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G’mornin’ neighbor!!!

For #OCKISS17 ! I saw @earthprincewu and his new stardew valley oc and had to draw them yall i just had to oK,,

simon’s room’s floor is probably covered entirely in books and research documents that they become the floor instead
arthur’s just casually dropping by to complain but can’t do anything about it

Dark Fate Yuma Maniac 04 Translation

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-Scene: A Bedroom In Merz’s Mansion-

*Yui Enters and Closes The Door*

Yui: (Phew… …Finally I found him. Apparently he came back to the room)

(A little while ago, we were helping Merz-san with the housework by cleaning the foyer)

(After we finished, Merz-san called me over to tidy up the study. When I came back, Yuma-kun was gone)

(I was a bit worried that he vanished out of the blue… …)


Yuma: I’m sleeping. Don’t talk to me.

Yui: You’re talking… …how are you sleeping?

Yuma: … …Shut up.

Yui: (Is he in a bad mood?)

Oh hey, while I was categorizing the books in the study, I found one about the gardens around here.

I borrowed it thinking it’d make you happy. So here you go.

Yuma: Ah… …? Tch, the fuck’s this for?

Yui: Eh?

Yuma: I don’t want it. … …Don’t be so obsessed about me like that.

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