lol i'm sorry if this offends anyone

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I like how I've seen people call themselves Saturn Queen or Venus Baby. What can Aquarius/Uranus dominant ppl nicknames be? Lord of Uranus? Uranus girl/boy? There's no way I can make it actually sound good. lol i'm sorry. hope I didn't offend anyone with this.

Uranus Bean
Uranus Princess
Uranus Cutie

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sorry i'm genuinely confused, how is being poly/in a poly relationship different from cheating? i don't mean any offence i'm just not very educated on this topic so sorry if i have offended anyone!

polyamory is a type of relationship that involves multiple people. the people in poly relationships are consenting and have knowledge that there are multiple people in the relationship, and each relationship can have rules and boundaries depending on the person.
cheating is when people are intimate with others outside of a relationship (monogynous or poly) without the knowledge or consent of those in the relationship.
Cheating is a breach of trust. but in poly relationships, everyone knows what is happening and agrees to it.

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why do you dislike eruri, if i may ask?

Oh man, there’s an entire essay on why I don’t like it somewhere on my blog but I can’t remember what I tagged it as to keep it out of the eruri tag so that it wasn’t a bother to their fandom or condescending in any way. But I can briefly graze the main points for you!! c: (It still turned into another essay lol—)

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His fave pair of undies that you wear (request)

Thanks, nonny!
(A/N: this was probably meant to mean “his fave undies on YOU” but “his fave pair of undies that he lets you borrow” just spoke to me)






2 WEEKS TO MY FIRST END-OF-YEAR’S EXAM and i really want to sleep for 10 years but ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) gotta get that cheeky A1 so it’s time to start aggressively mugging!!! good luck with yalls exams lol

especially my dear other admins whose exams are in ONE Week i’m praying for you all i know you can do it!!! -L

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You never answered my question. I'm sorry you feel the need to be so hateful. I am NOT transphobic, I don't think that they should be treated any differently than anyone else. I do however want you to stop referring to them as their operational gender, because your sex or gender, (which you somehow think are separate), are determined at birth. Plain and simple biology, andin spite of what you think, it's not hateful at all to think so.

Lol what was the question? Guess what, sometimes nature gets it wrong. Laverne can be whatever the fuck she wants to be, and I am extremely offended and upset on behalf of everybody you are attacking right now. You are attacking somebodys identity, HOW in the world is that not hateful?

As I say everytime you shitcovered toiletbrushes come around, the only thing you are achieving is upsetting ME. I will not love Laverne any less, I will just defend her more.

One of the reasons I despise LM so much is because Maya’s the cool girl who already gets so much attention from everybody in the show and the fandom. The thought of somebody preferring Riley (the overlooked one) over the cool/amazing whatever girl everybody likes, when Riley already doesn’t think much of herself, makes me happy. Rucas and Lucas’ feelings for Riley are very endearing to me. Sorry if that offends you (not really.)

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Um idk if this is okay to ask and I really don't mean to offend anyone or imply anything but can you tell me the differences between all the different ways that people identify themselves? Like trans, queer, pansexual... the only two I get are gay and lesbian and I really want to know more about this topic since it's making such a big impact in today's society! I'm sorry if this is such a long and lengthy ask I'll stop now lol thank you!

wow this is such a heavy question because i dont even know all the different terms so i wouldn’t be the best person to ask but i did some research and i found this

its under a readmore because its a LOT of info, but not all of it

also if i missed anything or got something wrong please let me know so i can correct it

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