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Andy broke Jeff's nose during this season? Are we having a physical altercation between them finally?!?!? I love that part from the comics but I swear if they kill Negan I'm gonna stop watching and I've been a fan since season 1. I love snarky ass Negan but I want to see his human side too. And I know JDM will be perfect for it.

That’s what he said on a interview but to be honest until you asked i honestly thought he was joking lol i hope he was joking because otherwise MY POOR BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think they were talking about THE fight. And my theory (I don’t read spoilers or anything like it so this REALLY is a theory) is that the 3rd timeline (Rick with red rimmed eyes) takes places right after the fight and the whole mercy over wrath thing is about Rick NOT killing Negan. Maybe it’s just the ramblings of a fangirl in denial because if they do kill Negan, I’m out. it hurts me to write this because I’ve been crazy about the show since it premiered but second half of season 7 really tested my loyalty. At this point, I am only staying for Jeff and if he is out so am I.

but, seriously, i don’t think they will kill him. they are setting up this storyline about hope and mercy, and i think it’s all about Negan. they need to justify Negan’s survival to the audience and Rick being the better man (by being merciful) is the way to do it.


Change is good, except when your the one changing on me. So let me tell you, how my appearance may change, but not how I feel about you…

Do you like my new hair color? Decided to dye it red. 

Moving posts coming tomorrow I swear.

The 100 S02E12 Recap - Rubicon
  • Soldier: <chokes>
  • Vampire: need a hand?
  • Soldier: thnx I-
  • Soldier: Edward?
  • Soldier: Edward Cullen?
  • Soldier: how can you be in the sun
  • Soldier: why aren't you sparkling
  • <awesome theme song>
  • <kiddy camp>
  • Jasper: but Bald Eagle said we could go
  • Doctor: sry but he's flown the coop
  • Jasper: no
  • Doctor: yes
  • <base camp>
  • Clarke: so, uhh
  • Clarke: I haven't been waiting outside all night or anything but
  • Clarke: how's Bellamy
  • Raven: Clarke you asked five minutes ago
  • Raven: and five minutes before that
  • Raven: and before that
  • Bellamy: and before that
  • Clarke: oh hey
  • Bellamy: hey
  • Bellamy: our friends are getting their spines emptied
  • <enters another room>
  • Clarke: so Kane
  • Clarke: wanna go to Tan DC?
  • Kane: well, no, I-
  • Clarke: good. you leave in the morning.
  • Kane: :/
  • Abby: btw Jaha bounced
  • Kane: shucks
  • Kane: whatever will we do without him
  • Kane: lol
  • <somewhere in the desert>
  • Man: sir, do you recognize anything?
  • Jaha: ...
  • Jaha: I'm gonna pretend you didn't just ask me that
  • Jaha: in the middle of the fucking desert
  • Jaha: where everything is sand
  • Jaha: the same colored sand
  • <encounter Emori>
  • Murphy: hey
  • Murphy: this idiot grin on my face doesn't mean anything, I swear
  • <in the vents>
  • Bellamy: which way do I-
  • Bellamy: oh
  • Bellamy: nvm
  • Bellamy: the sweet sound of bone saw
  • Bellamy: it beckons
  • Bellamy: ...
  • Bellamy: hey Clarke?
  • Clarke: ...yeah?
  • Bellamy: ...
  • Bellamy: think you can stop a missile?
  • <Tan DC>
  • Indra: you gotta getcha head in the game
  • <desert>
  • Murphy: wanna be outcast buddies?
  • Emori: ...
  • Murphy: no seriously
  • Murphy: why u here
  • Emori: why U here
  • Murphy: ...
  • Murphy: okay, on three
  • Murphy: one
  • Murphy: two
  • Murphy: three
  • Murphy: I killed ppl
  • Emori: I have a mandrake hand
  • Murphy: plz don't hate me
  • Murphy: wait what
  • Emori: told you mine was worse
  • Murphy: wait no
  • Murphy: it's kinda cute
  • <camp kiddy>
  • Bellamy: u suck at fighting
  • Bellamy: here's a gun
  • Jasper: yay
  • <white room>
  • Bellamy: sup
  • Bald Eagle: who r u
  • Bald Eagle: ur too sexy to be one of mine
  • Bellamy: I'm with Clarke
  • Bald Eagle: uhh
  • Bald Eagle: well
  • Bald Eagle: I kinda tripled the defenses b/c of your gf
  • Bald Eagle: funny how that goes
  • <approaching grounder camp>
  • Soldier: time to blow you guys outta the sky
  • Lexa: okie dokie
  • Clarke: uh
  • Clarke: I am not comfortable with this
  • <desert>
  • Emori: sorry Murphy
  • Emori: we be stealing your supplies
  • Murphy: aw
  • <tunnels>
  • Raven: how's it going
  • Bellamy: decent
  • Bellamy: really hope I can stop that missile on time
  • Raven: you'd better
  • Raven: unless you wanna be an only child
  • Bellamy: ...
  • Bellamy: yeah that would be-
  • Bellamy: wait what
  • Raven: shit
  • <somewhere in the woods>
  • Octavia: Lincoln plz
  • Octavia: fight or go to rehab
  • Octavia: ur choice
  • Lincoln: ...
  • Lincoln: well, rehab would be ni-
  • Octavia: rehab is death
  • Lincoln: oh
  • <night desert>
  • Jaha: John wake the fuck up
  • <Mount Weather command center>
  • Vampire: ready set fire
  • <grounder camp>
  • Lexa: Clarke move your ass
  • Clarke: no I gotta save my mom
  • Abby: daughter I'm fine
  • Abby: I'm chancellor and know more than you
  • Abby: even though I know nothing about the missile
  • Abby: I know more than you
  • Abby: so I'ma stay here
  • Abby: and blow up
  • Clarke: ...
  • Clarke: jfc
  • <boom>
  • Clarke: I'm sorry
  • Clarke: we had to protect Bellamy
  • Abby: you just let hundreds of innocent ppl die
  • Abby: gg
  • <Mount Weather>
  • Jasper: I have a gun and I will protect you all against their dozens of guns
  • Jasper: oops
  • Jasper: guess I never really liked my marrow anyways
  • Doctor: I'm melting
  • Jasper: sux
  • <white room>
  • Vampire: dad
  • Vampire: why can't u just let me do what I want
  • Vampire: like bomb ppl
  • Vampire: and bleed their marrow
  • Vampire: and take over the world
  • <land of fire>
  • Octavia: well damn
  • Octavia: Clarke u done goofed

I made my first victuuri dream last night and ahhhhhhhhhhhhh//////// *nosebleed*

They were in a room alone, Viktor went to sit near Yuuri veeeery close but Yuuri was embarassed so he moved away a bit but Viktor was sliding on his butt to get close each time x)) but Yuuri was keeping his distance in blushing so Viktor sighed and moved away as well in sulking a bit.
But seeing his expression, Yuuri came back right away near him with a worried gaze like “I wasn”t rejecting you”. And Viktor smiled at this and rubbed their head together slightly, whispering “Yuuri~ daisuki~”. 
And then they were looking in their eyes and got closer and closer

AND YURIO CAME INTO THE ROOM LOL I can’t believe I cockblock my own fluff dreams

He was like WTF…. and then Yuuri looked at him with a devil smile and leaned towards Viktor’s face to LICK HIS CHEEK/////////////////////////////

It stopped like that but I swear when I woke up, I wanted to squeal xDD