lol i went overboard with the coloring

My second SU collab with Kiwi Byrd/@cat-pun!  They did the gorgeous flowing lineart and obviously I did…all this color stuff!  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out except that I think the red lighting kinda washed out Lapis’ blue skin? ;v; BUT I STILL LIKE IT.

Surely you already know of Kiwi but if you don’t, damn dude!! Go check out their speedpaints and art in general, it is all TOP-NOTCH!

Also btw here’s my speedpaint of this angsty ocean gem:

Kiwi’s Lapis Sketch/Speeddraw
(Plus the other half of the collab trade!
My Punk Pearl Sketch/Video
Kiwi’s Punk Pearl Painting/Video)


I think I went a little overboard putting male Robin in a yukata

But I got the idea from an otome game I play bc I was admiring the kitsune mask of my fave chara (who also has white hair lol) which was my main insp for this and I was like…you know who else has a purple/gold color scheme and also has white hair? ROBIN.

Bonus: Robin’s a youkai or is the vessel of a demon spirit (like Grima lol)

You taught me the courage of stars

Before you left

Voltron Week is here! Here’s a space princess for today’s theme, Space/Travel (leaning way more towards space oops)

Many thanks to @raberbagirl for helping me come up with ideas, I loved the thought of Allura and a star cloak! As expected, I went overboard with the stars :P

Idk I just like drawing dragons and boys bro, there’s something about it. Something magical. Anyways here’s my thing for the dayyyyy hope it’s okay. Kinda upset about some of my color choices but live and learn. Went overboard on the gold foil too lol

So remember how I said I based Vahirom’s gijinka on FE manakete designs?

I guess this is like…..a FE AU version of them???They’d probably be like a divine dragon like Tiki lol…but perhaps with a more nuetral stance on everything because you can’t chalk up every opposing force as evil

I really liked the pose and sort of went overboard with the coloring.


Ahhhh—- I had a lot of fun doing these~! I think I went overboard with this but oh well- I was gonna add more too lol

The first set of expressions is Karin’s more natural expressions and the second one is her more ‘composed’ ones. 
Come support with me guys~  \(★ω★)/

I’ll add a reference of her soon!  \(^ヮ^)/

Please do not trace steal or copy my art~

Second palette challenge bust is complete! I kinda went overboard and might’ve used aqua >.> But I really felt like if I didn’t Sandra wouldn’t be as shiny. Other than that I used every color in my arsenal, just different opacities this time instead of solid colors.

1/3 done. Nabs is silently staring at me. I just seriously suck at this breed and I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching on how to get those facial proportions just right so it doesnt look like a tortoise lol. Gifts aren’t supposed to look like old tortoises. XD

Oh I forgot to mention. This is an OC dragon for the lovely Amphiptere (@stormdragon)