lol idk i love his face here


Dylan surprised me with a gift using some of his tax return- I am so excited I stayed up till 6am learning all the things! He woke up and was not shocked to see the first thing I went to work on was Hannibal related. *grins*

No more mechanical pencils and smudgy paper!

It’s an XP-Pen 22" HD tablet, and lord it is AWESOME. My eyes are burning from sleep deprivation so- here, a slightly Cuban-tanned Will Graham with his lovely face wounds, after 67,000 redraws.

My first digital art post!

Not that I posted much of my dog-chewed sketchbook before~ *shrugs*

Just a not-so-subtle reminder that I ship them all together. ;D

Jonsa bedroom scenario

Okay guys idk what this is but I was chatting with some friends about jonsa+bedroom scenes we’d like to see in season 8 and somehow this thing went from describing a scene to like describing what Sansa is thinking??? Idk what to call it, maybe a heavily embellished headcanon? 😅    Whatever it is, it got me emotional so I thought I’d share with you all! (That is a lie, I’ve been coerced by the aforementioned friends. WHOM I LOVE. You know who you are!

If you know me at all, then you know I’m the laziest bum on the planet, and I’ve quite literally copy/pasted my messages from the chat onto here so please don’t be offended by the complete lack of formatting lol

sansa wakes up first

and they’re facing each other, his arm is slung around her waist and her hands are curled up under her chin

and she looks at him

and just….just looks at him, eyes wide and unguarded cuz nobody’s here that she has to put on a mask for

he’s still asleep

breathing deeply

and her eyes move over his features taking them all in and it’s like she’s fully appreciating how beautiful jon truly is

his fair skin contrasted with his dark unruly curls….maybe a wayward curl over his forehead

his dark lashes

his OBJECTIVELY ADORABLE LITTLE NOSE (come on guys his nose is so cute!!)

and of course his gorgeous soft lips

she’s just gazing at him, not moving, not wanting this moment to end. she feels so safe in his arms even tho he’s asleep. she realizes it’s the safest she’s felt since she left WF as a girl. she realizes this feels more like home than anything has in years.

she blinks once, twice, slowly and there’s the barest quirk of her lips

and then jon begins to stir, his arm tightening around her waist and she watches as his eyelashes flutter

revealing his beautiful warm brown eyes

and for his part he wakes up, sees her sparkling blue eyes trained on him, and smiles softly because that is like the best way to wake up

“Good morning,” he says softly. His voice is extra raspy and sexy with sleep. Her gaze flits to his lips and back to his eyes, her own still shining with wonder


she feels him gently drag his knuckles up and down her arm



all at once she remembers her father’s words

a promise he’d made to her when she was still a girl

she hadn’t thought of that conversation in years, had hardly remembered it happened what with all the tragedy that came so soon after

but Jon’s sweet touches are making goosebumps rise on her arm and she remembers her father’s words now

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The Younger Marner Part Three - Auston Matthews Imagine

People asked for part three of this imagine which is now a fic ??? idk. I’m just putting this here so I don’t break my aesthetic. Thaaankkksssss.

It isn’t long, we warned lol. Also people asked for part three but this is being posted with 0 warning but eh, can only do so much lol. Anyway, love you all, I hope you like it! Also don’t be afraid to give feedback! -Accius

Part One  Part Two

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gabzgirl  asked:

I have a prompt that has been in my head for months!! About Sonic being taken and held hostage by some unknown authorities only to be faced with their ruler who happens to be Sonia (his sister from Sonic Underground) as they have a surprising and loving reunion! Lol excuse my weirdness since idk where I'm going with this 😓😶😅😁


Sonic was thrown to his knees, hands tied behind his back. Looking over his shoulder to grimace at the man behind him, he suddenly smirked ahead, his eyebrows still as sharply down as ever.

“So, you’re the guys causing trouble around here lately?”

“Shut up!” A man backhand’s Sonic in the head, forcing his head to drop down a moment before Sonic’s sly grin bounces back up with the rise of his head.

“Not much of a talker are ya?”

“It’s the boss.” Another man whispers and they stand upright, clenching their stolen G.U.N guns.

“What’s the big fuss all about? Some speed-demon getting in the way of things-… Sonic?” Sonia pulls back a cape from the tent she is exciting, and immediately her face looks stunned.

His eyes widened and his grin drops to a look of surprise, scanning her.

The two suddenly burst out in hysterical excitement, as she rushes to him and embraces him.

“Sonic!!! I should have known it was you! I was about to say- they don’t know true speed!”

“Sonia! You’ve grown! Long time no see! But what on earth are you doin’ with a couple of thugs?”

He tries to let her embrace him but as she does she uses a knife to untie him, getting up and shaking him a moment of affection. “You had me so worried!!!” she laughed, before spinning around and putting her hands around him.

She swayed, “Oh boys? You weren’t too rough with my brother here,… were you?” she rested her head on his shoulder, and he rolled his eyes before smiling.

“We’re triplets, aren’t we?”

“Manic is rebelling.” Sonia rolled her eyes too, apparently a trait of the family.

“Rebelling? Aren’t you doing that?” Sonic turns back around, raising an eyebrow but showing joking in his voice.

“Heh.” she dips her head down and scratches it a bit, before fanning the idea away. “These lands aren’t well-protected. Eggman’s not the only villain out there. We have to be careful.”

“G.U.N isn’t exactly a villain either.” Sonic folded his arms as if tilting his head to deliver a slight scold wasn’t enough, he had to look disappointed in her too.

However.. his face showed that fond smile. He couldn’t be too mad at her. After all, they were family.

As if by the same thought, Sonia smiled up at him too, guilty. “Maybe not to you. You don’t know what’s been going on around here. They won’t help. Manic wants to play peacemaker and go about this as ‘pacifistically’ as possible.” she flopped her arms out, showing how desperately unaccepting she was of that fact.

“He always did hate war.” Sonic lost his smile, walking over to place a hand on his sister’s shoulder. “Not long ago, you also condoned it.” He weakly smiled, trying to show her the error of her ways.

“…So.. You won’t help.” she sighed.

“No.. I’m here to convince you that maybe Manic has a point. But we should fight, just maybe not like this.”

“…You don’t have all the details Sonic..” as if unable to yield, she looks even more disappointed in him and turns away, holding herself.

“Alright, mind filling me in?”

As he walked after her, she shook her head and her men grabbed onto him again.

“H-hey!” He looked to either side of him, having them restrain him.

“Sorry, brother… but if you’re not for me…” she turned around, “Then I’m gonna have you to use you as bait.”


“Shadow will most likely strike the base again. Or at least, … get closer to it than last time. We barely held him off with G.U.N’s products last time.” she walked over and patted a canon they were rolling out. “But this time… we’re gonna have you.” she smiled, “Lock him up so that he’ll be itching for a fight.”

“You can’t be serious? Sonia!”

“Don’t struggle. I know you’ve fought him before. Can you do it once more? For me?”

“This isn’t like you…”

“Hey! Normally, I would plead my case! But I know you’ll do this for me cause I am right! I’m always right! And even when I’m wrong you still will be there for me!”

“…” Sonic remained silent, narrowing his face.

“Fight Shadow. Protect us a day longer. And I’ll explain everything.” She swiped her hand out.

“…Fine. But Shadow’s my friend. He’s probably not as merciless as you think.”

“I don’t see a weapon of mass destruction as having ‘a second to listen’.” she mused, finding that funny.

“You’d be surprised at what he contemplates about. Trust me.”

The two stared one another down.

“..Just don’t escape tonight, alright?” she swooped her hand through her hair as if it was hopeless. “Please? Just comply. I can’t lose face here.”

“Some welcome. You call this a ‘family reunion?’”

“Love you too.” she smirked.

Sitting in the make-shift jailcell, Sonic sat down with a leg up, arms drooped down but head leaned back, before hearing a screwdriver sound and the wall sparking.

“Woah!” he rolled away from an explosion.

A silhouette stepped out of the smoke, holding and twirling two drumsticks.

“Missed me, bro?”

“Manic!” Sonic’s eyes lit up, rushing over to embrace his brother. “Where have you been?”

“Well, if you hadn’t noticed, trying to talk some sense into Sonia!”

“I hear that.”

“What she lock you away for anyway? You know she hates being told ‘no’, dude. Better to just leave her to her own devices sometimes.”

“I guess I got her mad.” Sonic scratched his head, but Manic patted his back.

“If I were there, I would have reminded you. Sonia doesn’t like to lose just as much as she hates being told she’s wrong.”

“Guess it’s been awhile.” Sonic sweatdropped.

“Too long.” Manic smiled tenderly, before truly showing he missed Sonic and taking his hand into a bro-clasp. “It’s good to see you’ve still got two blue legs, dude.”

“…You two. And those stupid drumsticks.”


“Haha! Only playing, buddy.”

The two man-hug for a split second more before turning around.

“Let’s talk some sense into our sis!”

“First, let’s stop Shadow before he gets to her first!”

“WHAT!? The Ultimate sour-face is after our sis!?”

“He’s going to get to her soon too if we don’t light our butts on fire and book it!”

Sonic took off, as Manic held out his hand in confusion. “Woah, hold up, bro. Sonic? Hey! Phew… just like old times.” He started jogging after Sonic’s footsteps.

(I enjoyed this AU :) for Alternate Underground lol xD)

House Plants

Title: House Plants

Summary: Dan gets jealous of Phil’s house plants.

Relationship: Phan

Characters / Pairing: Dan Howell, Phil Lester

Word Count: 1,268 (jfc)

Warnings: M/M, a little bit of angst…? Idk what to call it (but it ends well, I promise lol), a swear here and there, FLUFF, jealousy, slight obsessive personality (from both parties), emotional breakdown

Disclaimer: Ayyye like I love Dan & Phil, but they ain’t mine, ya feel? Also, I have nOTHING AGAINST HOUSE PLANTS. Plus I don’t think this actually happened irl but you never know I guess


Dan would never admit it.


He wouldn’t be able to see the look on Phil’s face of absolute amusement and pity at how stupid he was.

His pride was just too great.

The fact that it was jealousy was one thing, but jealousy over this.

Phil would surely burst into tears from laughing so hard, and Dan would just slink off into a corner - tail between his legs - and dwell in his shame.

But he couldn’t help it.

The fact that Phil was so obsessed; it absolutely pissed Dan off to no end.

It wasn’t even the fact that Phil liked collecting them, or that they were spread all over the flat.

Oh no.

It was the fact that Phil paid so much bloody attention to them.

He cared more about his bloody house plants than he did Dan.

And that caused an immediate rivalry.

Even Dan couldn’t help but want to smack himself.

They’re fucking house plants, it’s not like he’s cheating.

But Phil looked at them with so much tenderness and love; he woke up at ungodly hours every morning and left Dan’s side to go water his bloody house plants.

Every time they got home from any outing, Phil would reorganize them so that they got perfect sunlight.

Every time they were on vacation, Phil would call a friend to look after his house plants and call every three hours to make sure they were okay and double check that their friend knew how to take care of them. Dan would just sit and listen in complete annoyance because this defeated the purpose of his vacation with Phil.

Even when Phil said he wanted to make sure “all of his plants got an equal amount of his attention” Dan would scowl because they took that ‘equal amount of attention’ away from Dan.

So, it was no surprise that when Phil was about to leave for a traditional outing to Tesco that he planted a kiss onto Dan’s cheek and then tenderly kissed a leaf of his house plant by the door goodbye before exiting the flat.

As soon as the door was closed, Dan turned and glared at the plant.

It stood there, tall with pride, leaves beaming a glowing green. Almost mocking Dan by saying, “Phil loves me more.”

Crouching down to its level, Dan muttered a dark, “I found him first. He’s mine.”

Before getting up, turning on his heel, and marching into his bedroom without a glance back at the dastardly thing.

It also was no comfort when Phil left Dan during their blooming ‘morning anime’ ritual to go check on “Matilda” - his sick gardenia sitting in his room on the windowsill.

Dan frowned, a horrible feeling settling in the middle of his stomach as he watched the boy hurry away to check on the dying flower.

Dan did feel bad, as he had been the one to sprinkle some weed killer into its pot when Phil was out getting lunch. But the guilt was quickly replaced with burning jealousy as Phil only began to pay even more attention to it.

He was not happy.

What finally pushed Dan over the edge was when he had organized a wonderful surprise night out - just him and Phil - for Phil’s birthday and Phil had called to say he was not going to be attending that night because he was going out late to find some treatment for “Matilda”.

Dan had gone silent over the line when Phil had said this and didn’t even reply when Phil had called his name worriedly from the other end. He’d only hung up and dropped his phone to the ground.

Turning, he began walking in circles, pacing around the flat and trying to fight the stinging sensation of tears in his eyes.

He was losing him.

He was losing his Phil.

His Phil.

Phil was not the house plants’.

Phil was his.

With that thought, tears began cascading down his cheeks; flowing endlessly like never before.

He was losing his boyfriend to a bunch of house plants.

Dan began to scream.

He didn’t know what else to do.

He screamed and cried and screamed some more.

And when his screams died down, he threw himself onto Phil’s bed and buried his face into Phil’s comforter because that might be the last time he would be able to smell something distinctly Phil and not some strange mix of pollen and gardenia.

He didn’t know why it was called a comforter, because it was supplying no comfort whatsoever.


Squeezing his eyes shut, Dan shook his head as he shrunk even further into Phil’s comforter.

Phil was going to truly see Dan at his lowest.

And he thought that putting weed killer into an innocent gardenia’s pot because it was receiving more attention from his boyfriend than he was an ultimate low.


Heavy footsteps approached the bedroom and Dan cringed more, only causing more tears to streak his cheeks.

There was a pause as they reached the open door and Dan held his breath, preparing for what was to come.


The comforter was pulled back and a helpless, sniffling Dan was exposed in all of his broken glory.

He peered up at Phil with large, broken eyes and Phil’s face visibly crumbled.

“Oh my god, Dan!” He swooped down and pulled Dan into his arms, causing a strangled - and embarrassing - mewl to slip from Dan’s throat.

The amount of shame he felt for this was unbearable.

Phil stroked a soothing hand down Dan’s back while Dan clung onto Phil with so much desperation that only he would understand, because Phil didn’t realize how much Dan craved and cherished his closeness these days.

Phil pressed a kiss into Dan’s hair and mumbled a quiet, “Oh Dan, what’s wrong?”

He would never admit it.

Not in a billion years.

But this was Phil.

This was the man he fell in love with.

No matter what.

And Dan respected him and trusted him enough to tell him the truth, no matter how damaging it was.

“I… I think I’ve reached an ultimate low, Phil.” He breathed out, not daring to look up or pull away.

Phil continued to rub soothingly at Dan’s aching muscles, magically relaxing them with every careful touch.

“How so?” He must have realized how serious this was, because his voice became soft and yet so casual, almost not acknowledging the state in which Dan was in and Dan was so grateful.

He didn’t think he could handle it if Phil treated this like it was a rare occurrence.

Dan laughed humorlessly. “I’m jealous of your house plants.”

Phil’s movements paused for a moment and Dan flinched.

The bomb was dropped, and now Dan was going to have to face the aftermath.

He held his breath, regretting every decision he’d ever made in his life as the silence continued with each passing second.


Dan blinked.

That was it.

Phil just kept Dan wrapped up in his arms.

He didn’t need any further explanation. That was all that he needed.

For the rest of the night they stayed in that position.

And Phil limited himself down to two house plants, giving the others away despite Dan apologizing and feeling horribly guilty. He waved Dan off and responded very simply.

“I love you, and if you feel that I am spending more time with my plants than I am with you, it is me who is in the wrong.”

And in that moment, Dan fell even more hopelessly in love.


bokutos4hoots  asked:

ZACH IS THE BEST IM SO HAPPY RN! HONESTLY THE ONLY INTERVIEW THAT MATTERS LIKE YES YES YES YES YES 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻✨✨✨🌻🌻🌻🌻☀️☀️☀️☀️💛💛💛💛💛(— hooting-to-be-happy, idk I feel like I should clarify since this is my main lol)


WHat really made cry like a bitch and still am is when joon’s face looked full of relief and a big ol’ smile spread across his face as he realized they’re finally being asked questions about their music, their themes, their story!!! OH and when he basically said that Zach was the first to ask about their unicef campaign and he thanked him!!!! MADE MY HEART GROW 8746346 SIZES!!! BLESS!!! I could talk about this all day BUT ZACH IS A BLESSING!!! 

Allison's Theme
Super Lesbian Animal RPG
Allison's Theme


this, by far, is my favorite thing i’ve ever made in my whole fricking life. like, i hadn’t actually talked to bobby *at all* about making character themes before this happened because the idea hit me like a brick house in the face and i literally could not stop working on it until it was finished. the net result of that being me skyping bobby practically saying “so um idk if SLARP is going to need this but i made it anyway lol hi”

Allison struck me as a character who’s brash, confident—maybe at times too much so—and eager to BEAT EVIL THE HECK UP. that, combined with her reliability, screamed “high-energy positive punk chip-rock” to me, so here we are. and, since she’s described as being thought to “love the sound of her own voice,” the song finishes off with an over-the-top solo that JUST WON’T QUIT (૭•̀ω•́)૭

one more theme to go!!! stay tuned…

see also: Claire’s theme!

Mad Love Pt.2

admin k: might be cringe? Idk I’m just very critical about my own writing lol. please love it and read it? :) love u guyss (btw requests are open) 

genre: ex bf x reader 

word count: 1,519

Originally posted by sneezes

We stood there staring at each other for what felt like forever. I looked at all of his features, it felt so familiar and comfortable to see his face again. But I have to remember what happened between us.

“U-uh…I’m just going to get another drink. You two talk…” My friend mumbled leaving us alone.

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anonymous asked:

Fam, I agree that jungkook probably likes fucking yoongi from behind. And I also support the muscle kink theory. Lol But, we need more ass eating here. Namely, face sitting. Can you imagine an embarrassed yoongi furiously blushing when jungkook asks him to sit on his face and jungkook just silently cooing at him before he (literally) hauls his ass onto his face? Idk, I have always found the idea pretty fucking hot. Especially if there's some size different between the people involved. :)


I love thinking about Jungkook eating out Yoongi *–* And face sitting!! Believe it or not, I do have a request in my inbox right now for face sitting fics, so be on the look out for that ;}

“I’m just tryin’ to make sure you know.”

“Know what?” Rhett asks, belabored.

“That I’m in love with you, man,” Link says. “That all the time in the world could pass and I would still be here…” He takes Rhett’s hand and draws it back to his face, letting Rhett cup his cheek, letting Rhett curl his fingers around the shell of Link’s ear. “Hopelessly in love with you,” he finishes.

-So Much Ahead by @reedytenors








look at Sasuke’s expression.

and here’s the father’s love guys. he’s protecting his daughter.

and idk- i feel kinda happy because here, finally, Sarada, she’s so close with her father face.



oh hell yeah my cherry blossom.

Sarada, she knew it was her mother. and lol Naruto’s and Sasuke’s face. they’re like “dafuq is just going on?” XD



finally, they can meet and talk. finally, Sasuke act like a real father. but idk- is he trying to protect Sakura? “you’re not the one who should be apologizing” or is he just- HAH IDK. but- i’m glad and thanks Kishi for this chapter. I am happy for the Uchiha Family reunion and moment. 



……..shit. what Sasuke? BUT.. YOU JUST.. WHAT? damnit. i’m curious. 







Sooo, i can’t wait for the next chapter! i think everything will be okay from now on SasuSakuSara fans, we can take a breath and yeah i hope we won’t deal with the “angst” anymore. because, really, i just want to relax and watch over my badass OTP and their happy ending :D



Black nut at SMTM4 ep.1

He claimed himself Beenzino in the beginning by saying, “Hello, I’m Beenzino.” LOL

Translations of his rap:
(takes and throws Zico’s clipboard)
Who are you to judge me? (parody of Jessi lmao)
To be honest, you’re not even better than me
But when you’re holding that necklace in front of me,
things change. I’m begging you man (touches him LOL)
My name is Black Nut. Stupid people into hip-hop all know me.
But the audience are laughing at me, why is Yang Sanggook here? (he’s a comediannn)
Show me the money! PD, give me some money
After I rob this place, I’m gonna go on Dancing 9 and dance
Black Nut, no one can face me
Like my name, if anyone tries to fight me, they’ll get ruined (??? this part was censored so idk)


and after rapping, he said,   “I’m actually a calm guy who likes tea and flowers and loves books and plants.” and took his pants off once more when the camera guy asked how he felt :-)

and he passed!!!


LOL it looks to me, from the way both of them moved, likeHyukjae kicked/nudged Hae somehow…(with his foot, idk)

And look at the whole interview here and Hyukjae’s face during a good part of it, while he’s glancing at Donghae (Or Donghae & Kyu)…

I won’t say what I think cause I am not sure, but I’d love to hear from you guys.

What do you think about this ?