lol idk i am so bad at tutorials

anonymous asked:

hello!! i was wondering if you use guidelines when you draw heads/faces? i'm having a hard time with proportions and angles. the tutorials i've already used haven't really helped me T_T

LOL YES I DO a lot actually for like face angles that are difficult for me o<-< 

ok so i drew this and was about to say i just do it how ppl normally do it so idk if i could help u but then i looked up face guidlines n realise i am not doing it lik everyone else.. LOL T_T i find that there are too many lines when doing it this way and it just confuses me bc my brain is tiny and bad and im dumb so i prefer just 2 lines? When you have too many lines its more restricting i feel ^.^…

i devide the facial plane up into 3 ~equal parts kinda and thats where face feautres go LOL ITS RLLY RANDOM..  NOT VERY GOOD SRY IT JUST MIGHT BE MY ANATOMICALLY INCORRECT FACES YELLLL im the last person to ask for anatomy help..

i hope in my heart that this was even just a tiny bit helpful to you im so bad at explaining things so ill leave u with real things LOLOLOL

AND ALSO I LIKE TO USE MARA3D app O_O its really interestig because you can pan and zoom and change angle of the model 

and posemaniac’s handviewer has a head model that you can move around! and also bomb ass hands wwwwww