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Request: Anonymous said: classmate!mark asks you out to prom!!

A/N: i may or may not hav cried while writing this b y e also i might add a part 2 ajlhzjfhzjfh bc like prom w mark amirite ;)) anyways enjoy!!!!<3

  • it’s time for me to be emo af again about mark lee 
  • ok so
  • mark lee, lee minhyung
  • apparently he’s a rlly good student too like renjun but like i don’t remember correctly so correct me if i’m wrong ahjehgljgh
  • anyways
  • a lot of ppl actually rlly like him!!!
  • especially girls tbh they think he’s v cute, rlly talented and he’s smart so like who wouldn’t like him
  • ofc ur one of them but ur just friends w him so :”))))
  • hmm you’ve probably been friends for a pretty long time and he helps u a lot w ur homework for music and writing too
  • mark is pretty famous at school for his music
  • like he’s always got his notebooks filled w all of his songs w him and everyone always wants to read his lyrics but mark doesn’t let them ofc
  • a lot of girls who have a crush on him always hope that one day he’d confess to one of them w a song that he wrote 
  • but ofc mark is always way too busy w other things to focus on that
  • tbh he’d have a tiny crush on u tho but like he’d never have the time to fully think about the crush that he has on u bc like,,,school
  • that is until one day tho
  • the date for the upcoming prom has been announced
  • and everyone’s so excited and everyone’s wondering who’s going w who
  • aajfhejfh ofc u were rlly excited too!!
  • but u had no idea w who u were going to prom ;;
  • mark had no idea either, that was until he saw u and he just knew ‘i want to go w y/n’
  • he’d be v v excited to ask u to prom
  • but
  • h o w is he gonna ask u
  • mark rlly rlly wanted it to be special but at the same time he didn’t want it to be too extreme and he wanted it to be smth that u would rlly remember
  • so ofc he spends hours and hours looking for ideas that he might like
  • and he just couldn’t find anything ;;
  • that’s when he thought,,,he could write a song!!!
  • it didn’t take long for him to write a song tbh 
  • ok lol sorry that’s a lie it took him a few nights buT HEY
  • anways
  • as soon as he finished writing the song tho
  • and got a melody and everything
  • he realised that he doesn’t know h o w he’s gonna sing the song to u too
  • so mark sends a message to the gc of his squad
  • ‘kids help me’ -mark
  • yikes he doesn’t get a reply after like 2 hours
  • donghyuck left him on read
  • the first one to reply tho was chenle
  • and so mark explained his whole situation when everyone finally started taking in the gc
  • and chenle was like 'mark!!!u could use the school radio!!’
  • mark liked the idea and he was like “let’s do it”
  • sooooooo
  • 2 days later, everything’s perfectly planned
  • and mark is stressedt af aklzhflhegjh
  • he’s scared you’ll say no :((((
  • chenle placed a camera in the class you’d be sitting and a microphone too so he could record ur reaction AND so u could immediately give mark an answer :”))
  • dw u wouldn’t have noticed the cam and mic
  • so ofc class starts and everyone sits down and that’s when u notice that mark isn’t there which kind of made u a bit :/ but like ur there to learn and not for the bois rite
  • 20 minutes after the teacher started his lesson tho, u can suddenly hear someone through the speakers
  • aljhgrljhg the person was trying to whisper but like,,everyone could hear him
  • “chenle,,how do u control this,,”
  • “mark it’s already on, u idiot” - probably na jaemin
  • and obviously u recognised mark’s voice and u were like ???
  • mark is so nervous but he has to do it, there’s not turning back now
  • and so he starts
  • “hello everyone, this is mark lee and as everyone knows prom is coming and i hope u all find the perfect partner to bring to prom!!ah,,,,idk if anyone has noticed yet but i don’t have a date yet but i think i found the perfect person to ask to prom,,,,and so uhm y/n this is for u and i hope u like it”
  • and he clears his throat, checks if his guitar is tuned correctly and starts strumming some chords on his guitar
  • ajhfejhfjefhk the girls in class are squealing 
  • and ur just like 0.0 as mark’s singing and guitar fills the whole school 
  • akajfhjehg chenle’s got it all on cam
  • when mark’s done w singing he’s like
  • “y/n, will u go to prom w me?”
  • and ofc ur like “YES”
  • the whole class cheers and mark runs all the way to ur class w a bouquet of flowers in his hand
  • as soon as he sees u he hugs u and probably kissed ur forehead
  • the class cheers again and now u and mark finally have each other for prom ;)
  • the end
  • or not 
  • :-)

things i’ve learnt from that episode of holby:

  • i could probs listen to bernie doing david attenborough impressions all day
  • i could probs watch bernie sitting back + just winging things + having bantz on aau all day
  • i love darla, 10/10, i’m a fan
  • i’m constantly genuinely surprised by how many ppl there r hanging around on darwin
  • every time sacha cries i also cry apparently
  • i’m here 4 the hoodies + tea intervention @ pulses
  • i love morven so much (the yellow sleeves/blue scrubs was gr8)
  • i’m actually lookin forward 2 ollie being on aau
  • jac + matteo continue 2 be a Mess
  • that old guy didn’t let me down bc he took the perfect opportunity 2 make a doctor who joke
  • 4ever a fan of hanssen looming

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name: sara
nickname: satan
zodiac sign: pisces
height: 5′2″
orientation: I’ve been identifying as bi but might switch to pan?? idk labels suck
pronouns: she/her
ethnicity: white 
favourite fruit: strawberries??? i guess? also mango. or watermelon. tbh i like a lot of fruits.
favourite season: probably fall
favourite book: W O W what the heck i don’t know. I’ve been reading Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi recently and that is really good so I’m just gonna go with that one cause it’s the freshest in my mind lol
favourite flower: sunflowers
favourite scent: ngl i really love the smell of coffee
favourite colour: three way tie between blue, maroon, and purple
favourite animals: dogs just because i love my dog
coffee, tea or cocoa: coffee
average sleep hours: uhhhh like… 6-7 on a good night?
favourite fictional characters: Joanne from RENT, Grantaire from Les Mis, Luna from HP, Steve Rogers from MCU, aaaannnddd Toph and Zuko from A;TLA 
dream trip: Italy would be cool.
blog created: i think when I was a sophomore in high school? so 2011 - 2012???

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why we need EXO in Hello Baby (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡

i originally wanted to post bout Kai and a cute baby boy that looks so much like him but feels took over so guess who’s doing EXO members baby lookalike. boys+kids = ultimate killer combo ,esp its ur bias, u ready? (ಥ⌣ಥ)

so recently fans found that there’s a super adorable baby boy that resembles Kai a lot. He’s Ricky Kim’s son (a celebrity) , his dad is Korean-American and his wife is Korean. The baby’s name is Teo/ Asher , he’s in the show called Oh my baby and unfortunately no one sub it TuT and istg he’s so freaking cute. 


and the cute thing is that fans tweet Ricky Kim and he RT-ed several pics of his son and Kai. he even said they look alike omfg feels pls

next is Xiumin baby lookalike (。・ω・。)

Minseok pls come pick up ur daughter, how is this possible she’s freaking adorableeeeeeeeee, her names is Yujin and she appeared in the same show as Teo. watch her feed Jongin baby lookalike then cry with me

Sehun baby lookalike ʕ•͡ɛ•͡ʼʼʔ his name is Lei Haowen, chinese child actor

Luhan baby lookalike ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ his name is Chris, chinese ulzzhang boy fml an ulzzhang at this age what am i doing w my life 

Baekhyun baby look alike ~(‾▿‾~)  except for the 1st 3 pics, the rest are baby Jesper (it isnt the same baby for all the pics lol)

and holla here we have Baek taking pic w another baby that looks like him haha

Chanyeol baby lookalike o(^^o) i only know he’s half Korean lol

Suho baby lookalike (* >ω<) he’s Chinese~

Kyungsoo lookalike, she isnt a baby lol Kim Hyang Ki, Korean child actress,highly recommend watching her drama The Queen’s Classroom btw. i was mind fuqed when i watched it cuz she looks like his long lost sister,literally lol

and holla again, Kyungsoo took a pic w her hehe hope to see them act together in the future <3

couldnt find the baby lookalike for the rest of the members so have some cute /less seen/ baby photos of themselves instead ;)

and on the side note, Korean actor Park Geun-hyeong’s grandson’s name is Luhan awww can we have EXO Hello Baby pls i need to relieve the feels,these babies are way too cute /sobs

and for the laugh, im fucking dying at this Tao lookalike in a Chinese drama AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

anonymous asked:


you’ve made a bet with lincoln on how long it will take for clarke and lexa to bang, and right now, you’re pretty sure you’re going to win, because you had put your money (and request of sexual favors) on less than two weeks, and lincoln had given them a month.

but you’re at the hospital, and, really, it’d been a good day. a great day, actually, in your line of work: lexa and her team had found three kidnapped children within 24 hours of their disappearances, and they’d been dehydrated with some cuts and bruises, but otherwise healthy, and now they were safe and they were going to get to go home with their families after the doctors made sure they were okay, and, yeah. it’s a really, really good day.

right now, lexa is sitting on the exam table with the smallest, youngest child you found, a little girl with wild brown hair and gold skin and dark eyes, and she hasn’t let go of lexa’s hand since you found them. you can hear lexa talking very animatedly with her about mario kart 8, and you make a mental note to get lexa drunk and challenge her, because you’re fantastic at that game and clarke is terrible. and it would be fun. 

you’re sitting in the waiting room waiting to talk to the parents and getting your press statement ready when you feel the chair next to you dip, and you see clarke’s familiar sneakers, and when you look up, she’s not even looking at you at all, just kind of gazing at lexa.

‘no dead bodies?’ you ask.

she shakes her head. ‘i heard you guys were here. i didn’t—i didn’t know if she was hurt or something.’

you hide a full blown grin because clarke is smiling at lexa’s very emphatic gestures, at how the little girl is now tracing the tattoo on lexa’s arm and lexa is scrambling to pull the sleeve of her sweater up further so she can see more.

‘no, actually,’ you say, and clarke finally looks at you, ‘lexa figured everything out hella fast and we found the kids. they’re all uninjured.’

‘that’s so great,’ she says, and you can tell she’s proud of lexa but also generally excited as well: she doesn’t see too many happy endings either. 

‘yeah,’ you say. ‘the best press report i’ll give ever probably.’

clarke laughs and squeezes your arm and then you see the kids’ parents being lead into the waiting room. 

‘my job awaits,’ you say, and clarke nods and gives you a quick hug.

‘go get ‘em, kiddo.’

you wink and then turn toward the parents, serious and professional. you tell them the important details very quickly, and then let them into the room. the little girl immediately gives them hugs, and they’re crying, and it’s endearing that lexa is standing awkwardly off to the side, almost shoved into the corner. the little girl, though, tells her parents that lexa was the one who found her, and then lexa is being swept up into hugs too. it shouldn’t be funny that she looks wildly uncomfortable, but it kind of is, and you wait by the door for her to finally get to come out of the room. when she does, it’s with a sigh of relief and a straightening of her sweater, and she smiles at you thankfully when you’re still there.

‘thanks for waiting,’ she says. ‘it’s been a long day, though, you can make your statement and we’ll go over everything tomorrow morning in the office? i know lincoln mentioned you had been wanting to talk to him about something.’

you nod; you had, you’re pregnant, and the words almost make their way out of your mouth, and, while you know lexa would keep a secret to her grave and probably for about twelve thousand lives beyond that because she doesn’t really talk, but she really shouldn’t be the first person you should tell about this.

‘okay,’ she says. ‘i’ll see you tomorrow then, blake.’

you smile—formalities never really slip away from lexa, even though you’ve worked together for a while now. ‘yeah. have a good night, woods.’

she nods and the you see clarke get up from the chairs in the waiting room where she’d apparently waited too, and you think she’s going to come say goodbye to you, her best friend, but instead she follows lexa down toward the elevator—jogging, even—and you get close enough to see her squeeze lexa’s hand once and then ask, ‘do you want to get drinks later?’

lincoln catches up with you just as lexa’s face lights up in a full blown grin, complete with blushing, and says, ‘i would like that very much, clarke.’

‘fuck,’ lincoln says.

‘that’s exactly what they’re going to do tonight,’ you say. 

‘i’m not paying until the deed is done.’

you laugh. ‘tomorrow morning,’ you say. ‘you’ll owe me, i guarantee it. i know clarke.’

he sighs heavily next to you but then he kisses your cheek with a shrug and takes your hand. ‘i don’t mind going down on your ever, you know that, right?’ he says quietly into your ear as you head out to your car. ‘you never have to wager that.’

‘i know,’ you say, ‘it’s just more fun to add that in addition to the $20 you’re gonna give me in the morning.’

he laughs. ‘fair.’

and then you’re in the car, and this isn’t really news you should give lincoln while he’s driving, but you think of your friends, and how lucky you are, and how, despite your teasing, you (and lincoln) are excited for clarke, because you’ve known her for forever and you’ve never seen her look at anybody quite the way she looks like lexa, and you’re decently sure anya and raven have been hooking up for a while, and everyone’s kind of falling in love and growing up. and really, you and lincoln are the best examples. 

‘babe,’ you say, and you should feel nervous, but really you’re just overwhelmingly happy.


‘today was a good day, wasn’t it?’

‘it was,’ he agrees. 

you swallow and then, ‘so, you’re going to be a dad.’

lincoln—bless him—looks at you frantically for a split second before very calmly putting on his blinker to pull over. his smile is huge. he pulls into an empty metered spot and throws the car into park, and then he’s kind of clumsily pulling you into a hug. ‘really?’

‘i peed on, like, seven pregnancy tests,’ you say into her shoulder, and you think he’s probably crying, and, god, you’re so happy. ‘so yeah, really.’

‘this is amazing,’ he says, leans back, kisses you. you kiss for a while more, and then you really want to go home.

he drives quickly but safely—he refuses to put the sirens on, which you’re a bit disappointed by, but it’s really illegal, O—and then you’re home, and you’re kissing, and boy, is he hot. 

he’s underneath you on the bed and you pause to sit back, and his eyes are wide. you wonder about the time—you’ve been at it for a while—and you say, ‘do you think clarke and lexa have fucked yet?’

he laughs. ‘can we not discuss them right now? it’s kinda weird.’

‘fair,’ you say, ‘although. they are both hot.’



he laughs and tugs you down to kiss him again, and you don’t get to sleep until hours later. 

when you wake up in the morning, lo and behold, you check your phone.

‘lincoln,’ you say.

there’s a muffled groan from his pillow, so you know he’s listening. 

‘you owe me twenty dollars.’

he pokes his head out. ‘proof.’

you hand over your phone.

party animal clarke griffin (9:54 pm): idk what ur doing w lincoln rn but i’m getting drunk w lexa aka ssa cute aloof socially awkward silence and she’s talking a lot and LAUGHING it’s cute
party animal clarke griffin (10:19 pm): oh god she’s so hot 
party animal clarke griffin (10:19 pm): she has so many more tattoos than just her arm she’s in a tank top she just took off her leather jacket O u do not understand rn god she’s so hot you know my thing for girls
party animal clarke griffin (10:19 pm): whoops i meant girls w tattoos lol but girls too in general. girls w tattoos tho 
party animal clarke griffin (10:46 pm): we’re having tequila 
party animal clarke griffin (10:47 pm): lots
party animal clarke griffin (11:50 pm): fUCK we fucked in an alleyway
party animal clarke griffin (11:52 pm): wow ok 
party animal clarke griffin (12:24 pm): k im home (alone :( jk sokay) love u details tomorrow im gonna sleep

lexa woods (10:45 pm): Hi, would you be willing to come in a bit later tomorrow morning, around 11 am? We have no new cases and I am, as I’m sure you are too, a bit tired from our successful work today. I assume you may be enjoying a rare late night in celebration, so take this as a small token of gratitude, as well. See you tomorrow. Thanks.

lincoln starts laughing, because he has the same text from lexa—apparently she’d just copied and pasted, probably to all members of the team—and then he gets a text from clarke.

clarke (7:35 am): you owe octavia $20 :)

you’re both laughing, and you have a big grand family, and you’re going to have a baby, and you don’t work until eleven today because your boss got laid by your best friend, and yeah. yesterday was a really, really good day.

[140606] fan acc. of greeting NU'EST @ the airport (guam)

SO!!! a friend of mine said that a reliable source told her NU’EST would arrive at like…3 AM (guam time), so a bunch of friends + i went to the airport. i even bought an assortment of 8 coffees (for NU’EST and some staff) and taped some homemade labels (personally made by me~) on them:

and a friend of ours even made greeting banners:

waited for a good hour or so only to be told by the person who takes care of their tours/plans and whatnot that they don’t arrive til LATER in the day, around 3-4 pm, so we laughed it off and decided to return later…

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