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MATING SEASON AFTERMATH! (Poly tmnt x reader)

Authors note: ok so here’s the piece no one has been waiting for mating season aftermath! I had to write it I couldn’t help myself! This is def going to turn into a poly series/ reverse harem sort of thing! Also sorry this is so long.

Summary:You slept with all four brothers, how do you tell them? Do you even tell them at all? I dunno we’ll find out I guess lol.

Warnings: Mention of sex, cursing (?)

(Y/N) woke up, hair in her face and drool staining her cheek, still in the giant orange t-shirt from last night. She laid in bed before memories rushed into her consciousness.
“Oh my god!” She yelled to herself. She couldn’t believe the events of last night. She was hesitant to check her phone. Even so she grabbed it, bringing it close to her face. Text messages from ALL of them. “Oh fuck!” She yelled again, laughing maniacally. “What am I going to do!?” She realized that they would probably kill each other if they all found out they were sleeping with the same girl, realizing she had a decision to make, but she wasn’t quite sure how to make it.

Hey. Read Raphaels text.
What’s up angle cakes hope you’re ready for more! I’m coming over! Read Mikey’s text.
Hey can I come over? Asked Donatello.
We need to talk. Said Leo.
Oh fuck! She thought sitting straight up on her bed. She heard a soft tap on her window. Four giant turtles sat on her fire escape in the rain, waiting for entry. She wondered how long they had been there, and if they had seen her maniacal cackling. She pulled her window up, allowing the turtles to come in.
“Hi guys.” She rubbed her hand through her hair, still in michelangelos orange t-shirt.

They unfolded before her one bye one. She bent over the window sill, looking at the thunderclouds and what they threatened to bring. She stood up and closed the window, letting the heat from her apartment engulf her again before turning around to face them. They all stared at her, watching the way her ass popped in that orange t-shirt. Leo watched the way her legs stretched to the floor, wanting to tell her a million things, that he wasn’t ready for a relationship, but he still wanted to keep seeing her. Raphael watched her messy hair and the way it toppled over her shoulders down her back, she was so beautiful he thought. He wanted his brothers to go away so they could talk about last night. Donatello bit his lip trying not to burst with excitement. He was going to ask her out, he loved last night and he wanted to do it more, with her. He wanted to do everything with her. Mikey just wanted to show off. HE had a beautiful girl last night while they slept away in their beds.
“Orange is so your color!” Said Mikey, walking up to her and throwing his muscular arm around her neck. She gripped his hand, and smiled, hoping to keep the balance in the room.
“Shut up dingus,” Raphael flicked his little brother away. “I think red would look better.” The room erupted in shouts about what color she would look in best.
“Hey!” She yelled, trying to get their attention. “If you guys just came to fight with each other, you can do that at home.” She plopped on her bed, burying her face in the mattress, wanting all the complicated talks to disappear. She knew she had to talk to them eventually. She peeled her face back from her thick comforter, the turtles staring at her intently watching, waiting for her next move. They clung onto her words like water in the desert.
“Let’s go into the living room.” She groaned. They followed her like a mini battalion, carrying out her every command. She slipped on gray sweatpants and a black crop top before following the turtles into her living room. “Does anyone want coffee?” She asked, walking into the kitchen. Donatello and Leo sat at her kitchen island, while Mikey turned on the tv and Raphael watched.
“I’ll take a cup, I’m still tired from last night.” Donatello chorted a slick grin spreading across his face. (Y/N) blushed, all the while gritting her teeth with anxiousness.
“Yeah I’ll take some coffee too.” Added Leo. She poured the steaming brown liquid into coffee mugs with dancing penguins on them. Donnie stood up to grab some sugar. He pulled the sugar from the top cabinet, handing it over. She placed her hand on the sugar, looking into Donatello’s eyes. They froze, locked in a gentle gaze. Her hand crawled onto his forearm, grazing it gently.
“Can you pass that?” Asked Leo, irritation creeping into his throat. She shook her head and passed the sugar, while Donnie sent a death glare Leo’s way. Raphael made an appearance, leaning against the fridge, toothpick sticking out of his mouth. She leaned against her sink, sipping her coffee causally. Inside she felt trapped, the turtles had her surrounded, she had to say something.
“So anything new?” She asked. Leonardo chuckled. Her face twisted in surprise, Leo had never made that noise before, not even last night.
“Is something funny?” Asked raph. Leonardo regained his composure, clearing his throat, speaking very cautiously.
“I just thought she knew about Donnies new-” he paused. “His new invention thingy, tell her don.” Leo retorted quickly drawing attention away from himself.
“Actually she tried it out last night,” beamed Donatello. “It wasn’t perfect, but that was my fault,” He explained. “I’m making adjustments,” he pushed his glasses farther up his face. “it’ll be ready tonight, if you’re down?” He turned to (y/n), she smiled at the thought.
“Actually Donatello,” interrupted Leo. “I was going to ask if she wanted to train with me tonight.” Leo glanced over at her, gauging her reaction. She felt as if she was in a glass box, there for the turtles to spectate.
“Oh yeah THATS what she wants to do.” Donatello rolled his eyes and leaned against the counter, crossing his arms.
“Well that’s not really your decision,” snapped Leo. “Is it?” He scowled at Donnie, while Donnie averted his stare. She stood next to Donnie as he placed his hand in the small of her back, cautiously so no one would be able to see. Thoughts of pure bliss flooded her mind at his touch, the memories of last night never giving her rest. She tossed her hair behind her shoulder, desperate to not give away her secret.
“Nice hickeys!” Yelled Mikey, from the couch. They all chuckled to themselves, stopping when they noticed they weren’t the only ones.
“Why are you laughin’?” Raphael asked Leo.
“Because Donnie was laughing.” Leo pointed towards Donatello. Donatello froze.
“Uh,” she stuttered. “Actually I think I have a date tonight.” She blurted the first thing that came to mind. All the turtles immediately snapped their heads towards her, even Mikey all the way from the living room. Raphael rolled his eyes.
“Ya know I think I’m gunna go.” He said, walking towards her window.
“Come on Raphael,” she stopped him. “Don’t be like that.” He looked at her, suddenly realizing he had 3 other pairs of eyes on him.
“Ya alright.” He sat on the couch, begrudgingly, next to Mikey. The tension she felt was almost tangible, they all stared at her, hanging onto her every word.
“So this date?” Asked donatello.
“I uh-” she walked over to Leo and set her coffee cup down next to him. “My mom set me up for this thing like a month ago.” She watched their faces melt into disappointment. “I’ll cancel it!” She blurted. Oh shit, she thought, this is a disaster. She felt the room relax a little,
“So then that’s a yes for tonight?” Asked Don.
“Sure Donnie.” She said quickly.
“What about movie night angel cakes?” Yelled Mikey from the couch.
“Yeah and I thought you wanted me to teach you how to drive my motorcycle.” Raphael interrupted. She bit her finger nails before coming up with a solution.
“Ok I’ll go train with Leo, then go with raph, then Donnie and finally Mikey,” she watched their faces for approval. “Sound good?” Raphael shrugged.
“Sounds good to me.” He walked towards the window, prying it open. “See ya’ shorty.” He smirked before jumping out onto the fire escape.
“I’ll see you tonight.” Donnie said, hugging her before following Raphael home.
“Saving the best for last!” Mikey yelled behind him before following suit. Silence finally settled in between her and Leo.