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concerts with shawn include...

 hi ok I’ve had this in my drafts for a week or two but decided to post bc its spawns birthday and why the hell not 

ps I’m aware it kinda sucks but this is all I want in life so idc lol just tell me what y'all think or something!!!

  • begging him to go to some indie band you really liked at a small, GA only venue
  • Shawn a little apprehensive but couldn’t say no after seeing your face
  • “babe, you sure it’ll be okay?” as you two walk towards the venue
  • “Shawn come on it’s not like you’re famous or anything, right?” with the biggest grin on your face
  • he laughs because as much as he wanted to make sure you stay safe, he knows you can take care of yourself
  • shawn recording the band but switching to record you too because he never wants to forget the look on your face 
  • towards the end, you finally get him to jump around and dance with you
  • posting a picture that you asked someone to take of you and shawn before the concert 
    •  a cute candid of you two still posed but you were laughing and Shawn was looking at you full of love
    • “saw one of my fave bands w my fave boy”
  • afterwards you two end up at an empty dennys or waffle house or small diner 
  • still being on a post concert high and having the time of your life with each other 

  • finally getting to go to one of his concerts after flying out to see him on tour
  • Shawn dragging you around backstage to introduce you to his friends and crew
  • the two of you exploring the venue
  • probably ending up in some empty hallway making out because “if you think I’m waiting any longer then you’re insane”
  • not going too heated though because Andrew keeps calling him to go to soundcheck
  • standing in the back of the room with Matt during the Q&A
    • so you could still get the true experience without making a scene or distracting Shawn
  • hanging out with everyone in the green room and watching Shawn do any pre concert rituals
  • right before he goes on stage, you give him a quick good luck kiss
  • standing side stage for the beginning
  • During the bridge of TNHMB, he looks over at you with the biggest smile
  • finally seeing how truly happy he is on stage makes all the distance worth it
  • Matt and you going to the light/sound area before Shawn goes to the B stage
  • he runs past you on his way but not before blowing a kiss, winking at you, or something equally ridiculous 
  • after the concert you make your way backstage again 
  • Shawn immediately coming over to kiss you
  • “ew you smell, go take a shower”
  • “this is the rock star life, you better get used to it” before trying to hug you
  • “this rock star better find a new girlfriend then” as you push him towards the showers
  • 10 minutes later, you’re sitting on the couch and feel Shawn drop next you
  • Shawn pulls your legs onto his lap and your head finds his shoulder and says, “I’m so happy you’re here with me now”
  • turning your head and quickly kissing his cheek before pulling him up to get some food so you two can go to the hotel

anonymous asked:

do you have tips on taking notes?

yes!! i have many, so i tried to make it easier for you to navigate :)

L O N G post ahead of you, covering lecture notes and readings notes, from a college senior :)

lecture notes:

  • i suggest using a notebook and pen, physically writing down. it’s easier to study, and since it’s using your body, you have a much higher retention rate on your side than if you use a laptop.
    • i have used my laptop for taking notes before. it’s easier to take more notes, word for word, but that’s not always helpful. maybe that’s your style, especially if you enjoy rewriting your notes all pretty and more successfully when you get home. i am not that girl. 
    • more notes does not always equal better! it’s good for you to listen actively, selecting what is important and what is not. i take very thorough notes. i take a lot of notes. if you need notes for a missed class, i. am. your. girl. that doesn’t mean i write out everything word for word. selecting details, clauses, and images really helps me to not only keep up, but also to memorize later. plus, when you’re typing, it’s easier to type all the words out without really processing the whole meaning. remember that dense notes are harder to study
    • finally, when you write by hand, you can get more creative with your style. occasionally, i’ll web notes out from one, rather than a traditional outline, bc it makes more sense for the topic
    • it also helps my anxiety! so much! if i force myself to take great in depth notes, then my mind has to dedicate more brain space to the task at hand than to my anxieties.
    • stick to one of these though. it really sucks to get into a test and realize you didn’t study half of your notes bc you forgot half were on your laptop. it’s awful lol.
    • if you use a laptop, get used to how it works first. do u know how much i resent trying to switch from a bullet that is under other bullets (like this one, not filled in) to a main point bullet (the ones filled in). it can be so confusing. also make sure you use a program you like. you can take directly into documents, but i find that i really love evernote, as i can make notebooks for classes, stacks of notebooks for my college, and that i can tag notes with specific classes and topics.
    • if you’re on paper, for fuck’s sake, divide your notebook into sections for classes. keep it all together. those notebooks with handy dandy dividers are so helpful, and they keep you from carrying around 5 notebooks at once.
  • i wouldn’t worry too much about highlighters and such in class. there’s just so much going on then. save highlighting and color coding for later, and count it as studying.
  • don’t worry about traditional outlining styles, with roman numerals or whatever. i take notes very simply. bullets/dashes, subnotes under a broad note. 
    • do it how it makes sense to you! maybe that includes different bullet styles, different places for different types of information (on a simple level, i start writing chapter numbers and titles as far to the left as i can go, over the margins, in bold and capital letters. i also usually go over these later in a certain color marker)
    • in some classes it is helpful for me to write the topic along the top of the page in a highlighter (color coding is lovely) the main idea/topic for each page. the classes this was most obviously helpful in were astronomy (COMETS or BLACKHOLES etc) and shakespeare (MUCH ADO ACT 2 or ROMEO etc)
    • it’s easiest to just note page numbers of referenced complex diagrams, as they are usually in your reading or accessible online
    • your style might look different in each class. whatever works.
  • note everything (everything) your professor writes on the board. if it’s important enough for your professor to write it, it’s probably important enough for you to write it.
  • note examples only if it’s helpful for your memory. however, make light note of things like famous people and their science/psych experiments. but in math and such, note! the! examples! and! reasons! will help you so much.
    • examples that have emotion, imagery, or sound are going to be more helpful. applicable examples are most helpful. good professors will lecture you accordingly. lazy ones will not.
  • star anything that the professor stresses or hints will be tested. anything that they say is a major theme or whatever.
  • note main ideas/points/themes, definitions, conclusions, 
  • use your tests to help you figure out what you need to know. ask questions about the tests too. in every class i’ve taken, i’m totally shocked at how willingly people ask about exam format and how willingly the professor will tell us how it will work. they want you to succeed.
  • people learn differently! i suggest taking notes in class and later adding touches that help you. count it as study time too. a warm up, if you will. 
    • if you’re visual, this might include highlighting, color coding, drawing diagrams, etc.
    •  if you’re an auditory learner, reading the notes out loud and organizing them accordingly, as well as making up rhymes, rhythms and such, might help you. some auditory learners actually like to record lectures and listen to them later. 
    • if you learn best through movement, rewriting or making flashcards will be great for you.
  • sometimes professors go really. fuckin. fast. why. idk? but
    • dont be afraid to ask them to go back a slide bc i guarantee, you will be the class hero for asking
    • develop a little bit of shorthand. sometimes i end up using initials, arrows, abbreviations… this is where i got “bc” and “thru” and “u” and such. lol. also, list things vertically, rather than using commas and “and/&/+) it’ll be more clear later
  • some professors you literally cannot take notes on. it sucks. you’re going to need to do the readings and pick their brains on how the test will be to figure out how to prepare. take home tests are your best friend. thank god for them. seriously. get your butt to church and do some worshipping.
  • if your professor puts powerpoints online, save the powerpoints, ya never know.
  • look at inspiration if you want, but remember that notes on studyblr are usually copied from class notes. if you’re too focused on how pretty your notes are, good luck to you
  • finally, the day before an exam, i review my notes that i have (hopefully) been studying. i like to make a one page cheat sheet / study guide on everything i didn’t remember, leaving out everything i understand, memorized, or want to disregard. 

reading notes:

ima be real and tell you i hardly ever do reading unless i will be tested on it in class in multiple choice. and im an english student. ye i suck, i know. i dont condone shirking the system but u know what, reading shakespeare or 18th century lit literally makes me want to kill myself. so, im a senior in college, and have barely ever done the reading for a class. the thing is, if you do it right, anything is better than just reading the words on the page and not getting the meaning. dont be a reading zombie. read actively, even if it’s not the actual reading. doing this, i have a 3.9 gpa. so. there’s hope for us yet.

first of all, yall need to do your damn reading. idc how. but due to the fact that a test will be multiple choice, essay answer, a presentation, or a paper, you’re going to not love pulling nothing out of your ass. can be done tho. just be fake deep.

that being said, i’m writing a lot below, but the reality is that if it’s lit, your notes dont have to be longer than a sentence. if it’s a textbook, more.

  • the same formatting question comes into play here, except it’s should you take notes in your book or in a notebook?
    • listen i’m always going to be pro notebook, pro physically writing it out as it helps me really get the information into my head, rather than more passively highlighting
    • i tend to do both, if im willing to mark up a book. i underline and highlight things that stick out to me, and i write them down as well. sometimes when reading literature/essays, if i know the contextual/meaning notes will be interesting to me later, i will copy notes both into my notebook and also less in depth onto post it notes (which also make sweet little flashcards btw), which i will stick into the passage. this is so helpful when a) im reading it again later and b) when we are discussing a passage in class
  • buy used books. it’s cheaper. until it happens to u, u do NOT UNDERSTAND how EXCITING it is to get a book that has highlights and underlines in it ALREADY. DUDE. my work is basically DONE for me. now take that lightly, bc often different ppl will highlight different pieces of information. however, it is helpful.
  • look up summaries. do not simply rely on cliffsnotes and sparknotes, esp since professors are very aware of these. google “title of book, summary, chapter notes, whatever youre looking for” and use the blog posts, the book reviews, the papers that come up. does this method probably take a bit longer? maybe? but it’s easier on my tired brain.
  • if you don’t have time to read your textbook one day and really want to, read the introduction and the conclusion to the chapter, or the first and last sentences to the paragraphs. it’s not great, but it’s something.
  • like your lectures, note definitions, conclusions, and helpful examples, as well as people and dates. if i’m reading literature and i’m deciding to be a smart student i will keep several logs as well. these logs will make it so. easy. to study for your exam:
    • updated character lists, including name, relationships, and anything defining and important
    • scene/chapter summaries, just a sentence summarizing what happened where
    • any quotes or themes that stand out
    • i highly highly highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of the well educated mind for note taking on a range of genres. this is what i had to use through high school and while it’s involved, it’s incredibly helpful.
  • if you’re going to have to cite your notes, note the page number in the margin every time you flip the page
  • the biggest issue i have with reading is when and where to do it. before or after class? always ask your professor if they do not tell you. where in your notebooks? i always do it on the next blank page bc leaving space stresses me the fuck out. make notes on the top of your pages of corresponding lectures/readings. 

for both lectures and readings i really really really suggest either having something to drink or something to snack on (think fruit, loose nuts, m&ms. small loose things rather than things u bite? idk they just last longer?)

okay i hope this was somewhat helpful even tho it’s an incredibly longwinded post. it seems like a lot, but the reality is that while i take a lot of notes, i don’t make them complicated, i don’t have rules, i just do what feels right in the moment. they’re not at all stressful. just take it easy and do whatever works for you :) 

if anyone has other tips, feel free to reply :)

“You Cappin’, Shorty” - a short story

by Tanaé B

I would like to dedicate this story to my good friend Arnell, who is undoubtedly cackling after reading that title. Love you.

Let me set the scene. It’s 10:45pm on a Wednesday and I’m just getting off work, tired as fuck. As I’m heading to the elevators to go home, I turn my phone on and immediately see a notification from Snapchat. Imagine my surprise when I see it’s from an old boo I used to mess with in fucking HIGH SCHOOL. If yall read my post about the nigga that sucked my tiddys on the second floor while the rest of the school was in the gym watching the basketball game, this is that guy. The one who said my tiddys was Downey soft.

So I open the snap and he asking if he can pull up on me and using the thirsty emoji faces. I’m like hmmm….. I haven’t seen him in literally six years. We’ve spoken from time to time but it’s been a while. So it was shocking that he suddenly wanted to see me. But as ya’ll know, I’ve been like… in heat… ever since me and my boyfriend broke up two months ago. I’ve really just been waiting for the perfect person and opportunity to get some dick and I was starting to think THIS COULD BE IT lmao. I could tell it was probably one of those situations where he just seen me on snapchat looking good as fuck and started reminiscing, so he hit me up. But I didn’t care, it was just dick right?

Let me describe him though… he’s about 5′11-6′0. Medium brown to darkskinned. Athletic build. Long locs. Juicy lips. Big nose (yall know I love niggas with big noses). He a hood nigga, so he dress like the average hood nigga that love designer clothes. Anyway, he fine as hell. So I message him back asking what he tryna pull up for. He telling me he wanna talk to me and he gotta get some shit off his chest. Talking about “I miss you fr” and “Send address” lmaoo. He just kept begging me and rushing me, steady reminding me to let him know when I was home. It was funny as hell. 

So when I got home and had showered or whatever, I told him he could come. He kept asking if I missed him but I’m like I’ll decide that when I see him. I had to wait and see where his head was at and what he been doing with his life before I start flirting and shit. Cause if he pulled up looking dirty as hell or I found out he was a bum now or something, it wasn’t happening lmfao. But he gets there and when I get in the car, it is quite clear that he is drunk. Actually, he still had the drink in his hand. I’m like no wonder this nigga being so honest and all in his feelings lol.

But he was looking good as fuckkkk though. And he smelled amazing lol. But I’m playing hard-to-get and shit, just making conversation, acting like I didn’t know he wanted me. So we’re talking, catching up on everything over the past six years. I asked him how his mama and sister was doing, and we talked about his daddy passing last year and what he was doing with his life now. He sounded like he was doing good and trying to make moves towards a better lifestyle. I tell him what I been up to and all that good shit. He played some music for me that he did and it was actually good lol. So I’m like okay..okay…everything lining up so far lmao.

And THEN….he really got me when he started talking about my art. I ain’t even know he followed it because he never likes or comments on it, but he started referencing different details in specific pieces and just telling me how amazing and talented I am and all the things I could do with it and how he wishes me so much success and he went on and on and on about all this for a good 15-20 minutes. I’m just sitting there silently while he speaking all passionately about me and thinking to myself “Yep…I’m gonna ride his dick.”

After the art talk was over though, he started talking about what he REALLY had to tell me. He leaning in towards me looking me dead in my eyes , getting serious as fuck and telling me how much he miss me. I’m laughing it off telling him he crazy cause he was staring at me for a long ass time and it was making me nervous LOL. Then he started talking about my lips. (If you didn’t already know, my lips are kinda beautiful). And he asked me if he could taste them. I think by this point for sure, my thong was wet. And I had a tight dress on. I started rearranging myself in my seat so I wouldn’t leak onto his seats and shit lmaoo.

I’m still pretending I ain’t thinking about him until he asks me for a hug. So I lean over to give him a hug and he pulls me over to his side so I’m laying halfway on top of him and he just squeezing me and rubbing on my ass. But I was uncomfortable so I moved back to my seat. Then he asked if he could have another hug lmao. And this time he pulled me all the way into his lap and when I was there, he grabbed my chin and turned my face toward him hard as fuck and kissed me. That’s one of my turn-ons, when the guy just take control and puts me where he wants me. I lowkey love that shit.

So I’m sitting cross-legged on his lap and his arms wrapped around my waist all tight and he tonguing me down. I don’t be joking when I say a good kissing is all I need to get me where I need to be lmao and man….then when we stopped kissing and I felt his wet tongue flickering all over my neck…. yooooo. The way his tongue was feeling had me wondering what it would feel like in between my legs. Because believe it or not, I’ve had some bad experiences with that because niggas tongues just don’t be wet enough? Idk about yall, but that has happened a few times to me. But his tongue was so wet and warm and doing everything right…

Then he pulled one of my tiddys out and started licking and sucking on it. He had tints on his windows so I’m thinking to myself “we could fuck RIGHT NOW if we wanted to” lol. He said I had him thinking about shit he shouldn’t be thinking about. I’m like what? And he said me bouncing up and down on his dick. Which is exactly what I wanted to be doing But honestly, I didn’t like the fact that he was drunk. I didn’t wanna fuck him when I was sober and he was drunk. And legally, that’s rape, idc what yall say lol. And I wasn’t tryna be that person. Doesn’t seem like a big deal to yall probably, but It’s the principle of the whole thang. I just told him right now wasn’t the time or place. 

We started talking about the whole tiddy sucking thing in HS lmao. And how he was the first guy I ever sent nudes to and how I had wanted him to be the first guy I had sex with. And how we used to be on the back of the bus messing around when the basketball team had away games because he was on the team and I used to run the clock and keep the book for their games. He started talking shit about how when he got home, he wanted pics of my tiddys in his snapchat. Talking about “They mine. They always been mine baby. They on you, but they belong to me.” And if any other nigga said some shit like that to me, I would’ve been like “BOAAA GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE” lmaoooo. But he was highkey just turning me on yall :(

He started rubbing on me and laying back in his seat saying he was tryna calm down lmfao. But he kept going back to licking on my neck and feeling for my zipper. I said “you ruining the mood” in my warning voice lol and he stopped. He started acting thirsty again, repeatedly telling me to let him know when I’m free so he can come get me. I’m like sooo you gone drive out here from Lansing to get me and take me back to your place, then drive me back out here? and he said yeah. And I believed him because I used to fuck with this guy who lived in Crestwood and did the same shit multiple times a week lol. My friend swore he wasn’t gonna really do it cause niggas don’t do all that just for some pussy. I’m like they do for this pussy

So I give him my schedule or whatever and he leaves. Texts me when he gets home and ask to see the tiddys. So I sent him my top three fave tiddy nudes lol. And he losing my mind talking how perfect they are and how he needs them and how much he miss them. Saying I was about to make him stroke it lmao. Anyway, I fell asleep soon after that. But when I woke up the next morning, I was like hmmm let me look at his facebook. I was just trying to look at pictures of him LMAO. I hadn’t been friends with him on facebook or ig in a year or so. So I just wanted to check it out.

What the fuck do you think was the first thing I saw?


I’m thinking to myself “nahh nahh nahhhh…. I KNOW this ain’t his child…. I know it’s not…….”

I had a bad experience with babymama drama before and I said I would never again fuck with a nigga that got kids because that was the only SURE way to avoid it lmaobs. And I know how niggas like to claim to be single when they got a kid on the way but they really still fuck with the BM or even be in a whole relationship with her. And like I said…he a hood nigga. I ain’t want no hood bitches coming after my ass cause I fucked her babydaddy. I’m in denial and shit though like let me check his instagram, this could be his unborn niece or nephew for all I know smfh lmaoo.

So I get on IG and it’s multiple ultrasound posts with captions like “daddy’s little girl” “My kid ain’t gone ever want for nothing!” blah blah blah. I’m PISSEDDDDDDD LOL. Like everything was going so fucking perfectly. I was bout to get some dick and I just knewwwwwww it was gone be good. I JUST KNEW! When I asked him about it, this nigga said “I thought you knew”. The fuck?? That long ass talk we had where I asked you what’s been going on in ya life and brought up multiple family members and personal shit and you didn’t think not once to tell me that you had a baby on the way fool????

I decided right then that I wasn’t gone fuck with him. But I got to talking to my friends about it and they kept tryna convince me I was thinking too much and his BM wasn’t my problem and I was blocking my blessings and shit lmfao. And lowkey, I had been thinking lately that I be cockblocking myself sometimes cause I be too worried about the wrong things. Like when I was on that date a month ago and me and dude were in the car kissing, I was READY AS FUCK but I kept saying I needed to go in the house cause we couldn’t be out in the middle of the street like that. Instead of just saying “let’s go somewhere” lmfao. And I been regretting that shit ever since. So I thought it over and was like okay… he didn’t have no pics of his BM or any other woman up on his page so maybe he really not fucking with her anymore in that way.

Clearly in denial. I hit him up anyway and ask if they still together. This how the conversation went:

Me: are yall still together? -__-

Him: We cool :(

Me: yall were in a relationship?

Him: That’s my bm I won’t lie to you I got to cuz of my daughter (????). Yes.

Me: but yall dont fuck with each other in that way huh -__-

Him: *says nothing*

Me: That’s a yes.

Him: that’s a ……..

Me: if you can’t say no, it’s yes.

Him: *eyeroll* *sad face* stop it

Me: *getting pissed cause he beating around the bush* why did you even do all that yesterday if you know you in a relationship and bout to have a baby with someone lol like what was the purpose in even coming to see me


DO YOU KNOW???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS NIGGA SAID “you cappin shorty”. 

Yall…I lost it. I was looking like Lois Griffin after everybody ruined Christmas and then it wasn’t even no paper towels left. I was minding my own damn business not thinking bout yo ass, then you gone come over and seduce me just to tell me you still with ya babymama?? And then when I find out, you gone tell me I’m trippin???!!! Is this real life??? I told his ass bye. He sent some sad faces but fuck him lmao. I was so mad. Playing with my pussy’s heart like that. I couldn’t believe he was 25, still acting like he did at 18 when we was in high school. That shit is crazy. I hope he find out the baby ain’t his.

Just joking. 

But only sort of.


the air was warm and almost crackling with a kind of hazy electricity as alec sat with magnus on the balcony, his arm around the warlock’s shoulders and his chest slightly pressed against his back. his fingers grasped the cool wine glass lazily and the taste of wine on his tongue was a kind of comfort in and of itself, a relaxing and almost quiet detail. alec looked up at the stars winking almost mischievously above him, twinkling unusually bright tonight in contrast to the city below them. his father had once told him when he was a child of four, a chubby thing with rosy cheeks and contagious laughter that was so rare nowadays, to wish on a star. alec could almost feel robert’s arms around him now, holding him up as a tinier version of himself held onto one of his lapels, gazing up at the night sky. “look! a shooting star!” robert had commented in that bright, cheery tone parents use with their children. “make a wish!” and alec had looked up at the sky, brows furrowed and lips puckered as if he had just eaten something extremely sour. “what did you wish for, my boy?” robert asked and alec shook his head. “a secret, daddy.” alec replied and put his finger to his lips and shushed him and robert and laughed and tickled alec, causing the boy to squeal and giggle just as jovially as his father.

 robert had been and has always been the more affectionate of the two parents. that’s not saying much, but alec smiled a little fondly at the memory. he wasn’t one to wish or believe in miracles. wishing on stars or on birthday candles seemed tedious; alec now let max and jace and izzy blow out his birthday candles because he found the act so pointless. 

he could not deny, however, the the man curled up at his side, swirling the wine glass in his hand around and watching the red liquid spin, his head against his shoulder and his hair tickling alec’s skin, is a miracle, possibly the miracle of miracles.

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In-depth Reflection on Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Spoilers)


After so much waiting, watching new promos and trailers everyday, I watched Kingsman: The Golden Circle today! The sequel to my favorite movie of all time! And BOY, I have so many thoughts. I am going to try to go as in-depth as I can, and as much in order as I can but BEWARE this is nearly a shit post with me pouring all of my feelings into it and will have random points all over the place, but mainly is me trying to process everything, this is A LOT (it’s 3k) and basically a summary of the movie 


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Meeting Iain and Elizabeth - My Weekend at C2E2

I don’t really know how to start this because this weekend was such an experience, and I had to the most wonderful time. I know a lot of you have been asking about my time there, so here’s a full rundown of my weekend. Most is under the cut because IT’S A LOT.

I’ll start with what you really want to hear. As most of you already know, Iain and Elizabeth were both the kindest human beings on the planet. Iain was just so nice and thoughtful, and he genuinely enjoyed meeting everyone at the con. You could just tell he was having a lovely time, which made the whole experience even better. And of course, Elizabeth was a complete angel, running a guy down to return his pen, and was completely sweet throughout the whole weekend.

Now, onto my Saturday experience!

First off, I have to thank @eclecticmuses​ for letting me follow her around like a lost puppy all day Saturday. Honestly, I had no idea where to go, so thank you for being so kind and leading the way. You were a lifesaver, and so much fun to hang with all day!

After meeting up with some of her cosplay friends, we went directly to Iain’s autograph line. We were about 15th? in line, so we didn’t have to wait that long, but let me tell you. Once Iain came out and sat down, the f-bombs were flying amongst our group bc we were losing our shit. After about a minute of everyone having a little excited panic, we calmed ourselves (as much as possible) and waited for our autographs.

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Mini Kadi Shippers/Supporters’ Survey Result

I would like to thank everyone for taking their time to respond to this survey. Your contribution is much appreciated. Anyway, this might sound a bit formal. But as long as I deliver the message, aite?

This is a mini kd shippers/supporters survey. I asked a question and collected responses which were consisted of a statement(s). I managed to collect a total of 99 responses in a span of 10 days.

Question:  i have an honest question. i’m really curious. who re u guys that ship/support kd? ks stans, ji stans, ex0-l, non-ex0-l, not even into kpop?

Next, I’ve analyzed the data using a simple coding method (use in a qualitative study). I’ve extracted a few important points from the data and divided it into two main categories - Group Stan & Bias. The subcategories were determined based on the amount of the same response

Group Stan - (1) EX0.L, (2) Non-EX0.L and (3) Not Stated
Bias - (1), (2) Kyung.soo, (3) & Kyung.soo and (4) Others

The unit used in the result is counted as per response [x/99].

1st Category: Group Stan

I think the highlight of this result is the Non EX0.L. Altho it’s not many of them but I find it interesting that Non EX0.L take an interest in kd. These were some responses from the Non EX0.L.

º im not ex0.l anymore and if it weren’t for kd i wouldn’t be here (in the fandom)
º just kai.soo-l. im not into kpop or ex.o anymore… i just exist here now just for kai.soo. tho i still go to ex.o concerts but just to see kai.soo.
º I’m not a EX.O fan but I believe Kai.soo are dating 
º not really an ex0.l i literally only went to ex0.rdium to see them both c: 
º …I’m a bt.s stan irl 
º Im an but i’ve been shipping kai.soo almost since the beginning :) they are The only ship that I actually believe is real

The ‘Not Stated’ subcategory is self-explanatory. I believe it doesn’t affect the result that much.

2nd Category: Bias

Ks bias and ji & ks bias share the 1st spot on the chart with a total of 33 responses, respectively. I find it quite shocking. I expected that there would be more of ks bias since I’ve only heard many kd shippers are ks bias.

It is expected from my pov that there aren’t many kd shippers that biased ji, which I also find it interesting. Perhaps this has anything to do with his popularity among ifandom? Or they are more of them that ship other otp like se.kai etc? Mybe his past dating scandal affected stans in some way? //shrug.

The least frequent answers fell under ‘Others’; consisted of those who doesn’t bias ji and ks, bias all ex0 and not stated specifically.


As per stated in the title, the result represent kai.soo shippers and supporters. This is not a proper survey since the data are varied and I’ve only managed to extract few points when they could have been more. So take this survey as it is~ Anyway, it was a fun mini survey and I also had fun analyzing the data! Click ‘Keep reading’ to check out all of the responses.

That’s all for now. Thank you and have a nice day :)

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jason todd’s post-crisis origins, a summary, pt 2, i read comics so you don’t have to: THE ENDING (pt 1 here)

batman #409

bruce: i just can’t keep my mind off that weird opossum wearing clothes i ran into tonight

bruce: i mean how did an opossum 1) find an appropriately sized leather vest and 2) learn to steal tires?? we just don’t know

bruce: well, time 2 do some stealth detective work

bruce: *walks into free health clinic in crime alley* hi im brucie wayne can u give me all the info u have on catherine todd??

secretary: she died bro :( here’s all her info, btw do u know what HIPAA is? bcs i clearly don’t

bruce: *walks into police headquarters* hi im batman can u give me all the info u have on catherine todd??

commissioner: her husband is willis todd. he died bro :( double-crossed two face

bruce: lol a pun

commissioner: oh shit lol

commissioner: anyway why are u so obsessed with the todds?? creep

bruce: “let’s just say i have an interest in a young man” REAL QUOTE

~~~~on the other side of town~~~~

ma gunn: children please gather round, we have a new student. KILL HIM

jason: what the fuCK ??? i just got here, i thought grammas are supposed to be nice and bake cookies n shit what t hell??

ma gunn: hm it’s been less than half a page of fighting and he’s still not dead, so i guess we’ll keep him :) what a nice gift from mr batman

ma gunn: *lights up*

ma gunn: today lesson is GUNS. guns is good. use guns to shoot people

class: k

ma gunn: drink alcohol it’s really good for u and what my dead sons loved to abuse lol :))

class: k

jason: this lady is batty (o shit a pun), i’m outtie *runs away*

bruce: well it is time for patrol, i guess that opossum was right abt people hiding until today to do crime. oh hey look over there, some rich college kids tryna buy weed lol


bruce: seriously tho “keep ur noses clean and ur butts out of crime alley” REAL QUOTE

bruce: well as fun as beating up nerds is it’s time to head home– O FUCK a civilian needs my help

civillian: help

bruce: did someone stole ur tires?? THAT FUCKIN OPOSSUM doesn’t it know any other tricks jfc

jason: *listening 2 punk records n reading a book in his shit apartment*

bruce: hey

jason: hey

jason: wait what the fuck WHY R YOU IN MY APARTMENT AGAIN stop its weird :/

bruce: U DIDNT KEEP UR END OF THE BARGAIN!!!!!!! *lots of dramatic pointing*

jason: like hell i didnt!

bruce: omg how DARE u use that DISGUSTING FOUL LANGUAGE around me watch ur fucking MOUTH like how dare u SWEAR at me like that u little shit

jason: sorry i mean, like heck. like heck i didn’t.

bruce: ok well wth happened then? y arent u in school rn??

jason: dude that was a fuckin scam school where they teach kids how to do crime (and they didnt even have cookies)

bruce: i dont believe u and i am 500% more committed to taking the word of this scary looking gramma than u

jason: ok well fuck u then. i don’t wanna learn to be no crook. i just boost what it takes to survive.


jason: idc if u don’t believe me. not ALL adults are saints, u know.


jason: tbh i overheard their plans, theyre gonna steal shit from the museum tonight

bruce: lol ya right u ridiculous marsupial, i’m leaving BYE

bruce: *5 seconds later* i better check the museum 2 make sure that nobody–  O SHIT HE DIDNT LIED

ma gunn: lol hi batman im just here to steal these huge fake gems (?????????? why tho) and kill u 

batman: no

bruce: *punches every one EXCEPT!!!! one student who sneaks behind him and is abt to drop a huge fake diamond on top of him–*

jason: BATMAN LOOK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jason: *knocks kid out while making puns bcs its a requirement and otherwise he won’t get adopted*

bruce: nvm NVM i’m ok. thanks for the rescue small nocturnal friend, btw why r u here??

jason: i had to make sure someone stopped them :/// u were being a prick i wasnt sure if u’d show

bruce: get in my car

jason: the fuck

bruce: don’t be a little shit

jason: even tho im a streetwise kid and should know better than 2 accept rides from strange adult men, ok.

bruce: *points to jason* luv that robin

jason: robin????? :o

jason: …hell yeah heLL YEAH damN RIGHT FUCKIGN RIGHt

bruce and jason: *drive into sunset sunrise together*

so i thought this would be fun to do !! i do this on my youtube, so why not do it here ?? it’s an awesome way to share with you guys what i’ve been really digging this month + you guys know i’m all about sharing and ~exposing~ other peoples posts (aka. i reblog a shit ton). it won’t be a long list, but hey ! who carez (not me). lets jump into it !!


  • @grimcookies auli’i hair; this is my favourite hair to use…….and i’m definitely going to over use it, but idc because it’s so gorgeous and simple and i !!!! just love it sm thanks 4 making it brother
  • @crazycupcakefr mary dress; this dress is so feminine yet not too feminine, if you get what i mean ? it uses that amazing top from the bowling night stuff pack and it just works so well !! i love it


  • @cupidjuice i love love LOVE her gameplay, especially with the gloom family. the pictures are so pleasing to look at- her edits are really pretty i guess ?? idk i just love looking at them 
  • @eefahsims i love the way she edits her gameplay pics- again, they are so pretty !! and i’ve definitely drawn inspiration from her when it’s come to editing my own pictures. 
  • @sycsh i adore the ‘bloody legacy’ they’re doing- it’s edited and portrayed amazingly and i get so so so excited when i see it come up on my dash. (plus mads is adorable !!!!!!!!)
  • @surprisepeach pretty sure he already knows this, but i am a hoe for his edits like SHIT FAM !!! they r just so GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank u for blessing my dashboard with them
  • @sportingsims their alderson legacy is rad- it is soooo dramatic (and a little controversial, but hey ?? who cares ?? not me !). i’m a little behind in it, but it’s fun 2 go back and catch up on it. i !!! love !! drama !! (in a story, fyi.)
  • @wrenpity adore her edits !! probably one of the only non-gameplay blogs i really enjoy following. + the speed edits are so much fun (and kind of relaxing ?) to watch !!
  • @noonicorn her story ‘desolate’ is amazing !! if you’ve been here a while, you know i love anything post-apocalyptic so !! i love !!!


  • my new theme !! i wanted something different 2 what other simblrs have, and i feel like this really suits my personality and the aesthetic i strive for here at desertbloom dot tumblr dot com. 
  • @grimcookies​ for helping me w/ stuff and thingzz (like picking a new theme lol)
  • potentially the new parenthood game pack ?? maybe i should wait until next month 2 really decide that

so thats all for this month !! hope u guys liked this ?? idk but i’ll do it again bc it was fun lol 

[also- if i got anyones pronouns wrong, let me know !! i checked all the blogs 2 make sure] 

SHRIXIE Concepts™

The babes @beatrix-franklin & @nurse-franklin and I were talking about ctm earlier (I know like of course) but specifically about the Shelagh-Trixie friendship we deserve **which Jenni officially named Shrixie so we’ve adopted it** and about scenarios we’d kill to have happen & I was told to post them on Tumblr so here goes nothing..

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octoplus  asked:

HEY, i trust you, you got any fic recs/fic rec posts?? because im in some need of good fics. any ship. it can be a crack fic idc. help me.

Okedoke here is my fic tag where I reblog any writing that catches my fancy. There will be myriad of ships, but the majority of them will be Klance. Go off.

Now then, under the cut will be some AO3 fics I’ve read that I really loved and don’t think are on tumblr. Or that I haven’t seen any posts about at the least. The list is by no means complete, I worked on this for like an hour and then decided ‘nah.’ I’ll update it as time goes on, prolly. Maybe I’ll make a page on my blog??

… This is all mostly Klance fics. I’m sorry. I also got really tired and eventually just started posting links with no commentary, my b, I’ll prolly go back one day and make everything nicer.

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anonymous asked:

aye jade i saw someone else do this so now you must also suffer :) ship your mutuals with an idol and ship them ;) - jhoe anon

i love this ask so much tysm jhoe anon ily alkhwlahf this is so cute?? still don’t talk to many people so i’ll just stick with the same people from last time lol (with one added because i just had to)

this got really long lol (probably because i wasn’t rushed this time)

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anonymous asked:

Tell us one of your best hook up stories. Give as much detail please.

I’ve been having a hard crush with this straight guy from my high school spanish class, he was more of a jock, football player! we were kinda cool in class i guess he would always copy my homework since he just talked and talked during that class and well i felt the need to ask for his ig and i did, this was like 3 years ago and i flirted with him a lil but he would get upset and stop replying and later on he posted his snapchat on instagram so i followed him and he did too. i really do love his smile and his amazing masculine voice and well i flirted lil by lil and he would laugh and just continue conversation or sometimes he would be like “aww thays cute” with a heart emoji then one night i told him how i bet he gets all the bitches and everyone wants to ride his big dick and he was complimented and agreed he did and i told him straight up i wish i was a chick to suck his dick and he laughed it out and put a winky face and i kept complimenting how big his dick must be and how he can fuck any girl he wants and he just sent a pic of his hard dick with a purple devil emoji i was tripping out from here and i continue tryna suck his dick asking for more but he keeps saying no, here and there i get to see his pubes or dick, rarely actually and i always tried t convince him to let me suck it but he said never! i told him ill buy drinks get a room and even buy him bud, he said dam idk ill think about it, we never did shit! and dead honest like three days ago i asked him again he said “nah im busy ttyl” im like cmon man ill do anything and he just said no and i offered him 50 bucks :c i know i shouldnt have offered money but he is so hot and i always wanted him, so he said ill try it and i was like fuck! i got ready and we met him and we just went to the back seat, he told me to bring a condom cuz i gotta earn myself to no condom dick sucking, so when i got in the car i asked him if he had the condom he said no cux he thoughti would bring it and i said no so he got a lil upset, i just told him im still down idc i just wanna suck your dick, he said “idk man i guess we can try it” and i just pull his shorts down and started sucking as it got hard i grabbed his hand and slapped my cheek and he didnt take the hint so i grabbed it again and slapped my face harder so he said “ you like that shit huh” i said “yes sir” he got a lil harder and grabbed my head and forced me deep and said “ you like that huh fucking fag” and i said “yes sir” so i sucked his dick more sloppy and he said “fuck why didnt your faggot ass tell daddy you suck dick this good” and i kept going at it enjoying every dam second, “swallow dont spit faggot” he said, “yes master” i replied and he choked my throat harshly and i kept going and he slapped me harder it honestly hurt lol but he is fucking straight! idgaf he can hit me and ill still be sucking it! and as i continue sucking it he said “you suck dick better than my other bitches” and im not kidding you when i tell you this ! and i had enough! and just told him can you just please fuck me! he said no cuz you didnt bring a condom and i laughed and said im sorry i have a condom in my wallet i just really wanted to taste your dick and he laughed but got a lil mad and said thats fucked up and i said im sorry i just really didnt gave 50 to taste rubber so i asked again can you please fuck me and he said nope! maybe next time and i kept repeating and he kept saying no. and i just kept sucking his dick and he said lick my balls and i did and tried to sneak my tounge under his balls to try and taste his hairy hole and he said imma cum and literally grabbed my head and forced it in his dick and said “this is what you wanted fag so swallow and dont spit” and i swallowed his warm and heaven tasting cum and i just said thank you sir and he slapped me and said “stfu fag” then we went to the front seat and i asked again about fuckinh and he said maybe wednesday he might be down i just need to get the room and bring lube and cndoms he said and i really wanna do it so fucking bad ! but yes thats my best story! with my straight crush from high school who im sure will block me soon for sucking his dick lmao

alecsexual  asked:

Friendly reminder that you're awesome and such an adorable cutie! ;;u;; Also, Baekyeol/Kaisoo are my OTPs to the max. I'd love to be your friend /shies away/ unless you don't want to be friends with me, haha. It's all cool! Also, just wondering if you have AFF?? Or do you post fics?? Any hella good recommendations? (I'm sorry pls ignore me you must have a billion asks already oopS) ;;; (p.s. I love your blog and the level-headedness of your replies!)

BaekYeol/KaiSoo fic Recommendations

(Read my reply to your message below the fanfic recs! :D) Before I start recommending stuff I’m going to answer you first with a no. No, I do not post fanfics lol. I want to, but after I write a chapter or two I lose all motivation to write any more. So basically, writing fanfics isn’t my forte lol.

Okay, so since you’re a BaekYeol/KaiSoo shipper, I’m guessing you already know the classics. In case you missed some, I’m just going to list them down again (since all the classics are breathtaking) ^^

[Legend: +Chaptered; -One-shot; ^Two/Three-Shot]

BaekYeol/KaiSoo classics:

The links I provided for “Anterograde Tomorrow” and “Absolute Chanyeol” is not where it’s originally posted. The original links of those stories are not accessible as of now, so the links I provided are where you can read them ^^ (i hope I won’t get sued for this or sumthing lol) and to read fics by: “jumpthisship”, you need to create a livejournal acc and join her community (she accepts anyone so don’t be lazy!) :D

Oh and, if I forgot any other classics, don’t hesitate to tell me. My mind got a little rusty since I accidentally deleted everything I wrote to answer this ask T__T

Since the fics I listed above are classics, I’m not going to give my opinions abt them. Instead, I’m just going to go on and list my personal favorites. So I’m sorry if some of these might not be of your liking, since they are my faves after all lol. But imo, the fics I’m going to be listing down are all worth the read, so here I go~

Personal Favorites <3 (From lowest to highest. Meaning, the last fic in this list is the best for me)

-CEO SOO IS DA BOMB. Lel, I mean…the Kyungsoo who fans cal “Satansoo” is def CEO DO in this fic xD I love how he’s all strict and all here even though he’s squishy af xD And I also love the slightly stupid Jongin here lel, but I just love tsundere Kyungsoo here xD Oh but beware, there’s also melodrama in here so it’s not just all giggles and that.

-This is just me, and my love for well-written smut. I hate reading smuts that seem…forced or unreal, or just anything cringe worthy actually (how the hell am I one to talk I’m young af). But anyways! Haha, policeman Yeol is hot af so…hehe if you’re searching for smut then read this xD

-THIS IS SO FLUFFY!!!! GAHH BAEK IS SO FCKING CUTE. KYUNGSOO, JONGIN AND CHANYEOL IS SO FCKING FUNNY AND EVERYTHING’S JUST FCKIN’. Loljk no. But really, this fic is extremely fluffy and heart fluttering <3 hihi it’s just squeal and giggle worthy bc Baek is so demn cute. Ugh, there’s no reason to not read this! >u<

-This fic has one of the simplest plots ever. But what can I say, simplicity is beauty. Such a simple story being told in expressive words and sentences, and the way Jongin and Kyungsoo’s relationship progress is just…wow. A very good read :)

-Again this is just me, and my love for well-written smuts hahaha. This fic has made me go whoo~ in more times than I could remember. But maybe it’s just bc I have a thing for dominance and submissiveness in smuts? Idk shame me now hahaha. Again, if you’re in search of good smut fics, read this XD

-I just read this actually hahaha. And I found it funny bc I can seriously imagine Baekhyun and Chanyeol acting like this. And then Jongin, Kyungsoo and the rest are just there getting completely annoyed bc of them. Just…very funny hahaha, read it for laughs, come on. Lift up your mood! ^o^

-This is long, so after reading it…It’s a damn rollercoaster of emotions. You’d feel all giggly, then you’d feel sad, then you’d feel giggly, then you’d feel all hot, then you’d feel all frustrated af. For a ride of different feels, read this fic! 

-Well, it’s….love. wtf? No, I mean…you’ll feel what the characters are going through. Like, you’ll get immersed into their world. Another ride of feels with a dramatic start and a splendid finish. A very good read :)

-This gives an outlook on life. Well maybe it’s bc it’s based on a vid, but still. This fic was as great as the vid it was based on. This fic is going to teach you to not judge anything by basing solely on it’s outer appearance and what other people claim to “know” about it. This is a great read not just for it’s feels, but for it’s moral lesson :)

-Lol, this is me and my love for well-written smut. I mean, who wouldn’t love to see tsundere Baek getting pwned and…well, you know what I mean haha. This is cute in it’s own way too!! (for me at least) And it has a sequel *Q* But I’m not going to post the link bc there’s only like…only 2 chapters and it’s still ongoing. And I wouldn’t wanna leave you guys hanging (although I’m pretty sure you’re going to be reading the sequel anyways).

-This is awesome and awesome and awesome!!! GAHH, it’s literally a “Daily Lives of Highschool Boys” (this is an anime series which can kill you with laughter btw) minus the crack and with the characters falling in love with each other <3 This is super cute and adorbs! And it can also happen in the daily lives of some people so it’s very fun to read ^^

-mpreg! Okay, I’m still young and I know I shouldn’t be having good thoughts abt teen pregnancy, but I can’t help but find Kyungsoo’s pregnancy here as a cute thing. I’ve no plans for being a party goer (my parents would kill me first anyways lol) and I don’t want to be pregnant at such a young age…but I think. That teen moms are people who should be given an award. Not because they got knocked up at such a young age, but bc they chose to give life to somebody. They’re waay better than those teens who you think are good girls, but then you’re gonna find out sooner or later that they had an abortion, just bc they can’t face the responsibilities and consequences of their actions. This is another fic woth a good moral lesson. From the same author too, jjokkomi seems to be awesome at this genre xD

-THIS IS SO CUTE AND CUTE AND ADORABLE. To the highest level!!! Crazy Kyungsoo is the cutest evurr!! OMG!! KYAAAAHHHH!!! I’m sorry, it’s just that I squealed too much for my own good while reading this fic. Hahaha, kei-senpai (I’m feeling giggly by addressing her that >u<) is amazeballs in fluff! <3

-This is a little heartbreaking honestly. But overall it was beautiful <3 You’re going to fall in love with Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s relationship here, it’s just sooo…/sighs dreamily/. I swear kei-senpai takes my breath away with almost every fic she wrote.

-$w4g93r Baek in the house yo! HAHAHA! Baek was so epic in this fic! This fcker is so funny and cute and just…hahaha fic. I swear, kei-senpai is too good at writing fanfics that it’s becoming scary. Lol whoo this is the 3rd of my favorites!! SO THIS IS A MUST READ ALREADY. Now on to the 2nd~

-Bc as you can see, I’m not that fond of angst. I have a weak heart I guess. I don’t cry that easily but once a fic has struck my heart, I get emotionally unstable for some days lol. SO HENCE, I LOVE THIS HILARIOUS AF FIC. This has got me rolling on my bed and holding my stomach bc of too much laughter xD Otaku KrisHo, awkward KaiSoo and just..HAHAHA THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST CRACK FICS EVER, SO JUST GO AND READ IT. IDC IF YOU’RE IN A BAD MOOD OR NOT, THIS WILL DEF MAKE YOUR MOOD A HUNDRED TIMES BETTER XD. Oh and, kaspian writes sooo many amazing KaiSoo fics. If you’re KaiSoo deprived then just go “here” then indulge yoursleves ^^ (almost everything’s rated so…read at your own risk? lol)

Aaaand the top 1 is….

  1. +“Not Intended” -EXObubz [BaekYeol; romance, comedy]

-BECAUSE FARA (EXObubz) IS ABSOLUTELY LEGENDARY. NI Baek is my favorite Baek amongst all the fanfics I have ever read. Baekhyun’s personality in this fic is just so…LOL. Literally, LOL. He’s funny af, but there are also lots of other qualities abt him that you’re bound to love <3  And his relationship with Chanyeol in this book? OH GAWD WOW, it’s so cute and funny but just…READ IT NOW OMG. IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THIS THEN YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON LIFE. LOL. READ IT. OKAY? OKAY. And also the other characters in this fic is funny. Just everyone in this fic is hahaha. But what’s amazing is that you can still distinguish one character from the other based on their personalities, despite all of them being funny. So I guess the characters are different kinds of funny? Haha, maybe Kyungsoo is occasionally funny, Sehun is unintentionally funny, Kris is annoyingly funny, just read this and fall in love. Not just with the story, but also with it’s characters :”)

So that was my fanfic recs! Now on to my reply to your tearjerking wonderful message <3


I actually didn’t know how to respond to your message because…wow. I’m staring at my screen while thinking…whut? someone thinks I’m an adorable cutie? wtf? U for real?

Okay I’m sorry it’s just because…I’ve never read such flattering words in my life so I didn’t know how to properly react so hahaha sorry for my crappy reply. Just…THANK YOU SO MUCH OKAY? KNOW THAT I AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL TO YOU BC OF YOUR KIND WORDS TT___TT

You’re ultimate OTP is BaekYeol/KaiSoo too? YESSSS!! OMG c’mere and let me hug you! (/TwT)/ /sends virtual hug/

Dafuq do you mean I might not want to be your friend? I’d be damned if I ever though of not befriending such a sweetheart like you ; A ; So yes, we’re friends now darling, go ahead and ask me all you want, I will never mind. I love answering questions <3 You actually read my answers? AND YOU EVEN THINK I’M LEVEL HEADED. well I’m not okay, I’m literally flailing around rn GAWD THANK YOU SO MUCH OMG YOU DON’T KNOW HOW HAPPY YOU MADE ME TTwTT

PS. Sorry if this was a little delayed, like I mentioned, I accidentally deleted everything I wrote so…just imagine the pain of having to rewrite everything above. Gahh, and there’s school too. So sorry darling, my answer also became a full-blown fanfic rec post.. I hope you’re fine with that XD

anonymous asked:

tbh I think everyone is on edge about people who are against shaladin in general due to the rather notorious actions of "antis" who have bullied other fans for their ships in the past, including Kallura, and have garnered something of a rep for making incredibly rude posts about other fans and shippers. I'm afraid this is leading to a rather ironic practice of avoiding blogs that claim to be anti anything as a way to avoid being jumped by negative content on their dash.

Course it doesnt seem like you post any kind really rude or condescending anti-shaladin content or even really bring that viewpoint up a lot without being prompted. So tbh it’s a bit unfair for people to judge your blog based solely on that fact. But I’ve asked a few friends of mine who, unfortunately, follow this role and it seems that they’ve followed blogs in the past that seemed pretty alright only to be blasted with a lot of negative content down the line so they started to avoid with any kind of non-shaladin leanings out of fear of having a repeated process. I know that none of this is a great excuse for why some folks take issue with your stance, but I feel a need to give my own explanation of the phenomenon in the hopes that it’ll make it easier for you to interact with the Kallura community here. Having a ton of self-proclaimed antis harass Kallura fans over the ship has kinda soured the community on that point. And I’m sorry about that.

hey so it’s mod jia

and i can only speak for myself right now, not max or anyone else but like

look, i can totally understand being sick of most antis and their bullshit. most of them truly do not think critically about what they’re saying half the time, or even why they hate something or some person. they’re just keeping loyal to the hivemind and it’s awful and hurtful and ridiculous. and being hated by several ‘antis’ myself for speaking up about racism, i totally get why someone might hesitate to associate w them at all.

that being said, if you look beyond fandom and its rhetoric and cliques … what it boils down to is: do you condone pairing adults romantically with minors or not? and if not, then do you care that your fanworks could be used to groom minors or could be very painful for abuse survivors (who have every right to be here just as much as you me or anyone else) to see ??? because for me the answers are no and then yes. no i don’t condone that harmful shit. and yes i care about the fact that my fanworks have the power to influence others.

so it’s like, idgaf if 90% of all antis are vitriolic hypocrites and emotionally abusive geeks (i mean really though. they’re so awful to each other !! how do they even enjoy anything !! they never cut anyone a break, always tattling on their own friends for ‘whitewashing’ or rbing content from ‘bad sources’ and creating anti blogs to say what they’re not comfortable saying on their main blogs, and just !! generally never being upfront about anything !!! it’s ridiculous !!! at least imo !!) i STILL hate shiro x paladin content ??? that doesn’t change ??? it still grosses me out and tbh it really sets me off like ??? i absolutely despise it ??? so i have difficulty understanding what that fact has anything to do with this 'anti vs ships’ bs

like antis can for sure be fake asshats, but what i’ll never understand is why on the 'other side’ shippers are nothing but spiteful tbh. like again, i’m only speaking for me myself here, but despite adoring kallura i don’t think i even want to be part of the kallura community tbh /: like, so many shippers seem to only ship pairings like this one to slight antis, not enjoy it themselves. rarely do i see shippers pay much attention to kallura’s chemistry or their similarities or anything!!!

i’m SICK of fandom culture and this 'antis vs shippers’ bs !!! it’s DUMB idc

and you know what

if people are more triggered by 'hate’ than they are pedophilic or abusive content then ??? i don’t want them accepting of me anyway ??? and if someone is so bound to their 'anti’ lifestyle that they don’t even care about what’s actually right or wrong anymore it’s like ??? go ahead and hate me see if i give a fuck lmao

i dunno. listen, thanks for the heads up and my b for using this ask as an excuse to vent !! i’ve already seen all the vagues lol and i know that’s why i’m personally distrusted by the kallura community. dw, i don’t take it personally at all.

but even with kallura i feel like shipping is a matter of critical thinking as is everything else. like, i wouldn’t ship kallura if i thought there was something harmful about it. my whole stance is that there isn’t. and i don’t think that has anything to do with letting people ship what they want no matter what (like no one can stop you ??? so i dunno why the hate bothers ppl ??? can’t you just block people and blacklist it the way you tell antis to blacklist what bothers them ???) it’s just that … kallura is not a bad ship lol

that’s all i’m tryin to say

(i just don’t understand this fandom :/)

- mod jia

!!Pay me to draw you something $NAME YOUR PRICE $15+$ - desperately need money for rent


hi friends. idk how to start off posts like this, so i’m gonna try and jump right into it. 

So a couple of months ago I made a post about moving out of my mother’s house and that fucked up situation and coming here to where i live now, and how stressful it’s been trying to make the money work. this is the post in question btw In that post I mentioned how I was now living in a room paying $200 a month or $50 a week and how it was hard to save money as soon as i moved in. Well it got.. harder.. I really don’t know why so many things had to happen this month, but I am buried rn. 

Currently I owe $100 in November’s rent and now another $200 for this month that JUST started. I was really hoping my paycheck would be at least $100 this week but it’s just barely even close at a whopping $72 rounded up

Honestly Idk what to do. on average I make around…$30-$70 a paycheck, depending on how many shifts I pick up that are hourly pay (I work busing and kitchen jobs at the restaurant I’m employed at) I really thought with the doubles I was doing I was going to make more than what I did. and I technically did make what I thought it would be, but again after taxes I’m left with crap. I make tips too, but because I have literally $0 on me at all times, it’s immediately spent on food. It’s either that or I’m scraping up loose change and buying things with that.

I’m so sorry to be making this post but it’s really really bad. I technically owe $300 rn, not including all the fucking cellphone bills I haven’t been paying that THANKFULLY my uncle is helping me out with right now. It’s just so fucking bad. I can hardly afford food for my cat or myself most days and I’m not trying to turn this into a huge pity party post but I really seriously need help. 

My bank account is linked to my paypal and not even that has a cent in it. 


If anyone can be as so kind as to like help me out here that would really rock

 I need to make at least $130 dollars to pay off at least this month alone and I can worry about the other $100 I owe in due time. 

I don’t have to worry about food for the time being cuz i stocked up on bread and mac and cheese, but yeah.

So how this’ll work is, name your price with a minimum of $15 and I’ll draw you something like this:

If you’re interested please contact me asap through fanmail or askbox 

I’ll be doing full body or whatever interests you, full color like the colored examples above no extra charge on color, no extra charge on extra characters, but I can’t promise backgrounds cuz i suck at them gomen

I literally need anything I can get, donations, commissions, gratuity, a box of money mailed to me, anything.

I really do not want to get kicked out of this place it is literally the only place I have left

and if you cant commission me, you don’t want to or whatever, please just like.. throw this post around or something. 


will draw: 


NSFW is ok with 18+ characters involved.

Please provide refs if necessary for OCs, that can be previous commissions you’ve paid for, or art you’ve drawn yourself, or a very in-depth written description with faceclaims and all that, I want your OC to look like your OC! <3

paypal only pls 

my paypal is: 

 [with my legal name presented so don’t be alarmed if you’re like who tf is this]

you’re allowed to do whatever the fuck you want with the thing i draw you, print it, burn it, sell it to google, idc I just need to make rent.

And lastly, I’d like to livestream the commissions as I knock them out, cuz that shit keeps me productive and on task. Thank you so much for reading and stuff I’m sorry for bothering y’all 

anonymous asked:

I just don't understand how you can (rightly) call out panels like that, but still justify everything about Grayson. I don't get it. Dick has been brought down so much from the amazing character he was before, it's insulting to him and fans. Not to mention the gross and constant sexualization of his character while belittling all his other skills.

answer below the cut. sorry, this become such a long, long answer probably bc I’ve been avoiding this discussion on fydg but I can’t avoid it forever so here we go, everything spilling out in a mess of emojis and feelings and bad unedited grammar 

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Play Fighting Leads To...

Prompt: hi, your an amazing fiction writer and i had a prompt for you. It with Demom!Dean or regualr dean idc and the reader and him are play wrestling and he (by accident) body slams her and she can’t breathe. He freaks out and gives her mouth to mouth. But she passes out and has a wet dream so when she comes to her and dean get pretty smutty.

Rating: Mature/Explicit
Pairing: Demon!Dean/Reader
Word Count: 900 or more (I’m not sure, my word counter is acting weird)
Warnings: umm… sense of danger, rough sex, play frighting… not sure what else.
Author’s Note: I love writing demon!dean it’s so fun lol!:) Hope you enjoy the fic anon and sorry for the wait!

Next fic to be posted will be a Lucifer/Reader fic so watch out for that!:D

Run, you had to run faster to get away from him, there weren’t enough rooms in this hall to hide from him in, you turned the corner looking behind yourself to see if you spotted him but the hall was empty. Your eyebrows furrowed slightly, you had thought he was right behind you but obviously you were wrong about that, you hurried down the hall and around another corner, you bumped into him hard and fell to the ground laughing as you looked up at him, his eyes a pit less black before they turned back to the green you were used to.

“That really isn’t fair, you can’t use your new found demon powers like that.” Dean smirks and straddles your hips, leaning over you with his hands on either side of your head.

“You should know that demons don’t play fair.” He responds in a rough voice that makes you hot but you don’t let it distract you instead you quickly wrap your arms around him, buck up and try to flip the two of you with him on his back. You try but you don’t exactly succeed, he gets himself out of your grip having you on your back again before he lifts you up and you’re suddenly in the library.

Both of you try to get the upper hand until you finally tire out and let him slam you onto the table, Dean wasn’t always so rough with you but sometimes he forgot his own strength, forgot that he was now 100 times more stronger than he used to be and when he slammed you down on the table the air was knocked out of you…literally. You began to panic, you couldn’t breath, you tried to inhale but nothing, everything was happening quickly, black dots spotted your vision and you could barely see Dean’s face before you passed out.

“Dean, Dean you here?!” You called out into the bunker looking around for him but not finding him in the obviously places.

“I’m right here.” He growls and his arms circle you quickly bringing you close to him, he kisses your neck all the way down to your shoulder, one of his hands slides slower to cup your jean clad sex while the other goes higher and gropes your breast over your shirt, you gasp.

“What has gotten into you?”

“Nothing but I want something to get into you.” He responds and you can’t help but laugh.

“That was corny, Dean.”

“Yeah, it was…but you like it.” He turns you around to face him and his lips smash into yours. A moan slips out of you before you’re pushed down on the bed.

When did that get there, you could have sworn you were in the library, weren’t you? But then again Dean was a demon so…

With only a snap of his fingers your clothes disappeared from your body as did his, he looked down at your naked body before staring back into your eyes with a smirk, eyes turning pitch black before assaulting you with kisses and light bites making you groan and grow even more wet. He got to your sex, spreading your legs more and just as he got closer you felt a sudden jolt and quickly sat up.

You awoke from your dream, panting, looking around the room and down at yourself realizing you were fully clothed and insanely turned on, you could feel the throbbing of your pussy and Dean was nowhere in sight.

“Damn it, Dean!” You called out, all the while getting up and beginning to strip, he appeared in the room exactly when the last piece of clothing fell from your body, his eyes showing surprise but once you saw him you jumped on him. Arms and legs wrapping around him, your lips crashing into his and only a few words needed to be mumbled.

“Fuck me, Dean.”

“Yes, Ma'am.” He smiled and without questioned had you pinned between him and the wall, his clothes seeming to disintegrate from his body, his cock growing hard in just seconds and that first push into you felt amazing, you walls quivered around him as he grunted at feeling how wet you were. His thrusts started slow and rough, his whole length fitting snugly in you but he began to pick up the pace and soon was pounding into you so hard you knew you would have difficulties walking afterward.

Your back hit and rubbed against the wall, your nails bit into his flesh as you were climbing that ladder to your end, you called out with each thrust as his pelvis just slightly hit your clit until you were thrown into your climax, your vision going pure white and you could have sworn you reached heaven. Dean continued to ride you through yours until he reached his, growling into your neck as he coated your walls with his seed, you came back down from your ultimate high just in time to see Dean’s eyes change from black to the green you were so accustomed to. He held onto you tightly as your breathing went from labored to a regular pace, you let your head tilt back to lean against the wall and your hand absent mindlessly ran through his hair.

“What got you so worked up?” He questioned and you could only smile taking a moment before answering.