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  • <p> <b>Yoongi:</b> Okay we're at the window, what do you want?<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> I want a burger<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> There's no burger in the menu<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> I want the burger<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> Taehyungie, we're at Taco Bell<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> Quiero una burger<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> The number of people in this car is about to go down to quiero uno of you don't shut the hell up.<p/></p>

Tron (1982)

best friends + murder mystery + teen drama

seems to be my aesthetic now

The Children Are Fighting
  • Me: heads over to Youtube, bout to watch me some pancake scene for the 90th time (today) and-
  • Lift Kiss™: but you haven't watched me in a bit
  • Ice Wall Snuggles™: do you even remember what I look like
  • One Time Thing™: I know you watched me a lot last week, but I still crave ur love and affection
  • Pirate vs. Toddler™: Mirror mirror on the wall I'm still the cutest of them all
  • Storytime™: you used to watch me on the reg. What hath I done to forsake you
  • It's You™: I was literally The Most Important in your life for so long. I don't blame you for what you've done, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt :(
  • Proposal 1.0™: HEY BITCH. REMEMBER ME.
  • Proposal 2.0™: stfu, 1.0™. First is the worst, second is the best.
  • Proposal 1.0™: Me stfu? I don't see your viewcount rising too quick anymore either, buddy.
  • Proposal 2.0™: .....</3
  • Maybe Just This Once™: c'mon, I deserve a watch. It's been a while, and I'm so good at making you cry.
  • You Traded Your Ship for Me™: I have to side with The Elevator™ here. #1 Saddest Scene™ goes to The Elevator™. #1 Happiest Scene™ on the other hand goes to yours trul-
  • 25 Cheek Kisses™: Noooooooo no no no no no. It is I who provoketh the must numerous tears of joy. My viewcount proves this. Don't even try to fight. That award belongs to me.
  • Everyone: Omg, so true. So true. Deadass Truth. 25 Cheek Kisses™, you are truly the best. Or you were, at least, until Pancakes™ came along.
  • Shellphone™: guys, GUYS. Focus here. This isn't memory lane. We're trying to get her to watch us, remember?
  • You're Impossible™: I miss being watched :(
  • Boat Safety™: I'm seriously so cute, how could you forget about me already? :(
  • Red Leather Jacket Kink Reveal™: I used to be so loved :(
  • I'm Not Proposing™: Guys I'm not even relevant anymore :(
  • Wanna Come in and Have Coffee™: I thought you loved all your children equally?
  • Know More About Your Beginnings™: We just want a *tiny* bit of attention. Like just for an hour? Spend an hour with us?
  • I Can't Lose You Too™: Your old friends?
  • Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation™: to quote myself, COME BACK TO ME!
  • Melty Popcorn™: I feel like I was never even truly appreciated for who I am
  • I Would've Done The Exact Same Thing™: Ditto, Melty Pop.
  • Middlemist Horsey Ride™: Guys, we've lost her.
  • Music to This Pirate's Ears™: We haven't just lost her. We've lost them all, the whole fandom :(
  • Sexy Barwench™: They're never coming back to see us :(
  • Move in With Me™: I guess our viewcounts have reached their max :(
  • Pancakes™: ....guys :(
  • Pancakes™: I'm really sorry like I'm actually so sorry :(
  • Pancakes™: I didn't mean for this to happen to you guys :(
  • Pancakes™: and for what it's worth, I wouldn't be where I am today without each and every one of you. Especially you, Move in With Me™.
  • Move in With Me™: Fuck you, Pancakes™.
  • Everyone: Yeah, fuck you.
  • One Time Thing™: Shove your rising viewcount up your (undeniably adorable) asshole.
  • 25 Cheek Kisses™: and YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US.
  • Me: *sighs* Please don't fight, children...
  • also Me: *unpauses the pancake scene*

memories // panic! at the disco

the idea that people’s parents literally have the means to pay for their kids 200k college tuition is such a fuckin foreign idea to me like?? my whole life my parents have told me they won’t be able to afford it and i’d have to find my own way and i just assumed that everyone else was in that same boat but i guess? not? i’m trying not to be bitter… but i kinda am


Do you have to be special? Do people have to recognize you, no matter what? I don’t think so. At the very least, not when it comes to this child…


There is a REASON I say Yoonmin is my bias.. and this teaser is just a reminder that I CANNOT with them. WHO TOLD THEM. Jimin is my Ultimate Bias and Yoongi has secured his spot as my Ultimate Bias Wrecker... But now I question everything yet AGAIN. Yoongi comes for me so freaken hard that I swerve from my lane, but then when I’m about to give in we have Jimin slaying my life and pulling me back. I can’t live like this y'all.. So I officially have TWO biases because I CAN’T CHOOSE ANYMORE. I’m done. 

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Help us all come Monday. NOBODY is ready.

it gets easier in the telling

summary: “tell us!” killua’s sisters demand. and it’s hard, at first. but eventually, it gets easier for him answer.

notes: hello I am a terrible student who spent an hour wordbarfing feelings about killua and emotions and how his sisters are the best and persistent in what they want, rather than working on my paper due on friday. do not follow my example, fellow kids. do your work, don’t fic. gen, alluka and nanika and killua, with a side of killugon, rated F for Feelings and Fluff. 1750 words. not edited in the slightest.


“Tell me!” Alluka demands.

“Tell you what?” Killua ruffles his sister’s hair with a grin. It sticks up in odd directions, beads she’s woven in the strands next to her cheeks preventing it from becoming a total mess.

She scowls up at him, eyes flashing with annoyance, and sticks her tongue out at him. “Tell me what you’re feeling!”

Killua laughs and messes her hair up even more. “I love you,” he says.

Alluka wriggles out from under his noogie, only to boop him in the nose. “Love you,” she says back.

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Why do some people think that phil swears in real life but just hides it on camera? honestly it seems more a matter of him not having formed a habit of using swear words rather than actively censoring himself on his channel. Also not swearing doesn't always equal "innocence" or "wholesomeness" haha. I'm 18, don't swear yet I've done some pretty bad/inappropriate/risky things lol 👀..

dan’s said multiple times that phil is just a genuinely polite person so he probably doesn’t swear much more than he does on camera. he’s not rude and i doubt he has too much of a reason to swear. it doesn’t really matter considering he’s older than the majority of the phandom and more mature. swearing doesn’t measure innocence or lack of. people just have warped points of view on how adults live their lives


Fanart of Yoosung and Luciel from Mystic Messenger! I started playing this game around three weeks ago and it’s been my life since then lmao. I love all the characters so much, but I’m also pretty biased about these two lol TT v TT I’ll try to post my other fanart that I’ve done.

When you REALLY hate this “Blake moment” where ONCE AGAIN Bellamy is the one to say that he is the misrable worm who needs Octagon in his life and that he’s “lucky to have her”, and Octagon is the little angel who has never done anything wrong in their relationship, but everyone LOVES it, and everyone reblogs it to explain Octagon’s “growth”