lol idk he looked like a brat

“That brat Shuji was mean to Yasuko again”, Inuyasha complained.
Kagome stopped her sewing to look at her husband.
“I bet the little punk likes her”, he continued.
“You didn’t tell her that, did you?”, Kagome asked as she stood up.
“You bet I did! She was crying her eyes out”.
“You can’t teach girls that a boy likes them when he mistreats them!”, Kagome groaned. “They’ll think it’s acceptable!”.
“The hell she will, Kagome! Yasuko is your daughter, she won’t take shit from him”.
“Well, I still married you!”, Kagome remarked. “Besides, I was fifteen when we met. I could stand up for myself, and I used the beads quite often!”.
Inuyasha brought his wife to him by the waist.
“She won’t need no beads”, he snorted. “Daddy just taught her how to punch”.