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Post-split Panic! At The Disco + memories

[ENG] Haikyuu LN Vol 6 - The ‘Cats’ Of The Future

(Because the precious first year kittens are precious and everything about Nekoma is gold. It’s quite short but I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Not beta’d. The content is under the cut~)

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There’s already a few Football Yang that was done ; w;
But I really wanted to draw one too, so I did it ’ 3' 

Jack Sherman, Cliff Martinez, Hillel Slovak, Jack Irons, D.H Peligro, Arik Marshall, Blackbyrd McKinight, Dave Navarro, John Frusciante, Chad Smith, Flea, Anthony Kiedis, Josh Klinghoffer. 30 years of the best band in the world, Red Hot Chili Peppers.