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As for the drawing itself… what can I say, it’s Saitama and Genos showing off their baking skills. Genos is more than happy to place the remaining half of Sai’s little gingerbread man as the crown on his creation.

Special thanks to @criscura who helped brainstorm Genos’ castle and Saitamas’s broken man on his broken futon lol


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About that Tweet to Lenkov...

Hi, Mr.Lenkov. First thing of all, I really, really love both of your shows! Big fan! MacGyver is fantastic (but I enjoy H50 more lol) ! Love that relationship between Mac and Jack, they're so cute!
I'm writing to you 'cause I want to talk about our boys, Steve and Danny, with you. I just can't hold back my words anymore.
It's been six years since our boys' first met in McGarrett's garage. During the six years, they get to know each other, they get each other's back, and they love each other deeply. Their friends know that, Grace knows that, their (ex-)girlfriends know that, even people who just met them know that, and sometimes mistaken them as a gay couple. In fact, their friend tease them as an old couple many times, and they often compare their relationship to marriage, too. 
They save each other's ass countless times, and Danny even donated half of his liver to Steve without consideration. They quarrel, and make it up even faster. They spend their holidays together, and Steve'll take Danny to some special places, which just feels like a date. 
Steve said Cath was the only one he ever let in, who he barely has any clue about little personal details and plainly refused to share details of his childhood with. But he's glad to share it with Danny, and he knows everything about Danny (S06E09 delete scene). In S06E14, Melissa argued with Danny for the "never say I love you" thing. But Danny, who didn't say love even in the end of that episode, has said it more than ten times to Steve in this show! 
Don't you think they love each other a little bit too much for just being friends? 
Will you considerate giving them a chance to be together, please? Maybe not now. Maybe not until the ending. I don't know.
I know that Scott is okay with it, even enjoy it. I don't know how Alex thinks, but I have reason to believe he has no objaction. 
McDanno has been the top 20 couples in AO3 for years, I'm sure more than 90% of the fans, especally the fans who're crazy for H50, will be really glad to see that happen, and love this idea more than you can image. We've been waiting for this moment patiently for six years, and we're still praying for it.
The article above only represents my personal opinion. Please forgive me if what I say offends you or has any grammatical mistakes, because Engilsh is not my mother language. I can express myself better in Chinese but…lol
Thank you for taking time to read this. I really appreciate it. No need to reply me, just…think over it, okay?
Love you and your shows~ Can't wait to watch next eposides of Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver! Hope they'll get better rating this week!

Well, that’s what I said in that tweet. 

Sorry, I tried to keep a low profile but he didn’t give me the chance… I had no idea he would retweet it. I didn’t mean to gain support from him, I just want to tell him my thoughts. Now I feel that I’m too rash, or stupid, maybe both.

Since I can’t change what has happened, I guess out there to go on Twitter and like his tweet is the right thing to do now. It has only 60 likes now which makes what I said kind of carry no conviction. 

Please support me to show him how much we appreciate this idea.

The link is here:

Sorry again for the troubles I might have caused. I apologize.

I really just want to see a lot of growing back together moments okay. Like how about Katniss and Peeta working on the memory book together? Or Peeta showing Katniss how to bake? Or the two of them walking hand in hand by the lake, or even better, swimming?

What about them cuddling close by the fireplace, or having breakfast together early in the morning? What about Katniss showing Peeta how to hunt, and he fails miserably, but they both laugh and enjoy themselves? What about Peeta popping into the room and surprising Katniss with a bundle of dandelions and cheesebuns?

Or how about their more intimate moments? Soft kisses to rouse each other from sleep in the morning. Bathing each other and tracing one another’s scars. Holding each other tightly and whispering sweet words after nightmares. Forehead touches and kisses on the cheeks and lips as they watch the sunset. Their toasting ceremony. Falling victim to that first beautiful night of intimacy. 

There’s honestly so much to work with, so much to elaborate upon. And I hope Francis at least gives us something; I trust him.