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[Joining team flash] gave me and Grant a chance to start a heavy bromance. I was actually campaigning for Julian to get with Barry or have some sort of a man crush. I called the writers and said, “Wouldn’t it be a really cool storyline that he’s actually got a secret crush on Barry?” They didn’t go for it. Or not yet anyway.
—  Tom Felton at ECCC2017 Q&A panel (x)

But seriously it’s perfectly acceptable among the “exclusionist” crowd to post negativity in positivity tags to collectively punish aces and aros. This tells you all you need to know.

They hate us, they don’t treat us like people. They will tell everyone a dozen times they totally think aces and aros are “valid” to make themselves look good/non-horrible, but in 99% of cases their actions could not make it more obvious their hatred for the ace and aro communities runs deep and that they think this hatred justifies anything thrown at us

no offense but imagine keith and allura spending //so much time together// and everyone is just like [shifty eyes] but in reality allura is just learning/accepting she’s gay and keith is helping her along since he’s been out way longer and in general they’re just having a good ol’ time Gay Bonding™

and when lance finally is like “what’s going on with u two… are u like… u know” keith and allura are just like “uh no actually we’re both gay”

and bi!lance’s inner dialogue is just like ~u win some u lose some~

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"What is it this week?" Christophe asks, and he purposefully eyes Victor's boner. // Victor adjusts his suit pants and glares at him. "He's wearing the Jeans(tm) again." // "He is?" Christophe asks, and glances around. "I'm surprised you're still alive."

When Victor arrives at his apartment later that night, he’s just managed to toe off his Salvatore Ferragamo oxfords when a hand tugs his tie and yanks him forward, pushes him against the wall.

“Careful, that’s Italian silk,” Victor chides. He clicks his tongue but angles his face to the side, lets Yuuri press kisses to his neck.

“Mm. Sorry,” Yuuri murmurs, not sounding sorry at all. “Couldn’t help myself.” He licks a stripe up to Victor’s jaw, then pulls away and looks up at him. “You tortured me all day,” he says accusingly, thumbing at the lapel of Victor’s sports jacket.

Victor shoots him a look of disbelief. Wraps his arms around his boyfriend’s waist and slips a hand into one of his back pockets, applying just the faintest amount of pressure to make Yuuri squirm. “Me torture you? You know what those jeans do to me, gorgeous.” 

Yuuri gives a small smile at that, a light blush spreading over his face that Victor finds irresistible. He ducks down and kisses him, licks into his mouth until Yuuri’s gasping and tugging again at his clothes, and Victor can’t even bring himself to care about the wrinkle damage that’ll leave.

Wolfstar Raising Harry
  • Five y/o Harry: Where do kittens come from?
  • Sirius: *oh merlin* Well, Bambi, when a mummy cat loves a daddy cat very much, they hug for a long time so their love can come together and make a kitten—
  • Remus: They had sex, Harry.
  • Harry: Oh, okay!
  • Sirius: I? What? Remus! You can't tell him that!!!
  • Remus: At least I didn't lie to him.

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Mlt be really jealous/possessive when you hang out with the other members?

I’m doing this if you’re hanging out too much with the other members but oh god they’ll all be jealous depending on the situation but here’s what i think lol


JACKSON/JUNIOR lol the thots of GOT7, if you see them being possessive about the other members imagine how possessive they would be about you their significant other? They would get in a dramatic fight with you, kinda like a telenovela fight(mexican side showing here lol) and then all aggressive towards the other member. Good luck with that.





JB he aint worried cause I mean have you seen how attractive he is?? He wrecking every bias list ever created.



#Klaus ‘You’ve got to be kidding me. You don’t deserve her’ Mikaelson.

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i feel like u might know the answer to this, so i read a fic the other day that takes place maybe season 6 or 7?? and scully and mulder address a time during season 4 when they had sex. and scully is all mad and tells mulder that he was just giving her pity sex because she was dying and then he gets mad because it wasnt and then they finally have sex again. lol i totally forget what its called but i wanna read it again

I have no idea what fic this is, but I’ll post it to see if anyone else does :)


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Hub in that one picture looks like Sans like the slippers and the mask. I just imagine him like drawing faces on his mask like a cat smile.


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Hi! Thanks for answering my ask.I apoligise for asking about Erwin and Levi. I just assumed you specialised so to speak with the cadets. I didnt realize that was all. if it's okay I would like to request a HeadCannon where the fem reader saw Jeans name before she heard it so she keeps addressing him as, Jeans instead of John. She's not doing it to be mean. She just keeps forgetting. It be nice if she also had a crush on him. I do this, even now in my head i am calling Jean(s) lol. Thanks :)

No worries, you’re totally fine! I’m sorry for taking forever to get to this ask, but I hope you like it!

  • Jean had been through this a hundred times before. People mispronounced his name all the time; that was the danger of having a name that could be pronounced multiple ways. This time wasn’t any different: she saw his name before hearing it, and assumed it was pronounced like Jeans. It was a common mistake. And yet that didn’t make Jean any less annoyed the first few times it happened. 
  • He knew she wasn’t doing it to spite him. It was just so innocent the first time, a little bit of a question, an honest mistake. And he corrected her nicely.
  • But then it kept happening. He knew that she knew she kept saying it wrong and was sorry about it, but that didn’t stop his nerves from grating a bit every time. (Cause, let’s be honest, she’s really cute and it bugs him that she keeps mispronouncing his name.)
  • He’d never be cold or mean about it, but he would do that little sarcastic “haha” eye roll combination, kind of laugh it off in front of everyone. She wouldn’t be able to tell if he was actually laughing it off or if he was upset, and truthfully, it’s a bit of both. 
  • He maybe snapped at her two or three times, when he was having a really awful day or something, and just couldn’t handle any more embarrassment, even something as simple as a cute girl mispronouncing his name. He apologized soon after snapping every time, and felt really bad about it. But it did happen. And she tried to be better about his name for a little while after that. 
  • But then it just becomes routine. She’ll call him Jeans on instinct, and Jean will just take it because he’s used to it. 
  • Eventually, she starts to say it on purpose. Sometimes to frustrate him, other times to cheer him up. But she starts to use it so much that she’ll only use his real name in dire, desperate situations. And neither one knew how that happened. 
  • No one else is allowed to call him Jeans though. Other people tried early on, when she kept honestly forgetting and he kept laughing it off as a joke. And Jean would just shut them down, cause he still didn’t like the name at that point. And, to be really honest, he only tolerated it when she said it. 
  • But as their friendship grows, it becomes an inside joke for them. Jean now has a nickname only she can use, and it helps them bond more as friends… and maybe even something more. 

Requested by the fantastically awesome gothams-girl