lol i voted for the middle one

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wait so are you actually not going to vote for Hillary and let that one vote go to republicans so they can destroy all the progress America has made so far and then fuck it up some more....... like I get that Hillary is totally white feminism but she's the best chance America has atm..... lol

honestly its what my boy kale-drogo said like yeah go vote for hillary but dont pretend you’re doing the world a favor

when i have to sit here and pick between someone condoning genocide and murder in the middle east or someone who hates my reproductive rights and the rights of many others here at home it’s like nothing makes me feel good or right

when i vote for hillary a burden won’t be lifted from my shoulders and i won’t feel any better and that’s not how it’s supposed to be 


VERSUS: Throwback Thursday! Which Growl team knocked your socks off during the dance break? Kai’s or Luhan’s?

I think anyone can agree that this is one of EXO’s most remarkable performance. The clothing, the story, the production the stage, choreography, props, EVERYTHING IS PERFECT! My favorite would have to be their makeup LOL their eyeliner is on point!

During the dance break, EXO broke into two groups and danced in front of the girl. Which team would you choose if you were the person in the middle?

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Have fun with this!

-Admin Mercy

Which team would you choose? Kai’s or Luhan’s?