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“… I knew you were rich, but I didn’t think you were like… rich rich.”

Hokulani stared out the window from the passenger seat of her boyfriend’s car. The manor seemed to grow larger and larger the closer they got to it, and suddenly, this trip did not seem like such a good idea. They’d been dating for a year- one of those forbidden office romances -when she had brought the subject up. 

Thomas had met her parents. Shouldn’t she meet his? His reluctant agreement should gave raised red flags, but she was so excited to be included in another aspect of his life that she had missed the warning. They were to stay the week- it was some kind of family get together of the Sharpe clan -but now she wasn’t sure. In face, she sat back, glancing down at her pretty sundress, then up at Allerdale Hall. Or New Allerdale. Apparently the old one was a relic, which could just barely be seen at the other end of the property, overrun by a sea of trees; his family’s attempt at hiding it, she supposed. 

“Are you sure I look alright?”