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An announcement

(I will be out of town (New Mexico) from Wednesday till Sunday, so I probably won’t have time to draw asks during that time. Since it’s gonna be a road trip kinda deal, chances are I won’t have signal most of the time and I won’t be able to message y’all. Shenanigans will resume next Monday ^^)


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Happy birthday dear Pam~!! @09kageyama 
[September 8th]

I wish neurotypicals could understand that there is a huge, big difference between not doing something because you are lazy and not doing something because of executive dysfunction.

Like, when I don’t do something because of laziness, I’m still able to relax. I do at whatever chore I need to do, say “nah, maybe later” and do something else without feeling bothered by it. Or even start do it, but since I’m lazy, I’m just thinking on everything else I could be doing and be really, really out of focus.

When I don’t do it because of executive dysfunction, I’m physically unable of relaxing. I will look at a chore I have to do, think “I should do it” and my brain will set itself on fire. I will keep looking at the chore, being physically unable to move and do it, unable on stopping whatever it is that i was doing before, sometimes even crying from the distress. It’s fucking awful, stressing, and sure as hell nothing like being a little lazy on doing something I don’t want to.

Thinkin about that part in the It book when Richie invites Ben to the movies but Ben doesn’t have enough money and Richie instantly is like i can pay for you!!! even though he just spent aaages doing chores for a tiny amount of pocket money and then Ben is so surprised because he thought not having money meant he would just have to not go because he’s never had friends before but Rich is just like yeah just give me “owesies” and Ben has never!!! had!!! friends before!!!!! and is so happy about this concept of owesies!!!! fuckin hold me im cry