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Three Word Lullaby - Chapter 31 - Molnija - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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Language: English
Words: 156418
Chapters: 31/?

The first thing he thinks when he wakes up is ‘oh shit’.

He doesn’t even really know why he’s thinking it, but he is. His heart is racing in an unknown fear of something he has no idea of what it might be and even though he can’t remember anything past his own name at the moment, he feels like it shouldn’t be. But it is. Because that’s how he works, apparently.

Keiji sits up straight and looks around the room. Yes, this is definitely his apartment, which is slowly but surely getting more filled with stuff. His annoying keyboard is standing at the side still, and for the first time in a while he wonders whether if he had an E-Piano it’d actually fit in here. He’s grown accustomed to his small space, maybe a bit too much so. Right now, it’s doing a pretty good job of calming him down though.

He’s going to need a moment to wake up and gather his thoughts.

the cooldown chapter … kind of?