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i have too many au ideas in my head, and i want them gone. SO I'LL GIVE THEM TO YOU! C: inukag modern au where kagome gets attacked one night and decides to take self defense classes, with out favorite hanyou inu being the instructor OR kagome rushing a dog she witnessed getting hit to the local vet/shelter only for inu to be the one working there and fighting because "maybe you shouldn't hit dogs" and kag has to defend that she didn't hit the dog but trying to save it. URGH take them away pls

I like the idea of them training together I am so so so always for that. I like the reverse too where she’s his trainer. 

I’m so weak to the pet shop stuff. IDK there’s something about my OTP being surrounded by puppies that really gets my squeal on. 

I wasn’t sure what to do with this ask. I am so grateful for the head canons so thank you for tolerating my this. 

This was something interesting I noticed. Every season, RnM’s colors get darker. Guess you can say it IS gonna be the darkest year of their adventures. 

Colors taken from screenshots. c: I wanted to do Morty too but I’m too tired lol. 


i just wanted to draw ritsu sucking izumi’s blood so now he’s dying

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Fuck it, I'm requesting again lol. (A) 2, (b) 2, (c) 3 (d) 21

Hey love. 

I’m super sleepy haha. Sorry I took too long.

Character: 2) Steve Rogers
Genre: 2)Pure smut
Relationship: 3)Romance 
Prompt: 21)“I’m sorry, do you want to rephrase that?”

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

“Well, I’m sure I can make myself cum as easy as you do it.” You rolled your eyes, and Steve raised his head with a surprised and offended look.

“I’m sorry, do you want to rephrase that?” He sat on the bed.

You shrugged.

“I’ve done it in seven minutes alone once.” You tried to remember.

Your boyfriend stared at you for a long moment before grabbing you by your waist and kissing you hard.

You moaned, you were already slightly horny - you had spend the latest hour talking about sex -  and his mouth on yours and his grip only enhanced that.

He tore your clothes away, using a moment to tease your nipples before moving his mouth to your ear,

“Check the clock.” He whispered.

When he put his mouth on you, you knew you were lost. His fingers, his tongue, his fingers and his humming against your folds were too much and you came with a loud and long moan.

When Steve pulled away, you bitch-faced his wet smirk before throwing your head back.

“Five minutes and 57 seconds.” He said after looking at his watch. “You got anything else to say?”

“Shut up.”

300 followers drabble game celebration
- Read the rules and request your own drabble

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I dunno if you got this request or not yet (lol I follow too many blogs bless you guys!) Anyways, could you do one where the paladins find out their s/o has a lot of siblings like 6 siblings?


  • “Holy smokes”
  • They’re going to be so overwhelmed with how many there are. They will not remember their names for at least three hours of talking to them.
  • #introvertproblems they don’t want to deal with this shit they just wanted to meet your family not the entire fucking population of Czechoslovakia what the heck is this what the he c k
  • They slowly warm up to them a few at a time.


  • He is Ready.
  • He’s such an outgoing person and is so excited when you tell him how many siblings you have.
  • He’s so excited whenever you invite him over from then on because he loves your family and they love him too
  • “Marry this boy.” is said to you a lot.
  • At the end of the day, he realizes how lucky he is that, out of all your siblings, he got to meet and fall in love with you.
    “I got the best one”


  • Is his name Bo Burnham because he Can’t Handle This right now.
  • Like seriously there are too many. How did you survive?? 
  • Your siblings will think he’s really weird at first, but they’ll eventually warm up to him as he warms up to them.
  • He probably won’t get really close to them for a long time, but since they’re your family, they’re going to be his, too.
  • He’s used to being alone, so this is a huge leap for him, but he actually likes it.
  • It’s nice to see what a real family is like.


  • If you have tiny siblings, like 3-5ish age, they’re going to be all over him, especially when he helps make sure there are no monsters under their beds.
  • One of your aunts is going to hit on him
  • “(Y/n), he’s such a hottie how’d you trap his ass”
  • Your brothers (especially little ones) are going to love talking to him. Your little siblings will look up to him.
  • Your parents appreciate him. He offers to help with everything, and he’ll do a good job whenever they accept his offers.


  • He’s kind of neutral on how many there are. It’s chill with him!!
  • He has a lot of common interests with your siblings and they love him immediately he’s so kind and warm (Y/n) marry him
  • Like seriously he radiates light and love
  • Anyway, they are going to get him into all their favorite shows and games and hobbies. He’s going home with a list of shows he has to watch
  • Good thing he has you to watch them with him ;) Cuddles on the couch and popcorn w/ good shows!!
  • Out of all of them, he’s the one your parents would approve of the fastest. He’s smart, respectful, kindhearted, strong, and good to you, what more could they ask for?

i feel like all i’ve talked about is work lately but a) oh well and b) it’s better than endless eating disorder posts….although lets be real i make those too lol no shame and c) a lot happened tonight ! good things ! things that made me glad to work here ! side note!! i’m self conscious that this is going to come across as ‘holier than thou” now! but!!! i do not care!!! 

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tagged by: @shiintan - thanks! (sorry it took so long for me to do this, haha)

Name: Hex Agon Fourhundredthirtyone

Nickname: hex

Zodiac Sign: aquarius

Height: 6′

Ethnicity: polygon

Orientation: straight

Favorite Fruit: this one’s hard, but probably huckleberries

Favorite Season: winter/fall

Favorite Book: fahrenheit 451

Favorite Flowers: …purple ones? (i know jack shit about flowers lol)

Favorite Scent: a tie between lavender and rain

Favorite Color: grey

Favorite Animal: cats c:

Favorite Drink/Beverage: 

Average Hours of Sleep: i dunno lol

Favorite Fictional Character: i have too many to choose just one, but one of my current favorites is lobco from wadanohara and the great blue sea

(i also really like chaika) 

Number of Blankets: just one

Date of Blog Creation: sometime in 2013 i think

Number of Followers:  just a few

i’m not sure who to tag for this (other than @adorable-anime-girls, do it hecker) so i’ll leave it open for anyone who sees this and wants to do it themselves c:

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Hi! I just want to say that I am so incredibly in love with your OCs!! I miiight also cut my hair just because I love Louise's hair and I was hesitating but after seeing a few drawings of her I'm definitely doing it now. I can only hope to look half as good haha. Have a nice day! :)

Ohh, thank you so much! c:

I myself am struggling bc I too wish that haircut but I don’t have the guts to do it lol x.x

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6, 60 + whatever number you've been wanting to do with taffy. Gotta be honest i wanna see how you write this lol :)

I’m curious to see how i’m gonna write this too tbh but tbh this is prolly gonna be fucking funny tbh

okay this was fun to write and tbh Jeff’s drunk texts are based on my own Drunk texting shenanigans which are always fun

6 I lost the baby
60 You’d be a great dad
and for my own choice i have chosen
134 was I really that drunk

Clay was woken up in the middle of the night by a string of unreadable drunk texts from Jeff. However there was one readable one.

Sunshine Jock: I LOFT THE BABY

Cute Nerd: What?????

The Mustang: Jeff darling You’re a gay man. 
The Mustang: You can’t get pregnant.

Sunshine Jock: BUT I
Sunshine Jock: I SWEF IT HAPN I
Sunshine Jock: TUMBIG THEN NOT
Sunshine Jock: SO MUFT BAB THEN NO

The Mustang: Jeff go to sleep your drunk

Cute Nerd: Drink water first though

Sunshine Jock: OKA I SLEP NOW
Sunshine Jock: AHH
Sunshine Jock: IM SO
Sunshine Jock: IM ALEEPIMG NOW

Clay chuckled at the drunk texts Jeff sent and when he was satisfied that Jeff was asleep and not going to send more texts, He too went to sleep.

When Clay woke up at a resonable time in the morning, he found he had some new texts from Jeff and Tony and also surprisingly Alex.

Sunshine Jock: Was I really that drunk?

The Mustang: Oh yes you were

Cute Nerd: The texts kinda prove that you were, Jeff

Sunshine Jock: My head hurts 
Sunshine Jock: I think my body officially hates me

Cute Nerd: Have some painkillers and water

Clay then went on to check the messages from Alex.

Alex: I got a video of drunk Jeff off of Monty its hilarious
Alex: {Attachment 1}

Clay: Omg Thank you

Alex: Youre welcome feel free to tease him about it for ever

The video Alex had sent, showed a very drunk Jeff firstly trying to pole dance, then he started singing Queen at the top of his lungs and finally he ended up running around saying he’s pregnant.

Cute Nerd: {Sent 1 Attachment}
Cute Nerd: I think you were extremely drunk Jeff

Sunshine Jock: Oh god who filmed that


Cute Nerd: Monty

Sunshine Jock: He’s so dead

The Mustang: I think you’d make a great Dad, Jeff

Sunshine Jock: Oh bite me, Tony

Sims Tag Game Thinga-ma-bob

I was tagged by: @dummysimmer thanks dude,, u always remember about me dude luv u

i tag: like i don’t wanna tag twice lol if i mentioned you in this post you’re tagged 

1. What’s your favorite sims death?

um,, i don’t like killing my sims umm,,,, 

2. Alpha CC or Maxis Match?

Maxis match mostly but i love some alpha hairs and one of my favorite sims only uses alpha hair c:

3. Do you cheat when your sims gain weight?

I actually try not to, if i created them fat that’s because it’s one of their physical characteristics and i don’t want to change that, but if they aren’t from the beginning and then they start to gain weight i might make them exercise and probs forget about it until it’s too late and they’re fat and i don’t care enough lol (this is what kinda happens in real life too)

4. Do you use move objects?


5. Favorite mod?

mmm,,,  a mod that makes my sims ages last longer oh! and teleport mod of course…

6. First expansion/game/stuff pack you got?

umm ok when i was like 8 i got pets for ts2, but with ts4 it was get to work.

7. Do you pronounce “live mode” like aLIVE or LIVing?

aLIVE mode lol

8. Who’s your favorite sim that you’ve made?

Alex my nonbinary baby

9. Have you made a simself?

yeah just did a whole challenge with her

10. What sim traits do you give yourself?

Gloomy, unflirty, childish and loner

11. Which is your favorite EA hair color?

Light Brown and Auburn

12. Favorite EA hair?

ugh mmmmmmm, there’s actually a few and i can’t really decide hahahah

ok i had to be extra about this but you don’t understand,, i’m procrastinating

13. Favorite life stage?

Young Adult, but teenagers are ok too

14. Are you a builder or are you in it for the gameplay?

Definitely for the gameplay can’t build for shit

15. Are you a CC creator?

um i recolor when i bored 

16. Do you have any simblr friends/a sim squad?

not a “squad” and my introvert ass keeps me from constantly communicating but my pals: @dummysimmer cuz she’s chill and always remembers about me lol @myindiesims is my kdrama and gossiping buddy and @tofusaucee is like the nicest person ever (and i hope she’s still not 50 yet hahahah), and like @glammoose follows my personal, that automatically makes him a friend whether he wants to or not,,,,

(I suck at talking to people, but I really really like @/stephanine-sims and @/disappearing-sims <3 ) !! <333

17. What’s your favorite game? (1, 2, 3, or 4)


18. Do you have any sims merch?


19. Do you have a YouTube for sims?


20. How has your “sim style” changed throughout your years of playing?

um well… at the start i didn’t know what cc was,, then i learned the correct way to play this game ..

21. What’s your Origin ID?


22. Who’s your favorite CC creator?

uuuuuh i’m not going to tag cuz i don’t wanna bother but (you can’t honestly expect me to choose ONE) chocolatemuffintop, aharris00britney, mysteriousdane, aveirasims, qvoix, weepingsimmer, wildlyminiaturesandwich, nygirlsims, enriques4, onyxsims, leeleesims1, lumialoversims, stephanine-sims, shespeakssimlish, kiara24, xldsims and ok there’s more but yeah….

23. How long have you had a simblr? 

a year and…. a half

24. How do you edit your pictures?

i open photoshop, i pray then i cry cuz i suck and THEN i close photoshop, sometimes that may result in an edit..

25. What expansion/game/stuff pack do you want next?

P. E. T. S.

26. What expansion/game/stuff pack is your favorite so far?

uuummmm i like get together and movie stuff also city living is not that bad,,

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Hey Fluffy I just wanted to thank you for all your beautiful meta on Sith Purebloods, your biology post is pinned in the main discord channel of my guild forever and ever <3 Do you happen to know of any great meta on Chiss?

oh gosh….

Originally posted by whiteinkcases

you guys are too awesome and wonderful ;3; thank you~

and uh…. no. i’m afraid i don’t know too much on the chiss :c

i… sorta kinda wanted to do a bit of “blueberry gardening” after finishing with the tomatoes…. only now i realize that “completing” things on the sith will take 5ever. DX (send help lol)

someone asked me something similar about zabarks. but just because *I* haven’t personally seen it, doesn’t mean there’s nothing on them. >,< sorry i’m not more of a help.

thanks again tho! <3

from last night’s stream ´w`;; i thought i could finish colouring and shading it and then i realised.. i really want to play borderlands 2 and finish it

so here’s the lineart for now lol

YEA FIRST TIME I DREW FIONA i can draw girls haha people have actually approached me about that -laughing but really nervously sweating in reality-

Future Rhys and Fiona©Tales from the Borderlands
poor art©me

hugahalf-elf replied to your post: i’m trying to do bodyweight exercises/“get in…

are u joking about the sword thing, bc like that is legit what i want to exercise for skjafkgd (so i can start fencing again)

what is a joke, in this world? 

i mean, i do want to do HEMA b/c i think i could be great with a broadsword but i don’t think I could get through an entire lesson rn; also i feel like i suck too hard at fencing to do it even at a club tbh 


im always too lazy to do these but today is the day i finally do one!!

i was tagged by the lovely @fratboyhanifin :)

A- age: 20
B- birthplace: new york
C- current time: 12:40
D- drink you had last: water
E- easiest person to talk to: my dad
F- favorite song: at the moment its kiwi by harry styles (LOL SAME HANNAH)
G- grossest memory: when i threw up the morning after i went out once during my freshman year and i was sober and it was so gross :(
H- horror yes or no: sometimes lol
I- in love: with my dogs (lol i’m copying this answer bc my dogs are my life)
J- jealous of people: yeaaa
K- killed someone? Nope
L- love at first sight or should I walk past again: honestly idk i’d like to think love at first sight exists but i won’t know until i experience it
M- middle name: don’t have one
N- number of siblings: don’t have any
O- one wish: to be less stressed and happier
P- person I called last: my friend from school
Q- question you’re always asked: i’m always doing homework so i’m always asked if i’m at the library haha
R- reason to smile: i’m going to florida soon!
T- time you woke up: 9:00
U- underwear color: grey and white
V- vacation: London or Copenhagen 
W- worst habit: not telling people how i feel 
X- X Rays: my teeth, lungs, ankles, back
Y- your favorite food: shake shack
Z- zodiac sign: virgo

i tag: @phildanault @thealidoyle @harrisonjack @skjeidybrady76 @buchplease @plutoisback