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dream supergirl ep pt. 3

int. shot - alien bar

kara is sitting at the bar with a cup in front of her. maggie enters the bar, spots kara & makes her way over. she nods to familiar aliens as she approaches.

maggie: “a little early for drinks.”

she lifts her hand & smiles at the bartender, who pours her something clear & pushes it over.

bartender: “same as kara. on the house.”

maggie looks a little warily at the drink but sips at it & she grins when she tastes it.

maggie: “water?”

kara: “you thought i was cool for a second there, admit it.”

maggie: “actually i thought something must be seriously wrong.”

kara: “oh no alex is fine”

maggie: “this again? kara, i mean with you.”

kara: “oh”

maggie: “but alex is okay, right? she hasn’t messaged me. i thought she might need some space but then you mentioned quarantine so, she’s sick?”

kara fiddles with her cup. she looks thoughtful & angry.

kara: “sort of. that thing i asked you to look at? that’s involved. it’s…well it’s a prototype of myriad.”

maggie, grinning: “im the new kid remember? you’re going to have to explain some of this stuff to me.”

kara: “myriad…is the device that brainwashed national city last year. it was a kryptonian device meant to,”

she crumples the cup in her hand & the bartender replaces it but gives kara a warning look.

maggie: “hey, it’s cool. brainwashing, you don’t need to explain it all.”

kara looks relieved & nods. she pulls a copy of the photo from her pocket & sketches some unfamiliar symbols at the base of the machine, which cannot be seen.

kara: “this was a predecessor. it didn’t have the capability of influencing enough people and it wasn’t subtle enough. people could tell that they were being coerced and throw off the effect. sometimes.”

maggie nods.

kara: “when i was very young, some envoys brought me a gift. one of these. i didn’t know what it was except that it made nice sounds & glowed. it was a trinket really.”

maggie: “what happened?”

kara: “nothing horrible. i wasn’t the target except to place it somewhere it could affect my mother. i barely noticed. but the envoys were trying to get my mother to agree to an alliance.”

maggie nods: “and you think mon el is involved.”

kara looks surprised.

maggie: “come on, im not just a pretty face. detective, remember?”

maggie stands & hands kara her jacket, helps her into it.

kara: “where are we going?”

maggie: “to visit a few friends. heard some weird stories about him, mon el? so i’ve been doing some digging.”

kara jogs to catch up. she holds the door open for maggie & waves goodbye to the bartender.


int. shot - DEO cells

mon el is seated very dejectedly in the cell. the doors hiss open & he looks around. just outside the doors is a DEO agent. their face is slack & they don’t look at mon el when he leaves.


ext. shot - apartment building. grey skies, slight rain.

maggie: “okay, last one. reckon they’ll confirm the other stories?”

kara huddles down to escape the rain. she looks grim & upset. she nods.

kara: “its the same as alex and winn and james. j'onn was safe because he has his martian mind power thing.”

she shakes her head when maggie looks curious.

kara: “i don’t know anything about it. except that the martian mind merge is a complete opening of minds and there’s no lies or secrets or agenda.”

maggie, suddenly glum: “sounds nice. i can think of a few times i’ve needed that.”

maggie knocks on the door. kara looks curious.

maggie: “alex told you, right? my parents kicked me out when i turned out to be gay.”

kara, solemn: “she didn’t. that’s awful.”

maggie, shrugs: “would’ve been nice to know that’s what would happen. plan ahead, yknow? now the other times are with these dirtbag - actually,”

maggie knocks again.

maggie, cont.: “now that i think about it, they can see into my mind too. i take it back, i don’t want anyone tacking a peek. stand back.”

kara is surprised. maggie sounds very calm & not suspicious at all. she kicks down the door, gun drawn.

kara: “you know im bulletproof, right?”

maggie rolls her eyes & waves kara to go in first.

continued shot- ext to int. shot - apartment

the room is neat but totally cleared out. kara sweeps the room with her xray vision & finds nothing. maggie begins to search the drawers & possible hides holes.

maggie pulls kara into the next room & taps her ear. she has heard something. there is someone approaching the apartment door.

male voice, surprised: “what the-”

maggie steps out, gun raised. kara steps out with her & her cool awesome laser eyes power up.

kara: “mon el. what a surprise. you didn’t like your accomodations?”

mon el: “honestly? no. a bit cramped. not that this place is much better but i thought it wouldn’t reek of kryptonian purity at least.”

kara: “sorry to disappoint.”

mon el looks disturbingly relaxed & confident. kara doesn’t like it.

kara: “how did you get out?”

mon el: “charm, innocence. did you know it’s illegal to detain innocent people?”

kara: “i did. did you? last i checked, daxam was the planet with slaves.”

mon el: “okay but that’s different”

kara: “SLAVES, mon el.”

mon el, still disturbingly obtuse & smug: “earth has debt, we had slaves. they’re not so different. they share the same endless servitude to a higher power. governments and such.”

he looks pleased with his diagnosis of debt. kara looks like she wants to punch his smug face into space.

kara: “they’re not the same.”

mon el, patronising in his joking dismissal like she’s cute to try to argue but let’s be honest he’s right & she should stop because it’s getting annoying: “they’re kinda the same.”

maggie: “does he have it?”

kara: “no. the guardian said it was too big to carry.”

mon el: “what’s too big to carry?”

kara: “the machine you’re using to convince everyone we are perfect for each other and who knows what other awful reasons”

mon el, laughing: “kara im flattered your friends think so highly of me. but trust me, i don’t have that machine.”

kara nods. it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t.

she punches him out cold anyway though & kneels down next to him. her touch to his forehead is almost tender. maggie looks confused. kara runs her hand over mon el’s hair gently. when she stands, she is holding something that cannot be seen. she twists her hands & a circlet becomes visible.

kara: “its connected to the machine. this is what he’s been using to coerce people.”

she snaps the circlet in two & picks up mon el by his shirt.


int. shot - DEO cell

kara fuckin FLINGS mon el back into his cell. he’s still unconscious.


int. shot - police building.

maggie pours a big mug of coffee. the police building is busy & clean if a little run down. it’s not obvious but small things like a squeaking chair & one light in the hallway that flickers. there are a lot of officers & detectives at their desks. they look up as maggie walks by & she smiles at some of them but mostly ignores them. she makes it to her desk.

supergirl is sitting beside her desk & maggie glares at a detective who is staring too obviously.

maggie: “ignore them, they’ve never met a superhero before. sorry we couldn’t go somewhere else, captain said the files had to stay in house.”

kara nods. she’s more confident as supergirl & she ignores the stares & pours over the files with maggie.

kara: “we can’t trust everything james said because he admits he doesn’t remember why he was checking out the warehouse at all and he really doesn’t remember where. but it has to be close enough that mon el could reconnect the circlet to the machine without being suspicious and it affected all those aliens we spoke to.”

maggie, shudders: “creepy. so hope what we have pans out, right?”

kara: “exactly”

unabashedrebel  asked:

25) For disturbed characters, does your muse have any redeeming qualities?

Well, Thor’s situation is a little unique. You could say he’s disturbed since Fractus (@fractum-umbra ) is a separate personality inside him, and alternate personalities are generally indicative of a not-quite-healthy mind.

Fractus represents Thor’s Shadow and was born from extensive childhood trauma/torture. For a long time, the two were one and the same, but when Thor first met his husband, he started…getting better, you could say. Outwardly, at least. He found the Light again, and gradually softened into the person he is today.

The trade-off, however, was that he denied the darkness in him so vehemently for so long that he convinced himself it was a separate entity entirely. Like the Shadow had sentience and would control him to make him do–and enjoy–the awful things he did. Eventually, that split became so extreme that it did become a separate entity. And Fractus is everything you would expect a living Shadow to be. It craves violence and revels in both giving and receiving pain. Likes to play with peoples’ minds and watch them dance around the issue of its existence. It sees itself as removed from mortals, so it does not abide by any sort of societal norms or expectations.

So I suppose the specifics of the answer really come from a matter of perspective; who is the one considered disturbed?

If it’s Thorideon, then yes, he certainly has a great number of redeeming qualities. Altruism, incredible empathy, a willingness to go above and beyond to heal people with both the Light and his words. Thor will give far more than he should to a complete stranger just because he feels he must save everyone he can. If Fractus is Shadow, Thorideon is Light.

If we’re assuming that Fractus is the disturbed one…the answer is still yes, though its redeeming qualities are more of a grey area. It will kill and maim and torture for selfish reasons, but if it encounters someone that it likes, a curious soul that captures its attention and/or earns its respect, the Shadow will fight tooth and nail to protect that person–including killing and maiming and torturing on their behalf. Its affections can be misguided, but they come from the right place. Usually.

(Thanks for the ask, @unabashedrebel; I hope this answer wasn’t too long-winded/overloaded with information!)

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What the heck? Ayse poisoned her kids?


Anonymous said: Confirmed that Ayse is Kaya’s mom but i kinda feel bad for Ayse not seeing her kids. Also is Farya now infertile?

yeah it’s very cruel to take her children away but at the same time i understand why they did it; she’s accused of treason and the sultan’s children can’t stay with her, unfortunately

i think the midwife said some episodes back that it’ll be a miracle if she gets pregnant again, after her miscarriage

Anonymous said: Wtf first Gev and now Ayse and her kids??!! I swear this show gets crazier every episode. I’m assuming that now Farya will take care of little Kaya??

i know!! apparently everyone just wanted to leave……….. lol 

i just wished they had sent gevherhan away to her sisters and that ayse was exiled to amasya                        no blood spilled and asli and leyla get to leave

i hope she doesn’t tbh but maybe she will out of guilt? she was pretty shaken for what happened and i can see her trying to make things right by taking care of ayse’s child            though i don’t know how happy ayse would be tbh

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Liz,are we currently watching a prison,cheating or Aaron having weird dreams after taking spice storyline cause I have no idea what this hot mess lol

I wish I knew. Maybe none of this is real and we’ve all been at the spice

Soft boys in flower crowns, this must be heaven (ᅌᴗᅌ✿) 

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You don’t have to separate these things with Jefferson. He can have written this incredible document, and several incredible documents, that we all, sort of- with things that we all believe in. And he sucks.

I think those are both true, and those have to be both true. I think we really have to stop separating them, ‘cause that’s when you get into trouble. That’s when you stop letting people be whole people.