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This is a masterlist of all of my favorite photos and fancams of Johnny. Sorry to those looking through, I did my best to gather lots! This is my best attempt at an “organized archive” because my blog is messy. Feel free to reblog the other masterlists

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““I had a taste for you, once.” His head snapped up. He hadn’t expected that. Saints, it was satisfying.”

Rats o' the Galaxy We Be
Nat - obfxnteri
Rats o' the Galaxy We Be

A Ravager space shanty, you say? 

@write-like-an-american​: you asked, @gaxxythelurkingwriter​ delivered (WITH THIS AMAZING POST WITH INCREDIBLE LYRICS THAT Y’ALL SHOULD CHECK OUT BECAUSE THIS WAS ALL THEM), and I set it to some music.

To the tune of “Heave Away” by The Fables. Enjoy! Slightly revised lyrics below the cut, but seriously, check out the original post. Flarkin’ brilliant ;)

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Last night, me and my friend @legendofelderscrolls were talking for about 3+ hours, most of that time was taken up by theorizing about W.D. Gaster, and by extension his followers, and DETERMINATION. We believe we have found the answers. And if this isn’t the answer, it could be. And I want it to be. Either way, Here’s the complete Gaster theory.

In UNDERTALE, you’ll normally hear very little about Gaster, there’s actually only two lines that make reference to him, (Or are believed to make reference to him) these are the River Person’s “Beware of the man who speaks in hands” and the “Wrong Number Song!”. So we decided it would make sense to figure out who the caller is, right? So we thought if the song doesn’t happen in the Genocide route, the caller has to be from Snowdin - Alphys hasn’t evacuated anyone yet because you haven’t fought Undyne, so if they were from Hotlands the call still would’ve happened. So the next step is to find out who in Snowdin it is. And we couldn’t. The caller sings, and is likely very cheery, there’s a lot of those in Snowdin, so that’s not going to help us deduce who it is, and rather who it isn’t. We came to the conclusion that it’s nobody we’ve met, and that would make sense as you cannot fight them no matter what, we actually discussed whether it was So Sorry! we came to the conclusion that it (fortunately) isn’t. So who did we think it was? The door knocker, the one who doesn’t knock back. They certainly seem cheerful, and why have their house off bounds for no reason?

But then we realised that the wrong number song explicitly states that “we” got it wrong, so now there’s two things we need to know: Is the door knocker still a valid theory? and who are the multiple people? I think it’s possible that the validity of the sentence is “We = I” thing or maybe there are multiple people, maybe it’s the Gaster Followers, or an Amalgamation that, because being multiple people melted together, are technically a “We.”

Whether it’s an Amalgamation, somebody calling to see if their once beloved family member is coming home, but has actually become an Amalgamation, the Gaster Followers or anyone else. What we’ve (possibly) discovered next about DETERMINATION, Boss Monsters, Blooks and Gaster is all v e r y  i n t e r e s t i n g.

So we know that Boss Monster’s souls persist after death, correct? Well, humans also share this trait. But why? Because both humans and Boss Monsters have DETERMINATION or at least, that’s what we think. I’ll get straight to the point because it’ll make it easier to break down. We think that ASGORE, Undyne and Sans, have unlocked their determination and that while every Boss Monster has it, these three have managed to find it within themself, harness it and become stronger. Why? Well, let’s point to the Genocide route, when struck with a fatal blow, she transforms into Undyne the Undying, we believe this to be her trait of DT (DETERMINATION) because she refuses to give up. Sans, in the Genocide route, also does something extraordinary, something no other Boss Monster does, he has KR, and is also able to summon attacks onto the menu. It is widely believed that KR stands for “Karmic Retribution” but I don’t like that, it seems like they’re trying too hard to find a meaning, and that it could be much more simple. Either way, we’ve yet to find out any significance behind it. And ASGORE… He literally destroys your mercy button! These are all things that nobody else in the game does and it’s because they’ve tapped into their DT. But what other similarities are there?

It’s their eyes.

Note: both Sans and ASGORE’s eyes can be both Blue and Orange, but seeing as it’s a still image I couldn’t properly show that.

Something to do with their eyes goes along with their unlocking of DT. We don’t know why it’s their eye specifically but it all aligns. Both of ASGORE’s eyes, Undyne and Sans’ left eye. So, in conclusion: Boss Monsters contain a small amount of DT in their soul; being able to access it can make for an awesome boss fight.

But what about Gaster? We haven’t really talked about him yet… Well we’ve got something. A lot actually.

W.D. Gaster, a mysterious blook-like entity that, while alive, “died” by his own machine. Which machine though? Well, we’ve got a few theories to share, but one of them is far more likely than another.

1. The Core. He fell into the Core, as simple as that.

2. The DT Extraction Machine. Possibly he decided to inject himself with DT during testing, but when he started to melt, he tried to extract it, but it ended up “killing” him.

3. The Time Machine. It’s possible that the time machine is the machine in Sans’ basement, but when he attempted to use it, he was ripped across timelines. Now, it’s never stated that there is a time machine, but Sans’ awareness of the SAVE and RESET, along with his devotion to quantum physics make you think, does it not?

4. The DT Core Accident. What if Gaster was injected with DT, more than a regular Boss Monster can handle, and ended up falling into the Core before he melted?

I see #1 as unlikely, as it doesn’t explain his literal being everywhere and being able to take a blook-like form where he isn’t tangible, but you can see him, and he can teleport/go invisible. I think that #2 and #3 are the most likely so I’ll go over #2 first because there’s an aspect of DT in there, which is always fun.

It’s possible the machine failed to work, and he instead “died” before melting fully, plus, his face looks kind of droopy, so it works.

But, because he was so heavily injected with DT that he started to melt, when he “died” instead of his soul persisting; the heavy amount of DT allowed him to take a non-tangible blook-like form.

And then #3 speaks for itself, if he’s split across timeline’s he’s a l w a y s  l i s t e n i n g.

This would make sense. He doesn’t just die, because he seems to be alive, or at least his SOUL is. And you know what, it makes a lot more sense than just “He’s a non-tangible blook-like skelebro.” remember the True Lab? A ghost tucks you in to bed. I wonder who that could be? Yeah, Gaster.

So now we know what he is, let’s talk about his followers, then we’ll get to the conclusion about him.

His followers aren’t like him, they’re greyed out.

and the worst part is. We don’t know why. I mean, if the split across timeline is to be believed then it works fine. But if it is in fact the DT Extraction then we have literally no explaination for these guys or at least I can’t think of one, it’s possible they’re semi-amalgamations but I doubt it. One thing I’ll point out is the one on the far right has their face blacked out like the River Person, and they also seem to be aware of Gaster, but other than that we really don’t know.

So what is our great conclusion? Well there’s a few things. First of them is that, everyone is connected, like a family tree, except… not a family. I’ll lay it out for you.


ASGORE, Sans, Alphys.

Toriel, Papyrus, Undyne, Mettaton.

Asriel, Flowey, ———–, Napstablook Mad/Glad Dummy.

Chara,———–, ———, Muffet.


I’m not saying that this has any relevance, I just thought it was something interesting to share.

So in conclusion: Gaster does experiments, something goes wrong, he becomes a non tangible blook-like thing. The people that sing the “Wrong Number Song!” are the people you’ve never seen before in Sans’ basement. But… There’s something else we discussed… Something… Heated.

It’s Grillby’s. Now, keep in mind this is unlikely but what if the broken jukebox is some sort of machine Sans can use if his life is endangered? It’s in Grillby’s so it’d be easy for him to access, Frisk thinks it’s broken but what if he just doesn’t know how to operate it? And the most compelling of all, Sans teleports after he’s hit in the Final Fight. I personally don’t believe this but @legendofelderscrolls brought it up. There’s also the fast travel igloos, it’s possible there’s one between Sans’ basment and door knocker’s house. However unlikely that is.

Even if literally none of this is canon and we’re looking to deep into it, I had fun. Maybe we’re n o t  l o o k i n g d e e p e n o u g h

Either way I’m super happy I got this out there and I want to say huge thanks to @legendofelderscrolls literally being there the WHOLE time.



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