lol i will never let you forget that though

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how..... how do you melt a teapot ?

okay here we go…

So the very first time I went over to my now-wife-then-girlfriend’s apartment for dinner, she handled everything, she made us rice and chicken and wouldn’t let me do anything. So the next time I came over I asked if I could help, and she grudgingly agreed to let me boil water.

Now, I had only ever used stovetop tea kettles, which are all metal and you heat them directly on the stove. But cricket had a plastic, self heating kettle that just had to be filled with water and you flipped a switch and it would heat itself. You can probably guess where this is going…

Yeah long story short I put the plastic kettle on the stove and tuned it on. Cue us smelling burning plastic 3 min later… Luckily I didn’t burn her apt down, but the damage had been done, to both her kettle and my ego.

She eventually did let me back in the kitchen but she never let me forget lol

How to Survive Junior Year (or any school year, really!)

Hey there everyone! I’ve had this guide bouncing around in my head for a while, so I thought I would sit down and writing it all out. As a senior who went through a rough junior year, I want to share my tips and tricks for surviving junior year (but a lot of these tips will apply to any school year you’re in, regardless of your grade level or location!).

  1. Plan, plan, plan. In the few weeks before school starts up for people, it’s important to sit down and figure out your schedule. Grab your (pretty!) planner and some pens. You’ll want a calendar in it, hopefully. You don’t need to set anything in stone, but you’ll need a game plan that will help you get through the year. Start thinking about your testing dates. When is it feasible for you to take the SAT/ACT? Will you take both? Ideally, you’ll take at least one test in the fall- that was my biggest regret. Knocking at least one out in the fall (& maybe you won’t have to retake!!) will make the spring semester a million times less stressful. Look on Collegeboard and ETS to see what the test dates are, and schedule them in. It’s also a good idea to keep subject tests in mind. If you want to take any (and I recommend you do- if you want any advice on this, let me know!) ideally, you’d take them in May or June. Since you’ve planned out your SAT/ACT dates, you can make sure they won’t conflict with when you want to take subject tests. Now look at your extracurricular schedule. Any big events happening? Schedule those in. You’ll also want to think about your schedule on a week-to-week basis. What are your other obligations? What time do you have available to rest, to study, to spend time with family? It’ll help you schedule in some relaxation time (which is SO important) during the school year.
  2. Find an organizational system Set something up that you know you’ll use, and something that’s relatively quick. Of course this can be tweaked during the school year, but at least figure out how you’ll keep track of assignments (I’d always recommend a good planner!), where you’ll keep old papers (they’ll be a great resource for exams), where you’ll study (you definitely want to have a pre-determined space to maximize your productivity!), etc. You want to make the school year as easy as possible. Trust me when I say losing papers and having to re-do assignments last minute is never fun.
  3. Make your schedule challenging. But also remember that it needs to be feasible. I took 6 AP classes (lol, yeah, don’t know how I survived that). Don’t let what other people do affect you though- if you know your max is 1 or 2, then do 1 or 2. But I’m always a firm believer in pushing yourself. I think people would be surprised by what they can handle, with the right motivation and organization. So definitely keep that in mind. But don’t forget…
  4. Focus on your extracurriculars This is the year where you really need to buckle down with your extracurriculars. If you still haven’t found what you like, that’s fine! Do some research, think about what you like, and then just go for it. No hesitation. Ideally, second semester, you’ll start thinking about leadership positions and applying. I think junior year is really important in terms of extracurriculars, so put in the time and hopefully you’ll see some reward senior year!
  5. Stay the heck away from drama. This was my fatal mistake of last year. I got sucked into drama and there was a time when I couldn’t live without my phone becase of it. Take a step back, and re-evaluate your position if you find yourself in a situation like this. What’s important? Who’s important? If you need to cut some friends out of your life, that’s okay. It happened to me, but you can always make connections with other people that aren’t going to drain you.
  6. Set out some YOU time. Yeah, another thing I kinda sucked at last year. I’d suggest setting out some time every week, so say, every Saturday morning, to sit down and fully unwind. Do whatever it is that you enjoy and relaxes you. Catch up on some TV, take a bubble bath, take a drive, whatever it is. You need to refuel or you’re going to get burned out really quickly.
  7. Keep college at the back of your mind. A lot of kids at my school became college-crazy this year, and that’s not something I’d recommend. Definitely start researching schools and think about what you like/dislike in terms of college. Start forming connections with your teachers, to hopefully get some teacher recs in the future (and get a great connection in general). Don’t let it become your obession, though. Work hard, study hard, and live your life. You want rich experiences that you can write about in your college essays senior year. Sure, thinking about it and going to some college fairs/talks is great, but you need to focus on building yourself up first.

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What type of boyfriend/imprint would seth be? And what would he be like in bed?

Seth would be the cute, loving boyfriend who is really protective of you. As an imprint, he would make sure that you’re okay, so he would walk you home every night, or watch over your house at night to make sure no vampires try to harm you. He will shower you with cute little gifts like matching bracelets to show his love for you, and he would never let you forget how much he loves you.

As for being in bed, I believe Seth would make it romantic, make it the best you’ve ever had. Even if it’s not your first, he’d want it to be special. <3

I hope you like it lol I started thinking about it and I was internally cooing at the thought. Awww I ship it, even though I have no idea who the girl is xD

Listen up, Kingsmen, Kingswomen and everyone in between!

A couple of days ago, I asked if there was something like a Kingsman Fandom Tumblr Meetup and was quite surprised to see that there was none.

Well, this will simply not do!

So let us gather, my knights, around the Round Table that is Tumblr, where everyone has equal status. Let’s get to know the fandom, let’s share our experiences, our ships, what led us to this - being in this great fandom that’s brimming with artwork and fanfiction and gifsets and such passion for this movie and comics, that even a year later more and more fans rub their hands and create stuff or like, reblog, add hilarious tags or comments, new metas or headcanons. 

If you never participated in a meetup, I promise it’s super fun! Especially when you don’t usually contribute much to the fandom, because you either don’t create things or you don’t really dare because you rarely get much attention when you post something - meetups are perfect for sharing and being seen - as long as there are enough people that participate! Everyone is invited to participate, so please don’t be shy!

By no means do I expect this to work out perfectly right away, though. Meetups don’t always work out (because of time zones, not enough participants, people forgetting the meetup or simply having no time - though this is really no issue, I can’t even remember if I’ve ever been on time for a meetup, I’m usually 2 hours late or so, because - you guessed it - time zones) but I’m convinced that you lot won’t disappoint me :)

So please, like/reblog this to let me know if you’re interested and to let your followers know, too! 

very important: don’t forget to post everything under the tag

 #Kingsman Tumblr Meetup

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So I finally reached over 400 followers. I decided to make a follow forever for all the special people in my life and for those who simply bring me entertainment. Also I would love to give a special thanks to zendayaaofrps / meofrps for my lovely graphic. 

The following people are those that I love and adore. Somehow built a friendship with these people. I honestly don't know how they did with my weird ass but they do and I love them for that.

nofaddaa: Babes I honestly don’t know where i would be or what I would be doing without you be my side. Even though you can be musty at times makes me just wanna smack you across the face but yet you’re still here for me. You mean the world to me. I love you from deep inside.

hazel-haan: My little Hazel Wazel sigh baby we have so much in common whether it’s in character or if it’s out of character. Sometimes I wish i could just hold you and show you to the world but you have to live on your own and experience life through different views. Baby i love you and you can come to me whenever you need me.

heiressrps: Ooh chrissy ooh you just so ooh. Sometimes i be wanting to hang you by the throat but I don’t do anything because I know how you can be. Even though you can be a very sensitive person I’m still here for you and don’t let anyone tell you different. You’re very lovable and kind.

thugofrps: I don’t like you at all. I love you but Ion like you lol you can be very not shit at times even when it’s time to be serious you’re very not shit. You a thot on the low too lmao. I love you brudder and never forget that I will be there for you through thick and thin.

augustofrps: Sigh. There is so much I could say about you probably would have a word limit if i did. I’ve been by your side in every rp we’ve been in. I’m basically your ride or die til’ the end we go fly. Even though you can piss me off and frustrate me a lot I still love you since day one baby. I’m just one kik message away.

jcombs1x1: Sigh. You’ve been my bae since the first day i entered the 1x1 world. You’re very goofy and a shit talker as well. I kind of miss our very first ship but i guess we can recreate that with our new one.

kae1x1: My wifey for life. Babes i love you. Even though you be playing me on the low with my big brother i still find my lil love space for you.

papi-kj: Oh my jesus child there is so many words and thoughts I could say to you right now. Especially out of character. You’re my best friend who is hella not shit. very loud, and so adorable. Your little country ass voice makes me smile and giggle whenever I’m speaking to you. You’re my fave currently and I like you a lot. Ion love you at this moment.

caidens1x1: CAIDERZ! Tehe you’re about the only person that I know that puts up with my loud ass like I don’t know how you do it. We’ve created a special bond between one another I don’t think anyone could break us apart. I know i can always come to you with open arms either for myself or for you. I can always come vent to you with you giving me an attitude and I appreciate that about you. You will always have a special place in my heart.
swaggys1x1: Swaggy you my baby okay? Don’t let nobody tell you different. You’re about the only person i can actually beat up and we’ll be laughing the next minute instead of jumping down each others throat.

The following people have amazing 1x1 plots and or pages that I find adorable and you should follow them
laila1x1 1x1equals1 aaliyah1x1 adri-1x1 akasha1x1 alleyesonshe1x1 anica1x1 argent1x1s august1x1 azs1x1 bbykira1x1 belle1x1 braelyn1x1 bunny1x1 camille1x1 chance1x1 cynthia1x1 cyns-1x1 desiray1x1 dtaylor1x1 ygdyme1x1 emu1x1 fck1x1 gabrielle1x1 gio1x1 gina1x1 hazel1x1 heather1x1 hussle1x1 india1x1s jackie1x1 joey-1x1 jhennyandheavies1x1 jasminee1x1 jaz1x1 jhenes1x1 jordy1x1 kaebae1x1 karmen1x1 kaylas-1x1s kory1x1 krystal1x1 laalaas1x1 lani1x1 lynn1x1 mensa1x1 milli1x1 mufasa1x1 nalalissa1x1 nessa1x1s noelle1x1 oohlala1x1 rebelles1x1 rueche1x1 santini1x1 sapphia1x1 shade1x1 shelley1x1s skylar1x1 stacey-1x1 stoner1x1 tariq-1x1 thequeenc-1x1 tleice1x1 urban-1x1s villuminati1x1 von1x1 wstco1x1 yoouri1x1 wsup1x1
 These are a few ofrp, rph people or just randoms I follow that makes my dash pretty entertaining if I say so myself 
thuggaofrps aliofrps aja-rps jasperxnotxcasper ashley-ofrps babeh-guuh baddieofrps barbsrps bbyofrp briyahhh c-ashh cadenrps cadillac-rp calvincandierps cassieofrps clifforps danirps-xo deerps devthagawd dex-le-sex drakeof-rps drickiofrps emiliaofrps ealy-rptalks dannyandangierph serfyofrps macclarkeofrp er0ticfantasies fatboyofrps furyofrps flameofrps gizofrp writing-inblue-ink writing-n-shit holytrinity-rph hippieofrps katgrahamrph jimmybrooks-2014 jodye-rps jojorph leighelps misshollyofrps bunny-ofrps nellienatorreloaded nyaspeaks onikaof-rps onikahelps onikagrahams paloma-rps papiknows-rph sexualfavorsrps shutupofrp simplynotshit slutrps spillyatea tayroleplays theaufactory-rps torilove-rph tyraofrps oohlalarps zoeofrphs zoeyrph allredrph antoniarps angieofrph arinofrps bai-daniella bbygalxcarter beybreezyrph breezyandtygaofrp bowsofrp buttersandvictoriahelps camindierps colehelps dayaofrps destinyhelps lovechraaliyah niknak1x1 kimmyrps taeofrps aaliyahscorner landof–gods
 I apologize if i missed anybody or if i tagged you more than once. There is too many of you and i got really lazy so I'm sorry.