lol i'm sorry if this offends anyone

2 WEEKS TO MY FIRST END-OF-YEAR’S EXAM and i really want to sleep for 10 years but ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) gotta get that cheeky A1 so it’s time to start aggressively mugging!!! good luck with yalls exams lol

especially my dear other admins whose exams are in ONE Week i’m praying for you all i know you can do it!!! -L

One of the reasons I despise LM so much is because Maya’s the cool girl who already gets so much attention from everybody in the show and the fandom. The thought of somebody preferring Riley (the overlooked one) over the cool/amazing whatever girl everybody likes, when Riley already doesn’t think much of herself, makes me happy. Rucas and Lucas’ feelings for Riley are very endearing to me. Sorry if that offends you (not really.)