lol idk why i edited these tbh

on one hand, i spent too much time doing this. on the other hand, if i didnt have to rest for a flight out of the country tomorrow, i wouldn’ve spent a lot MORE.

a fun let’s play. rip joof.

[video from here] [song from here lol]


zodiac meme:

hitokay asked: haikyuu!! + capricorn

self-centered, dominant, practical, shy, determined

hi! welcome to my second follow forever :)) it’s been a long time since i made my first one so i just want to shout out all my favorite mutuals and thank u guys for still following me lol. hope u all have a nice rest of the year!! 

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I never said directly to the members, but I’m really grateful to them.
I don’t know exaclty why, but I think the important things are better left unsaid.
If I say “thank you” with light heart, I think maybe it ends satisfying me inside.
Scares me think that saying “thank you” I end up ending this feeling of gratitude and forget it.
So I keep with me this feeling without saying it and always thinking about how I can return it.

— Ohno Satoshi (MORE 2016.05)

Hello fellow friends. Ok so i havent done one of these in quite a while so i figured why not? I met lots of new people recently also and i feel like i should express my luv for them by putting them here lol anyways. I’ve had a lot of loss of friends on this site and just thank you guys so much for sticking around and being the greatest people ever! This list has some of my fave people and blogs that i could never unfollow tbh. I’m so grateful to get to know most of you and idk man i just love y’all. Ok enough of this let’s get on with the list!! yeah!! (edit cred to my gurl beaubennctt) p.s. if i forgot u its bc im a mess of keeping up with URL changes or i just forgot ok im sorry! for real here we go!!


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hahah i am so all over the place but new finale predictions:

  • im back on the damon tying bonnie’s life to his bandwagon: after seeing that clip with caroline mentioning severing bonnie from the everlasting might kill her and subsequently all of them, im fairly certain damon’s going to step up and link his life to hers. this falls in line with the the episode description of his ultimate sacrifice saving all their lives
  • why not enzo? seriously, from what we can see of their relationship, enzo would be the first in line to offer up linking his life to hers (i would say tied with damon, but damon has the drawback of never seeing elena again which if given the opportunity to save bonnie AND see elena again i’m sure he’d go along with the option that allows him both tbh)
  • after a conversation with @bonneibennett i think enzo is going to be the one affected by whatever is dwelling in that vault for a couple reasons. FIRSTLY because something is going to get in his way of volunteering linking his life to bonnie’s and have his empathy/compassion/what have you blocked by whatever dark being would definitely keep him from doing that (also death but eh thats too easy)
  • SECONDLY it would make his family history relevant. between alex, yvette (was that her name?? the vault sister), their relative from the flashback who’s name escapes me (who i just kind of assumed was enzo’s dad but ???) were (are?) all affected by the vault being so let’s just call it a family thing
  • but in the promo damon is also in the vault?? yes! and i think hes going to have a conversation with a not real elena/himself and come to terms with doing what he has to to save bonnie’s life even though that will mean never seeing elena again (this could also play in to jp’s “happy-ish” comment from the other night. sure DE have some sort of acknowledgement (happy!) but it comes down to damon getting closure (where the ish part comes in) ) but ultimately i don’t think he’s going to be the one affected by the evil whosits EDIT: this is a lie at this point i am certain it will be enzo or damon affected by the vault resulting in bonnie’s flash forward from episode 5 being post huntress and not actually happened yet but that is a whole other post that i dont feel like writing
  • OH LASTLY there are no signs pointing towards this one but i personally think the dark whatever taking over the twins all creepy like would be crazy fun but thats just me lol

idk that’s all i got for now shoutout to nisha and zoe (and all my followers tbh) for putting up with my hype/hopeless roller coaster these last few days. we’ll find out in 25 hours!!

EDIT: alternatively to the why not enzo?? question: in his attempts to get bonnie to the cabin shes like lol no, snaps his neck and books it to the armory because damon is at the top of her hit list (and based on her conversation with matt last ep she’s willing to try and work through enzo and caroline but good ol damon is non negotiable for murder lol) thus enzo is incapacitated and unable to offer his life linking services to the whole ritual. where does the vault whatsits come in?? TWO GUESSES. the twins :D (most of the credit for this one goes to @daisyyjohnson)