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What if μ’s played Love Live! School Idol Festival?
  • Rin: Gets tired of playing that game after a while because she prefers to run around in the field or play soccer more. Her name in the game is 'ramen nya~', current rank in the game is 27 and her main is a Hanayo SR that is levelled up halfway. Lets Hanayo play her account sometimes.
  • Hanayo: Is extremely in love with the game and is constantly in a dilemma of whether she should save up money to buy love ca so she can get all the cute idols or spend the money on white rice. She is lucky as she gets quite a number of URs so she wouldn't waste too much money. Quite good at the game and can FC almost all songs and has an idolized Rin UR that she is so proud of. Gets tier 1 for all the events and cries every time she has to practice away or sell an idol. Her account name is 'White Rice' and her rank is 204, with the idolized Rin UR as her main.
  • Maki: Actually likes the game but doesn't admit it, afraid that it would 'ruin her cool image' so she plays the game secretly. She doesn't really care about getting good cards but she likes playing the songs. Like Hanayo, she also FCs almost all songs (like only a few burning experts she didn't)! Has 2 URs, which is both Nico, for some reason (sORRY IM SHIPPER TRASH). Her main is the Valentines Nico UR and she's at rank 138 and pissed at the slow releases of songs in the Hits. Her name is 'go away' because she doesn't want anyone to guess who she is through her name (although it's pretty much obvious lol betsuni)
  • Honoka: Your average player in the game. She likes the game, but can live without it. She's the one who spams 'Hi there!' or 'Love this song!' or 'That was fun!', etc, in the score matches. She's at rank 78 (because she eats bread more than she plays this) and she changes her main constantly, UR or SR. Her name is just 'Honoka'
  • Kotori: PLAYS THIS GAME TO COLLECT FLUFFY ALPACAS CARDS AND UMI URS YEP. She would be average in playing this game, but she is trying to tell KLab to remove that SR of her being a cafe maid. Her rank is 128 and her main is her prIDE AND JOY IDOLIZED WHITE DAY UMI (yes im shipper trash good bye) her name is 'Arupaka~'
  • Umi: Plays this game to *c-coughs* train her finger muscles and has many URs and SRs of herself for some reason, especially those embarrassing ones like the bunny one. She is also trying to tell KLab to remove all 'inappropriate' cards or draw her with longer skirts next time. She FCs like e v e r y song except Anemone Heart because she just blushes so much when she plays that game (coughs i told you im shipper trash) her rank is 176 and her main is a UR Hanayo because that is the only UR she has other than herself. Her name is 'lets go!' because she is sO PSYCHED TO FC EVERY EVENT SONG LIKE
  • Nico: Plays purely for the fact that she wants to collect all of her cards and she has a Maki and Nico curse for some reason (i don't even feel sorry lol) and her main is the idolized Seven Lucky Gods Nico UR. Her rank is 198 and her name is 'にこ☆' (means nico).
  • Nozomi: Basically the luckiest player omg. She gets a UR or SR at least every singLE TIME SHE SCOUTS and she just like omg idek how she does it. She claims its all because of her 'spiritual power'. Is the reason why Nico has so many URs. Her main is Pool Eli idolized UR (no regrets bye) and her name is 'nozo power' at rank 146. Bonus - her description is 'I'll give those plump chests a nice squeeze~' and she normally keeps clicking on the characters when they appear on her screen to hear them shout 'stop...or else...?' Ok that might be Eli but...bye
  • Eli: Only plays during her free time! Has the UR Nozomi in the Halloween set as her main. Her rank is 83 and her name is 'elichika'