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transparent santa hat Kaguras

you can use them for whatever too! if ya credit and stuff think I’m getting ahead of myself I’ll just leave now

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*grabs your face* *yells excitedly about that cute blushy animation* Sorry I didn't mean to yell in your face but I got excited it's so cute i'm gonna die <3

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Will’s eyes snapped up, cold and steely as the roaring fire from the hearth reflected in his irises. “You can really say that, knowing who and what he is? What he’s done?” he hissed. “What would you say if he knew of your condition? Would you be so forgiving then?”

Perhaps he was being completely unfair. Hannibal Lecter was in prison – he was out of harm’s way, and out of their lives – and yet, he didn’t feel safe. He didn’t feel justified despite the injuries Hannibal had sustained upon his arrest.

Shaking his head, Will bitterly said, “The tabloids always say I’m just as bad as him – that it ‘takes one to know one.’ Who says they’re wrong?”