lol i wanna have a mom like her


A day with my special lil lady.

I know I been a lil MIA with the whole social media thing, shit, I’ll do better haha. Offered my mom the chance to have a day to herself by taking my not-so-baby sister Tia out for the day. With us havin’ such a large age difference between us ( 21 years to be exact lol) and me not gettin’ along with her pops too well, I don’t usually get the chance to spend time with her. She’s growin’ way too fast and I don’t wanna let these years get away so I try make sure I clear up my schedule every so often even if its just to take her skateboarding in the park n for some lunch - like we did today. These pics of her before n after lil ma asked me for ice-cream and I said no cah its too cold so she gave me that look like “watch when I tell mama” lmao. 

She’s my muse n motivation man. Everyday I work harder so she can be proud to call me her bother.

well .. i tried lol .. JK ..

 to be honest I liked Jumin’s normal ending way better than the good ending one .. Jumin tried to became anormal person … tried to prove her love to MC truthfully without use of his riches and fame .. I felt Jumin’s more sincere there than where he kinda show it off to everyone but … I guess the bad ending aint bad too .. if you know what i mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

lol .. anyways i really wanna improve on the way i draw so i still have a lot to learn ! >:3






Well, I plan to be an independent creator. I use my commission money for future projects and such. I also use it for games but I draw a lot lately rather than play games lol.

Like what projects?
Visual novels! I have a story in mind! I hope you guys will like it!! It tackles mental illness, abuse and other social problems. If you guys commission me, it would be a great help for the development of the novel :—–)

Also some of the money is a lot help to my family. My mom likes to borrow money a lot and well, I just wanna help her out in case of emergencies.

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name a user a reminds you of each member

Ahhh this is a toughie but I’ll just say the first user that comes to mind!

Minseok: @minseok-is-my-sock cuz she’s so kind, and quiet yet wise, much like xiumin. (There’s someone else I wanna add but IDK if they’re a xiumin stan anymore lol)

Junmyeon: @junyixinqs because she’s extremely kind and sweet and acts like our mom haha

Yixing: @amaxing-daes she’s such a sweetheart and she’s so hardworking and caring towards her friends

Baekhyun: @xiubyuns and @grinding-on-baek and @baekhyunlipchain and @squynhty (I HAVE WAY TOO MANY BBH STANS AS FRIENDS ON THIS SITE BUT I LOVE IT CUZ THEY’RE CUTE) because they’re so funny and interactive and cute and lovely and really easy to get along with and everyone loves them! Ah haha

Jongdae: @touchitjongdae cuz she’s a literal angel and she’s so sweet but can also be silly and has so much love for jongdae it’s hard for me not to associate her with him haha

Chanyeol: @chanyeolsabs she’s like the alpha pcy stan in my life and she’s super sweet and caring and always tries to make me feel better when I’m down and also @adidaschanyeol b/c her posts always make me laugh just like how pcy always makes me laugh (I feel like there’s someone else I’m forgetting here but who…)

Kyungsoo: @sadspacedust b/c she’s super hard working like he is and also she always snaps me about him so she is like the alpha ksoo stan in my life

Jongin: @amerikaikong I recently started following her b/c I realized I needed more jongin stans in my life (I’m literally not mutuals with any as far as I just checked lol rip) and I see her interacting with one of my best friends aka amaxing-daes on here and she seems really funny so yup

Sehun: @starsehun OF COURSE! AKA the alpha sehun stan of my life she’s so adorable and sweet and kind and caring, all the great qualitites you’ll find in our lovely Oh Sehun. But also @whenxoxosmilesunshines one of the most adorable and talented sweethearts I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to!

(Let’s Have a Sleepover!)


Gay fantasy for me and my best friend.

I know no one will see this or even read it (This is more for me to get my ideas on a permanent place), but just for reference: My best friend (justin) is straight and has a 9 inch dick. Since we were 13 and 14, we have jerked off together, over the course of the time I have been slowly convincing him to let me blow him. When I came out things kinda changed. Maybe 6 months after I came out I asked him and he said maybe. The next week I blew him and have been blowing him most times I see him since (once or twice a month). Im really good at it and am really quite good at deepthroating the whole thing. But any time I bring up anal I have to pretend that Im against it too cause he is soooo adamant against it. Well anyway, im going to his house this weekend and I expect to blow him, but I have a fantasy of how anal could start. (Right now we’re both 18 but for all u boy lovers, I have been giving him handys since 13 and started sucking his dick at 15)

Justin’s mom and dad are out for dinner and his sister left to go meet her friends before going clubbing about 20 minutes ago. 

We’re in his room and he asks “are you horny?” and I reply “yes”

“good cause im super horny… Ive been horny all day and havent jerked off in like 5 days”

“lol i jerked off last night, but yeah im super horny, too” 

“you wanna watch porn?” he asks

“I mean sure, but aren’t we passed that point?” I ask with a little bit of hesitation

“yeah but idk isnt it a formality?”

“Lol yeah true” I say pretending that I dont hate the fact that Im not gonna get to blow him for another 20 or 30 mins.

“hey wait i tottaly forgot to tell you!” he says walking out of his room

“what?” I say following him. He goes into his sisters room and goes into her closet and rummages through some shit until he pulls out a black dildo. “holy shit” I say

“I know! when I found this i was shook.” he says walking back to his room with the dildo

“Ive legit never seen one before” I say (which is true… I have to get creative)


“yeah… is it bigger than your dick?” I ask

“I dont think so, i have to get hard. Ill get the porn up”

“cool.” I say while picking up the dildo. “i wish you found a fleshlight or something. Ya know? like something we can actually use. Like its cool and all cause its a sex toy but like how are we gonna use it?” I ask

“idk. well I guess you could use it” he says

“What do you mean by that?…” I ask

“Well i mean you could practice deepthroating with it, right?”

“Oh yeah… true. Will be the same though? like I feel like an actual dick is softer”

“Try it” he says almost like a command. I do and obviously I can deepthroat it. “see you can practice ahahh.” He says jokingly while he pulls up a straight porn video. We both sit down and start rubbing ourselves. After a little while of rubbing, justin takes out his dick and says “hand me the dildo” I do and he places it next to his dick. His dick is a good inch bigger. “Yeah definitely bigger” he says

“I can obviously deep throat the dildo fine, but still think its harder than your dick, even though its shorter. I guess it would be a good way to practice haha.”

“Well you dont know for sure, but theres a pretty easy way to find out” he says with the dildo still propped up next to his own dick. Without saying anything, i get up and on my knees in front of him and start sucking his dick. I want to get it a bit, but he clearly doesnt care as i feel his hand push on my head. I go down until my throat is full and my nose is in his pubes. “Now try the dildo” he says, again like a command. I pull off and try the dildo. I pull off and say “Your dick is much easier.”

“well maybe its because your throat is used to my dick… keep going” he says moving the dildo away. I keep sucking his dick. Every minute or so i deepthroat. In between I bob up and down, lick his head, his tip, up and down the shaft, sometimes the balls. As i am kneeling, I go down for my 5th or 6th deepthroat after maybe 5 minutes of straight sucking. When fully in my throat, he places his hand on my head and pushes down harder and stands up. this results in my face smushing into his abs. my nose is completely squished and the rest of my face makes full contact with his stomach. when he releases i slowly pull up and keep sucking his dick. I guess he did expect me to handle it that well. expecting me to pull off. instead i keep sucking for maybe 4 or 5 seconds until he puts his plan back into action. He places his hands on the back of my head, puts his leg up on his bed and starts face fucking. Hitting the back of my throat every thrust, every other 5 or so he pushes it to a deepthroat. I am good at sucking dick, but this is a lot to take. After a minute or so of this abuse, he pulls out and says “Holy shit that was good but I dont wanna cum yet”

“Im shocked you havent already”

“Well I hope that wasnt too much for you” he says… finally seeing signs of my friend again and not the sex beast he turns into

“No it wasnt too bad” I say

“I guess the practice on the dildo worked” he says… hitting my ear wrong

“I guess so haha. That just sounds so weird to me. Ya know? it just sounds so anal.. when you were like you could use it I thought you were implying Anal and i was shocked.”

“Yeah no thats not what I meant… but considering how horny I am today, i wouldnt be shocked if I said some dumb shit like that and meant it.”

“Hahah you’re that horny, huh? Well I mean at first I was scared cause I thought you were insinuating that you wanted to… ya know.. and idk your dick is just too big haha. But I suppose if I used the dildo first it would help…”

“Hahah well it worked great for blowjobs so ahhah”

“You’re not serious, are you?”

“no no no not at all! are you kidding”

“No haha good… cause if you were serious that shit would probably take a while” 

“what do you mean?”

“well I mean to stretch enough for ur dick would take a long time cause im reeaallly tight” i say trying to turn him on 

“Well my sister wont be home till tomorrow and my parents wont be home until around 1Am so i mean you would have time, but lets just go back to porn for now and continue the bj in a little bit.” he says.

“Yeah” I say. He is completely naked watching the porn but i am still in my boxers cause well my bits usually dont get much action when I suck justins dick, but I have a feeling tonight might be different. “Its getting hot in here” I say, as I stand and take my boxers off, making sure that my ass is facing him when I bend down to get them off in a subtle suggestive way. I sit back down and we look at the porn, but neither of us are jerking off to preserve the nut. He gets up and tells me he is going to use the bathroom and when he gets back that we should continue. I agree to his terms. I take this opportunity to make sure my butt is facing him when he gets back. I stand up and get my phone and when I hear him coming back I bend over to put my phone away in my bag on the floor. As he we walks in, my butt and hole are now in full view. when he walks in, instead of telling me to come and suck his dick, he surprises me by sitting back on his bed and asking me a question. 

“How long, do you think, would the dildo take to get someone ready for my cock.” He asks as i know he is starting to fall into my trap

“I have no idea.. why?”

“Well i mean what if I want to do anal with a girl but dont have all night. like how long do you think it would take roughly.” he says grabbing his dick and starting to stroke it

“I literally have no idea. I would say look it up, but i doubt some sort of study or answer like that exists online.”

“Yeah I guess ill just have to find out the hard way. but it would be good to know ahead of time.”

“yeah it probably would huh.” as I say this, he gets up a gets the dildo and brings it back to him and he sits down with it. He puts it up against his dick, which is now hard.

“Well its shorter than mine by a little so probably once someone is used to it I could fuck them fine and it would still be tight.”

“Yeah… well it would still probably take a while.”

“yeah, sucks to be this big haha. Stupid problems i have to deal with. Thats why it would be good to know how long it would take ya know…”

“Yeah… well if you ya know… wanted that data… then… idk… if you wanted maybe… i could…” 

“Are you sure thats cool? I mean i wont think anything different of you… i would just really help me out…!” He says kinda giddy

“Yeah np… do you have lube”

“Yeah” he says getting some vaseline. He gives me the vaseline and the dildo.

“Do you wanna watch or do u want me to do this in private and let you know after ?”

“umm… I mean if you dont mind me watching Im happy to stay and keep you company.. i mean, dude youre doing me a favor so…”

“Yeah i dont mind.” I say and the start to lube my hole and the dildo while my friend sits in his desk chair and watches, slowly stroking his dick. I start to push and I am quite tight. it takes like two minutes to get the first inch in and then another 2 seconds to the get the 2nd,. 3rd, and 4th. I hear him say woah. I start relaxing and after maybe 5 to ten minutes I can comfortably get 7.5 inches of the 8 inch dildo up my ass. 

“Holy shit” he says

“yeah i guess it didn’t take too long after all.. like 10 mins or so.”

“Yeah wow. well.. uh… thank you.. do you think you would be comfortable to just leave it up there?” I don’t respond and just put it back up and leave it in. Its fine. “Wow… hey, can u hand me the vaseline” he says

“Sure…” I say skeptical about the use. I give him the vaseline with the dildo still up my ass . He takes some vaseline and starts rubbing it on his dick. “Why are you doing that, its gonna taste gross” i say.

“Well we’re not gonna go back to blowing now… we’re gonna jerk off a bit more first” 

“Oh sure yeah ok… so ill just take this out.” I say taking out the dildo, making sure he can see it sliding out of my ass. I am really shocked at how forward justin has been tonight.. Usually he beats around the bush or says something while insinuating something else, and obviously he has done that tonight, but I proud about how direct he was being. Well.. proud until he said “Hey I know you like sitting in this chair while we jerk off, do you wanna sit here?”

“Oh sure yeah” I say getting up waiting for him to get up

“Whats the matter? I offered the chair” he says

“I wanna sit in the chair… let me sit in it.”

“I am letting you… just sit on it” He says with that I under stand what he says. My ass is still very lubed up and his dick is shining with vaseline. Playing along I I say “Okay, yeah ill just sit down then…” Then i turn around and lower my hole onto his dick. Because of all of the lube the first few inches go quick, but it soon becomes quite hard to handle and regardless of all that stretching im still tight.  I accidently let out  girly moan at maybe the 7th inch and I hear him whisper “fuck yeah…. you’re so tight still”.

As im struggling to get his 8 th I hear him whisper me a command: “bounce”… so I do and I start to bounce up and down and i start moaning soft less girly moans than before each bounce. I hear him grunt in please under me. Its all going fine until he repeats his signature move. as im going down for another bounce, he grabs my pelvis and stands up pulling me in closer, sending all nine inches up my tight hole. I let out a scream as he yells “Fuck Yes!!!” He holds me there for another few seconds as im wincing trying to deal with the intense pain. He breaks the bond by pushing me off his dick and onto his bed. I lay there almost paralyzed by his dick. He hops on agains and starts thrusting into me hard and fast. Almost going into me 9 inches everytime. I was in extreme pain until it turned into the best feeling in the world. We both start saying things like fuck yes. Then he slows down and says “you like this, huh?” 

“yes” I say honestly. He starts to slow down and rhythmically fuck me. Not pounding, but sexy, body rolling thrusts getting all 9 inches in every time. I bring my knees up to a frog position to open my ass even more and use the leverage to start push back into him. He keep fucking like this for another few minutes until the friction from the sheets on my dick and his god like dick up my ass make start coming. I yell “im coming!” so he speeds up and starts pounding again and gives me the craziest orgasm. He keeps pounding throught the squeezes my asshole gives him until he pounds in extremely deep in me. I can barely feel it but deep in me I feel his hot liquid. The start of a true fuck buddy relationship… HOPEFULLY!!

when your mom yells at you for not being perfectly happy to constantly help her for hours on end and then talks about having to help her when she gets old and i just wanna almost be like “lol I’m gonna be far far away from here. plus I’ll probably have a wife by then. and like you’ll ever talk to me then so bYE”

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Mom why did u even make that edit lol -sunny

well,,,to be honest,,, it started with me talking to @astrofireworks and we were both crying about eunwoo,,you know,,as you do,,
and i have this brilliant idea, of teasing her by saying “do u wanna see eunwoo with a kid” bc kid is bby goat ya feel?
unfortuantely,,,she kinda clocked what i was boutta do and was like,,, “oh no” and i was cackling over here like “ooooh yes” nd then that happened NAD SHE EXPOSED ME

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Harry Potter life post thingy please!! 1- Smart, pretty, depressed 2- a small island that is mine full of puppies and no humans 3- TBH I just wanna be a stay at home mom and have my own kids and write fanfiction 4- 100% hardest question in existence. Hagrid is sweet and precious and we all know what book series

@straightasmyotpdrarry I read your adjectives as “pretty depressed” and also as “pretty & depressed” and i feel like both are lol (tho idk if i’d consider depressed or pretty as personality traits unless you’re literally sadness from inside out or aphrodite since we all have seasons…speaking as someone with her fair share of them) also a+ on hagrid love. i never see enough hagrid love.

Explanation: Wanting to be alone without humans on an island cuts out Hufflepuff almost immediately and puts in a strong contender for Slytherin. But liking Hagrid mostly cuts out Ravenclaw (who think Hagrid is a bit of an idiot tbh). Self-identifying as pretty and depressed (and pretty depressed) makes me feel firmly Slytherin territory.
Favorite Hogwarts Club: Match Up Mentors (MUMs) look out for the kids that fall between the cracks and need a support system at Hogwarts because they don’t have one at home. Slytherin mentors are particularly sought out for being the fiercest and prickliest of guardians. You didn’t mean to take on three little brothers, but here we are, bonding three kids of different ages, races, and orientations together in a weird little hogwarts family.
Favorite Shop in Diagon Alley/Hogsmeade: The Shrieking Shack. It’s a haven of calm in a world that never stops talking, even if it was once rumored the most haunted place in Britain, the statue of Remus Lupin - hero of Hogwarts - still is a comfortable place to sit to shelter from the wind.
Post-Hogwarts Job: Homemaker, and excellent home-schooler to your pre-Hogwarts aged children.

To hear your M70s Student Life, send me an owl in my asks with the requirements!

ok here’s my first set of highlights for the undergames simulator

starting off strong i see

i actually screamed when i saw this i just can’t believe the accuracy

well that wasnt very nice or ice of you 

bratty obviously has a death wish

dont you mean his “sansity” [the crowd boos]

theres at least one ghost already there wtf

even blooky has had enough of jerry’s bullshit

haha it’s funny bc it’s canon


but. but you use bombs as weapons.

probably bc her gf is snuggling with fucking burgerpants


awww noooo u guys are supposed to be best girlfriends forever what happened

i guess thats it for now. sorry for such a long post i actually have some more but i figured i’d stop the post here lol. if you wanna see more just like this or whatever

Okay well i think im going to an er and dealing with this there because this one facility gave me the run around & i called the local like Mental Hospital and they dont do medical withdrawal but the guy was super nice & said because theyre the leading addiction center in our county they have to take me but i also like. Dont know if they’d have a bed. And like i wanna tell my mom but its her birthday & i dont wanna ruin it by being like “hey im going to the er to detox from alcohol! Didn’t wanna worry you lol i’m catching an uber :)” but at the same time like….she’s gotta know…. I also need to tell work & figure out how to do a medical leave if i even can at this point.

Okay but imagine...

Kazui being older…like I don;t know 15 years… Walking on the street with chill out  and then Grimmjow appears and demand from him to fight…And once again we can hear “fight with me Kurosaki!” cause you know Kazui gonna look like ichigo a lot, and Grimmjow just can;t stand to live without knowledge if he’s stronger than this carrot or not… 

But Kazui don’t know who the hell is Grimmjow and he simply says “if you wanna play I must ask my mom for permission, cause you for sure aren’t a human”. 

And that’s how Grimmjow once again gained his nemesis. But this time everytime he show uo in human world he comes to Orihime and ask her if he can play with Kazui and Hime is like “Okay, but don’t kill him. Cause Ichigo will be mad. (and i don’t wanna use my ressurect powers on my child) have a nice time!” 

Wait… GrimmKazu anyone? xD Or Nanny Grimmjow? Oh c’on Grimmjow need to be part of Kurosaki family. 

160923 The Moment - Leeteuk

Teuk asked who was in their 20s, 30s 40s and when he came to the 50s, the moms raised their hands 😂 …When teuk asked if anyone is in their 60s, nobody raised their hands and teuk Was like ‘why didnt my mom raise her hand’ HAHA … 

Teuk gonna talk abt his dating experience
T: shall i not talk abt it?
Fans: noo
T: (they tell me not to date but) they wanna listen to it

Teuk said it was some time after he got discharged..he got busy and didnt have time so the girl told him she was lonely and they broke up


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I would love to see her mom in the present. I picture her being really forward and flirtatious. She would make inappropriate comments about how attractive Oliver is and embarrass Felicity. She probably has no boundaries when it comes to her morals. She maybe doesn't appreciate Felicitys intellect. What do you think?

I’d love to see her in flashbacks but in the present, too.  I know lots of people were fascinated by the father (I am, too, and I think he’ll be a villain), but I was really intrigued by Felicity’s inability to describe her mother.  I love a great mom character.  I think Felicity’s mom will wind up a tougher than nails, no nonsense, more than slightly mercenary woman with a few secrets up her sleeve.  I think she, like just about everybody else, is way more than she appears.  I can’t wait to find out!  I just want to see Oliver meet the Mom and go all sexy protective so she doesn’t hurt Felicity in any way.  Oh, and to see Felicity and her mom have *that* conversation about her relationship/feelings about Oliver.  Cause I wanna see Felicity put the smack down.  LOL.

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My mom lost her job, my sister is trying to better herself. I dont know what the fuck I want to do with my life and I'm about to be 20. I'm scared ... I feel like we deserve better cards than the ones we've been dealt. I know we shouldn't feel entitled but we've struggled all our lives, and my mom has worked so hard all of her life... But it hasn't paid off. Were not even talented so we can't get famous:/ lol I wanna die

I don’t have any real practical advice for you. Just keep doing your best. Don’t stress this you’re just at one of those valleys that life throws.

You’re gonna be ok kid you’re going to be just fine.