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Prompt: vicchan missing yuuri.



My master is very kind. He was much smaller when I first met him, and I haven’t grown like he has. He loves me all the same and he doesn’t treat me like a runt just because I’m small and I love him a lot.

He’s been sad a lot lately, water leaks from his eyes a lot and I do my best to clean it up for him and it makes him smile so I must be doing something right!

My master has always gone away for most of the day, it makes me sad but his family and all the strangers spoil me, they love to give me treats!

He has a bigger bag than usual now, he found me in it the other day and nothing I did made the water stop or made him smile. Maybe the bag is dangerous? I’ve stayed away from it.

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unpopular opinion: i think pidge crushing on at least one of the paladins at some point would be not such a bad thing and, actually, pretty realistic,,,,,

Roller Derby Names That Should Be Used
  • Pain Austen
  • Janet Snakehole
  • Scrape-ril Ludgate
  • Opalescent Tree Shark
  • Michelle Crowbar-ma
  • Peggy Martyr
  • Artillery Clinton
  • Tina Slay
  • Amy Poleaxe
  • Prickly Minaj
  • Captain Scarvel
  • Mariah Scary
  • Hate Middleton
  • Ghastly Knope/Grisly Knope/Deadly Knope
  • Beyonce

Richie and Kisa Romantic Comedy/Christmas AU

They were the perfect couple everyone thought would be together forever. That is, before life interfered, secrets got in the way, and their careers took them to different sides of the country. Two years later and Richie and Kisa are both back in Houston to celebrate Seth and Ximena’s marriage this Christmas. Will the holiday magic work to bring these estranged lovers closer or just drive them further apart?

DC/Tri-state Area Gothic
  • no one ever sees anyone on the yachts docked on the river. no one ever will.
  • one night, you swear you saw a deer with three eyes grazing in your garden. it hissed at you, its mouth full of flowers.
  • on a trip south, you never make it to you destination. you drive the winding mountain roads, being consumed by the fog. The only other vehicles you see are trucks from faraway places.
  • countless hawks circle something just behind the walls on the highway
  • teens that make the mistake of swimming in the potomac never stop feeling the imprints of the ghost hands on their bodies
  • you have been to the museums a thousand times before. you never remember what you saw. you don’t really want to.
  • Helicopters circle the elementary school you went to. You used to think the president was in them. 
  • There is a forest next to your house. There are never any animals in it, but there are always deer walking around in the neighborhood. There is one path you never take.
  • You find an arrowhead by the stream and put it in your pocket. When you get home, it’s gone. You find it months later under your bed.
  • they are always working on the metro. in 2012, they said it would be over in 2013. in 2013 they said it would be over in 2014. you don’t remember when it began. 

so I noticed that i often get too carried away just thinking about how cute caejose is, or how tragic the ship can be. when i hear the word “caejose” i often think about joseph playing pranks and caesar blushing and turning away to hide his smile. but, imagine, joseph just sitting in his bed, thinking about everything caesar does, and he curls up because ohmygod that feeling of affection and hope is so strong, too much, and the pumping in his heart fills his ears and there is a pain in his chest because how HOW could he come to love someone so so much in such a short time???

he has so many feelings and he just wants to be with him forever. usually when we think about caejose, we always want to think about Caesar being in love with joseph because he was always a little more closed off, and he doesnt wear his heart on his sleeves. we know that caesar would be the type to think about joseph rather than proclaim his grand love for the world to see, but how come we never think about joseph? we know joseph will do everything in his power to SHOW caesar how much he loves him, but have we ever thought about joseph….. just thinking? loud, abrasive, hot headed joseph, just sitting in the dark and thinking. joseph feeling so much that there can be no room for words. joseph, so consumed with everything about his love for caesar that he cant even utter a thing, and all he can do is gasp for air but instead he swallows mouthfuls of ohmygod i love caesar ohmygod i love you so much i think i could die.

Imagine Joseph being in so much love with Caesar, his hands are shaking and his breaths are coming up short, but he can’t stop this growing trainwreck in his mind. Imagine Joseph trying to come up with reasons why he feels so much for Caesar, and his first reason is “obviously because caesar chan is cute” but then they all come crashing down on him in waves because there are too many and frick why why why, ohmygod i cant think they are all pouring out and he just lays in bed trying to keep his breaths calm and collected but failing so hard. joseph always talks about his thoughts and he easily shows his feelings in front of others, but sometimes he needs some quiet too and whenever that happens he just needs to breathe because when he takes the time to actually stop and think, the sheer amount of everything that is Caesar overwhelms him.

Imagine Joseph curling up in the dark because there is a certain pain in his heart for loving him just a little too much, and he wonders if Caesar really truly loves him back as strongly as Joseph cherishes him. Joseph finds himself asking, why does he care so much for Caesar? When did he suddenly start caring so much? When did he start asking questions such as did he have dinner, did he have enough sleep, was he cold, did he need someone to talk to? Joseph asking himself why does this have to happen to him? why did he have to fall in love now? because sometimes the feeling even hurts but at other times he feels so happy he could float off the ground and fly into the sun. 

think about 18 year old joseph just trying to understand why he is so overwhelmed. 18 year old joseph fighting for his life but he finds hope in love, finds another reason to actually keep fighting, because the reason is more than just his love for his family - it is also his love for caesar. think about 18 year old joseph imagining what it would be like to marry caesar. imagine him holding up his left hand and smiling sheepishly because he wants to know what it would look like with a metal band around the finger between his middle and his pinky. imagine joseph being so much in fucking love with caesar but all of him is so consumed in the process that he just basks in the glow and warmth of being able to BE in love.

Jfc I love thinking about Joseph loving Caesar.

i am so fucking done with ppl saying shit like “if you’re not 100% sure you’re a lesbian, don’t say you are”

like wtf

compulsory heterosexuality fucks us up big time

if this was a fucking rule i would not have realized i am a lesbian

little girls who don’t know they are lesbians yet do not need this shit ok

i am so disgusted

@anyone who sees those posts and gets worried and thinks you can’t try the label:

you can. it’s okay. fuck the people who say you have to be 100% sure. most lesbians aren’t 100% sure in the beginning. for some of us (many of us?) it takes a while to realize it. it takes a while to come to terms with it. it’s okay if you’re not 100%. trying out the label might help you to realize you are a lesbian

that’s what happened to me

since it’s finals time for me (and probably for many others) and i’ve been intensely studying my renaissance lit textbook. and also because christoper marlowe’s poetry is really sexy. and because he’d probably approve of homo fanfic based off of his writing:
deancas college!au | 985 words - dean and cas are studying and then they get distracted wow big shocker

When finals came around Dean knew that he and Cas might be too busy to spend time together, so he had proposed study dates for the two of them. Cas was definitely on board, but Dean wasn’t just offering to “study”.

No, what Dean was really offering (and what he won’t admit) was to listen to Cas study. See, to help retain the countless texts that he’s needed to learn over the years for his literature major, Cas has taken to reading them aloud. And Cas is a very good reader. Like, very very good. At least in Dean’s humble opinion.

So here they are; studying on Cas’ bed at three in the afternoon, sun streaming through the open window, and with enough books, papers, and highlighters to make it look like they had robbed a Staples earlier that day. They’re only about an hour into their post-lunch study session, but Dean has lost focus on his organic chemistry notes ever since Cas has started reading aloud. 

Today Cas is studying Marlowe. While the two are sitting quite close to each other, he seems mostly unaware of his audience as he slowly recites the words that he’s been staring at for the past hour and half.

“Amorous Leander, beautiful and young (whose tragedy divine Musæus sung), dwelt at Abydos; since him dwelt there none for whom succeeding times make greater moan,” Cas recites carefully and highlights the word “young”.

Next to him Dean has forgotten his own studying entirely as he tries not to moan. He narrows all of his focus onto Cas and the poetry practically dripping like honey out of his lips.

“His dangling tresses, that were never shorn,” Cas continues as he brings a hand up to scratch through Dean’s hair. Dean’s eyes widen at the sensual touch. “Had they been cut, and unto Colchos borne… would have allur’d the vent'rous youth of Greece to hazard more than for the golden fleece.”

Dean is already blushing by this point and he bites his lower lip to keep from giggling from excitement. He knows what Cas is doing. He knows that Cas knows that he knows too. That asshole.  

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