lol i wanted this pic alone

So today I went to visit my friend after her convocation while she was taking pictures on campus with her family, and I was wearing a fancy(ish) outfit + skirt (bc all my shorts were in the wash lol). Anyways, I’m carrying the flowers I bought her, and this family comes up to me, and asks me if I was alone and whether I wanted them to take pictures of me, and I WAS NEARLY IN TEARS BC THEY ARE SO KIND. I told them I wasn’t graduating, but that it was awfully kind of them to ask anyways though! 

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Just another day in Canada tbh, but I’m just so emotional bc of my exam tonight. 

Only one art post tonight and straight to bed cuz sleeeeeepppp for early tomorrow sobbbbb 4:15 am and I need to get up at 8 LMAO sobbbbb lfjslf

Anyway I was reading them Amity Park texts on tumblr throughout the week and slkfjkldsf hnnngh feels SKFJLSDFJ sobbbb That whole thing w/ the text w/ Dash and Kwan about how Dash’s dad is abusive slfjsklf SOB SO SAD I CAn’T EVEEEENNNS FLKSF I just want him to be helped somehowwwwwwwww awawawawaw skfjsldfjlskdfj 

ANYWAY 8 A 8 Dash doesn’t know it’s Danny Behind him in the pic, also there’s a little piece of glass bottle in his cheek on the left in case it looks weird lol slkfjsldfjskldf sobbbbb

I’m not exactly sure who Dash thinks it is atm yet but yeah <33333 ;m ;

I come up here pretty often to sit in my car with my coffee and a cig with some good music and chill alone it’s therapeutic for me honestly but after I took this picture of my beautiful view I noticed the cute couple and it made the photo that much more heart warming. I kinda wanted to show them like hey guys look at this scenic pic featuring your love lol. Makes me wonder how many beautiful pictures your in, that maybe a stranger took without meaning to capture you in it. Idk it’s just a cute thought. I’m just here chillin enjoying life and every spec of beauty in it.

Today in the morning, the girls and I went to the swimming pool for the first time ever☆ Well… first time for them!

We had a blast there! Since I was alone with the kids, I couldn’t enjoy the big pool (sob), as I had to stay with them in the kids’ one to make sure they’d be safe. But I still enjoyed it so much, especially seeing them having fun in the water. Sadly there’s no pics, because my phone was safely stored in my bag, away from water, lol. But I can promise they loved it!!

Of course, at the time of coming back home, Maiko made a big drama out of it… she wanted to stay in the water. I felt like a horrible mother, watched by everyone, forcing her to leave as she screamed and cried (;⊙n⊙)….. Why do you always have to be so extra, baby…

We’re planning to go all together again next week, and hopefully this time she’ll accept it better! For now, she’s gonna have to be happy with our balcony mini pool (where I love to soak my butt on especially hot days).

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Because I have been talking about Ted Dekker books today, I thought I would post a pictures of all my Ted Dekker books.

Top left are the complete serieses I have, top middle are my more compact versions of some of the books, top right are all stand alone novels (sort of. It is complicated lol), and the bottom pic are my personal favorites (that I own. I have a couple more that I looove that I want to get soon.)

Note: these are not all my books and these are also not all the Ted Dekker books I have read.

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I am devastated we don't have HQs of harry in this shirt, it's just like the iconic space boy cardigan. I am holding out hope he's still in the same outfit when he lands in London and we get some more pics lol

i’m so torn between wanting people/paps to leave him alone and also a desperate need to see both the shirt and glasses in hq

Internet Friend?? :)

hi! im madaline, im 14 years old. I really want to meet someone who can be a chill friend w me, we can send eachother random funny pics and spam the crap out of eachother, vent/rant together about our normal life problems, send eachother memes, give advice, and overall just have tons of jokes and stuff !! a little about me: some bands i really like are pierce the veil, panic!, blink182, arctic monkeys, the neighbourhood, and also i like lofi-hip hop/vaporware music a lot (the thing is i love these bands but i just hate most of the fanbases bc they make everything cringey.) a few things i like to do for fun are write, draw, read, watch netflix, and online shop! i really love the aesthetic vibe in general and the art hoe community! i loveee dan and phil (who doesn’t tbh). if you want to get to know eachother, message me or dm my instagram @madalineallen :)))

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what happend was wild. He literally said he doesn't label his sexuality, he said he will go to the dunkirk premiere alone (when the hess update said she was going with him because she said that to them), no one talked about her but the sun and the daily mail, the fiasco pics of her in vogue (when the girl in the pics was in fact her friend lol) and her embarrassing interview lol she lost every hope after all of this!

he hasn’t said… one word abt her and that’s the cherry on top. id be embarassed too if i were her rip good riddance 

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ok honestly I want to know if I'm alone in this or everyone goes through this. But does it bother you when the person you're currently with is liking a girls pic on ig from months ago, or spam likes her pics? Like this bothers me SO much lol

Ok yeah that’s a little sus. It’s the right kind of jealousy and anger. So you’re not alone lmao IK how you feel.


I went to jump shop today and I bought Hinagarasu dolls (I put it on my backpack!) and Karasuno “Fly” banner pin. I just bought two merchandises cos I’m gonna spend my money on books lol.

Also! YOU CAN TAKE A PIC WITH VOLLEYGAY BABIES!!! That’s so cute. I didn’t take it today cos none of my friends like Haikyuu, and taking a pic alone in the box is kind of lonely (and expensive). I wonder if @kengakimi wants to take a pic together here with me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I was low-key fangirling cos too embarrassed to do it alone. I’m not sure I can do that when I visit toranoana or Madrake tho.

I’ll update soon ^^

So this is what my tummy looks like. I’ve basically never show it to anyone except well, doctors, cosmetologists and such. I’m almost 30 now and I’ve never had someone touching my skin/my body in an intimate way. i’m just too disgusted by myself to let anyone do that. I don’t even know why i’m submitting this picture or why I took it in the first place. I never photographed my body this way, i refuse to look at my body in front of a mirror or just..yeah..look at my body in general. but I guess it’s time to face that.. that’s how I am. that’s who I am and that’s what my body looks like. unfortunately. or not. I don’t know. I just wanted to tell you it’s been a blessing , in some way, finding this blog. At least I realised I’m not alone.

I didn’t figure out if I’m on anonymous or not, but please publish this pic as anon.Thanks.

This was a submission (but it wasn’t on anon mode, so here i post it lol). I’m happy my blog could help you, I also must say my tummy looks a lot like yours. I hope you can find a way to accept your body. I think taking this picture and talking with such honesty is a good first step. I wish you the best <3


Went to the Sherlock: From Script To Screen do at the Regent Theatre tonight with Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss and Sue Vertue. Really enjoyed it, esp Mark’s jokes and jibes throughout. They were very generous with their time, and ran a bit over to accommodate a good chunk of audience questions. Will Anderson did a good job as mc as well.

Highlights/Notable comments:
-Lots of praise for Una Stubbs, bless 💗
-Mark actually using one of his own 3 piece suits to chime in for a scene when his set suit had no pants/trousers
-Not sure if I’d heard this already, but hearing that Mark wasn’t credited in S1 because they initially wanted pple to believe he was Moriarty
-Finding out some insider knowledge (thanks to the ladies taking pics in front of the display) about screenings in Melbourne–apparently will be through Dendy Cinemas, and will release details once they’ve worked things out 👌👍😊😎
-Getting a sneak peek of the Behind the Scenes documentary they’re going to screen at cinema showings of the ep, where Ben comments that he most looked forward to cutting his hair short for the Shspesh (knowing how many will be devestated by this thought) 😂
-Moffat being adamant that they haven’t looked at any of the online fandom stuff since S2, and saying that they wouldn’t really want to intrude on fan-to-fan discussions and fandom spaces (which was an interesting remark given the alt ideas offered in TEH about The Fall)
-Mark being very keen to remind us throughout that Mycroft is smarter than Sherlock (and he’s smarter than Ben, lol)
-Moffat kinda wearing his own version of the ‘purple shirt of sex’, and quipping that it was his wife’s doing
-A lady’s odd question about laptop continuity
-Mark playing 'dead’ after some audio issues
-Will quipping “That’s not a pipe–THIS is a pipe!” in response to an audience question about what to do for an Aussie Sherlock
-Sue letting us in on a new Sherlock app being released 'soonish’ for the Shspesh, which will be released in the UK, US and Australia. Apparently it will allow you to get info on screenings in your country, access wallpapers, etc.
-Mark reading 'that’ bit from “The Three Garridebs”

It was funny having their relationship constantly being framed as a 'friendship’, yet they’d constantly drop 'The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes’ as part of their answers to various questions. Martin was talked about (nothing I hadn’t heard already), but Ben was more the focus (as expected).

Also, I wanted to ask a few questions myself in th Q&A part, but my throat decided to give out and itch the whole time, which was having me struggle to speak, let alone carry my voice across half a theatre (sorry @melancolia).

But yeah, a good, fun night. No further insight on the shspesh though, lol.

“Thank goodness Laff-A-Lympics is finally over.”

Ted the Animator: “What a mess that was! I can’t believe HB actually paid for a second season.”

Carl the Animator: “You’re telling’ me. The last two weeks are all a blur… watching the episodes, I don’t remember animating half of these things.”

Ted the Animator: “Mmm.”

Carl the Animator: “Like… why does the robot dog not have legs here?”

Ted the Animator: “I thiiiiink you forgot to draw them, and then I may have forgotten to crop high enough.”

Carl the Animator: “Yeah, that… that sounds vaguely familiar.”

Ted the Animator: “…any idea why Boo-Boo has a weird black shape all over his face for a frame?”

Carl the Animator: “Oh, that time I remember. A big spider crawled on the sheet.”

Ted the Animator: “…I was better off not knowing that.”

Carl the Animator: “When did we decide to make every single background character look like Gandalf?”

Ted the Animator: “Uh… didn’t that happen around the day we marooned someone on an arctic ice floe, and then didn’t remember how we did it?”

Carl the Animator: “I think you’re thinking of a Strong Bad cartoon.”

Ted the Animator: “Oh. Well, my memory’s hazy, but… wasn’t there a time you combined a 2-liter Mountain Dew-”

Carl the Animator: “I don’t remember that.”

Ted the Animator: “-with thirty espresso shots, and we-”

Carl the Animator: “Nope, doesn’t ring a bell.”

Ted the Animator: “-watched through our entire VHS collection, alphabetically.”

Carl the Animator: “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeah!”

Ted the Animator: “Those were a weird 46 hours.”

Carl the Animator: “That was definitely it. I remember now ‘cause Lord of the Rings came after Earth Vs. Soup, but before Turbulent Juice.

Ted the Animator: “I never thought I’d get a hand cramp from drawing too many wizard beards.”

Carl the Animator: “And then, there’s… oh my.”

Ted the Animator: “Yyyyyeah.”

Carl the Animator: “Do… do you even want to take a crack at explaining this?”

Ted the Animator: “I’m drawing a blank, and would prefer to keep it that way.”

Carl the Animator: “I don’t recall this gorilla thing, let alone animating it spanking someone.”

Ted the Animator: “I’m certainly not taking credit.”

Carl the Animator: “Same.”

Ted the Animator: “Right.”

Carl the Animator:

Ted the Animator: “…how ‘bout we pretend this series didn’t happen, and never speak of it again.”

Carl the Animator: “Agreed.”

Voice Feature Act #55: Ishikawa Kaito (from Pash! August 2013)

Q&A translation:

1. What do you think of, when you hear the word summer ? Mosquito coil.

2. You’ve just spotted a shooting star ! What do you wish for ? Come on more shooting star

3. Your favorite place ? The sofa in the japanese-style room.

4. If you were to become a power ranger, which color do you want to be ? Which technique do you want ? Blue. Something like “Hyado”

5. Your favorite motto ? Strike while the iron is hot / Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

6. Something you always walk around with ? Propolis

7. Your ideal type ? Can you give a talent as an example ? Maki Horikita

8. Your nickname when you were little ? Kaijin

9. Place you wash first in the shower ? Left arm

10. Something you failed at recently ? The size of a shirt I bought was too small even though I tried it before.

11. If you had a week’s worth of time off, what would you do ? A trip to Okinawa

12. If you were to be reborn, what do you want to be ? Teacher

13. Your treasure ? My first iPod which I received from my father.

14. Any fetishes ? Feet

15. Favorite color ? Blue

16. A book you want to recommend ? Captain America

Thanks to: Juriakimizu for letting me using her pic, (you can find the others pics here,),Yumena-koeota for helping me to translate it, and emii-suterii for checking.

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I think we'll see Louis but it would be very interesting if we don't. Remember when they papped Daniel alone outside the Jungs gate? Lol! We saw through the windows and Louis wasn't there but they wanted us to think so? As I said, I expect pics of him in LA today or tomorrow and maybe he'll be MIA again but who know?

Pretty much same, I expect something and then for him to drop off the map again. For the past 5 weeks he’s been seen once per week and then gets to go MIA. But using Daniel is any easy way to place him there if that’s all they are trying to do. Anyways, we shall see and if he has to be seen I’m sure UA sister will be more than happy to post a picture.