lol idk he looked like a brat

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I'm JK bias and I didn't ship any couple when I started to stan BTS. I watched lots of clips then and whenever Jikook were alone I was anxious, like in any second JM could confess or do smt embarassing like someone in front of their crush. Idk why I felt that way, I didn't even ship them but there's just smt there. Partly I was afraid JK would reject him. Though I'm JK bias, I was like No JM, go with s/o else, u don't need that cold-hearted brat. Now here I am, a hardcore Jikook shipper lol.

omg. yeah, i get what you mean, though. like, sometimes i see jungkook smiling at jimin, his eyes shining, looking at him like he literally hung the moon. and i just get this feeling in me like, holy shit. they’re so cute. and omg, jungkook is so whipped for jm, i don’t think he could ever reject him lolol. 


This boy at work, idk, it seems like he’s been hitting on me. But being me, I’m a little unsure, lol. Okay, so when he started it was like huh wow his eyes are really pretty. Like he had me mesmerized. But I had just assumed, straight guy! He’s an army brat, lived in Tokyo apparently. Idk. But the one day I forget what he was doing but like it was like he was hitting on me but also trying to find common ground because I’m gay? Idk. I had asked the manager if she got those vibes but she wasn’t paying attention, and then she tells my other friend that he’s looking for someone to hookup with before he joins the Navy. Idk if that’s like directed toward me, to let me know he’s like down? But then today! He was like starin at me and smiling and I was like “Who wants to be a sexy beast and help me break down this line a little?” And he helped a bit even though he wasn’t feeling well because he was partying last night. BUT HERES THE KICKER.

He grabbed my shoulder and was like “You have a huge hole in your back pocket, your underwear is orange. I only know this cause I was staring at it, I like butts.”

I was like “My butt specifically?” He goes “Way to call me out” like is he hitting on me? Or is he just being flirtatious and friendly?

I want him to kiss me in the walk in and tell me that’s all he ever wanted to do since he’s met me.

edit: lmfao I just read this and the line thing is confusing if you don’t work at Panera Bread lmfao. But yeah, it’s just the stations we prep the food at. The line.