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Yes, Dear

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Person, Place, Thing: Crowley, Bunker, Laptop

Movie: Pocahontas

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Word Count: 1006

Warnings: mentions of blood (not detailed, literally it says it twice), angsty angst, fluff, i think that’s it, idk lol

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“Hello, Squir-”

“We need your help,” Dean blurted out as soon as I popped in. His body was tense and each breath he took was shaky and strained. His bloodshot eyes and the dark brown bags that rested beneath them spoke so many untold words.

“What did you do now?” I sighed with a roll of my eyes. I didn’t have time for the problems he most likely dug himself into. Well, I did, I just didn’t feel like dealing with him.

“There was a case, it was a simple salt and burn, so Y/N said she’d take it. She was fine when she first came back. One second she’s watching Pocahontas on her laptop in her room and belting out the lyrics to Colors of the Winds, then she’s hanging off the side of the bed unconscious,” he rushed.

“What happened?” I growled. I couldn’t be able to explain the anger and fear that crashed into my body. Why the hell did they let her go by herself? How did they not notice something was wrong with her?

“We don’t know, she didn’t tell us. When we asked her, she just said it went like any other salt and burn. She’s been in the same state for about eleven hours already and we don’t know what to do.”

“And you’re just now bloody calling me here!” I yelled. Why didn’t they call me sooner? What the hell were they thinking?

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I see Barry is going to be getting his Oliver on tomorrow night:  “He’s willing to make the ultimate sacrifice when he enters the Speed Force,” Gustin says. “Barry is willing and wants to stay and replace Wally in the Speed Force forever. He thinks it’s what he deserves, to spend the rest of eternity in the Speed Force.”

So damn dramatic. Not “let me find a way to put Savitar back” but “Imma just stay in here and feel sorry for myself”. 

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So you're saying that Aang was originally supposed to let go of Katara as someone he loved in The Guru episode, so then they could slowly start developing a relationship between her and Zuko starting from the COD episode, so Aang was only supposed to let Katara go but not love itself? He could still find love but just not love Katara? What does it mean exactly by "letting her go"? And if he did let her go, and opened all chakras he would destroyed everyone in Book 2 finale with the AS so Idk lol

Here is another post I made about what Aang letting Katara go means.

But yes, Aang letting go has nothing to do with giving up love. I am going to borrow liberally from this website to explain in great detail what letting go means in order to make sense of what the story was going for. And why exactly Ehasz said Aang never learned what this means.

What is Non-Attachment?

The Buddhist teaching on non-attachment is ultimately about realizing the truth of yourself. That is, realizing that you’re an expression of the entire cosmos. That you’re in the cosmos, that the entire cosmos is in you in a very real and observable way, and that there is no separating the two (and everything that comes with the realization).

And the teaching on non-attachment is about living in such a way that you live without such obstructions that keep you from realizing this.

So, for instance, it’s not about not being able to get married, something which Chinese Buddhists began allowing which Indian Buddhists didn’t, it’s about not attaching yourself to your spouse or the concept of marriage.

This means living in a way that instead of keeping this image of your spouse in your mind and falling in love with that image, consequently running into problems when that image changes, you let them free and accept them fully for who they are in each moment no matter what changes.

In Zen Buddhism, when students complete their study they’re allowed to enter back into a “normal” life and do things such as marry and take jobs. This is because it’s understood in Zen that non-attachment isn’t about physical items, locations, and such, it’s about the ideas we occupy our minds with.

It’s about what we believe about ourselves and the world around us.

This means that you could lead a perfectly normal life on the surface, but from within live in a way that you don’t attach yourself to any of the things that are a part of your life.

This doesn’t mean you stop caring about them. On the contrary, you appreciate them so much more because you’re ever-aware of that they won’t last forever.

So just as you can hold a picked flower in your hand, being well aware that the flower will wilt and die in a matter of days, taking in the smell and beauty of the flower, you can live your entire life savoring every moment knowing that in each moment everything can (and often does) change.

How We Attach in Our Everyday Life

Any belief that you’re this separate entity which exists detached from the rest of existence, and your attempts to cling to these ideas as well as your attempts to cling to expectations about the way the world is supposed to work, cause friction between yourself and the rest of the interconnected world and result in pain and the inability for you to find peace. Ultimately, in a nutshell, that’s what it all comes down to.

When it comes down to it, all attachment originates with the ego. The ego, a construct which was built through years of conditioning and is in no way a “real” part of you at all, is what convinces you that you’re this separate entity disconnected from all other living and non-living things.

The Power of Letting Go

What is it like to let go completely? You’ll have to find out for yourself, but there’s a few major changes that will occur as a result of you learning how to overcome all attachments and live freely:

1. You’ll see the beauty in all of life and experience it in its fullness without any “distortion”.

2. You’ll be completely free in each moment and in the truest sense, no longer chained down to attachments.

3. You’ll find peace through having learned how to let go, stop causing friction to your being, and ultimately expressing your true nature.

4. You’ll gain the ability to adapt to any and all changes and keep your peace of mind.

5. You’ll find a great sense of joy in every moment and realize life as one great big adventure because you’re no longer held down by anything.

1000 Cranes - When MC gets into an accident

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder ; ; Ota Kisaki
Genre: Angst 
A nice song to listen to while reading:

“What are you doing Koro?”  

“Folding a paper crane,” You stated without much of a glance to your beloved boyfriend as you were much too focused on the red piece of paper in your fingers. It had creases throughout every corner, a sign displaying that you had a rough time creating the crane.

Your eyebrows furrowed, puffing out your cheeks in annoyance as you threw the rumpled paper in the air. “Ah, I can’t do it!”

Ota chuckled at your antics, finding it comical that you couldn’t do something so simple. “Give me that here.”

He reached out for the discarded paper and within a few seconds, a beautiful yet wrinkled crane was produced. He blatantly shoved it to her face and chuckled, attempting to mock her. His face showed arrogance as if saying it’s such an easy thing to do so why couldn’t you do it.

You ignored it as you were too in awe at his magical hands, “That’s so cool Ota! Can you teach me how to do it?”

He pouted, not liking how you weren’t paying much attention to him but instead to the stupid crane, “Why do you want to learn how to make a crane anyways?”

“Because I want to make 1000 of them!” You exclaimed enthusiastically.

He scoffed, “1000?”

You nodded, “They say that if you make a 1000, your wish will be granted.”

Ota smirked before grabbing you and pushing you down on the couch, “What could you possibly want. Come here. I can fulfill your every desire.”

Ah red, the color that represents love, passion…

Warning and blood.

That was the first crane.



“Luke, what is her condition?”

The men of the Tres Spade hotel all gathered right outside your ward with a forlorn look that passed by to almost everyone’s faces. They didn’t know how much time has passed since the dreaded accident occurred, but it felt like they suffered a million years of sadness and despair though they would never admit it.

Luke glanced down, “She might never wake up ever again.” For once he didn’t refer to her usual nickname, ‘sexy bones.’ No the situation was too serious for that.

With every word spoken, it felt as if knives had continuously stabbed at their wounded heart. The sentence hanged around the group, words echoing in their minds, making the atmosphere heavy and depressing.  

Baba broke the silence, muttering quietly, “What about Ota? Wasn’t he in the same car?”

Luke quickly responded, “I ran some tests, he’s okay besides some injuries. Luckily his arms and hands are unharmed. It seemed that she protected him the entire time.”

The usually composed Soryu kicked the chair in a fit of anger, “Of course that damn woman would do that, not caring about herself.”

Unconsciously they all turned around and peered through the glass window where you laid unmoving on the bed in the room with Ota right beside you. He was in a wheelchair, with an IV drip attached to his arm, but his hands were intertwined with your unresponsive one. The blonde continues to stare at your face with his impassive one. He doesn’t cry, he doesn’t move, he just stares at you as if you might wake up anytime.



“Here are the origami papers you asked for Ota, and the red paper crane.” Baba said before dumping a bundle of origami papers onto the said man’s lap and setting aside the lone crane on the table. Ota doesn’t respond and pulls out a green piece of paper before folding it and creating a crane.

That was the second one, a green one.

One filled with hope.

“Ota you should eat.”

He ignored him before grabbing another piece of paper and folding it again.

Baba could only watch helplessly, eyes filled with pity as he sees what his friend has become,

An emotionless robot.



Scenes of the accident continuously haunted him for days, never letting him get a moment of rest. He could still smell the familiar coppery scent. When he looked down at his hands, he could still see red, the blood that tainted your body.

“Koro, let me go that hurts.”

Slowly, Ota opened his eyes, wiping at the liquid that traveled to his face. For a second there was complete silence and then there was utter chaos. Ota couldn’t move, confused at the screams that were coming from outside. The door curved in, pressing against his back and preventing him from getting out of the vehicle. Something warm meets the top of his head and the blonde turns to recognize it’s his beloved Koro.

What he saw was something that would forever haunt him.

“Koro? H-hey are you okay?” He asked, having an urge to shake her, “Come on answer me! Good pets are supposed to listen to their masters right?”

“Please ___ answer me…”

Ota blanches. His voice runs dry.

He shook his head, snapping himself out of his reverie. No don’t think about it. Don’t think about anything. Just focus on making the cranes.

745 more to go.



The boys tried to talk to him but considering their personality, not much was said.

“Why are you making so many cranes?” One of them would ask one day, only to be met with silence. At some point they had given up trying to communicate with him, but Baba made sure to hang the paper cranes so that one day you would wake up and see them.




“Are you going to continue to be like this?! What do you think she would say?” Baba hollered, feeling completely fed up with how Ota has been acting the past few weeks. The said man would only stay beside you and fold more and more cranes, not caring about his own self.

Hundreds of various colored cranes had already hung from the ceiling, covering up almost half the room.

Baba roughly grabbed onto Ota’s shirt, tugging him up and dropping the papers on the floor, “___ would not be happy if she finds out how you have been acting!”

Emotionless orange orbs met with his furious brown ones. “Let me go,” His voice croaked, having not spoken in a while, “I have to make the cranes.”

That sentence made Baba even more enraged. He pushed Ota aside and stormed out of the room, stepping on a few papers in the process. Once he closed the door, he leaned on it with a sigh. 

“How do you think I feel? I also had loved her…”




“I love you,” She had muttered before slowly drifting off to deep slumber. After a particular rough love making session, the two were laying on the bed, cuddled up beside each other.

Ota chuckled, bringing an arm to wrap around her waist and pulling her closer. He kissed her forehead, enjoying the peaceful aftermath. “I love you too.”

One tear drop.

Then another.

They all splattered onto the dark blue paper. Next thing you know, tears continued to fall much like a waterfall. It was as if the break to his emotions had disappeared with nothing to hold him back.

Ota threw the soggy paper aside, finding it unusable from all the tears.




The last one, a black one. An emotion he hasn’t felt in so long started to resurface.


He placed the last one onto your chest  and proudly admired his work. Covering the entire ceiling was numerous paper cranes in different colors and sizes.

Ota wasn’t religious and he definitely never prays but this was an exception.

“I wish ___ will wake up right now.”

He opened his eyes slowly, staring at your sleeping figure and anticipating for any signs of you moving. It was as if the god had heard his words because he swore your finger twitched.

“___?” He tested.

Another twitch. Relief quickly boiled up. He was so happy. After weeks and weeks of torture where he could only sit and glance at your unresponsive body, he can finally see your beautiful eyes and tell you how much he loves you. And how stupid you were for not listening to him and protecting him.


What was that?

Beep Beep Beep

Panicked rose up, quickly replacing his earlier excitement. He glanced at the heart rate monitor besides you. It plummeted from 80 to 50 within a few seconds. No this shouldn’t be happening! The Gods should’ve listened to his wishes and make it come true! 

“Doctor! Come here!” He screamed hysterically, running out of the hallways to call for them. A few doctors rushed in trying to make you come back. Ota watched helplessly, back sliding down the wall.

All he could hear was the dreaded noise that signaled you were forever gone.



“See that’s how you make it.”

“Thanks Ota! The first one is a red one.”

“You mean the second one?”

“No. I have to make 1000 of them by myself or else the wish won’t come true!”


The End

So if you didn’t get it. The last black crane represented death. When baba came in with the origami papers, he brought the first red crane that MC made. Since you have to make 1000 cranes by yourself, his wish for MC to come back didn’t come true and so she died. 

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“Michael, what the hell are you doing here?” You could not believe you were looking right at the boy you had been missing for months. Standing in front of you he looked almost exactly as he had when he left you at the airport at the beginning of the tour, but you could see the subtle differences. The slight bags under his eyes from lack of sleep. His chapped red lips reminding you of his rant about always losing his chap sticks on the tour bus. The flannel button up that hung loose on his torso was wrinkled, he’d probably pulled it out of his duffel bag after it had spent who knows how long stuffed in there all rolled up in a ball.

“I know..I..I.I just thought..I don’t know,” He tugged on his hair, now very unsure of himself.

“MIchael, come in. It’s okay. Do the boys know where you are?” You grabbed his hand from his head, stopping him from pulling his hair, interlacing his fingers with yours. You tried to ignore the feeling that spread through your body from his touch, that electric jolt you felt every time you touched him. You guided him towards the living room couch sitting him down, rubbing his hand to calm him. Pulling your phone out of your sweat shirt pocket you sent Calum a quick text to let him know Michael was with you and safe.

“I had this whole plan, this whole freaking speech to win you back. To convince you not to hate me. It was really good, (Y/N). I practiced it on the plane, made the lady next to me listen and now I’m here and I can’t remember a damn word. Not one fucking word. I got one look at your face, that face that I’ve dreamed about seeing and touching and kissing for months now and every sensible thought disappeared from my mind,” He said in frustration, he brought his free hand up to your face to cup your cheek, but dropped it almost immediately in frustration. You didn’t know how to respond, still shell shocked that Michael was sitting there right in front of you.

“Michael, I just..I,” Words couldn’t even form on your lips. You, like Michael, had spent so much time thinking about this moment; when it would be, how would you feel, what would you say. You were so overwhelmed with emotion seeing him here, knowing he still wanted to be with you and you didn’t know what to say.

“Just hear me out, okay?” He took a deep breath, steadied his gaze on your eyes and continued. “I love you. I am so very in love with you and it terrified me. I’m never here for you, I’m always on the road, and I can’t give you the attention you deserve. I was afraid that one day you would wake up and realize that, that you could do so much better than me. So I did one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done. I broke up with you before you had the chance to break my heart because it would break my heart having you tell me you didn’t love me anymore and didn’t want to be with me. I…I couldn’t even fathom that. But all I managed to do was hurt you and make myself miserable…God, I was so miserable, (Y/N). I thought I missed you before, but not being able to call you up whenever I wanted to hear your voice or text you dumb pictures that I knew would make you laugh. That killed me… Almost as badly as it killed me to hear a guy answer your phone when I called. The image of another guy making you laugh, kissing you, touching you,” His hands balled into tight fists with anger, his eyes squeezing shut. You laid your hands on top his to relax him and urge him to continue. “I was furious that you had moved on.”

“Well, you broke up with me, Michael. You were the one who said you didn’t want this anymore.”

“I know, I know. Let me finish, baby. Okay? I was mad at you for moving on, but I was really furious at myself because it was my fault. My fault I’d probably lost you to someone else and that’s why I am here now. I jumped on a plane to come here and beg for your forgiveness and for your love because I can’t live without it.”

“Oh, Mikey,” You sighed cupping his jaw, wiping away the few stray tears that fell from his eyes.  “I don’t know how you could ever think I would break your heart. I told you before that the distance didn’t matter to me. I told you how much I wanted to be with you. How much I loved you.”

“Loved? Like, past tense? As in you no longer love me?”

“Of course I still love you Michael. Jesus, did you think I could just move on from this so quickly? You affected me and when you left you still affected me. You’re telling me how miserable you were; I was a mess. You left me here wondering what I had done wrong. You had me to believe I did something to make you not love me anymore, that there was something wrong with me,” The look in Michael’s eyes was one of fear, afraid he was too late you win you back, but the thing was he never even lost you.  “I love you so much Michael, but please for my sanity never pull this shit again or else I will probably kill you.”

“I’m so sorry. I will never leave you again. I promise,” Those green eyes of his were so bright shining at you. He grabbed you and pulled you onto his lap, your legs straddled his waist. He started peppering kisses all over your face saying “I love you” again and again between each kiss. He wrapped his arms so tightly around you refusing to loosen his grip on you when you tried to wiggle away from him. You let out a giggle at his actions.

“God, you don’t know how much I’ve missed that sound,” He said leaning his forehead against yours.

“I love you, Mikey,” You said not being able to keep the smile off your face.

“I love you so incredibly much, princess.”


fghj If it was Ciel’s twin that Agni saw in the photograph, why would he look so horrified? i dont understand why would it be a big deal to him lmaoo. Like, it’s a family photograph, right? If he’s just discovering Ciel has a twin from that then I think a response like “:o Oh! Well what do you know!” seems more natural than “D:< HOLY SH*T!” asdfghjkl; but maybe thats just me???

Idk, I’m hoping it was something else he saw… ‘cause his reaction seems off to me if it’s something as trivial as finding out Ciel has a twin lol 

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“I’m just tryin’ to make sure you know.”

“Know what?” Rhett asks, belabored.

“That I’m in love with you, man,” Link says. “That all the time in the world could pass and I would still be here…” He takes Rhett’s hand and draws it back to his face, letting Rhett cup his cheek, letting Rhett curl his fingers around the shell of Link’s ear. “Hopelessly in love with you,” he finishes.

-So Much Ahead by @reedytenors

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re: the jin and jimin 'fat' thing.. like. also as far as i know, jimin's one of the main ones calling jin fat? he called him a pig literally in the graduation celebration video so. not to say things are tit for tat but tbh the double standards (esp LETS BE REAL when jimin says kinda jerk things to the other members bc he does do that but then it's cute and funny and 'savage lol!') is really something else :/

Hmmm idk
The only thing l can tell you is that all the members have done it multiple times toward Jin

My only problem here is the double standards.
The members were in the wrong when they called Jin like that, and Jin was in the wrong for calling Jimin that way.
What I don’t like is how this situation has blown up to the point where people are demonising Jin when other members and fans have said worst things toward both Jimin and Jin

Movie Nights

Request: Can you do a Derek Hale imagine where the reader says “aww you’re so cute” to Derek and he gets all shy and adorable because he is so awkward. Then just make it all cute at then end and smut if you want

author’s note: ayyyeee peoplesss, sure man lol idk whats up with me but whats up with y'all? umm so yeah here’s a derek hale imagine i guess hahah theres a bunch of teen wolf smut requests in the ask box, but like we do more guys lol. anyways, that was my bit of trivia of the day. next smut thang will be posted on thursday, ENJOYYYY! 

“okay guys, let’s get this movie night started!” you announce to the room full of the pack. it was finally saturday night, your favorite day of the week because you got to spend it with the closest friends you had… and derek. man, derek got you all heart eye emoji overload, it was insane. you weren’t really sure how to talk to him because the guy was so damn intimidating! you kinda admired him from afar, kinda like how liam did with kira, except a bit more discreet, maybe. since it was the girls’ turn to decide the movie they watched, they chose a classic. so there all of you were, ready to have the night dedicated to the notebook, when there decided to be no more popcorn left.


“want some help?” you hear derek ask. you look back and nod you head yes, adding your trademark half smile at the end. he ducked his head and followed you into the mccall’s kitchen. once there, it was all awkward scrambling to find more popcorn and a bowl. then there was silence. the both of you waited for the popcorn to begin popping to fill up the quiet noise that seemed to deafen the both of you into awkward silence. to your relief, it began and as soon as it did, derek jumped and turned bright red you giggled, interested to see the ever so intimidating derek to be startled by popcorn popping. 

“aw you’re so cute *insert more awkward giggling” you gave derek a smile, encouraging him to know that it was okay. you watched as he began to smile and look up at you from underneath his impossibly long eyelashes. 

“um thanks, I’m not exactly sure how to respond to that, but thanks” he managed to stutter out. the both of you stood there, unsure of what to do. as the microwave made a ding, you grabbed the popcorn and turned, only to be met with a large bowl. 

“oh!” you stepped back in surprise. now it was your turn to be surprised, derek laughing at your reaction. you smiled in response, delighted at this newfound comfortableness between the two of you. you both walked back into the living room, dimming the lights as you made your way to your seat, only to find that it was stolen by liam, who was sitting next to derek before. you made eye contact with lydia, seeing her acknowledging smile, knowing that was planned. you rolled your eyes, and took a seat on the ground next to derek. he shifted slightly. helping you to get more comfortable and wrapped a blanket around the two of you. 

oh yes. this was definitely going to be a movie night to remember. 

So since I couldn’t reblog this for whatever reason, I just wanted to say this because it was bothering me sooooooo here. 

“the only thing i’m going to say is that Kubo made a complete opposite of what he somehow ‘promised’ us, readers.”

Lmao. Kubo didn’t “promise” anyone anything from what I can recall.

“Why did he gave Ichigo’s friends and family tickets to visit SS if he wanted Ichigo to stay in living world?”

Kyoraku giving Ichigo’s friends tickets to SS was all based on his speculations remember?? The chances of Ichigo having to stay in SS were slim to none.

“Why did he made him stay in human world in the first place?! Ichigo was clearly unhappy about it during FB arc and said that he doesn’t have any plans for the future.”

Omfg. THIS argument again?????!!

Ichigo was not unhappy about staying in the human world, he was unhappy because he didn’t have the power to protect the people he cared about.

How many times must people say this 😂😂😂??????

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After RM said what he said, the atmosphere just got really awkward and idk, for me that’s better than everyone laughing it off like it was no big deal. I’m happy they didn’t laugh along because it shows they know it’s wrong to do so. The thing that probably worries me the most is V and Hobi’s inner feelings, and Hobi probably only laughed because that’s a natural reaction for him and he can’t really show disappointment with all these people in front of him and cameras in his face. Sadly, I can’t say the same for Taehyung since he just looked sort of appalled at what RM said. I hope RM sincerely apologized to those 2 afterwards because this just disgusts me. I don’t care if it was a joke or if he just got caught up in the situation or whatever but poking fun at the color of someone’s skin is not and never will be okay. 

I know he’s not a bad person because he’s proved this so many times, but he sure as hell messed up big time and the least he can do is apologize. He’s the leader & the others look up to him, so I really hope no one else in BTS acts like this in the future due to his immature actions. He’s messed up before and just as the fandom started to let go of it, here he is again making the same mistakes. So disappointing.

I’ve had to deal with countless shit like this as a Kpop fan, and I’m sick and tired of it. Before being an ARMY I was an EXO-L and I was so done with the colorism/racism/“jokes” that I had to take a break from Kpop. I thought that when I got into Bangtan I would get into a group that hopefully wasn’t as problematic as the other groups I’ve been into. And I was right, they’re not, it’s mainly just Rap Mon. Hopefully other members won’t follow his footsteps later on. I know every Kpop group has it’s problems whether it be individuals or the group itself, but I’m just done with colorism/racism being one of them. 

Idols (especially RM in this situation) are all well aware that they have millions of fans around the world, and guess what? Not. Everyone. Has. Milky. White. Skin. It’s time to stop being ignorant and be considerate of those darker colored fans. As a Filipino with really tan skin, this is so offending because if they’re considered black, then what am I? The dirt beneath the dirt at the bottom of your shoe? Gee, people with even darker skin must have it way worse then. 

Idols are grown ass adults with developed ass brains yet so many of them still have some growing up to do. Every skin tone is beautiful in it’s own way. As role models to millions of people everywhere, they should encourage that. But by saying things like this, they’re probably making some beautiful girl out there feel bad about herself, thinking “I’m not pretty. Oppa won’t like me because I have dark skin”. I’ve seen this happen to too many fans already and it makes my heart hurt. Idols need to realize that a few petty words can cause massive amounts of damage. It’s sad that I wasn’t even completely shocked that this happened because similar scenarios happen in Kpop all the fucking time to the point where I’m pretty much used to it. Seriously, when will it stop?

For a guy with an IQ of 148, Namjoon can be insanely stupid sometimes. He doesn’t deserve death threats (obviously no one does), but I just hope we as a fandom can help him realize his mistakes so he won’t do something like this in the future again.

They spent like 30 seconds talking about Louis lol…

They emphasized how it “exploded” and “went insane” on their website at the beginning and end.

They started it by saying “Who says that your fun vacation life has to end when you have a kid…down in Mexico not with his baby mama not with his baby but with Danielle Campbell, 21.”

They said something about how he’s living the ultimate boyband life, “They’re really just like living the good old life there.”

And…..that was basically it haha.

The Big Bang Theory

Why do I love Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler? Because they’re both GENIUSES AND SO SOCIALLY AWKWARD. It’s hilarious to watch! Their dancing makes me squeal lmao! I like that they aren’t a typical couple, they make up their own rules.  Why am I posting this now? Because of the damn cliffhanger we were left with! I mean, he was about to propose! WHAT?! That’s huge! But they broke up instead..ugh. ( I mean, personally I’m surprised Amy stuck around for so long…being in a relationship with Sheldon is not easy(understatement, lol) I’m just glad this show has another 3 guaranteed seasons AT LEAST.  So, since idk what to do until the next season premiere’s, here’s some lovely “Shamy.”

“Sheldon, there’s something else I’ve been wanting to say, but before I do, I just, I want you to know you don’t have to say it back. I know you’re not ready and I don’t want you to say it just because social convention dictates-” 

“I love you, too”

“You said it”