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i discovered your blog earlier today and i just aaaaah i love everything you draw!! your artstyle is so cute and i'm in love with your science officer!kirk au. much love, and keep up the good work <3

Apparently being in love with Science Officer Kirk is a thing. Also Bones isnot subtle. But then again he’s Jim’s friend, I guess.

Science officer Kirk tag

  • Me: *puts my hand in my hair to itch my scalp*
  • Me: ho don't do it
  • Me: *starts pulling out hair instead*
  • Me: oh my god

Imagine sleepy mornings and the struggle to drag oneself out of bed. Senarad sitting on the edge of the bed, slowly dragging on his boots and stifling a yawn, Dorian sleepily leaning against his back and braiding his long hair for him. Afterwards, Sen applies Dorian’s kohl for him as they talk. Then they both help each other with the various belts, sashes, and other accessories their robes require (require in quotation marks in Dorian’s case of course lol), all just to prolong the contact with one another, finally holding each other close before they are forced to part ways for the day. Mornings used to be pretty miserable, something to dread, but there’s something to look forward to now, little intimate details that a shared routine creates, integrating each other completely into their lives.

Frisk, you’re so kind ♥ You’re right, Flowey would be immediately toasted xD

Take a step forward, my child…

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exactly six years later, and they still only have eyes for each other. 

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I can't help but question, how would the Niffs catch Sora in the first place? I imagine that boy being pretty difficult to catch, lol. Also, I'm sorry I'm now just saying it, but I really hope everything turns out okay for you and others!

Well, some zombie pirates were able to stuff him and his friends below the deck of a giant ship and almost blew him up that one time!

Actually… Pirate Heartless end up getting their hands on him in the first Kingdom Hearts manga, too!

If the Niflheim Empire has a Pirate Division, they definitely have an advantage. Sora has poor Pirate resistance stats.

P.S. Thank you! ;u;

Ghost Hunt and Cinnamon Rolls

John: Classic Cinnamon Roll 
Ayako: Violent Cinnamon Roll 
Bou-san: Punk Cinnamon Roll 
Madoka: Chirpy Cinnamon Roll 
Masako: Cinnamon Doll 
Yasuhara: Cinnamon Troll 
Lin: *Shady Cinnamon Roll 
Mai: Spunky Cinnamon Roll 
Gene: Dreamy Cinnamon Roll 
Naru: Savage Cinnamon Roll

*throws shade, pun intended (it was this or Cinnamon Cyclops XD)


A little Ori and the Blind Forest for you today! Enjoy looking at my happy musicianing-face 😚

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Can't Help Falling In Love
Can't Help Falling In Love

Contains: My singing cover your ears children and my attempts at editing in instrumentals

Well, you guys voted for this song to be my cover! It was this and Burn, but when I worked on Burn nothing ever turned out right so I decided that if I sing again, I’ll do Burn and hopefully do it right.

A/N: I don’t think I hate anything as much as I hate my singing voice. Hell I can handle my imperfections on my body better than my singing voice - and I can’t stand my body. I dedicate this to two people: Lily and one other person. Other person…you know who you are. So I’m just going to put this here before I change my mind lol I at least hope it’s tolerable enough for you guys!




Sometimes referred to as Prickly Daisies in Basic, these native Korribani plants have managed to survive The Great Blight brought upon by the Exiles. Needing very little water compared to other plants, over the millennia these flowers have continued to thrive on their native planet

Dzaitsis all have exactly 18 petals arranged in a near perfect circular configuration. Its colors had initially co-evolved with native pollinators, to help attract and guide the small creatures. These plants don’t follow any particular seasonal pattern and bloom year-round, so long as there’s still some water and sunlight. The stems are rough and covered in tiny, barbed thorns to thwart off anything that might eat it as well as conserving the water within the plant. Hatyas had tough bills and mouths adapted for the thorns, and would graze on dzaitsis as one of their primary food source.

Sith had special leather gloves made from hatya hides that would allow them to cultivate dzaitsis as well as things like the thornrose. Being smooth and soft, the leaves are often be used for salads or ground into pastes for various dishes. The flowers have a mildly sweet fragrance and are dried to be used for teas although it can also be freshly consumed (by Sith). If one has enough patience and a lot of dzaitsis, a rich, deep violet “honey” can be made from the nectar and pollen of the flowers.

Seeing how these flowers managed to survive through the most strenuous conditions over the eons, dzaitsis are often seen as symbols of stability and endurance.

one day i was running around korriban and saw these curious little flowers. so i was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

‘the great blight’ is sorta, kinda mentioned in my tree post.
but basically i figure…

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Batarou Week

Day 2: Awkward

Please read this short story @paperficwriter wrote for me! It’s great and will help this drawing make a lot more sense.

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So like uh. I have dyslexia and I always thought your shiro tag was "hot astroned" and I couldn't figure out what astroned was until I asked a friend and explained the context (they know u as well) and THEY TOLD ME IT'S ASTRO-NERD FUCK ME BRAIN HOLY SHIT ASTRONED ISNT A FUCKING WORD WHAT THE FUCK I can't unsee it now I still read it as hot astroned pls send help


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Dearest Pan you might have answered this before but I can't recall (I'm old and my memory is swiss cheese lol)...have you and Reg considered writing more Space Oddity? I love that verse so SO MUCH, and I'm still dying to know who sent Natasha and Clint to help Erik and Charles on the Gandorian base lol!

fair gerec of the woodland realm! first of all, THANK YOU, i’m so happy to hear you still have love for that verse even after all these years <333 :’)

secondly, i’m sorry to say i don’t know! i still talk to reg on the regular (…lmao), so we’re still really good friends and i would always be up for writing with her again. that being said, she’s of course been off of tumblr and out of fandom for some time now, and as i’m sure you’ve noticed i’m also all over the place right now too when it comes to blogging lmao, and plus i’ve been playing (i.e. writing) a whole lot with my OCs lately rather than cherik. sorry friends sdkfjsdfs. i would like to circle back around and play in that au again one day, but! i just don’t know when.

hehe i don’t want to fully reveal who it was right now just in case, but for the sake of not potentially leaving you hanging, i can do a sort of half-reveal if you want. B)?