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I really like the emoji oc thing you did (I'm a sucker for Viper tbh 👌 👌) hope you're doing OK, sweetie, cus you're wonderful 😘😘😘

Thank you so much for the kind words, it really means a lot to me!!

I’m glad you like Viper too!! He got a lot of requests so you’ll see more of him! :D

Okay, for some reason I couldn’t stop watching the latest highlight reel. It’s probably the drama but most likely because it’s like a puzzle I’m dying to solve. 

So let me just get  this out because after 93284719023 times of watching it made me think: what if the girls are there to represent the members WOULDN’T THAT MAKE MORE SENSE???????

I mean, for example: Doesn’t it make sense that Jihope’s girl is a representation of Jimin? Like that part when they were dancing, Jimin was dancing the same routine too as if he was right there with them but they’re making it seem like he isn’t and maybe the reason for that is not because he wasn’t in the same room but because he was doing it at a different time (or dimension, maybe he died idk) Which explains why, despite not being together, the girl is on the floor with Jimin after getting hit and then that’s when it went crazy because suddenly, Jimin is desperately trying to wash something off of his 

Or or Tae and his girl during the vandalism scene and running from the police that looks utterly familiar. 

I SWEAR TO GOD THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. I have a lot, a lot more but I can’t really spit it out because I don’t know how and I don’t wanna conclude anything but I just want to say that the parallelism between this Love Yourself series and the HYYH is giving me chills as if they’re showing us what really happened (or what they think happened). It’s more confusing because we don’t know the timeline, we don’t know whose perspective is this, hell, we don’t even know what’s real and what’s not. It’s making my heart beat fast because the urge to decipher all this is real. I swear, someone talk to me about this because I’m going crazy.

im never gonna finish this rip but here’s an unfinished autistic!morty becoming nonverbal and signing

edit: i changed ‘speak’ bc someone pointed out it looked like ‘bitch’ lol thank u @middle1 !!


These started out as doodles but I ended up putting in way more effort than expected. More of my One Piece AU, Gravity Piece! It is still 1000% self indulgent haha.

They have captions! ( ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

And once again more info under the readmore if anyone’s interested:

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  • someone: you were pretty good at that thing, why'd you stop doing it?
  • me internally: I get extremely anxious when I think about doing something I might possibly succeed at because I base my self-worth on my achievements and other people's approval, I am afraid because I know I will never be able to live up to my own unrealistic expectations, I hate making mistakes because they make me feel worthless, I take negative feedback too personally, I feel immense guilt over not doing things that I've been avoiding which just makes me avoid them more, I feel ashamed and inadequate due to how difficult it is for me to stay committed to anything, I'm worried that I'll just end up disappointing myself and the entire world, and I am convinced that if I failed I would literally die.
  • me externally: idk i guess i've just been kinda busy lol

((Hey gang! I’m working on some asks right now but I wanted to announce that me and a couple of friends are in the process of making a new BMC ask blog that is a Peculiar Children Steampunk AU–so based off of Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children set in a Steampunk universe. All the kids are “peculiars” and have special powers, and the squip takes care of them all! It’s gonna be really fun °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
Which Samwell Men's Hockey Team Member Are You?
Have you ever thought "Man this SMH team member is me?" Well now you can double check and see if they're actually your true match with this quiz! (made by tumblr user thehockeyhaus)
By appleschloss21

Ok so I got inspried by a post from @onethousandroaches where they mentioned the smh team and a buzzfeed quiz so I spent a few hours making this. I’m definitely, probably going to make more in the future. It was tons of fun but I like when there’s a lot of options, which is why it took me so long lol.

Please lmk what you think, reblog with your results <3 and if you see any errors like lmk that too!