lol i've never done one of these before

some wlw books i read this year

There are actually some pretty decent lists online of LGBT fiction and those lists are what clued me in to a lot of these (along with those Amazon recommendations that are always popping up after you buy something). These are listed in the order I read them. I’ve included links to Goodreads, which will have better summaries than I could come up with.The ones I liked especially I highlighted. Obviously my opinions are my own but hopefully you’ll find at least one or two you enjoy.


baekhyun has no selfies that go with my bisexual filter but nonetheless we’re still a couple of bi goths 💗💜💙

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hey hey!! i wanted to thank y’all for 2,500 followers because that is WILD and i love you guys. since i’ve never celebrated a milestone before, i figured why not do some blog rates

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  • snz kink - preferred (mess, inducing w/e you want)
  • whump
  • blood
  • soft nudity (nothing below the belt lol)

Won’t draw ✖︎

  • mecha
  • underage (18+ pls)
  • super duper crazy muscles
  • furry/anthro (features are fine like eg. cat ears, tail)
  • gore
  • some fetishes (ddlg, noncon, vore, basically anything dealing with bodily fluids that isn’t snzmess lol) I’m sorry!

*I may add/remove things,
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  • With your permission, I may post your commission to my tumblr (perfectly fine if you don’t want me to, you paid for it after all, just let me know)

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anonymous asked:

You know I was just minding my own business when the dark vs anti vid came out and now I have to fic. Like I was gonna work on something else today but the fuckers are just like nope you have to play with us now. I've never done anything with anti before so its just great. I'm excited and inspired but seriously? I try and move on for one day lol.

that’s awesome, dude! if you’ve got motivation and inspiration for writing fics, then go for it! write away! feel free to tag me in it once you’re done, if you’d like!

Reading under a willow tree…

phew, this took rather long, but I’m done! I actually wanted to do this one for yesterday, but it took too long. So I made that doodle of Toshinori searching for the book he’s reading here!


Um. I did a thing!! Actually, my entire family did a thing!!! If you have followed me for a significant amount of time you know that I have done all my workouts at home for my entire weight loss/maintain journey. THE WHOLE THING! I’ve toyed with the idea of going to an actual gym for a little while now but because we live so far from one I decided against it. However, my oldest is a bit of a tennis freak and his coach would like him to practice throughout the winter, especially since he broke his ankle. We live in the PNW so outside tennis isn’t going to happen. This past weekend we stopped into a gym that we knew offered tennis and racquet/pickle ball sports accommodations. We just so happened to stop in TWO days before their “no initiation fees” promo was over. (Saving monies speaks to my hubby’s heart, lol) We signed the paperwork and left with a membership for the entire family!!!!

Today I am *deep breaths* joining in on a Circuit Training class. I. Am. Nervous. It’s one thing to study movements, lifting techniques, and doing workouts at home but it is quite another to participate in a class setting!!!! Wish me luck!! I hope I don’t do something super embarrassing, but the likelihood is high, let’s be honest. Hopefully tomorrow morning I’ll be like ol’ Obi-Wan Kenobi up there :)

Been a slow year for me, especially art-wise. I noticed I did mostly studies this year, most of which I didn’t bother including and almost half of the ones in this are wips. However, I was glad to have had at least one piece to post per month : 3 on to 2017!! Happy New Year everyone!!!

starlinghawke  asked:

Headcanon request~ how about how the gang (up to you if you wanna do V and Saeran) reacts to MC being a complete prankster- worse than Seven? :)

Thanks for requesting this!! I had fun answering it~

Jaehee can hardly believe someone who’s more of a prankster than 707 could even be possible, but here you are. After being the subject of your love for practical jokes three different times within two days of knowing you, she’s started reviewing your past conversations in her spare time trying to make a list of your tells so she can prevent herself from falling for your pranks. It… doesn’t really work, though. Jaehee’s decidedly not much of a fan of pranks so she tends to avoid you and Seven a little at first, but your support for her and her passions and the fact she can fangirl with you about Zen (well, after she figures out you’re not just making fun of her) endears her to you anyway. When she meets you in person and sees the glint in your eyes and your happy smile, she knows for sure that you don’t pull pranks to be mean. You’re light-hearted and good-natured, and even if she doesn’t really understand what you find funny about your own jokes, she appreciates that it’s part of how you express yourself. 

Jumin finds the pranks pretty funny, if he’s totally honest. It’s always amusing to him when people tease Zen, but likely the most entertaining part of this is seeing Seven’s shocked reactions to falling for your pranks. He tends to join in by just going along with whatever it is you’re saying and “offering” his money or other resources as backup to your claims, and it secretly bothers him a bit that people find it funny when you do it and annoying when it’s him but he doesn’t mind too much. When he’s the one falling for your pranks, he’s impressed by how audacious you are to be making a joke of him more than he is annoyed at the prank most of the time. Your boldness intrigues him, and if it weren’t for Assistant Kang’s exasperated sighs and pleas for him to behave appropriately for a director of C&R, he’d tell you so more often.

Saeran is a bit of a toss-up and it really depends on his mood. His one consistent opinion, though, is this: pranks on Saeyoung are good. Pranks on Saeyoung are great, and he’s not gonna say anything but his eyes light up and the corner of his lip quirks and you can tell he’s enjoying it. The turning of tables is exciting and once it’s revealed to Saeyoung that he’s been duped, Saeran is almost guaranteed to send a “lol” to the chat. Pranks at his own expense are different, though—he really, really doesn’t like them, and if you overdo it he’ll simmer about it silently before attempting to exact revenge. He’s meaner than you are, so it’s probably for the best not to get him upset over a practical joke. Your pranks on the others can be entertaining sometimes and irritating to him other times depending on the joke and how he’s feeling on the given day, but mostly he just watches the conversations go by without feeling much of anything.

Seven, like Jaehee, thinks you’re unreal. More of a prankster than him? Is that even possible? At first, he’s super happy to find someone who actually keeps up with and joins in on his pranks, but when it turns out you’re capable of even pranking him he’s hooked. The first time he actually fell for something you said, he was stunned—he’s supposed to be the prank master, and you managed to dupe him? You know what this means, right?… Either you team up and become the greatest pranking force to wreak havoc upon this fragile world, or… war. Seven’s got some minor competitive tendencies, so it turns into a mishmash of both. You’re both constantly trying to one-up each other while feeding onto each other’s pranks when they’re on anyone else in the chat. Together, you’re practically unstoppable, and at some point Jaehee advises Yoosung to just leave the chat if you and Seven are both online at the same time because he’s always doomed, a tip that Jaehee’s incorporated into her own life. (The advice falls flat on Yoosung, of course). You keep… winning, though, and it’s fascinating and confusing and really pissing off Vanderwood because Seven keeps wasting time thinking of ways to get back at you instead of ways to finish his damn work.

V thinks it’s kind of cute. He’s not in the chat much and so doesn’t get to see you in action most of the time, but he knows that so far Seven hasn’t found someone in the chat with a similar sense of humour to his own so he’s glad that he’s found someone he can relate to. In his one-on-one conversations with you, he might advise you to lay off of Jaehee a little. Pranks on him are decidedly well-deserved, in his opinion, and he’ll sometimes say something along the lines of “That was a good joke, MC, I really fell for it” once he understands what happened. He’ll never really tell you off for it.

Between you and Seven, Yoosung is done for. No matter how many pranks he falls for, he will always fall for the next one, to Zen’s obnoxious quoting of “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” each time he happens to be in the chat too. Truthfully, Yoosung doesn’t entirely mind it—you and Seven can be pretty mean but you avoid anything that would actually hurt him, and there’s something about being so vulnerable to the two of you that both gets Yoosung frustrated with himself but is also a little exciting. His dream is to one day get you back but he knows he doesn’t have even a single chance. If he’s mad about something irrelevant and you try to pull a prank he doesn’t take to it very kindly, but mostly he thinks your cleverness is sort of hot. One thing he’s glad about is that you prank everyone, not just him, and it’s kinda nice to get to laugh at some of the other members of the RFA once in a while—especially Seven. Despite how many times he gets pranked by you, it doesn’t stop him from wanting to talk to you all the time.

Zen never really gets mad at you for pulling a prank on him. He takes it as good-natured teasing and thinks you have a great sense of humour. Seven calls him out on how hypocritical he is because Seven’s pranks occasionally piss him off but yours never do and Zen’s pretty open about the fact that—yeah, sorry Seven, MC’s cuter and funnier than you, but you’re still pretty funny. He likes the attention and finds your pranking super endearing. He’s not such a huge fan of jokes that imply any kind of friendly/romantic relationship between himself and the stuck-up rich trust fund kid but instead of getting frustrated at you he just starts ranting at the other for giving you the wrong idea. Like everybody else, successful pranks on Seven are amazing to him and he’ll tease Seven a little for it. It wasn’t until after he saw you could one-up Seven that he really took you seriously at all when it comes to the pranks honestly. Before, he just kind of thought it was cute and funny in a playground way, but after seeing you got the better of Seven he acknowledges that you’re actually something to be reckoned with.

skyler10fic  asked:

re: the 1920s edit: Have you or someone already done a Hardy x Hannah 1920s AU? My brain isn't working well today. lol That's who I thought of with that edit

I’ve never written one (I wasn’t sure, had to check. I wrote a Peter Vincent x Jenny one) and I don’t think anyone else has.

This got me thinking though…

The prohibition, and speakeasies, crime syndicate. Imagine Hardy working undercover to infiltrate the mob, the big boss is a regular client of Hannah’s and he makes Hardy drive her back home. Hardy has a sweet spot for Hannah and wants to keep her safe, but has to hide his real identity. They can’t resist the mutual attraction for very long, she starts sitting in the passenger seat, he drives her home via the scenic route, and jealousy eats at him when she’s with her client.  If either the big mafia boss or his police chief finds out, they’ll both be in big trouble. All of this with a background of jazz music and beaded flapper dresses, moonshine and pistols tucked in waistcoats.

Thank you for asking, sorry for rambling :)

I’m making an Indigo shimeji!! Don’t know when it’ll be done by, but it’s a cool little project. If people are interested I could release him once I’m finished…? You can see WIPs at my main blog, @zephyrinxvoid!

[Indigo belongs to @loverofpiggies!!]

anonymous asked:

55 with bad!boy cal?

55. “Our first date is a picnic on a beach under the stars? Have you swallowed a romance novel? Do I need to call a doctor?”

When Calum called you earlier in the day and asked you if you wanted to “hang out later,” you assumed that he meant it the same way that he always did: him sneaking into your room after your parents went to bed or the two of you going for a late night ride in his car to the one diner in town that was open all night.

When he pulled up to your house, you all but ran down the driveway to get into the passenger side of his car. He was wearing a black hoodie and a grey beanie which was slouched down over his ears.

“Hey, babe,” he greeted you with a smile, leaning over to give you a slow kiss. He tasted faintly of cherry candy and cigarette smoke. “You ready?”

“Of course I am,” you answered, smiling when one of his hands found yours as he drove down the road. “We going to the diner?” You asked, your eyebrows furrowing at the way Calum’s brown eyes sparkled as he shook his head no.

“I was thinking we could do something a little different tonight.”

“Different how?” You asked, trying not to sound too suspicious.

“We’re going to the beach… because I want to take you on a date.” Calum confessed, his smug façade giving way to a slight air of insecurity that made your chest ache. He pulled up to a red light and turned to look at you, his expression somewhat indiscernible. “If that’s okay with you?”

You leaned forward and kissed him, letting your hand cup is jaw as he relaxed against you. “Of course it’s okay with me.” You smiled, feeling lighthearted and more excited that you’d expected.

Sure, you and Calum had been seeing each other for a while, and you’d always wanted more from him than the occasional hookup, but you weren’t sure he felt the same. Until now.

The two of you drove along for a short while until you reached your destination. Calum got out of the car first, walking around to your side to let you out.

The two of you walked along until you reached the sand, and Calum guided you over to a plaid blanket that was spread out with a basket on top of it.

You looked at him, your facial expression incredulous. “You’re serious?” You asked, turning back to the display in front of you. “Our first date is a picnic on a beach under the stars? Have you swallowed a romance novel? Do I need to call a doctor?”

Calum rolled his eyes, the color on his cheeks betraying his flippant demeanor. “Don’t be a smartass.” He laughed, taking your hands in his. “I know this isn’t quite my style, but I thought you would like it. I just want this to be perfect for you.”

“I’m sorry,” you apologized, kissing his pout. “It is perfect, Calum, because it’s you.”

His arms wrapped round your waist and you laughed when his hand squeezed your butt. “You know the best part about a secluded date on the beach?” He asked you, leaning back to rest his forehead against yours.

“What’s that?” You asked, kissing him again.

“We could get totally naked and no one would see us.”

You laughed at that, stepping away from him and sitting down on the blanket. “That may be, but we’re not going to be taking advantage.”

“Never say never, babe,” Calum shrugged as he sat down beside you. “The night is still young.”

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