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exactly six years later, and they still only have eyes for each other. 

let’s be real jumin han’s most used app would be neko atsume

Ayy lmao an ask game

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nickname: I have quite a few actually. My real name is Olivia, but my most common nicknames are Liv and Vee. Liv is mostly used by family (I hate it too pls don’t call me Liv ever) and my friends usually call me either Olivia or Vee. I occasionally get called VeeBee since my friends sometimes misspell Vee or it autocorrects, and my last name starts with a B. I was called Mexican Beyoncé for a while back in high school but that’s a long story for another day. And Sadness because I look and dress like Sadness from Inside Out

Star sign: Capricorn!

Height: I HONESTLY DONT KNOW EVERY TIME I GET MEASURED ITS SOMETHING DIFFERENT. But it ranges from 5'4 ½ to 5'6 ½ so that’s like 164-169 cm or smth?? I usually just say 5'5

Time rn: 1:58 PM/13:58

Last thing you googled: “Red Velvet Rookie digital album cover” because I got my physical album in the mail two days ago and I just downloaded it onto my phone and iTunes couldn’t find an album cover??

Fav music artist: BTS

Song stuck in my head: Rookie by Red Velvet

Last movie I watched: A Walk To Remember but I got kicked out of the living room halfway through lmao

Last TV show: I mean right at this very second I’m watching Wild Kratts with my two baby cousins so I’m guessing this is my answer

What im wearing rn: My blue powderpuff hoodie from high school, a grey v neck t shirt, dark jeans, black converse with bows on them, navy and lilac striped socks and my glasses with a white bow in my hair per usual

when i created this blog: if i remember correctly it was at the end of my sophomore year of high school?? It’s been a few years

the kind of stuff i post: shitposts and memes, fandom stuff. Stuff from my favorite shows and video games and junk. Mostly shit posts and memes

do i get asks regularly: I don’t even get asks for ask memes

why did i choose my url: I’m not saying why it’s embarrassing but honestly idk it just sounded nice??

gender: girl!

hogwarts house: ravenclaw but honestly that’s probably a lie

pokemon team: like pokemon go? Mystic

fav color: purple!! I also really like blue!!

fav characters: do not…(whispers probably Namine from kingdom hearts)

Dream job: a concept artist at dreamworks!! Especially for the movie about the boy fishing on the moon in their logo

number of blankets: 6 (one’s an electric one!!) but I usually just sleep with one one and hug another unless I’m really cold and by that point I use at least 3

Number of followers: Idk like 184 or smth I’m not very popular

Alright alright alright alright I’m tagging @cuttlefishgarden @cryptjd @spicedchai @angusburger26 @peachdoxie @that-cheer-up-anon @nose-nippin-fun


Some free ryoyasu to put a smile on your face. ❤

And I’m sorry Yasu, even if you play the role of the samurai, you still look the girl of the pair. 

But that’s okay ❤

anonymous asked:

They say cancers are usually ISFJs but I'm an INFP & I feel like I identify with everything I've ever read about INFPs. Is that weird?

Important: Cancer

First, calling a group of people cancer is offensive, even by my standards. Second, ISFJs can be wonderful people. I’d say ISFJs are among the nicest people out there (you know, because of the food making and stuff). Third, I wouldn’t want to categorize INFP as cancer either. Sure they could be whiny and all but that’s a part of who they are. That’s what makes them unique. Their childlike whine, ahhh I love their childlike whine. Seriously look at this. They don’t deserve to be called this.

You need to stop calling people cancer and learn to approach people very consciously with a neutral mindset. You need to treat them as a person/individual first and foremost. That way, you could avoid making assumptions or having weird expectations.


You heard me! FuckYeahPeridot needs a new icon and they need, yes, your help!


  • All entries MUST be submitted at fyp-icon-contest​. I will not check any entries submitted on this blog. One entry per user, please, although you may re-submit if you cleaned up any errors on your original entry.
  • It must be your artwork and your artwork only. No edits or copy of anyone else’s work or anything by the Crewniverse.
  • The only character in the icon should be Peridot. You’re free to incorporate flask robonoids in it, though!
  • I’d prefer a background that’s either transparent or a bit stylized (whether it’s a pattern or a place). I’m not a big fan of single-colored backgrounds :c
  • The letters “FYP” should be visible somewhere in the picture!
  • Dimensions should be square-sized and not too small.


  • A spotlight on this blog, of course!
  • EDIT: The main gift has changed to a getting a $5 Amazon gift card. However, if you win the contest, you can still choose the original gift which is me buying you something off your Amazon wishlist as long as the total price is $5 or under (including shipping and handling). I want to tell you beforehand, though, that if you don’t receive your present for any reason even if I get a confirmation e-mail saying that I paid for it (which I can forward to you), then I can’t buy you another one. I can make up for it with another gift that doesn’t involve money.

If you end up being the winner and the prizes above don’t suit you, then we can discuss other options. Please share your Skype with me so we can have a place to talk about it.

This contest officially ends September 27th, 2015 at 12:00am (Eastern Time)! After that, I will close submissions and choose the winner within a week.

I encourage you to be creative and have fun with this! You are free to ask me any questions about the contest on this blog and I will answer them all as soon as possible, but remember that your entry must be submitted at fyp-icon-contest! :)

I will occasionally reblog this over the next few weeks, so if you don’t want to see this post on your dash constantly, then block the tag #fyp icon contest!