lol i'm such a loser sorry

ok can we just talk about girls for a minute I mean come on
•smell nice
•soft hair
•lips ??? so soft and kissable ???¿?
•girls in general bc damn all of them are absolute goddesses ??
and people wonder why I’m so gay ??

my 21st birthday is on thursday and i literally just realized

man i fucking hate birthdays because they’re like, the biggest annual reminder that I have no fucking friends and am so alone and don’t have my shit together at all and i’m just another year down the road and have accomplished nothing

like for my 18th birthday, i sat on a bench outside a grocery store and cried because my friend (whose birthday was only a few days after mine) had died a couple days prior.

for my 19th birthday, i sat alone in my dorm room and tried to pretend it wasn’t happening. i made a stupid snapchat story.

for my 20th birthday, i pretended it didn’t happen and didn’t acknowledge it publicly at all because it was even more obvious to me that i was alone, and i had work to do… so i tabled for a pride club event literally all day while people were either fucking rude and homophobic, or kindly pretended i wasn’t there.

now for my 21st, people are gonna be like “oh i bet you have big plans for that!” and i either have to fucking lie or be embarrassed about the fact that i have no one (which of course is my fault because i’m an isolated loser and there’s no reason for anyone to give a shit about me because i’m a completely insignificant part of their lives).

lol i hate my fucking birthday

xsarahx  asked:

buckynat week prompt: "have fun. don’t die. don’t kill anyone."

“I better win this time.” James groaned as he fumbled for his jacket. “I owe Clint so much from the last game-”

“God, why do these poker nights with you guys always seem to end in the cops being called?” Natasha rolled her eyes. “Can’t you people just play without losing you minds?”

“Tony cheats and Clint is the sorest loser and Steve has the worst fucking poker face ever Nat I swear to god-”

She laughs and kisses his cheek. “Then I’m glad I’m staying home with a movie. Have fun milli moi. Don’t die. Don’t kill anyone. Especially Clint, he still owes me money from that game last month.”  


Some Dragon Age sketches from my instagram

fanfiction reading process
  • me: hey this seems like a rlly cool story I'm gunna check it out
  • me first chapter in: lol this is so funny
  • me half way done: what the actual fuck are you doing admit your love NOW DAMMIT!
  • me at the end: WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!2!2!!211?!1 IT CANT BE OVER NOT NOW
  • me: throughs phone out window

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8, 18, 41, 48 for the writer ask meme :-)

hi!! you write that ace!kara fic, right?? i really like it!!

8. favorite trope to write.
listen, i’m pretty sure all my fics have at least one gross domestic scene in bed. i can’t not write some losers cuddling it up. i love.

18. what’s your revision or rewriting process like?
ah. i’ll rewrite a scene as i’m looking over it for typos and reread it every time i’m passing through to write more scenes. so just constant overlooking. still have typos though half the time ha

41. how many stories do you work on at one time?
usually a few. i like being able to jump around. right now i have six

48.favorite genre to write in?
probably just general, like found family or platonic stuff, or fluffy romance. i’m Soft

low-key obsessed with the naruto stage play actors especially these two cuties (they are perfect for my fave characters ;u; huhuhu)

dedicated to narutostaph onemerryjester and everyone else who also wishes to see them in a selfie…….i feel your pain

  • Sawamura: krASUNO, FIGH T
  • Sugawara: put me on thE FCKuiKING COURT
  • Azumane: I'm sorrY
  • Tanaka: fuck IN G FIGh tm E
  • Ennoshita: this is why I left in the first place
  • Kinoshita: yeah
  • Narita: yeah yeah
  • Kageyama: what do u mean I can't throw the dinner table you told me to set it
  • Tsukishima: lol u fukin loser #rawrmeansiloveuindinosaur
  • Yamaguchi: fuck voLLEYBALL haha jk I love it
If my favorite Sebastian Stan's roles ever met they would be like
  • Carter Baizen: So, what's up?
  • Jack Benjamin: My dad hates me because I'm gay...
  • T.J Hammond: Don't talk to me.
  • Jefferson: I remember my past and everyone thinks I'm insane. And my little Grace doesn't remember me...
  • Bucky: At least you remember, I wish I could remember mine. I'm sorry about your daughter, by the way, I know that feel.
  • Blaine: AMERICA!
  • Bucky: SHUT UP!
  • Jack: However, what's up with you Carter?
  • Carter: I'm good, living in the Upper East Side... fuck you all, my family is rich. Hasta la nunca, losers.
Pokémon Go Team Interactions
  • Team Mystic: Awesome, caught an Eevee, just need 14 more for it to evolve. Goal...collect all evolutions.
  • Team Mystic: Ummm....can you not?
  • Team Mystic: ...That would be hard since I can't find any existence of intelligence in your group.
  • Team Instinct: Umm, guys. Can we just work together and have fun playing Pokemon. We are all awesome.
  • Team Valor: Holy shit I forget it was here.
  • Team Mystic: ...who are you again? I'm sorry.
  • Team Instinct: ...I'm Team Instinct, yellow team.
  • Team Valor: That's just the cutest thing.
  • Team Mystic: That really is adorable.
  • *Mystic and Valor look at each other*
  • Team Valor: Losers.
  • Team Mystic: Barbarians.
  • Team Instinct: ...notice me.