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i finished my book. it’s a story about my sestras. i call it orphan black. my story is an embroidery with many beginnings and no end. but i will start with the thread of my sestra, sarah, who stepped off a train one day and met herself.


so good news, bad news. good news: hyu… they’re NOT gonna kill u~! ♥ bad news: no one’s gonna help u… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ [requested by anon]

707 for @cobbys/ @dillydallyings for her Birthday!

My goodness the camera quality does not do this justice, haha. 

HIP HOP UNIT Unreleased Track
SEVENTEEN Hip Hop Unit (Diamond Edge D-2)
HIP HOP UNIT Unreleased Track

NOT THE FULL SONG  / please don’t re-upload

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I feel so uncomfortable reading interviews where Jimin says he feels and sees JK as his younger brother... I mean, I'm? As a shipper, it's just.. Idk if you'll get my point, but it's like I reconsider all of my old stances on them, and if I've actually imagined all of the sexual tension, heart-eyes, and stuff like that ://// could you help me? Idk how to feel.

warning: jikook trash post. Oh, my baby bun, don’t feel uncomfortable. Jikook is an amazing ship, isn’t it. Cute, playful, full of smiles. They’re very intimate, and frankly speaking, we’ll never know what their true relationships are, it’s true. We all imagine stuff like this: jk pinning jm, jk being jeonlous, sexual things and etc, but don’t get caught into your fantasies. They are cute whatever they are. You don’t know the true relationship between them, yeah? They might be brothers, but they might be lovers, too ;) There’re too many mights. So, they have special bounds, can’t deny. Also, do you expect Jimin to say: “Oh, we’re fucking”? Lmao, of course he’ll say “Jk is my baby maknae” or “he’s like my brother”. Jimin can say lots of things that he actually doesn’t mean, we all do such stuff but he cannot not do it. However, I can’t call this ship brotherly. People who don’t ship jikook can call them siblings but when you dig into a bit deeper… 

To me, jikook has a very profound relationship. Look, there’re too many receipts. You can’t explain this phenomenon

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Let's say you've had a terrible day, (crying, etc.), how would Noctis brighten your mood, nsfw style?

I don’t write nsfw but…..I hope this is enough XD

Morning had passed, and the late afternoon was slowly falling to evening. Noctis had returned from his royal duties in his palace to his apartment and was expecting a greeting from the door. However upon his entrance, you were no where to be found. 

Confused by your absence, the prince padded down the hallway, and through the living room. You had told him you would be here, yet you were no where to be found. That was until he heard a soft sniffling coming from a closed door of a room—his room. 

With no second thoughts, he reached out to open the closed door. ”[Name]?”  The young Lucian prince poked his head around the doorframe to his room enveloped in nothing but darkness. However it was in this room was the sniffling at his strongest. Quietly, he walked to the side of his bed, there you lay, your face buried in the pillow.

“Hey.” Noctis called out softly as he sat down on the side of the bed. Using his finger to lightly brush away your hair. 

With the sobs still settling in your throat, you turned your head to face the prince. Your red eyes and puffy bags did not go unnoticed, even in this lack of lighting.

“What….” you sniffed. “What are you d-doing here.” 

A chuckled sounded past Noctis’ lips at your odd question. “What do you mean? This is my apartment.” he waited for you to laugh back, however you only remained silent in response. “Hey, whats wrong [Name]? Why are you crying?”

Slowly you sat up from where you lay. “I-It’s nothing Noctis, I’m fine.” you replied.

But Noctis could tell something was on your mind. That look in your face spoke all the lies. After the all the time two had spent together, he never failed to read you like a book. “What’s wrong [Name]?” he questioned again.

You bit down on your lip, this time avoiding his gaze. “Don’t worry about me Noctis, nothing’s bothering me.”

“[Name]?” he asked again. “You know I don’t like it when you hide thing from me.”

Yet you continued to avoid his eyes. “It’s nothing, just… leave me alone….” your gaze then flickered to the end of the bed. It was then did he take notice of the newspaper thrown on the covers. 

“Whats this?” Noctis asked, reaching out to grab the paper. His eyes flickered to the bolded text printed at the very top. 


Noctis’ eyes lowered to a glare as they skimmed upon the many photographs of you and him that were attached along with the headline. Such was common to that prince, but to have you involved was enough to make his blood boil. 

“You see it now don’t you…” you spoke. Every time I’m alone or even when we’re together, they’re always watching. The cameras are always there taking photos. People are gossiping about me all because I’m not a princess or a rich noble.” 

“Look, it’s the Prince’s girlfriend.”

“I thought she was going to be a Princess.”
the public would whisper.

You hated it at first, but overtime you learnt to ignore and deal with it. However merely ignoring it, was not enough to barricade the conflicting emotions you felt within yourself. Sometimes, though you never told Noctis, you questioned if you were worthy of the Prince, after all, you were just a measly commoner, nothing royal or noble in any shape or form.

You suddenly began to feel your eyes sting from the incoming tears you did not ask for. “I’m nothing but a tarnish to your image Noctis.” you whispered. “A common peasant like they said. Poison to your bloodline.”

His heart dropped heavily at the sight of your broken self. “[Name]…” Noctis breathed out your name. With a gentle hand, he cupped your cheek to look at him. “You’re nothing like that.” he said softly. 

“But it’s true…” you said. “I’m not worthy for you Noctis. And I never will be….maybe it’s best if we just end things now. Before things get worse—”

“Dont say that!” 

You flinched from the prince’s sudden rise in his voice. 

“Don’t say you’re not worth of being my partner [Name].” he said again, softly. “I know you’re not rich or royal.” He then took hold of your chin and lifted your gaze to look back at him, his cobalt eyes stared into yours causing your heart to leap. “But all of that means nothing to me. You think I want to be in love with a princess? That stuff is only in fairy tales. I just want to live a normal life and fall in love with the person I want to be with. Who cares what the media says. All that matters is that you’re worth it in my eyes.” He then leaned close and pressed his forehead against yours. “So never say you’re worthless”

However your eyes still showed a look of doubt. “But…”

Noctis leaned close. Forehead against forehead, his lips were now hovering ever so closely over yours, the slightest movement would be enough to make them touch. “If my words aren’t enough, then let me show you your worth…” And without letting you say anymore, he silenced your words with his lips. It was slowly and gentle, but such a gesture was enough to send your heart skyrocketing. 

Innocence however was soon lost when the lips which brushed against yours burned with passion and lust. Noctis nipped at your bottom lip, pressing his tongue at the seam of your lips before delving at your grant of entrance. A low moan sounded at the back of your throat—a sound of pleasure you never thought you’d make. Yet this feeling of bliss was one you could not ignore, more so one you wanted to give in to. 

You could feel his hands begin to trail down, lingering at your waist while he lowered you back down until you sunk into the mattress with his form pressing against yours. Every touch lit a flame within your being, every moment his lips melded with yours held a certain intensity you had never felt before, quickening your heart and only leaving you hungry for more. He pulled away, lips slightly bruised and your well-being flustered. But the prince’s lips never left you, as they began to trace down your jawline and to your throat. Your hands wandered to the back of his neck, fingers knotting tightly into his hair, pulling ever so slightly causing a low growl to sound past Noctis’ throat. 

He bit, sucked, and kissed the bruises—the marks of his devotion—home on your skin, drawing whimpers from your parted lips. Noctis knew your weakness. He knew well that the simple touch of his lips on your skin would be enough to make you melt under his finger tips. His hands on your waist began to wander, hot fingers moving up and under the hem of your top to caress the bare curves of your waist and stomach, while at the same time hiking your garment up to your chest. 

“N-Noctis…” you breathed his name in a breathless gasp. “W-Wait…”

Catching his attention, the said prince and from your neck and gazed down at you. His eyes were glassed with the affection that pulled you to him the first time. Yet, there was a glint in his eyes which spoke with something so much more. 

Now there was only one desire, one wish and you both knew it wouldn’t be long until it would be granted. And yet…

“Are you sure you want this?” you asked. “With someone like me?”

“I don’t see myself having this with anyone else.” he said softly.

His words, simple but they sounded so sure. Your eyes searched his gaze for a sign of the desire he held to diminish. However it did not waver, more so intensified.  

“Trust me on this [Name]…” he murmured, his hand reaching to cup your  cheek. 

“I trust you…” you whispered. 

Gaze softening, you held his face in your hands and pulled him back down for a kiss, soft, slow but it was enough.

I always have, and I always will…


Welcome to @zyxnet: Call Me Baby era


AU where Dib and Zim end up getting stuck in a cursed forest that otherwise functions as a purgatory on Earth–Limbo.

Any time they both die, they get sent back to where they first fell down and Zim is the one who remembers each failure and is increasingly more and more upset at how bad Dib is at not dying. He has to keep going back to the start because he loses his motivation to do anything if his nemesis is gone.

Maybe one day they’ll make a perfect run and get out of there.

I needed to do this crossover hhhhhhhhhh

Also not good at painting which is how I did this entire thing in save for the panels and character lineart. Rip