lol i've been listening to them all day

Music Shuffle Tag!

Put your music on shuffle, list the first nine songs and your favorite lyrics from each. When you’re done, tag 9 people to do it next!

I was tagged by @cherryxblossoms sorry this took so long lol

1. gold - marina and the diamonds  but whatever happens, I’ll be okay
‘cause fortune’s running out of my veins

2. play date - melanie martinez  I wish I had monopoly over your mind, I wish I didn’t care all the time

3. feeding the fire - hayley kiyoko  get your heavy weight off my back, I’m on the right track and you’re feeding the fire

4. gingerbread man - melanie martinez  I’m frosting, I don’t need a man to make my life sweet, prince charming just isn’t the one that I think I need

5. ghost - halsey  I like the sad eyes, bad guys, mouth full of white lies

6. love - lana del rey  look at you kids, you know you’re the coolest, the world is yours and you can’t refuse it, seen so much, you could get the blues, but that don’t mean that you should abuse it

7. cough it out - the front bottoms  i am delusional with love (x3)

8. alive - sia  the entire song? I had a one-way ticket to a place where all the demons go, where the wind don’t change and nothing in the ground can ever grow, no hope, just lies and you’re taught to cry into your pillow, but I survived

9. this is gospel - panic! at the disco  don’t try to sleep through the end of the world and bury me alive, 'cause I won’t give up without a fight

I tag: whoever wants to do it