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# 20 ! ( i find it super interesting and pairing of your choice :)) )

#20: “But god never came, did he.”

I enjoyed writing this way more than i expected to lol, thanks! I chose to go with Lance because I don’t write enough about the two but wow, it is uh, way angstier than i expected it to be lol, hope you like it!

“Have you ever thought about the stars? Like really thought about them?”

It’s dark, street lights have long turned on and he’s laying on his back on the cramped roof, the buzzing sound of the rural city pulsing at his fingertips, the sounds of cars and people talking blending into one from such a distance.

There’s the moon, the night clear and air sharp, and the stars; so many, so endless, so…

So lonesome.

“There’s just so many of them” he continued, taking a drag of his cigarette and tapping on it so the ashes fall beside him. “There’s millions and billions of stars. And we think they’re all bright, and amazing.”

He felt the body next to his shift, dark skin illuminated by moonlight, hazel eyes piercing at him.

“But we can’t count the stars. We don’t have a name for every single one star in existence. If one star disappeared, the world would move on, and no one would ever know that star is gone.”

He turned to face the boy besides him; his face contoured, intent and listening.

“I feel like one of them. Of the disappearing stars.” he confessed, throwing his cigarette to the side.

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kirigakure saizo x mc (unnamed)

a/n: this one is for @bakers97 who requested everyone’s favorite ninja (or maybe not after this event idk hotaru is making me feel some kind of way) for prompt 3 from this list - “could you be happy, here, with me?” enjoy!! @jemchew you’ll catch up sometime lol

prompt 3 - “could you be happy, here, with me?” - saizo

She knows Saizo much better than he wants her to, she’s sure — she knows where he hides when it rains, and when he wants to escape responsibility, and she knows what to say to make him smile just a tiny bit softer than usual.

Most of all, she knows when he’s lying — and, more importantly, when he’s about to crack open the windows of his soul just enough to let her peek inside.

It’s when there have been no words said, for a long, long time, and the moon turns his eyes liquid and smooth. He always keeps her from looking at him, her head pressed against his chest and his hand running through her hair, discreetly holding her gaze way from him.

She wonders what he’s hiding, or if he doesn’t trust himself to follow through if he meets her eyes; or, if it’s just such a part of his nature to hide that he hardly thinks anymore before doing it.

She sighs contentedly, nuzzling against his shoulder, eyes closed.

“Hm,” he replies, and she can picture the smile on his face, the left corner lifted just a touch higher than the right, mischief teasing at the edges but not entirely present. It’s enough to bring a smile to her own lips, and then his hand suddenly halts — just for a moment, but it’s a moment she notices.

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That teddy bear fic was so cute (it was my request XD) Makes me wonder what Marco's first reaction to Tom trying to take him was lol

I think it goes something like this!!!!!!! IDK if you wanted this to be written as a prompt, but I did anyway!

Sorry if my writing is bad recently, you know, maybe short of poor. I’ve just not been feeling to confident with my writing abilities. I’m going through a “nothing I do is good enough” phase and it’s sort of making me feel like there’s no point in trying. But I want to try because I love it but I feel like I love myself for stupid reasons. AHHH I hate having smart siblings!

Marco shot up in bed, panting. His eyes scanned the room and he gulped. A mysterious noise had awoken him. Marco looked around the room and tried to spy whatever creature woke him up. He knew he wasn’t crazy. Something jumped on his bed, and then hit the floor hard, resulting in a meow coming from the creature. Marco looked around and gasped when he saw a dark figure in the corner of the room. Marco swallowed hard and, without taking his eyes off the monster, he reached over and flipped the light on.

The creature let out a hiss at the light, and before Marco could get a good look at him he screamed from the noise. But his scream was short lived once he processed the figure in front of him. “Tom!” Marco cried. “Why on earth would you come in here like that!? You scared the crap out of me!?” He cried. Marco looked over and saw the windowpane was broken. “Did you break my window?” Marco asked, looking over at the demon.

“I-I had to come see you, and I-I teleported on the roof by mistake.” Tom explained. Marco wanted to reprimand the demon again, but he looked over and saw him sitting on the rug like a cat. His eyes were getting big and shiny.

“Oh stop looking at me like that.” Marco tried. He opened his arms and Tom perked up, running over to jump up ontop of Marco in a hug. “What’s the matter, Tom? Why did you need to see me?” He asked.

“You aren’t mad for me breaking in the window and scaring you?” Tom asked.

“Well, you didn’t SCARE me.” Marco lied. Tom just gave Marco a look and the human narrowed his eyes at his demon. “Do you want to get kicked out?” He asked. Tom snickered and shook his head. “Good, then tell me what possessed you to come see me at three in the morning.” Marco repeated. Tom blushed and looked away.

“I… I was having trouble sleeping.” He mumbled. Marco leaned forward and Tom sniffled a little bit. “I had a nightmare… a bad one…” He whispered. Marco took Tom in his arms and gave him kisses all over his face. “I know it’s not rational… but I felt like I had to see you. And I tried to tell myself it was irrational but I just, couldn’t sleep until I saw you.” Tom explained. He was trying to wipe away his tears as fast as he could, before they fell. He tried to keep a clear and composed look, but his instability was evident.

“Hey, Tom, it’s okay.” Marco promised. Tom smiled a little bit and Marco rubbed his back. “You don’t need to be rational. We’re in love, and that’s the most irrational thing ever.” marco joked. Tom laughed and Marco gave him another kiss. “You don’t need an excuse to come see me, and you don’t need to explain yourself. If this ever happens, I WANT you to come to me. So I can help you and make it better.” Marco told him.

“Thanks Mar-Mar.” Tom whispered. “I knew I could rely on you.” He beamed and Marco tackled him in kisses. Tom giggled and playfully shoved him. They giggled together and kissed for a while longer before a voice interrupted.

“MARCO! Tom can stay the night but keep quiet! It’s three in the morning!” Rafael yelled from the next bedroom over. Tom and Marco blushed violently and exchanged looks, before bursting out in giggles.

“You look tired, we both look tired.” Marco yawned. “We should get some sleep.” He lulled Tom under the blankets and the two boys cuddled close. “You okay?” Marco asked. Tom nodded and put Marco’s arms positioned around him. Marco got the hint and held the demon close. “Do you want to talk about it?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head.

“No, it’s not important now.” He told him. “Maybe in the morning, if you think it’ll help… but now I think we need some sleep.” He told Marco. Marco nodded and held him close, giving him one last goodnight kiss.

“If it wakes you up again, wake me up too.” Marco told him.

“Why?” Tom asked. “That won’t do anything, you can’t change my dreams, and then you’ll just be tired.” Tom explained. “We’re being irrational again.” Marco cut Tom off with a kiss.

“I want to be awake with you, and I want to hold you, and comfort you.” Marco told him. “Let’s stop being rational. And start being more in love.” Marco giggled. Tom laughed as well and nuzzled the human boy, kissing his hair and cheeks.

“I think that’s a great idea.” He whispered. Marco smiled and held Tom close again.

“And just so you know, I can change your dreams.” Marco told him.

“How so?” Tom rolled his eyes.

“Well have you ever noticed that when you take a nap on me, you never have bad dreams?” Marco asked. “It’s because I chase away all the nightmares, for my Tommy.” He smiled at Tom’s blush and scratched behind his ear. Tom was about to keep talking about how that was impossible, but he started think. He never had nightmares around Marco.

“W-wait… you have powers?” Tom asked. Marco rolled over.

“Goodnight, Tom.” He teased. Tom shot up and leaned over Marco, so he was facing the human face-to-face.

“Marco wait! You have superpowers!?”

The Last One - Part 2

Originally posted by baexkhyun

~ Part 1

~ EXO!Vampire

~ Sehun x Reader

~ OK SO the first one got soooooo much more attention then I thought, thank you all so much for reading it!!!!!!!!!! honestly I’m so happy people like it. I wasn’t going to write anymore of the first one but it had so many notes I had to continue on. I think I might make this into a 4/5 part series??? maybe idk yet, please let me know what you think of it!!! thanks for reading. Enjoy xx

~ Also if anyone has any requests or prompts then please let me know!!! If anyone wants to see another member as a vampire or a different au then my ask box is ready and waiting lol (no smut tho… im not good at that lmao) 

She was fed up. She was sick of this town, the people, her work, her family, her friends. Everything. Tonight was the night she was going to get away from it all. Finally. She lived in this small quaint town for her whole life; yes that is nice in some way but her imagination and hopes and dreams were bigger then this pitiful place. To add to that she gets paid way less then she should for working nine hours a day slaving for her so called ‘caring’ boss. Her family wasn’t even a family anymore, no birthday cards, no weekly get togethers. Her friends were no better too. It was all pointless. She was the only one putting in any effort, and she was sick of it. 

It was a cold night. She was walking down the empty street, hands in pockets to protect from the biting frost. She was wearing a thick black puffy coat, like a burnt marshmallow, she looked ridiculous, but it was keeping her warm, and hiding her tear stained face. 

She reached up and wiped a falling droplet from her left eye, holding back a sniffle. She’s been walking for what feels like hours now, this road seems like it goes on for miles. “There must be a bus station nearby.” She thought. She’s made it this far now, she can’t start to regret this. Out of the corner of her eye she sees a faint light, she quickens her pace, another light is revealed, and another, and another. Streetlights. She’s squeals slightly and scuttles along to them. As each light passes she can see a dark building in the distance. A tall stark wooded construction stands before her. She’s weary, she’s never seen this building before. She pears through a cracked window, inside is buzzing with activity, however silent outside. “Why not? I can take a break.” She thought. 

She reached for the front door and pulled it open. She was met with a brightly lit room, filled with people, or what seems like people.. 

Everyone noticed her appearance and stopped what they were doing. All chatter and laughter fell silent. All eyes on her. She was nervous now, even more nervous then before. She takes a deep breath and walks to the bar, pulling up a stool and jumping onto it. The silence lifts off. She lets out her breath. 

She notices a boy two seats away from her. He had black sleek hair, a rather pale completion, holding a glass of red liquid, even though he was sat down he seemed tall, his feet almost touching the floor on his high stool. She had to admit he was handsome.

A old women walks up to her from behind the bar. Her appearance startles her. She had wrinkly elephant like skin, dark deep set eyes, thin crisp lips. She looked like she was desiccating. A kind but terrifying smile appeared on her face. A hoarse sound came from her mouth, however kind words. She offered to give the girl food, she agreed. The old women disappeared into the back, leaving the girl alone. 

The girl can feel eyes on her again, this thought was quickly shook when a young man stumbled his way up to her and propped himself on the stool beside her. This wasn’t the first time she had been hit on by random drunk men. 

“Hello gorgeous.” he slurs. Those words made her insides turn, immediately she felt uncomfortable. She started to regret leaving in the first place. “Please go away” she pleaded. 

It seemed like someone read her mind. The mans prodding suddenly stopped, his droopy eyes fixed on something or someone behind her. She didn’t dare move.

“Leave her alone.” the words spoken were laced with pure anger. The man was late to react, a soft no was all that came from the dreary lips. 

All of a sudden, like a flash of lightening, the drunk man who at first was in front of the girl, was now behind the bar covered in broken glass. The girl screams, jumps up, finding a concealing place to hide. A small table will do. She can hear shouting and screaming, the floor vibrated with loud footsteps, she was shaking like a leaf in a storm. She really regretted leaving now. 

Suddenly the ruckus came to a hault. The girl feels a pat on her foot, alarming her a first. She slowly removes herself from her safe spot and stands to face the foot tapper. It was the boy. She was right, he was tall. She can see his features more clearly now. A long face, well groomed eyebrows, dark night like eyes, and beautiful plump pink lips. She was right again, he was handsome. 

“What’s your name?” the boy says softly.

“Y/N.” she replied. 

The boy nodded and looked down at his feet. He seemed… shy. A small whisper is heard from his mouth. 

“Did you say something?” the girl asks. The boys head shoots up, “Oh no, I didn’t say anything” drifting his words off at the end. 

Things are now awkward. The girl is confused. Was this the boy that saved her? If it was then it doesn’t seem like it. His before strong attitude has switched around completely, he looks like a small school boy talking to his crush. If only she knew the her assumption was correct. 

“My name is Sehun.” he shakingly gives out his hand. She grabs the hand and shakes it. Sehun has cold hands. 

Abruptly the awkwardness was cut off by the sound of men charging through the front door, with worried looks plastered on their faces. 

“Sehun!! What happened? We noticed you had left.” one of the men said, he had strong features, sharp cheekbones. Like she thought before… handsome. 

Sehun turned to the eight men in front of him. “I came here to relax, then I found..” Sehun’s eyes slowly turn towards the girl. She had a blank look on her face. “Wait what??” the girl squeaked “What did I do? I didn’t do anything wrong. Your the one who through that poor guy over the freaking bar!!” she was raising her voice now. This was all an inncovienence for her. She wanted to leave. Now. 

Sehun’s faced blushed red by her sudden outrage, then annoyance flushed over. “I saved you from being killed!!” he raised. 

“Killed!?” she scoffed “You’re the one that could’ve killed him!!” Sehun and the girl continue to argue. The other eight men watch the two like they are acts at a circus show. 

“You think he found his mate?” cheekbones said to red head. Red head smiled. 

“Ok you two,” the leader steps forward and puts his hands between the pair, “This isn’t time for fighting.” Both Sehun and the girl roll their eyes insync, earning a chuckle from the shortest one. 

“I don’t know who you guys are or what just happened but I’m leaving!” she huffed. She storms towards the exit, however stopped by two of the men. “We can’t let you do that sorry. Sehun has some explaining to do.” one of them said, eyeing Sehun behind her. She slowly turns around to face her ‘saviour’. 

“Well go on then,” she waves her hand, “Explain.“ 

Sehun sighs. “You won’t believe a single word of this but please listen. It’s important.” she rolled her eyes. “I’m a vampire,” a what?? “and so are these guys.” he motioned to the nine men stood behind her. They all gave a slight wave and a kind smile. “At some point in our life’s we find a mate. This can happen at any point. Our mate is someone who we protect and cherish. You see we can’t control who we choose as our mate. We feel it. And I think I have just found mine…” Sehun looked wearily at the girl, “you.”

The girl had a face like a smacked ass. Sehun continued, “meaning that I will look after you and keep you safe from any harm… and feed off you.." 

"WHAT!!” the girl bellowed, so loud the whole building almost vibrated with it. “FEED OFF ME??? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??” she was getting very loud now. One of the vampires, with dark quiffed hair, had to calm her down. She was outraged, her blood was boiling inside her, her face turning red; this wasn’t supposed to happen. 

“It means a deal, we protect you and you give us your blood.” red head said sternly, he’s said this before, she can tell. 

All of this information is too much for her to handle. She blinks her eyes what feels like a million times a second. She places her hands on her forehead, trying to process all of this. She can’t take it anymore. THUMP.

“She fainted..” another black haired vampire said. “No shit sherlock.” said the smallest one. 

She woke up in an unfamiliar room. Rays of light shined through the burgundy curtains. She laid on a soft bed, propped up by comfy pillows. She didn’t want to get up. She noticed her burnt marshmallow coat was on a chair at the corner of the room. She sat up, stretching while doing so, cracking her bones to relive any tension. 

The door creeped open, a black haired head popped out. Sehun. “I felt you woke up” he said, closing the door behind him. She nodded, trying to keep her eyes open. “How long was I asleep for?” she thought.

“A few hours.” Sehun said. The girl gave Sehun a death glare. “Sorry..” he murmered. 

The girl sighed, “I suppose I have no choice do I? I am your mate.” putting emphasis on the word ‘mate’. 

Sehun chuckled. He walked over to the king sized bed and sat opposite the girl. “I wanted to say that I’m sorry for scaring you last night. I couldn’t control myself.” he furrowed his eyebrows together. She felt sorry for him. She could tell this was all knew to him too. Even though this whole situation was ridiculous to her, she couldn’t help but feel sympathy. 

She reached over and patted his shoulder, “I’m sorry for making a scene, those other guys probably thought I was insane.” she grinned. Sehun smiled too, “Oh don’t worry about them,” he waved his arm, “Kyungsoo hyung thought you were hilarious.” She didn’t know who that was, yet, but smiled. She felt more at ease knowing those men were somewhat kind. 

It went silent, however comfortable. Her brain was still trying to process all of this information, she felt like her whole life had been reborn again, now living in this house, which she had no idea where anything was, and being with him. 

“I was running away anyway. This can’t be much worse.. or can it?”

what im weak for this week

SOOOOO i haven’t done one of these in almost a month! i think it’s high-time to get back on track again! hopefully i can come out with the next one on the 11th instead of a month later.

this is long. like srsly long. like wow. it took me an hour. i could’ve written a whole fic.

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modern au marcoacesabo

lol so i suck at making aus? So I went and found this on some prompt list and idk hope this is okay?


“–really appreciate it,” a voice is saying. “Thank you so much for giving me a chance.”

The answering murmur is too low to make out, but it doesn’t matter because Ace knows that voice. He stops pacing and edges a little closer to the door, because this can’t be what he thinks it is.

“Of course,” that voice says again, and Ace backs up to the other end of the hallway just before the door opens.

It’s another student, he notices, blond and tall and pretty, and quite likely there to steal what is his. Sure enough, Professor Marco is right behind him. “I’ll let you know soon, yoi,” he’s saying, and it’s exactly as Ace feared.

He steps forward, and Professor Marco’s eyes dart to him. “Oh, Ace!” he says. “I was starting to think you weren’t interested.”

Ace sticks his gaze on Marco and ignores the other student. “Of course I am,” he says instead. “You don’t often have TA positions available, so I just wasn’t expecting it.” He waves his handful of papers. “Had to get references.”

“References,” the other student repeats quietly, and Ace almost doesn’t grin.

“Well, come in, yoi,” Professor Marco says, and holds the door open. “I have to say, I wasn’t expecting two such qualified applicants.

It’s Ace’s turn to echo, "Qualified,” under his breath, and the brat doesn’t even try to hide his smirk.

Professor Marco accepts the references and application papers Ace spent so long carefully filling out  and takes them to his desk. “Both of you come highly recommended, yoi,” he says, sitting. “I know you from class, of course, and mentoring,” which is Ace, of course, because Ace is the best candidate. But then he looks at the other student and continues, “And Professor Dragon has nothing but praise for you.”

Shit. If Professor Dragon’s backing his rival, all the references in the world aren’t going to help.

“This is a dilemma, yoi,” he says, then leans back in his chair and steeples his fingers, gazing at them both.

Ace straightens his spine and stops chewing on his lip, aware of every second spent under that considering gaze. He runs his palms down the nice shirt he wore, just in case, and hopes it stops soon because he can feel the blush starting, and–

–and then Professor Marco says, “Well, I suppose you can share, yoi. There’s enough grading to go around anyway, so just plan everything together and then–switch off days or something.”

They both stare at him with varying degrees of betrayal.

Ace bites back on his first reply of with him? and his second reply of that’s not fair! and pastes a smile on his face. “Of course,” he says, and if he doesn’t sound happy, well, at least he doesn’t sound upset. “We’ll share.”

“Yeah, it’ll be fun!” the blond guy agrees, and he’s definitely a better actor than Ace, that’s for sure, because his grin says happy while his eyes say murder.

“Great, yoi,” Professor Marco says, and stares at them for a bit. They both stare back, until he raises an eyebrow and says, “You can leave now.”

“Leave,” Ace echoes. “Right! Yeah, I’ll just be going. Thanks, Professor Marco!”

“Thank you again,” the blond says graciously, and then the asshole has the gall to step aside and let Ace go through the door first, complete with mocking little bow.

The door closes behind them and they walk in step until they’re out the door of the building, far enough away that there’s no chance at all of the professor hearing them. Then Ace turns to the blond guy and leans in, stepping forward and trying to back him into the building’s outer wall. “We’re not sharing,” he says.

The blond steps back easy enough, but then leans casually on the wall and smiles at him. “Of course we’re not,” he agrees mildly.

“I know what you’re aiming for,” Ace hisses, and he has the audacity to laugh.

“I’m here for the credit hours,” he says, and then puts on a fake surprised look, complete with batting lashes. “Why, what are you thinking? Maybe you think I’m here for the same reason as you?”

“Wha–no! I’m not–what?!” The guy laughs and pats his cheek, and Ace flinches. “Don’t touch me!”

He raises both hands in obvious surrender. “Sorry,” he says, and maybe even means it, but Ace is taking nothing about this guy on faith. Except–

“Hey,” Ace says, eyes narrowing. The asshole has a scar around his left eye, big and blatant, but something about those eyes and the turn of his nose and the tilt of that smile is just–isn’t it familiar? “Hey, don’t I know you?”

Jackunzel Month Day 13: Swan Princess 

“What are you doing Jack?” 

“What? I’m making a vow of everlasting love.” 

“(Laughs) Really?” Rapunzel smiles. 

“Yes. Plus I wanted to see that smile. I hate seeing you upset Punz.” 

“Thank you Jack.“ 

“Don’t thank me Punz….. I love you.” 

“I love you too.” 

How did I even edit Rapunzel’s eyes? O_0 idk but I did the prompt for today and might do another before I go to bed for the day lol. XD

Jack © Dreamworks, Rapunzel © Disney/Pixar

Sportarobbie - Body Switch

{Guess who actually finished the body switch I promised?? Me!! Yeah it took for-fucking-ever but now here it is! Freshly edited! It might still suck though idk. I really haven’t gotten much feedback on my fanfictions lol} 


Prompt: Body Swap


Robbie paced in his lair, mumbling plots and ideas under his breath. Sportaflop was still in Lazytown, despite his most brilliant plans. What could he do to rid himself that bouncy kangaroo!?

The children’s laughs suddenly echoed in Robbie’s ears, making him huff in anger. He pulled down the spyglass and watched them carefully.

“Noisy brats.” He spat out.

“Stingy! You have to share!” Candy boy hollered, reaching hopelessly at a soccer ball.

“But it’s MY ball!” The kid argued, his head held high in pride.

“If I was you I’d make you give us the ball!” The three pigtailed brat yelled.


Pinkie went on with her goodness speech and blah blah blah. Annoying little pains in Robbie’s-

Then a lightbulb went off.

“If I was Sportadork,” Robbie started to say, to nobody in particular. “I could make him eat tons of cake! Rid his home of that god awful sportscandy, and force him to be hated by everyone! Then, they’d kick him out of town, forever!!” The villain giggled at his own plan, running over to a box filled to the brim with scraps. He began to dig through it, finding parts and gadgets to complete his perfect, most brilliant plot.

He’d build, a body swapping machine.

“I’ll do the ol’ switcharoo! Sportakook will never see it coming!” Robbie laughed as he put the final touches onto the Sportaswap 3000! (He was very proud of the name he’d given it, despite it being very awful) Robbie stood back, admiring his work.

“Something is missing…” He noted before sticking a finger in the air, having figured it out. Robbie put his initials on the Sportaswap 3000, god knows why he always did this, and laughed evilly. This plan was foolproof!

Sportacus was standing in the entrance of his airship, keeping a watchful eye on the citizens of Lazytown. Trouble was always brewing, and he wanted to be prepared for it. Then he spotted Robbie pushing a large machine through the sidewalks-well the ones nobody really used. Sportacus scoffed lightly at the villain, debating on going down there to see what Robbie was doing. This was something he had to decide often; seeing as Robbie was always plotting or setting up a trap. Sportacus usually came to the conclusion of leaving it be. Robbie wasn’t really hurting anyone, but actually doing what Sportacus encouraged-exercising! And, why not let the villain have some fun? Sportacus changed his view from Robbie to the basketball court, where all the kids were playing. He smiled brightly, and decided to go and join them! He jumped out of the aircraft and called out his hovercraft, landing on it swiftly. He pedaled to the town but landed a ways away from the court. In all honesty, he loved flipping around the town. I guess that was kinda obvious though. As he was flipping, he passed by Robbie setting up.

“Hi Robbie!” He greeted friendly, as he always did. And as Robbie always did, he snarled and rolled his eyes at the hero. Sportacus, however, smiled at the villain. He found it oddly-adorable?- how much Robbie despised him.

Robbie growled at the blue kangaroo jumping over him. He sighed heavily at the stupid smile Sportacus always seemed to wear. But all at once he started to remember his scheme.

“Oh!” He grunted as he shot the beam of light at himself and Sportacus, who wasn’t at all even fazed. This frustrated Robbie. The stupid thing didn’t even work! He grumbled and started to push the heavy machine back to his lair, to make improvements. But first, he’d take a nap because dammit that was hard work!

At 8:08pm, the whole town was snuggling into their beds, except Robbie who had already been asleep.

The next morning, Robbie found himself waking up feeling actually refreshed, and not to the sound of children laughing. He peaked an eye open, suspicions of this new kinda morning he’d been encountering. Then Robbie realized something else, he was laying with his legs stretched out rather than curled up. The villain sat up instantly, and tried to open his eyes. Tried. It was so bright in his lair! Usually, it was very dark, so he could sleep through the day. But the whole place was white and shining. He growled angered, rubbing his unadjusted eyes. As he rubbed, he found something else strange; his ears. They were-pointed?! Robbie quickly put both hands on his ears and felt the pointy top. Ears were supposed to be rounded, right?! His eyes finally adjusted and he then saw where he was-the flipping blue elf’s ship. He kicked his feet out of the bed, hands still on the ears, and looked around.

“Good morning Sportacus.” A automated voice welcomed, causing Robbie to let out a small yelp. What was happening? Wait-did his plan work? Was he now Sportaflop?! Robbie saw a bathroom and ran to it, hoping for a mirror. He muttered happily when there was one, and looked in the reflection. Sure enough, there stood Sportaflip, but Robbie now controlled the hero. He grinned evilly, which was a strange face to see upon Sportacus’, and the ears were still a mystery but Robbie was too excited about his evil plan being a success! He happily skipped out of the bathroom and his first instinct was to mess up anything possible. He saw a control pad in the front just to the left of the steering area, and curiously stalked over to it. After pressing tons of buttons, Robbie figured it to be the automatic voice’s controls. Robbie then noticed a panel asking,

“What should we call you, #10?”

He thought for a moment, putting a hand on his chin.

“Aha!” Robbie giggled childishly as he deleted ‘Sportacus’ and put in ‘Sportaflop.’ Not the best he could do but enough to make the hero agitated. He again laughed and went off to see what other things he could vandalize. As he walked around, his foot landed on a glowing panel blending with the floor. Before Robbie could react, he was smacked in the back of the head with a falling table. He grunted and clumsily kneeled up, his arms propped on the table. He shook his head and then saw all the sportscandy lined up, smirking evily.

“Bye bye sportscandy!”

Sportacus felt a pain-an aching-everywhere. He heard the kids laughing, and it seemed to echo in his ears. The hero then opened his eyes, only finding the urge of wanting to close them again. This was weird, for Sportacus usually woke up feeling like he do 100 jumping jacks. But now he felt sickly, as if sleeping more would be the best choice. Had he woken up to early? But the kids were playing- still deafening Sportacus. He didn’t understand why, their laughs were usually one of the best sounds to hear! Anybody’s laughter warmed the elf’s heart. (Even if it was Robbie, who usually only laughed when trying to get rid of him.)

Sportacus forced himself to get up, and found his surroundings to be quite strange. He couldn’t really see that well-because of the pitch darkness. Wasn’t his ship always bright? He stumbled around the dark room, trying to find any source of light. He felt…unstable as he walked, his legs weren’t as steady as he remembered. It took a few moments, but he managed to fall into a light switch. The hero flipped it on, and all that glowed was a dim lamp over by an orange, fuzzy chair. Sportacus instantly recognized it to be Robbie’s, but what was he doing here? Sportacus couldn’t remember anything besides going to bed last night. He decided to call into the room.

“Hello? Robbie?” The elf instantly covered his mouth, weirded by the sound of it. The voice sounded almost like….He shook his head. Was this a dream or something? Sportacus decided to investigate the dim lit room. He was defiantly in Robbie’s liar, so all he had to do was find the exit. He’d been in the villain’s home before, not enough to memorize it however. From the orange chair he had to go straight. Step one. Sportacus followed his mental instructions and walked straight, with his hands held out in front of him to avoid running into something, till he felt a wall. Step two, follow along the wall until a ladder…was that how it was? He huffed, unsure. Why was it so dark anyways? He could’ve sworn the last time he’d been here there was more lights. It wouldn’t hurt look see if there were more switches.


After a while of looking around, he found a giant lever, which when pulled turned on all lights. Sportacus than easily spotted the ladder, and rushed over to it. (Usually he’d flip but he felt so weary that he couldn’t.) Except as he ran by, there was a mirror. He took a quick glimpse, really staring at the cracks in it, but skidded to a stop when something else caught his eye. He slowly backed up and stared at the reflection. His eyes widened at the face that stared back. The hero began rubbing his hands all around the unfamiliar-yet very familiar-facial structures.  While he was Sportacus inside, outside showed the one and only,

Robbie Rotten.

Robbie dusted his hands together as he finally rid of the final sportscandy. Damn did the blue kangaroo have a lot of that disgusting shit. But strangely, Robbie felt a want to eat it. And the urge to jump and flip! The sooner he was back in his lazy body the better. So he continued on to part b: eating tons of cake! But-he’d have to go to his lair to find it. Pinkie would be suspicious if she saw Sportaflop eating cake. Plus, Robbie’s cake maker made the perfect cake. Now, how did the floppity man get out of this blasted ship? Robbie rubbed his chin curiously. Suddenly the voice began speaking.

“Sportaflop,” Robbie couldn’t hold back his giggles. “You seem confused? May I be of assistance?”

“Yes! How do I get out of this damned place!” He requested after quieting his laughs.

“You can use your ladder. Or your hoverboard.” It answered flatly.

“Yes of course!” Robbie grinned sticking a finger in the air. But it soon dropped. “How do I, do that exactly?”

“Call for the desired object.”

“Right. Um-ladder?” Nothing happened. “It didn’t work!” Robbie angrily stamped his foot. “Wait-I have to open the door first!” He put his hands on his hips victorious as the door opened. His face went from proud to horrified when realization swept over the villain. “I’m afraid of heights!” Robbie cried, clinging to the pole.

It took a while, but Robbie gathered the courage to inch over to the open door, stretching his neck to see how high he was. The rope ladder swung in the wind, occasionally banging on the metal of the airship, which would always cause Robbie to yelp in fear. He got down on his hands and knees and began crawling to where the ladder hung, whimpering basically the whole time. He placed his left foot on the ladder, and slowly the right followed. Robbie climbed down very cautiously, not to fall. Once at the last step, the villain hopped onto the cement ground, gasping slightly.

“Haha! I did it!” Robbie praised himself, smiling victorious. That was until he heard the all too familiar voice of the pink child.

“Sportacus!” She cheered happily, two other kids following behind her.

“Wha-me?” Realization hit quickly. “O-Oh yes! Hello child!” Robbie had no idea how to imitate Sportacus.

“We were just about to play some basketball! Would you like to play?” She asked, eyes beaming.

“Yeah yeah! You’re really good at basketball!” The sugar injected kid noted.

“I um, can’t!”

“Awh. Why not?” Stephanie cocked her head, with furrowed eyebrows. The disappointment was noticeable in her voice.

“Why? Well, why do you have to always know!” Robbie felt as if he’d won that conversation, but then heard the confused murmurs of the children. “Well, bye bye now!” The inventor began walking away, ignoring the confused children.

“Okay, bye?” Stephanie called, and went back to whispering with the group.

“Nosey little brat.” Robbie muttered, as he made his way to the giant billboard that hid his home. He reached the hatch and expected to struggle against metal, but found he could open it with little problems. “Right.” He thought, remembering the inhuman like strength of the hero. Robbie jumped into the tunnel, and was thrown around through the pipes until finally he reached the exiting hole. His landing was rather uncomfortable.

Sportacus paced around, nervously. How did this happen? He knew Robbie was rather smart, and created tons of inventions that did incredible things but body switching? That seemed impossible! Sportacus took a breath. There was no point in freaking about the past, but he should put the (little) energy of Robbie’s body into figuring out how to get back his own body. But, he didn’t even know where to start! Still pacing, Sportacus perked up at the clanking sound that now filled the lair. It echoed loudly, along with grunts and yelps. Before he could figure it out, somebody shot out of the entry tunnel and landed on top of him.

Robbie groaned in pain as he started to stand up. He didn’t notice the other who was also in pain. That was until he was on his feet, and looked to where he had landed. Robbie mentally cursed forgetting that a body swap involved two people, and started panicking as Sportacus began to rise. Now, whenever Robbie stood next to the elf-or anybody in Lazytown really-he was a good amount taller. So being shorter felt strange. That and the fact he was looking at himself.

“Wha-Robbie!!” Sportacus finally shouted, placing two hands on his hips. “What did you do?!”

“Me? I uh, didn’t do anything!” Robbie lied folding his arms.

“What? Why are you, me then?”

“Well-why are you me? Maybe you did something to me to make me, you!” Sportacus shook his head slightly confused at the exchange. In his confusion, Robbie proceeded to walk past him, and continue his original plan. He started to make cake, deciding it was best to act as if the other wasn’t there. Sportacus spun around and followed the villain, wanting answers.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m having a snack, what does it look like?” Robbie’s tone was harsh, but it didn’t really bother Sportacus.

“Cake? I can’t eat cake!” Sportacus instantly protested.

“Who said you were eating it?” Robbie sneered, grabbing the now freshly cooked cake.

“I mean, my body! I’ll-you’ll have a sugar crash!” Robbie stopped the fork right before it entered his mouth. He hadn’t thought about that. The only way Sportaflop was ever revived from a sugar crash was eating, sportscandy. Disgusting! Robbie shuttered at the mere thought of having to eat it.

“I knew that.” He set down the plate, and lightly dusted his hands. “Well than. I can skip that part.” Robbie again began his stride past the starstruck Sportacus.

“Where are you going?” The elf demanded.

“I’m leaving.” The villain plainly stated. Sportacus was about to stop him but it seemed his body already did that. Robbie suddenly felt really tired. He kept trying to walk, but ended up just sitting on the floor. “What the hell?” He gasped.

“My-Your energy is low. You need to eat some sportscandy to refuel.” Sportacus explained sitting down next to him.

“Blech! I don’t wanna eat that horrible stuff!” Robbie pouted, turning away. Sportacus shrugged.

“Okay. But you’ll be low on energy and won’t be able to move.” At that moment, Robbie began to hate this plan. He hated being in Sportaflop’s body.

“This is stupid!” He complained sighing deeply.

“You want to switch back?” Sportacus suggested. Robbie didn’t like the idea of not finishing his plan, mainly because of how great it was. But he also couldn’t stand being Sportacus. How did somebody live this way?!

“Well. We can’t.

“Why not?” Robbie kept scooting further away, but Sportacus kept getting closer.

“Because I broke the damn thing.” Robbie rolled his eyes nonchalantly and pointed to the smashed machine in the corner.

“Can you not build another?” Sportacus was trying to stay calm but it wasn’t working very well.

“I could but…”


“But I need some certain parts. From the junkyard.” Robbie explained.

“There is a junkyard in Lazytown?” Sportacus scratched his head.

“Not exactly…”

“We have to travel where?!

“To a horrible town called Activeville. It’s a few miles from here.” Robbie’s voice was filled with annoyance, mainly because his plan was such a failure.

“Activeville? You travel to get parts?” Sportacus eyed the other, suspicious of the fact he actually moved around anywhere, besides Lazytown.

“Well I didn’t have to until you came.” Robbie muttered.

“Me? What did I do?”

“Wha-Well. Y-You made this town unlazy-again! I had to use up all my supplies!” Robbie complained. Sportacus paused for a moment.

“You didn’t have to Robbie. We could’ve been friends-we still can be friends.”

“I-I don’t need friends!” Robbie persisted, pulling his knees to his chest.

“Everyone needs friends!” Sportacus said, looking hopeful to the villain. But got silence as an answer.

“Well.” Robbie finally said, starting to stand up. “We got to go get those parts if you want your (awful) body back.”  

“Ah! Robbie, you need energy.” Sportacus reminded him.

“I don’t want sportscandy!” The inventor whined, dropping his shoulders.

“You have to. Or we can’t get back into our own bodies.” Sportacus walked over to Robbie and pushed a button on the vest that made an apple fly out of his backpack. Robbie yelped and ducked away from the flying fruit. The elf caught it and offered the sportscandy to the body thief; who took it reluctantly.

“How do I, eat it?” Disgust filled his voice. Sportacus cocked his head curiously.

“You bite it.” He explained, furrowing his eyebrows. Robbie silently understood as he took a bit off the top, including the stem.

“Tastes terrible.” The villain noted, chewing as if it were poison.

“You aren’t supposed to eat the stem.” Sportacus giggled, amused by the incorrect apple eating.

“I’m not?” Robbie played around with the stem in his mouth for a minute, before spitting it on the ground. “I knew that.” He stated, taking a bite from the correct side. Sportacus rolled his eyes, but his lips were curled into a smile.

After a painstaking 20 minutes of eating the apple, the pair finally made their way out of the musky lair. Robbie went out first, and again was in shock of the ease he had with lifting the hatch. Sportacus followed out into the bright setting sunlight, covering his eyes.

“Now lets avoid those pesky children.” Robbie said and got a disapproving look from the sports elf. He much did not like the term 'pesky’ to describe the kids. But, as Robbie normally did, he ignored the look and started towards the billboard door. Sportacus was close behind.

“How will we get around them?” Sportacus questioned. He didn’t usually want to avoid the kids of Lazytown, but he really didn’t think it was a good idea to confront them in their current state.

“Can’t you just get your spacethingy to come to us?!” Robbie asked, looking to the other.

“Well, I usually could but I think that responsibility is yours now.” The elf placed two hands on his hips, and raised an eyebrow.

“What? Me?”

“It’s voice activated. Just call for the airship.” Robbie crinkled his nose, not really wanting to play the role of Sportacus anymore. (Especially if it didn’t lead to the elf flipping his way outta town!!) But the villain complied.

“Airship!” He called weakly into the now darkened sky. It took a moment but the ship made it’s way above Robbie’s home.

“Now call for the ladder.” Sportacus reminded, nudging Robbie lightly.

“Right. Ladder!” The ladder proceeded down, smacking Robbie on the top of his head.

“Even in my body you manage to be clumsy?” Sportacus asked, giving a look of innocence, but really he was teasing.

“Oh shut up!” Robbie growled, rubbing his head. This made the hero smirk before starting to climb. He was a little concerned about if he’d make it, due to the weakness of the current body he possessed. But Robbie had done it plenty of times so he was sure he could too! Sportacus was halfway up the ladder before realizing Robbie was still on the ground.

“Um, Robbie? Are you coming?”

“C-Can’t you just bring the blimp closer to the ground and just pick me up?”

“I can’t risk crashing! Here.” Sportacus climbed down and offered a hand to Robbie.

“What?” The inventor looked to the hand with confusion.

“You can hold my hand. I’ll make sure you don’t fall.” Even being in another body, Robbie saw the blue sparkle in the elf’s eyes. The one he always saw whenever he was helping the villain. The one that always flustered Robbie.

“Fine.” He took the offered hand, not being to argue against those eyes, and they both made it to the top, only stopping twice for when Robbie would look down and squeeze Sportacus’ hand tightly.

“Welcome back Sportaflop.” The automatic voice greeted as they climbed aboard, and Sportacus looked to Robbie in shock, who just shrugged cutesy.

When the pair arrived to Activeville, Sportacus instantly saw the giant junkyard on the outskirts of the town.

“Wow!” Sportacus exclaimed, his eyes wide with amazement. “Look at all this trash!!”

“Why do you think I always come here?” Robbie noted and began sifting through to find the correct pieces, and then some. Hey, if Sportakook gave him a free ride might as well take advantage of it.

“Wait are we allowed to take this stuff?” Sportacus questioned with wide eyes.

“I dunno.” Robbie admitted shrugging.“Never bothered to ask.” Sportacus let the items in his arms drop and clatter.  

“We can’t steal!!” The sports elf protested, putting his hands over his mouth.

“It isn’t stealing if there isn’t a rule against it. I don’t see any 'keep out’ signs, do you?” Robbie didn’t look up, but continued his search.

“Okay…if you say so…” Sportacus stood around awkwardly, not wanting to take anything himself but also didn’t want to further irritate Robbie.

Robbie soon finished scavenging parts he needed, and wanted, and was surprised when he could carry all of them back himself. He muttered things like, stupid elf strength and, this is the only thing I’ll miss about his dumb body, until it was all loaded up. Back in the ship, Robbie sat down, awaiting for Sportacus to began flying back but then something began beeping, rattling the villain’s head.

“It’s 8:08pm!” Sportacus announced. “We should go to bed before anything else.”

“What? Is it, um, really that important to you?”

“Without sleep, your energy will be too low to get through the day!” Sportacus happily explained.

“But there is only one bed,” As Robbie said that Sportacus’ bed popped out, knocking him over the head. “DAMMIT!” He cursed, standing up infuriated.

“We’ll have to share!” The sports elf giddily suggested.

“First off, that bed is way too small for two, and second, I really don’t want to share a bed with you.”

“But Robbie,” Now the blue sparkle was dim in sadness. “You need to sleep!” It took a bit of arguing, but Robbie finally gave in to the pleading Sportacus. It was very strange both men trying to squeeze in.

“Scoot over!” Robbie growled, turning his back on Sportacus, who scoffed lightly.

“I can’t!”

“Fine whatever.” Robbie folded his arms across his chest and closed his eyes, staying quiet. He wasn’t sure if he’d have nightmares or if that would stay in his body. He secretly hoped he’d bare them rather than the elf.


Sportacus was lying faced towards Robbie’s back. He felt a longing for the other to turn to face him. Sportacus was a bit weirded out seeing himself as if in an out of body situation. (Which, he was) But the body language and facial expressions and eyes all were 100% Robbie. He found his eyes starting to forcefully close and didn’t fight it.


Sportacus was woken a few hours later by quiet sobs. His eyes fluttered open and he sat up, rubbing his eyes.

“Robbie?” He called softly. There was no response but the sobs. Sportacus soon realized that the sobs arose from nightmares of Robbie. The elf looked sadly down at the shaking body. Sure it was his but knowing the villain was inside made him see Robbie. His heart then broke at the thought of Robbie like this every night. Sportacus’ eyes stung with tears so he quickly wrapped his arms around the other man. The sobs died down, and soon they were both sleeping soundly, but tears still stained their cheeks.

The next morning Robbie woke feeling great. He then saw the arms around his waist and looked to Sportacus and turned bright red. He told himself over and over he didn’t have nightmares because he was in the flippity floppity man’s body. Definitely NOT because he was being embraced by him! Robbie hit Sportacus over the face with a pillow.

“C'mon. We don’t have all day.” The elf woke, shooting up in surprise. He huffed when realization swept over him that Robbie had only hit him with a pillow. He returned the favor and smacked Robbie over the head.

“Ow hey!” He protested. Sportacus giggled childishly and stood up out of bed.

“We should get some breakfast before we go back to Lazytown!”

“Oh god. Not more sportscandy…” Robbie muttered, standing sluggishly.

“Try a smoothie Robbie!! It is very good!” Sportacus ran over to the table and looked in shock as he saw that no sportscandy was there. “What happened to all my sportscandy?!”

“Oh yeah.” Robbie said, remembering that he’d thrown them all off the side of the ship. “I got rid of it.”

“What?! Robbie!” Sportacus folded his arms pouty.

“Don’t be mad. I did you a favor that stuff is garbage.” Robbie somewhat mocked the elf’s position. “You’re welcome.”

“Now we’ll have to restock.” Sportacus noted, sighing deeply.

“Wait what?” Robbie’s face instantly dropped. “No no. I can’t stand being in this body another second.”

“Well Robbie. My body needs the energy. And it’s only fair you help me restock because you are the one who emptied my supply.” Robbie threw his head back in frustration.

Fine.” The inventor muttered, showing his annoyance through a loud sigh. Sportacus nodded quickly and darted to the pilot seat. Not without hurting his back however. The two flew around for a while, looking for trees with fruit on them. Robbie did spot a small cluster, and Sportacus decided it was good enough for a small restock. He landed the ship rather smoothly, but Robbie still managed to fall over. Sportacus chuckled before helping him up.

“Okay so how long will this take?” Robbie grumbled as they exited the airship.

“It should not take too long if we work together!” Sportacus explained his hands heroically placed on his hips.

“I have to help?” Robbie scoffed, his hands lazily drooping in front of him.

“Of course! I can’t get up in the trees with your body as easy. You’ll knock the sportscandy down and I will catch it!”

“Whoa whoa. I can’t climb a tree! I’m scared of heights!” Sportacus giggled at that.

“Don’t worry Robbie! I know you can do it!” He encouraged energetically. Seeing all the energy in his own body creeped Robbie out.

“What if I fall?”

“I’ll try my best to catch you!” Robbie seemed to accept this answer, because he proceed forward to the apple tree Sportacus was waiting under. “Okay! Go on up!” Robbie nervously gripped the rough tree branches with each hand, and swung the rest of his body up. He would never stop being shocked at the ease he had hoisting himself up. From the first branch, he looked down and let out a small yelp as he grabbed the tree tightly.

“I CAN’T DO THIS!” Robbie cried, squeezing his eyes shut.

“Yes you can! Just don’t look down!” Sportacus continued to encourage. Robbie peeked an eye open, staring straight ahead at an apple. He began inch worming over to it, very slowly though. When his hand could finally reach it, instead of picking it Robbie just swatted it off the branch.

“There I did it!” His words spewed quickly, jumping down.

“Robbie, we need a little bit more than just one apple.” Sportacus told him, exhaling air out of his nose.

“More?!” Robbie looked up at the tree covered in apples and let out a whimper.

This process repeated until the basket Sportacus had found was full.

Sportacus hopped into the driver’s seat and sped off towards their hometown. Upon arrival, Robbie just dropped all the parts out of the ship and into the general area of his hatch. Sportacus watched nervously, worried it would hit something. But to Sportacus’ relief, it didn’t. They climbed down and hoisted all the parts into the bunker, and followed down.

“Now! Time for Sportaswitch 3,001!” Robbie exclaimed as he began his work on the machine. Sportacus stood around, occasionally handing a tool or part to the inventor but mostly just rocking on his feet.

It took nearly an hour but Robbie managed to make the exact same machine.

“Whoa that looks identical! Good work Robbie!” Sportacus cheered. Robbie puffed out his chest prideful.

“Thank you.”

“Okay. Let’s switch back! I’m ready!” Sportacus much missed flipping around and being active. Robbie nodded and flipped a switch that made the machine sputter to life, smoke filling air.

“I meant for it to do that.” Robbie announced, fanning smoke out of his face before zapping himself and the elf. Nothing happened. Sportacus had closed his eyes, but now peaked one open.

“It didn’t work!” He cried, looking with frantic eyes.

“It didn’t work at first last time either. Give it a few hours and we’ll switch back….hopefully.” Robbie shrugged and went to sit on his chair. Sportacus however, panicked.

“What if it doesn’t work!?”

“Calm down you spastic elf.” Sportacus froze, not thinking Robbie knew about that! Maybe he didn’t…maybe it was just a nickname…but Robbie probably as the ears!! Sportacus felt even more panicked. Robbie noticed and sighed. “What now?”


“For god’s sake-is it because I called you an elf? I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were that sensitive.” Sportacus was shocked at how calm Robbie was.

“Y-You know…?”

“I suspected it, but then I found the ears.” Robbie removed the hat to reveal the pointed ears. Sportacus flushed a bright red, and looked around for other people’s wondering eyes, seeming to forget they were in a secret lair. “Don’t freak out okay? I’ll keep it to myself.” Sportacus cocked his head, wondering why Robbie wouldn’t threaten to use this information against the hero. Why he wasn’t teasing or poking fun.

“Y-You will? Why?” It was Robbie’s turn to flush red. He didn’t respond but only looked away from the gaze of the elf.

“Can’t we just sit quietly until we switch back, then go our separate ways?”

“Okay.” Sportacus complied easily, sitting cross legged on the floor next to the fuzzy chair. Robbie sat in a pouting position, refusing eye contact. But he felt Sportacus’ burning blue eyes on him, demanding it. He had to look. Their eyes met, and Sportacus smiled as he stood up and put his face close by Robbie’s, who was becoming extremely flustered now. He squeezed his eyes shut and then felt a pair of warm lips on his own. It should’ve been weird. He should have pushed away in disgust. He had a gnawing thought in the back of his mind that he was basically kissing himself. Right?! But he thought of how much more it was Sportacus than him. The body was nothing more than a vessel that contained a soul. A interchangeable soul that no matter which body it was in, you could see. Robbie opened his eyes and found himself staring at the elves face. He was standing-not sitting! Robbie looked at his hands and body to confirm it-he was back in his body. They met eyes, the same relieved look washing over their faces.

“Haha! I’m me again!” Sportacus sprung up and flipped over Robbie, who ducked in fear of being kicked. He looked to the villain with a bright smile printed on his face. A smile Robbie couldn’t help but smile back at. Sportacus bounced over and pecked Robbie affectionately on the cheek.

“You s-should probably go by the kids…t-their probably wondering where you disappeared too…” Robbie mumbled, his face burning red.

“You’re right! They probably miss us!”

“U-Us?” Before anymore protesting could be said, Sportacus gripped Robbie’s hand dragged him to the surface. When the kids saw Sportacus, they rushed over to hug him.

“We were worried!!” Stephanie cried, looking up at the smiling hero. She then moved her eyes to Robbie, who wasn’t really paying attention to anything except if anyone noticed that his hand was interlocked with Sportacus’. “Robbie!!” She cheered happily and squeezed him tightly. He stiffened in confusion of the hug. He was shocked she even noticed. He figured that they’d be happier without him. But here she was, hugging him genuinely with happiness. All the kids did, happy to have their hero and villain back. But than again, Robbie wasn’t much of villain, was he? Kind of a big softie.  

“Don’t ever leave again!” Ziggy said, and all the kids agreed. Stephanie was the only one to notice the hand holding, and she so called it!!


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anonymous asked:

The ask popped up on your page idk so I copied and pasted it for you Anonymous said prompt/hc: Neko!Dan knowing what his heat means and everything but acting all innocent for phil so phil gets him off

Either way thank you ily so much thank you for dealing with me <3 this turned out Hella long to make up for it

(Added some of that daddy kink lol)

💕Dan’s first thought is a resounding “Fuck.” After being with Phil for two years now, it seems his body has finally caught up, and his first heat is starting. Without thinking, Dan starts grinding into the carpet. When he catches himself, he sits up, and thinks about how he can get away with breaking Phil’s rules, and get Phil to help him. It only takes a couple of minutes for Dan to come up with a good idea, and a couple of seconds for him to start.

💕One of Dan’s favorite ways to get off is grinding into his toys, which Phil knows. That, among things like the mess it makes, is the reason there’s a rule against Dan doing it. Dan glances around to check that Phil’s still editing, and then grabs one of his toys- a stuffie one of Phil’s friends got as a joke, but wound up being the main reason there’s a rule.

💕Since he’s starting to get a little desperate, Dan pulls the stuffie between his legs and holds it tightly while he rocks his hips forward into it, whimpering from the stimulation he’s getting through the pale pink panties he hasn’t taken off yet. Unfortunately, after a few minutes, Phil hasn’t come out yet, and Dan’s getting frustrated. With his heat urging him to get fucked (literally), simply fringing against a stuffie isn’t cutting it. At this point, not sure what else to do and not really wanting to admit to Phil he didn’t come and get him despite being in heat, Dan just starts to cry, still chasing release against his stuffie.

💕That finally gets Phil’s attention through his thick headphones, because he can hear Dan’s echoing sobs. “Kitten,” Phil calls, sticking his head into the lounge. “What’s going on? What- Kitten, are you trying to get off?”

💕"Hurts, Daddy,“ Dan cries, but doesn’t make any move to go to Phil, like he normally would. "Need you to make it feel better.”

💕"Dan…“ Phil comes further into the lounge and kneels in front of Dan, watching him for a second, and then getting to work. He cups Dan’s cheek, running his thumb over Dan’s bottom lip in the process, and feels his forehead. When Phil looks back down again, he notes how frantic Dan’s motions are, how desperate Dan is, and the obvious frustration despite the precum leaking into Dan’s panties. "Are you in heat, Kitten?” Instead of answering, Dan whines, pulling the stuffie even closer to him. “Can I help you?”

💕"Please, hurts,“ Dan gasps, lips parted and eyes shut as he tries to get relief.

💕Carefully, Phil eases the stuffie from Dan’s grasp, wincing when Dan cries louder, scrambling to Phil and grinding frantically into Phil’s leg.

💕"Shh, I know, I know. I’m going to take good care of you,” consoles Phil, and taps two fingers against Dan’s lips in a silent command for him to suck. Dan does, swirling his tongue around the digits and staring at Phil with wild and glassy eyes. As soon as he thinks his fingers are wet enough, Phil pulls them from Dan’s mouth and pushes Dan’s panties to the side to start fingering him. Phil finds Dan’s prostate easily, and the moment he brushes it, Dan comes with a strangled scream.

💕"D- don’t stop,“ he whimpers, grabbing Phil’s wrist to stop him from pulling away."Daddy, I need you to fuck me, please.”

💕 Nodding, Phil hurries through stretching Dan, and hastily unbuttons his own jeans. “Can you ride me, Kitten?” Phil takes Dan winding his arms around Phil’s neck as a yes, and makes sure to spread his precum around so he doesn’t hurt Dan. One hand balancing on Dan’s hip to steady him, the other guiding his cock to Dan’s hole, Phil helps him sink down, and kisses all over Dan’s face while the neko adjusts.

💕 Phil tries not to buck intro Dan when he starts moving, doing his best to let Dan set the pace. But as they draw closer to release, Dan pulls off of Phil in favor of lying down on the carpet, gasping for breath and making grabby hands at Phil. Luckily, Phil understands immediately and gets into position over Dan, balanced on his forearms to keep from crushing him. Once Phil’s back inside, he sets a rapid pace, fucking Dan so hard that rug burn is developing on Dan’s back and shoulders from the movement.

💕"Dan,“ Phil groans, ducking his head down to bite at Dan’s neck as he comes, Dan not far behind with a loud scream of Phil’s name.

💕 "Okay,” Dan breathes as they settle down. “I may or may not have started playing with the stuffie so you would come help me.” In answer, Phil shoots him a look that promises punishment.
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Cold City Air and Strangers

Summary:Because streets and cold city air is said to be good for clearing your mind; but how will he had even imagined that a stranger was about to enter his life and make it 100x better?

Pairing: Minho x Newt | Minewt

Genre: AU; Fluff

Word Count: 2.6K words (I guess it is worth reading it)

Rating: I don’t even know this, and you might either don’t care so whatever.

Warnings: I don’t feel like there’s any(?) I don’t know, like mentions of alcohol.

A/N: So this took me forever and IT’S NOT EVEN WHAT I WAS TRYING TO WRITE IT TOOK SUCH A DIFFERENT TURN AND IDK I liked it. Also the tittle is awful but I have no idea about this lol
Anyways, feedback is greatly appreciated and I’m taking prompts too if you’d like me writing anything. Here’s my askbox, is always open for anything☺.


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pxrrished-deactivated20161217  asked:

My entry for the prompt giveaway follower celebration thing idk what to call it: “I grew up not knowing I was royal and now I guess I’m heir to a throne and you’re the guy/girl who’s supposed to be teaching me how to be royal b/c I suck at it and oops we made out” AU. Oh, and as always: Fitzsimmons

drabble giveaway prompt #5
Rated PG. I decided to go with a Princess Diaries-esque scenario to avoid having to deal with UK monarchical politics, lol. So this takes place in a rental palace or something near London. (*shrug* details, schmetails.)


Generally, illicit make-out sessions with a secret-boyfriend-slash-best-friend-slash-tutoree should consist of gasps and heat and tongues and losing one’s sense of time altogether. At least, that’s what Jemma would have expected until a few minutes ago. It is what she’d been experiencing in the last week since her relationship with Fitz had taken a drastic, unpredictable, and wildly exciting turn. But he’d just dragged her into a spacious palace closet and now she couldn’t stop laughing.

His best efforts to stop her giggle-fit were certainly admirable, and she made a mental note to tell him later him that she very much liked that thing he’d just done with his tongue against her pulse point, but ultimately it was to no avail. Thinking about what they were doing (sneaking off into palace closets, for God’s sake!) just made her laugh harder, and Fitz let out a long-suffering sigh.

“I’m sorry,” she giggled breathlessly, keeping him held against her by wrapping her fingers around his shirt buttons. “I’m sorry, but, honestly, Fitz, a closet -”

“Where else were we supposed to go? I don’t get a bedroom until after the coronation -”

“It’s not technically a coronation -”

“Whatever the bloody hell it is, the coronation-promise-thing, and I don’t think the Queen’d appreciate us using hers.”

“We could wait until we’re out of the palace and you’re not supposed to be learning the names of a few dozen heads of state -”

“Which you, as a biochemist, are so very qualified to teach me -”

“Your mum thought I’d be the only tutor you’d listen to, you know that -”

She was very rudely interrupted by Fitz pressing his lips to hers, slanting her mouth open, and thoroughly distracting her from scolding him. His fingers clutched rather desperately at her hips as she leaned forward against him, and she was reminded of why she’d been having so much trouble saying no to him ever since they’d first started doing… whatever this was.

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