lol i'm so over your fae

  • Augus: I want you to be more open and vulnerable
  • Gwyn: Uh...
  • Augus: I DEMAND it
  • Gwyn: Okay...
  • Augus: No more of this hiding your shit away from me. It only damages you!
  • Gwyn: Okay, okay, Augus, I get it
  • Augus: And pay me more attention while you're at it
  • Gwyn: Well...I want to
  • Augus: Good
  • Gwyn: are you Augus?
  • Augus: *hisses* *slaps Gwyn* *storms off*
  • Gwyn: Do you...need anything?
  • Augus: I'm FINE. I'M ALWAYS FINE! *shrieks*