lol i'm vain


Holy mother of before and afters! 😳

The before is day one. When I first started my Tumblr. I think I was roughly 185 maybe a little more. A few months after I had my daughter and after I lost the hubs. I was always tired and slow. Hated myself and how I looked. I was always trying to hid under my clothes and refused to leave the house. I was almost a size 18 in jeans and had to shop plus sized clothes at Maurice’s. I was miserable and shortly after I had my Bug I spiraled into an awful depression.

Now fast forward a year and six months and here I AM! Down almost 20 lbs (sitting pretty at 170ish) but I’ve toned a lot so the scale isn’t the best way to see the changes. The pictures speak for themselves. I still have days when I’m bloated or retaining water after my cheat meals and I just feel icky. I still have “fat days” but inside I feel so much better. I’m stronger, I can keep up with my daughter, I sleep better, and think better. Mentally I’m right where I wanna be. I don’t stress out so much, I let things go easier and my anxiety is nearly gone. I struggled with my anxiety for nearly 8 years. Since I started this adventure I haven’t even noticed it. My anxiety has just about vanished. It takes something absolutely awful to trigger it anymore.

It was always hard for me to commit to things. I had no will power or real motivation. I’ve started and given up almost 4-5 times in the last 10 years but this is the last time. I will not give up. Not after how far I’ve come. I hardly remember the girl I used to be and honestly I feel more like myself now than I did ever back then. Like a Phoenix rising from the flames 🔥🌟❤️