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#5 My Neighbor’s A Jerk

Summary: (Office AU) There’s this mutual feeling between you and your jerk of a neighbor, called hate. With every ounce of passion filled in your veins you both commence that feeling from day one of meeting each other. But what happens once, one of you are at the receiving end of the other’s help? Maybe you will learn how to co-operate?

Word Count: 4399 (have fun)

Pairing: Bucky x fem!Reader

Genre: RomCom

Warning: peek a boo i see you ;)

Author’s Note: I’M SCREAMING 

P.S let me know what you think ;)

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Morning rolls in and like yesterday, you’re ready sharp at six am outside your apartment building with your sports attire on. Steve told you to meet him outside your house yesterday before you were leaving office for home so that you don’t forget.

To be honest, you were kind of dreading this whole thing, since you knew today Bucky would be join the three you. But you promised yourself not to let his presence bother you.

Unfortunately, as said before, the man frowns too much. As he steps down the porch, greeting Steve and Sam, he immediately stopped in his tracks as your face came in view.

“What is she doing here?” The words fall out of his mouth like pure venom, and that made you pull a brow. Damn, even though he means nothing to you, it stings.

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okay but considering that like all the bmc ppl are super chill and approving abt everything, how much do you wanna bet that they’d actually add a pride-patch to michael’s jacket if they did a revival?

I saw this post by @krzed and I just had to draw it

I totally agree Kim would use Alix’s ace-ness to make the most ridiculous puns


this was supposed to be a shallura tangled au but this isnt even in the actual movie lmao

anyway, allura grew up with magical growing hair that glows different colors depending on her mood, and lived in a tower since she was young till an escapee climbed into her tower to hide

bonus klance (this au probs only have side klance tho lol):

cant believe how dumb they are that person is literally just next to you–

A Reminder: Don’t underestimate female muses, not mine or anybodies. It’s fine for your character to underestimate them, however, do not let those feelings spill over into the real world. If a female muse is evil, believe it. If a female muse is powerful, believer it. If a female muse is strong, believe it. Don’t ignore the traits of a woman all because she is a woman: pay attention to them, so that you may understand what powerful beings they truly are.

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Can you do an Eric Harris gunplay blurb? Thank you!

Eric Harris gunplay

Not really a blurb, sorry but I hope you like it :)

“Stop whining or I’ll give you something to whine about.”

Eric said with a sadisitc grin while he watched you tugging on the ropes that were tightly bound around your wrists and thighs, securing you to the bed. You had to admit that you hadn’t expected Eric to be that good at tying you down, you had thought that Dylan was the expert when it came to bondage but all of Eric’s knots were firm and the ropes were really strong too, though not uncomfortable.

He seemed pretty pleased with his work himself, gazing at your naked body laying bound in front of him. So vulnerable, so helpless and being completely at his mercy. Eric crawled on top of you, kissing you softly before he dragged the cold metal slowly up your body. You shivered as soon as you felt the hard steel pressing delicately against your stomach. He chuckled throatily when a gasp escaped you as the tip of the gun grazed your sensitive nipple. He raised his new gun up to your mouth, the muzzle resting firmly against your lips. Of course Eric could have taken his beloved Arlene or his 9mm Hi-Point 995 Carbine rifle but as much as he liked his weapons, they were too big and thus not handy during sex. That was why he had bought the Glock 17, she was smaller but still equally deadly.

“Open your mouth.”

Eric commanded and pushed the gun in further, the barrel entering your mouth. You had underestimated the size of it but you wanted to make him proud and relaxed your jaw, allowing the gun to slip in a little bit further and then wrapped your lips tightly around it, sucking carefully. Eric began to pull it out and push it in again, watching you highly focused and interested as you worshipped his gun.

“Fuck babe that’s hot.”

He moaned and reached down to quickly unbuckle his belt, already grasping himself through his jeans. Eric’s finger was placed on the trigger which made it all the more exciting. You actually liked the metallic taste of the gun and became even more enthusiastic about the whole act. Trying to get even more inside until you gagged slightly.

“Good girl.”

Eric praised you, still fully concentrated on you, his breath growing more rapid as he watched you while he palmed himself.

“Hm open up for me.”

He rasped, pushing your thighs apart. Roughly pulling the gun from your mouth, you whimpered at the loss but fidgeted in excitement when you realized what he had in mind. Eric gently rubbed the head of the gun against your pussy. It was cold against your wet and exposed flesh, causing goosebumps to spread on your entire body. He smiled amused when you mewled as he only let the muzzle ghost over your clit, not nearly enough pressure to feel it.

“Is there something you want?”

He mocked you and you nodded.

“Please Eric.”

He made a tz tz tz sound and shook his head, the gun still softly stroking over your clit.

“You can do better than that!”

“Oh god please, please Eric, I need some friction, anything! Please have some mercy on me, please!”

You begged and were rewarded with a forceful push of the gun, finally pressing against your clit, rubbing small circles. You whimpered and threw your head back, clenching your eyes shut but Eric wouldn’t have that. He grasped your chin and pinched it, your eyes opening immediately starring into his.

“You will look at me.”

He growled and you were taken by surprise when you felt the muzzle of the gun leaving your clit and dropping down to your entrance. You gasped as Eric pushed the gun agonizingly slow inside. He began to pump it in and out of you, making you moan and clench around the barrel.

“Do you want to come?”


You screamed, desperate for your orgasm.

“On my gun or on my cock?”

Eric asked breathlessly, still pumping the gun in and out of you and you squeaked shortly when it hit a sensitive spot inside of you before you panted “your cock, I want to come on your cock!”

That was all he needed and once more the pistol was roughly pulled from you. Eric slipped out of his jeans and boxers, grabbing his already painfully hard cock in his hands and stroking it a few times before he lined himself up. He pointed the Glock 17 that was still wet from you under your chin at the same time he thrusted into you. A strangled and relieved groan escaped his throat as he buried his cock inside of you until the hilt. You moaned as he stretched you, desperate to touch him but your hands were still bound above your head.

“You are my little whore aren’t you?”

He began to roughly thrust into you, the gun pressing firmly into your skin. You had to admit that nothing ever felt as good as Eric’s cock inside of you. He always reached that spot within you that made you see stars.

“Eric, I’m about to cum.”

You whimpered, trying your best to push down onto him as much as your restraints allowed you to move. Eric pressed the gun even stronger into your skin, increasing his pace while his free hand dropped between the both of you to flick at your clit.

“Do it, cum!”

He said, nipping at your neck right next to where the gun was pointed at and that was all you needed. You came with an almost sobbing sound as he wrenched your orgasm from you, clenching around him. Eric grunted, feeling your inner muscles squeezing him to the point that he thought you wanted to constrict his cock. He pumped into you a few more times, his thrust becoming sloppy and then came with a loud groan, pushing himself deep inside of you while he bit down on your neck.

You both panted, overwhelmed of the new experience. Eric let go of the gun and lazily reached up to loosen the knots around your wrists, your arms dropping to the bed beside you, feeling a bit numb before you wrapped them around Eric who was still balls deep inside of you. Your bodies were pressed to each other, covered in sweat.

“I did not mean to call you a whore.”

Eric said with a smile, stroking a few strains of your loose hair behind your ear. You pulled him down to you and kissed him.

“Are you kidding me? That was the hottest thing ever!”

You said and Eric’s eyes lightened up.

“Do I have permission to call you like that more often from now on?”

He asked and you nodded.

“Please do.”

Eric leaned down and kissed you, his tongue slipping between your lips, coaxing yours out. The tips of your tongues played with each other while he carefully ground his half hard cock inside of you. He playfully bit your lip and pressed his forhead to yours.

“Ready for another round my perfect little slut?”

You nodded eagerly while Eric picked the gun back up with a grin.