW, meme trash

virgo: sarcastic, loves music like brO, HILARIOUS YO, socially awkward but once u get to know them they’re great so stiCK AROUND WITH THEM OK, not very open with ppl but dont let that make u think they’re rude

libra: very flirty (sometimes they don’t even realize it), loud mouths, HILARIOUS, very touchy feely with everyone, can’t hold a grudge for the life of them, might think they’re a bit annoying so pls take some time in ur day to assure a libra that they’re gr8

scorpio: intelligent, have very nice eyes, can either be super unfeeling or a hormonal pregnant lady (there is no inbetween), terrible listeners and comforters, loyal as hell tho

sagittarius: constant resting bitch face, very over confident, very dorky but act like they’re cool, people think they’re rude but tbh they’re really not all like that

capricorn: quiet, very artistic, basically the trope for “beware the quiet ones,” can be quite the partier, very good friend

aquarius: very very sweet people, great listeners, sometimes kinda passive, very artistic, HELLA CUTE, music is like a second language to them, the type of person that u wanna just sit down and gaze at the stars with

pisces: charming when they wanna be, bit of a loudmouth, can be extreme assholes, sometimes unaware that their actions can hurt others, immature at times, some of them can be rlly good friends tho

So I’ve been tagged by my fash friend Gelo. Merci! I’m not really fond of challenges like this but whatevs, this could be fun. Here’s a blog post!

Vingt faits sur moi:

I. I am both the kaleidoscopic colours you see in the glimmer of the sun rays and the shadows casted from it

II. As a kid, I used to pretend to be asleep so that my mum or dad would carry me lol

III. I am a romantic, I tend to over romanticize things but I am still aware of the “general” reality

IV. I nail bite A LOT. So I wear nail polish to avoid doing so

V. I am both an introvert and extrovert

VI. I make a weird sound whenever I laugh (note: it sounds a bit like a platypus, perry the platypus)

VII. I used to study speaking French, Italian, and German when I was younger. Just because. But I forgot all about it haha (darn it) now, it’s just Spanish

VIII. I was dead serious about being a nun back then, until my senior year in high school

IX. I tend overspend on food, books, art materials, clothes, shoes, and other unnecessary cute paraphernalia

X. I value solitude, people shouldn’t be afraid of being alone (well of course in certain situations like it’s 2am and you’re in the streets and it’s dark. Well you get my point)

XI. I don’t tend to judge easily, I’m quite fascinated with different types of people and the stories they hold within them– You can be yourself with me.

XII. I’m the type of friend who is honest and frank. I’ll tell you when shit’s up, you’ll hate me sometimes for it (cos I’m telling the truth haha) but it means you’re worth my time and I love you

XIII. I am a very sentimental person when it comes to certain things, I appreciate love notes, simple messages, little trinkets, yanno the random acts of kindness and love; cos I’m willing to do much the same for people who do.

XIV. I’ve read thick encyclopedias about space and time continuum as a kid (idk cos my mum just buys a lot of books and they’re there so why not make use of em) and I review in British accent for better info absorption lol srsly

XV. I enjoy laughing and making kulit about nonsensical things as well as deep convos. I’m quite unpredictable, laid back and hungry most of the time (hahaha when you’re w my common phrase is, “tara kain tayo”)

XVI. I used to join singing contests and was a vocalist in a teenage rock band hahaha

XVII. I have mild (hopefully) synesthesia

XVIII. I tend to lucid dream a lot, sometimes I cannot decipher if I’m awake or not

XIX. I try to live a simple life, which is the hardest to achieve.

XX. I don’t really care much about what other people think, except for those whom I love and genuinely want the best for me, the world can fuck off hahaha jknotjk

There! Hope you enjoyed reading the bits and pieces of my anatomy. :)

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What's your ideal bf as far as aesthetic appearance and personality traits? Please answer!!!!!

dark hair, olive skin, lanky, maybe a little bit of stubble. wears chinos with some ugly ass old beat up vans. idk why i love that so much but i do. he has to be funny first and foremost!! like if i’m not laughing i’m prob going to fake a narcoleptic episode and peace the Phuck out. and he has to be smart. and nice. and all the typical positive attributes that are desired in a person lol. he’d also have to be pretty lame because i find that to be endearing