lol i think this was the funniest scene in this show

Dares (Tom Holland x Reader)

omg wow okay, so I told myself that when I reached 100 followers on this blog, I would post this fic. SO here I am with 100 follower posting this fic. Thank you to everyone for following me. You guys are awesome.

Word Count: 1585 (Tom is the word most said, obviously lol)

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader, a little bit of platonic Zendaya x reader

Warnings: Cursing, angst (i think this qualifies as angst?)


Part 1 | Part 2 

Spider Man: Homecoming was probably the best thing that could’ve happened to you. Acting had always been a dream of your since you were 5 years old. And now, you were living out that dream, in something you’d grew up with: Spider Man.

But that wasn’t the only reason you were happy to do the film. You’d met the most amazing person ever. Tom Holland was the sweetest, most thoughtful, funniest person you’d ever met. He never failed to make you laugh and make you feel comfortable in any situation. Since you were new to the whole fame thing (which you’d gotten almost immediately after you got cast in the movie 3 months ago), Tom was always there to guide you through it, since he was a bit more experienced with it all.

You’d, of course, gotten comfortable with the rest of the cast too, but Tom seemed to put an extra effort into being your friend. A best friend.

And, of course, this had turned into a crush. Like a real life, “I-really-want-to-date-you-because-you-make-my-stomach-flutter-and-heart-palpitate-kind of crush.” Not a “Hanging-out-would-be-cool-and-I-just-really-want-to-make-out-with-you-crush.” You couldn’t help it. He was just too amazing.

“And cut!” the director called out. “That was great guys, I think we’re done for today!”

Everyone gave a small cheer and began to clean up.

The cast was filming the Homecoming scene. You were wearing heels and a green dress. Acting was fun because you got to wear all different kinds of outfits.

The set was on a small incline, so you had to walk down two stairs in order to get off of it. As you were walking down the first step, your heel got caught on the floor below you and you started falling before Tom ran over and helped you stand back up.

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Marrissey Quotes to sob over

Your welcome…

“It’s no secret that I would be on the next bus to his house.”— Morrissey, 1990, upon being asked ‘If Johnny phoned and asked to work with you again, what would you say? ‘

“He is painfully shy,” emphasises Johnny Marr. “You’ve got to understand that. We all look out for Morrissey. It’s a very brotherly feeling. When we first rehearsed, I’d have done anything for him. And as a person Morrissey is really capable of a truly loving relationship. Every day he’s so open, so romantic and sensitive to other people’s emotions.”  Johnny Marr, 1985

“He was different with me than he was with everybody else. I couldn’t have given my music to anybody - anybody else, and he appreciated it more, because he just fell in love with it, and that went on all the way through the band. In many ways he was my biggest fan really.”
— Johnny Marr on Morrissey

“We really were swept away by passion for what we were about to embark upon. I remember talking about the New York Dolls’ album cover photograph on the very first day we got together - should we sprawl all over each other in photos like they did? Without sounding too pretentious, the two of us were able to project onto each other and into the ether, everything in us that had been suppressed for years. There was a lot of shouting “yeah!” at each other, great, passionate agreement: “Yeah, that’s what I want to do too…”— Johnny Marr, 2004, reflecting upon the day he met Morrissey.

“He is painfully shy,” emphasises Johnny Marr. “You’ve got to understand that. We all look out for Morrissey. It’s a very brotherly feeling. When we first rehearsed, I’d have done anything for him. And as a person Morrissey is really capable of a truly loving relationship. Every day he’s so open, so romantic and sensitive to other people’s emotions.”  Johnny Marr, 1985

“Obviously with Johnny, I feel very defensive about our relationship. Some things have to be shielded, but the dedication I feel to him is quite solid and impregnable.”   Morrissey.

“There’s a lot of our relationship in those songs. That’s not to say the words are about our relationship, but the feeling in the recordings and some of the songs are a product of our relationship because we are so wrapped up in each other.”
— Johnny Marr on working with Morrissey

“He appeared at a time when I was deeper than the depths, if you like. And he provided me with this massive energy boost. I could feel Johnny’s energy just seething inside of me.”  Morrissey.

“The relationship between me and Morrissey is the best in the group, of the four of us. I still see him now. I called him last night. Last time I saw him was a couple of days before he went in to do his recent album. We let a bored media get the better of us, but there’s always been a certain telepathy between us even when we didn’t see each other. We played a game with the press and they played with us, but it’s not true life. No, we’re friends.”
— Johnny Marr, 1993.

“He appeared at a time when I was deeper than the depths, if you like. And he provided me with this massive energy boost. I could feel Johnny’s energy just seething inside of me.”

Smash Hits: What would you do if you could be invisible for a day?
Johnny Marr: I think I’d just follow Morrissey around and see what he gets up to when he disappears…

“ We actually got together a few times. We went for a walk in the country, we went out to dinner one night and later we just went for a long drive. It was really good to see each other away from any scenes. Like everyone, in private we’re quite different characters. I know the real Morrissey and he knows the real me. "   Johnny Marr quote

” We really were swept away by passion for what we were about to embark upon. I remember talking about the New York Dolls’ album cover photograph on the very first day we got together - should we sprawl all over each other in photos like they did? Without sounding too pretentious, the two of us were able to project onto each other and into the ether, everything in us that had been suppressed for years. There was a lot of shouting “yeah!” at each other, great, passionate agreement: “Yeah, that’s what I want to do too… “ 'There was a sense that we’d really found each other. We really admired each other and wanted to spend every minute of the day with each other.‘   Johnny Marr, about meeting Morrissey.

“Only he and I know that something like a fight or a difference in lifestyles or court cases or who said what in the press about who, or what fans might say, is pretty small change compared to the connection we have. It’s very deep. In short, there’s a very big part of him that I understand. And he knows it.'  Johnny Marr.

“It was a special musical relationship. And those are few and far between. For Johnny and I it won’t come again. I think he knows that and I know it. The Smiths had the best of Johnny and me. Those were definitely *the* days.”  Morrissey

“We were totally excited about where we were going to go, and we were falling over ourselves with ideas. Looking back on it now, it’s an almost even stranger set of circumstances, that the two talents fitted together like a hand in glove. There, I’ve said it. I don’t think I’m the only one who could imagine that song being about Morrissey and myself. It certainly did describe our relationship, and was born out of that new relationship.  Johnny Marr

‘It got to the stage where I was so impressed and infatuated, that even if he couldn’t play, it really didn’t matter…’  Morrissey

“So much has been made of that first meeting with Morrissey, but I suppose that looking back at it, it must have been the attraction of opposites. Like, he is a very tidy person and very organised and that was a bit of a shock to me, plus I had never seen so many books in the one room. I had certainly never met anyone like him and it still intrigues me why he was interested in JM. I’m still a little puzzled. Still a little confused. Because a lot about us is really very different. Like I am quite into rock ‘n’ roll and he has obviously nothing at all to do with it. I did say before that I think he needs a good humping and I really believe that. I tell him that about three times a week so you can see that there is a lot more humour in the relationship than everyone thinks. He is certainly the funniest person I know.”
— Johnny Marr, 1985.

“I am shaken when I hear Johnny play guitar, because he is quite obviously gifted and almost unnaturally multi-talented. Since he shows an exact perspective on all things, I can’t help but wonder: What is he doing here with me? Formulating writing systems and mapping out how best to blend our dual natures – here, against the hiss of the paraffin lamp, and me wrapped in the sanctity of an enormous overcoat acquired in a Denver charity shop for $5. Why has Johnny not already sprayed his mark – elsewhere, with others less scarred and less complicated than I am? It seemed to me that Johnny had enough spark and determination to push his way in amongst Manchester’s headhunters – yet here he was, with someone whose natural bearing discouraged openness. Stranger still, we get on very well. It is a matter of finding yourself in possession of the one vital facet that the other lacks, but needs.” Morrissey (Autobiography)

Q: Do you love Johnny Marr? 

Morrissey: “Yes… that’s not a hard one. I loved and love Johnny Marr.” (Q, 1994).

“The thing that brought us really close together is the essence of why Morrissey lives his life and why I live my life.Without the art of pop music and pop culture, life doesn’t make any sense. It was a pretty serious, deep need. It wasn’t just the need to escape our social situation, because underneath it all, one of the things that makes us the same is that we’re both incredibly sensitive. There was this burden with serious mental problems that were taken care of by records.”— Johnny Marr 

“After the first meeting [with Morrissey] we really couldn’t get together often enough” says Marr. “It was a few times a week. We got a hell of a lot done in that first month”. They were, Marr admits, in awe of one another’s potential. “He and I almost had this unspoken relationship where we were both able to be ourselves but we both knew how important we were to each other. What shouldn’t be forgotten is that we really, really liked each other. It wasn’t some business arrangement or relationship of convenience. There was intrigue and understanding because as different as we were, the thing that was paramount inside each of us was pop records and that absolute promise of escape. And he understood that without us ever having to talk about it”. (Simon Goddard)

"We Loved Each Other” - Johnny Marr

“Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together” was written with Johnny Marr in mind and it is the only song I have written with him in mind, post-smiths.“   Morrissey - Mojo Magazine 2002

"Sometimes, I think all he needs is a good humping”   Johnny Marr about Morrissey

I went to SNL Dress Rehearsal 4/8/17

I went to the SNL dress rehearsal with @myloveholtzy and she wrote about it here

We started waiting at 6 in the NBC lobby and Kyle Mooney and Lorne Michaels walked past us! We didn’t ask for pics but we were freaking out lmao. We got in line and get checked in and get our tickets and wristbands. We don’t get to keep the tickets so we snuck a pic in the bathroom lol but no photography guys 

Then, they took us to a lounge area to wait which had nice gray couches and huge screens with snl pics and bts pics both old and new it was so cool

We waited for almost an hour until they started calling us by wristband colors and envelope numbers and lined up to take the elevator up to the studio. At this point, @myloveholtzy are start freaking out and slowly accepting that this is real!! lmao 

We get out to the hallway that leads to 8H iconic! There’s cast pics and guest host pics on the walls and chairs and couches and set pieces along the hallway. We touched one of the pics lol and we saw a room with Alec Baldwin’s name on it!!! We were a few feet away so we kept wondering if he was in there. Someone came to tell us about some rules and one of them was that the lighting director asked us to put our stuff under the chairs instead of hanging them on the back of the chairs and @myloveholtzy realizes that meant we got floor seats!!! 

They start taking us in and ohmylord it’s one of those awestruck moments like walking out on a stage on opening night. Mikey walked past our line but we didn’t say hi (they’re all super busy lol)  and we saw Beck down the hall but he was too far to say hi. There’s stage people running back and forth, moving set pieces into the studio in this really tight hallway, the band is playing vibrantly, someone takes your ticket and through all the movement and chaos, you see light. You’re in studio 8H. Wow. 

We somehow got front row seats in front of the monologue stage!? Maybe they saw we were more excited than everyone because literally we jumped and whisper/screamed to each other every time we saw something/someone lmao. But wow we got front row seats bless

The band is playing live, loud, bright music and you can feel the beating in your chest. We took this time to look around and really take everything in. I’m still blown away thinking about it, seeing this set for the first time is truly astounding. It’s one of those moments. 

8H is surprisingly small but that’s what makes it so much better. Everyone is bustling past each other, rushing to get everything in place in time. And in the midst of our excitement and awe, Lorne Michaels walks in and is literally 5 feet from us. We kept glancing at him in excitement and one of the crew members saw us being huge dorks over Lorne and laughed lol 

Michael Che did some standup and talked to some audience members to warm us up, he was pretty funny! But when he gets off stage, I turned around and saw Kenan so I’m freaking out like holy shit he’s real but then Vanessa, Sasheer, and Kate are right behind him and I’m screaming and have this huge smile on my face that I can’t get rid of for the rest of the show. They sang and danced and I wasn’t really listening to the words because I was too busy freaking out over Kate lmao but we made eye contact for a like brief second! lol 

Watching them do the sketches live is absolutely the most amazing experience. You get to see everything happen. Maybe I love behind-the-scenes stuff too much cuz I’m a massive nerd but I’m smiling like an idiot in starbucks thinking about last night lmao 

Everything is funnier when you watch it live. You get to experience a live audience laughing and it’s amazing. 

Alec Baldwin as trump was amazing, he makes it look easy on screen but as he was getting ready to go on stage and they were counting down the seconds, he was checking his reflection making sure everything was perfect and doing lip warmups (idk what they’re called). He’s really focused and in the game before he performs. I also noticed a bit of spit on his suit idk if he did that on purpose for the character or if it was just an accident lol 

When The Chainsmokers were getting ready for their first song, Louis C.K. was less than 5 feet from us on the edge of the monologue stage. He said hi to us and asked us how we’re doing and obviously I looked like a dork and forgot how to use words so I just waved and smiled like a huge dork lol 

Weekend update was so funny and Colin is adorable when he breaks character and Sasheer was AMAZING and gorgeous and hilarious and her dancing was so funny omg. Then, I see Kate waiting offstage to get on Weekend Update and @myloveholtzy and I are dying literally deceased I feel my heart pumping like crazy like I’ve seen Kate before and got pics with her but seeing her perform wow it’s unbelievable. She was sipping water from this bottle that a crew member was holding and she kept taking little sips and it was adorable and she’s so smol and she was wearing these slippers I can’t she’s adorable. Then she went behind this black screen they put up on the sides of Weekend Update so the cameras don’t get the offstage action and she was laughing at Colin & Michael’s jokes behind that screen. But she kept laughing after everyone was done laughing so you could hear her adorable giggles I can’t ohmygod I was freaking out also she caught @myloveholtzy staring lol so cute

Kate performing as Cecilia was literally the funniest thing I think I started tearing up bc I was laughing so hard and she kept touching and kissing Colin’s face it was so cute 

They also had us move around for a few sketches ( @myloveholtzy moved for 1, I moved for 2) but I didn’t mind, it was actually really cool to be like standing among the action lol

There was a sketch with Alex which was honestly an amazing sketch it was hilarious but I think they cut it for the live show

Louis broke character in the museum sketch 

The Chainsmokers Andrew Taggart was jumping around on stage before their second song and made eye contact with me and after the song (or before i can’t remember lol) he did like a little wave it was adorable

And after all these sketches, finally the cast came out for goodnights and it was so cool omg ngl I was staring at Kate the whole time but everyone out there hugging and stuff it was so cute and Beck had a bald cap on for some reason but like wow I can’t believe I actually got to experience all of this with @myloveholtzy I’m honestly so grateful for this experience and if you ever get the chance, you should definitely try to watch dress or live, it’s an unbelievable experience :) 

Also as we were leaving, Alex and Melissa walked past us no big deal (just kidding huge deal) and someone else so there you go! Hope this helped any of you who are hoping to go someday :) 

Click here for my other SNL experiences.


so i won the lottery and i got to see tbom again ?? im still so emotional so i wrote down all my thoughts, tho i probably missed some anyway (its under a read more because this is long)

(the cast for this was jay james moody, ryan bondy, rowan witt, zahra newman, a rly good swing/us covering mafala, morgan palmer covering todds track and justin lonesome covering gotswana)

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Found this in my drafts**:

*clears throat* May I present the idea:
~✨Ella Enchanted au✨~

  • •Laurent is from a very well-to-do kingdom
  • •Auguste died (idc how)
  • •Akielos took a bunch of land after that
  • •When Laurent was born his aunt Vannes gave him the “gift” of obedience
  • •When Laurent lost his family he was left to live with his Uncle and his uncle’s men (man? Idk how to fit the evil step-sisters in so like twin Govarts??? LOL)
  • •His uncle tells him that he isn’t allowed to protect/hang out with Nicaise

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School 2017 | EP 5

This episode broke my heart into tiny little pieces and I’m suffering.

1. First of all, before the heavier and more serious parts of this episode, Tae Woon ain’t really subtle at all that he likes Eun Ho lmao he was so adorable smiling to himself. The boy is totally head over heels for her it’s so fucking cute!!!!! He has the funniest facial expressions too I can’t w/ him, I love it so much, protect him!!

2.The school just keeps getting shittier, there’s no end to their bullshit. Tbh I’m so tired I’m about to run to the gates and smack all their senses back. Of course it is fictional and exaggerated compared to reality, but that doesn’t mean it’s not at all true. Socioeconomic privilege is very real and thriving today, and the school system isn’t an exception.

3. I sobbed for an hour straight bc of Dae Hwi. Like why the fuck does he suffer in every aspect of his life?? I can’t believe he still manages to be kind most of the time bc if I were him, I would have destroyed every single thing in that school and would be living as a recluse bc I’ve had enough of the world’s shit. I hate those rich kids w/ every fiber of my being esp that top 2 kid who is, as Tae Woon called him out to be, ‘consistently a scumbag’. And I think DH’s stealing those competition papers to leak it out so they can’t use it bc he knows him joining would be futile (the results won’t matter anyway, the winner is predetermined), so might as well sabotage it for being unfair.

4. One of the most heartbreaking scenes I’ve ever watched is the funeral; w/ Joon Gi’s mother and Dae Hwi. When she said JG wanted to quit school but he found TW and DH and they changed his life, and now he’s gone. DH’s tears of agony shattered my heart and threw it in a fire pit. Even when he was ripping out his book, my soul left me. When he begged his mom to stop, I was fucking done. I’ve run out of tears to cry. When TW was begging his father to let the funeral car pass through the school, ugh I hate this show for making me cry so much.

5. I ship EH w/ the both of them lol. And although DH and Nam Joo are just lowkey using each other and doesn’t really ‘like’ the other, I hope they could grow together bc their worlds are so different so it’d make an interesting dynamic. I hope EH truly befriends him bc he has literally no one to confide in, not even their homeroom teacher that cares about him and whom he’s close with. I just want her and the 2 boys to have each other ;-;

octoplus  asked:

HEY, i trust you, you got any fic recs/fic rec posts?? because im in some need of good fics. any ship. it can be a crack fic idc. help me.

Okedoke here is my fic tag where I reblog any writing that catches my fancy. There will be myriad of ships, but the majority of them will be Klance. Go off.

Now then, under the cut will be some AO3 fics I’ve read that I really loved and don’t think are on tumblr. Or that I haven’t seen any posts about at the least. The list is by no means complete, I worked on this for like an hour and then decided ‘nah.’ I’ll update it as time goes on, prolly. Maybe I’ll make a page on my blog??

… This is all mostly Klance fics. I’m sorry. I also got really tired and eventually just started posting links with no commentary, my b, I’ll prolly go back one day and make everything nicer.

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WoY Character Analysis: The Evolution of Hater

One of my favorite aspects of Wander Over Yonder is Lord Hater and his character development throughout the show and it still kills me that we may never see the full conclusion of his arc gahhhhhhh

However, as much as I love it, it is admittedly difficult to track his development at times. Fans have also pointed out that there is a fairly stark difference between Season 1 Hater and Season 2 Hater. That’s fair, but I believe that maybe the difference isn’t that big when you really look at it, and the difference that is there had a fair amount of build-up and foreshadowing. Maybe he became a bit less threatening, but the core parts of his character personality were still there, and I believe I can prove it.

So, without further ado: The Evolution of Hater

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1) There will be a Free! Movie called High☆Speed: Free! Starting Days
2) High☆Speed will have a manga
3) Haru/Rin Mook is in the works
4) There will be apparently be several more Free! Seiyuu Events this year
5) Zakki said there is still “a lot more to look forward to”

Now, for details of the event, FYI I will be referring to the characters’ names if they are meant to be in-character or using the actor’s real names when they’re not supposed to be in character.

Zakki: Haru
Tattsun: Makoto
Mamo: Rin
Hosoyan: Sousuke
Hirarin: Rei
Tsubasa: Nagisa
Suzuken: Momo
Miyata: Nitori

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What anime(s) to you recommend?

Ouran Highschool Host Club of course, it’s my favorite.

Originally posted by hitachiin-devils

Kuragehime / Princess Jellyfish - That one is absolutely GORGEOUS. It’s incredibly moving and it talks about all different forms of beauty. (And it’s clean too. Even though there’s a part where you get worried… I promise. It’s clean. XD That’s actually one of my favorite parts too- somEONE SAVE MY POOR BABY SHU HE’S LITERALLY TOO PURE FOR THIS WORLD I HAVE SO MUCH RESPECT FOR HIM) It’s super funny too though, it’s just amazing. <3

Originally posted by heartcoma


Originally posted by psychopass

Literally the only thing I didn’t like about it was the fanservice in the beach episode- BUT EVEN THAT WASN’T THAT BAD- I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW GOOD OF AN ANIME THIS WAS. AND LIKE? THE FIGHT SCENES WERE ACTUALLY REALLY ENTERTAINING AND INCREDIBLE??? It was just really really good okay?

Um… (cough) Well I do watch Hetalia, though I tend to…. not recommend that to people- PFFFFFT.

Originally posted by sweeeden

FMA BROTHERHOOD IS PROBABLY THE BEST ANIME EVER MADE. I mean yeah, Ouran is my favorite, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best. >_>

FMA has an incredible story line with incredible characters. I kind of get this Avatar the Last Airbender vibe from it, although the story is MUCH darker. (Lots of blood guys- there is a war going on in this one…) Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful though. I’m still amazed. <3

Originally posted by activeraid

DETECTIVE CONAN. HOLY CRAP. IM STILL NOT CAUGHT UP YET, IT’S HECKA LONG. But it’s sooooOOOOOOOoooOOOOO GOOD AND CUTE!!! And the story is addicting. :D I’m serious when I say it’s long. It’s like a few months older than I am and it’s NOT. DONE. It’s like Japan’s star trek, it’s like super old and nearly everyone loves it, lol. And the animation just keeps getting better with time. :3 IT’S SO CUTE THOUGH. And yeah, tons of filler, but at the same time, all those filler episodes are incredibly clever and really good mysteries. (it’s a murder mystery show) So I don’t care that it’s filler…. Just because… it’s… amazingly good mysteries. 

Originally posted by gjins

These adorable boys in this show too. There’s like 4 boys that kill me. Just… jeeze. Like… it needs another gif. (The highschooler gets turned into a kid guys. and that kid is adORABLE. You don’t know how much you need a child with the mind of a highschool genius detective till you watch this show) (AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE ROMANCE FEELS)

Originally posted by hlo0

Uuuhhhh…… That’s kind of all I can think of right now. I would have recommended Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler if it hadn’t pissed me off by throwing in a sex scene, which I DON’T watch. But it probably should not be watched by children anyways. Or… middelschoolers… maybe anyone who is wary of super dark things. XD (NO LIKE SERIOUSLY- IT WAS REALLY DARK. LIKE… IM NOT GONNA GO INTO IT. I think I didn’t understand half of it when I was in middleschool watching it, and now I remember things like…. why. Why did I watch that.)
 I just really liked Prince Agni, (cough-and viscount druitt- don’t look at me- he’s sick and demented and kidnaps people to sell as slaves- cough- but beautiful too and a drama king- cough- evil twisted tamaki lol- cough) and the Victorian England feel was so addicting and beautiful. And let’s not ever forget that Sebastian is the sexiest anime character alive. 

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(that plate in your face was from me sebby. I’m mad at you. I’m very mad at you for the circus ark. Go away.)

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lol i can't read apparently. elementary for the tv meme but you can't answer mycroft/morland for least fave

LMAO okay here we go

favorite male character: marcus bell my honey
favorite female character: joan watson my momther 
least favorite character: um………………. wow that really narrows my options lmao i actually don’t know. i mean as an actual person, morally, jamie lol
prettiest character: joan….. my honey 
funniest character: marcus tbh lol but also they all have their moments 
favorite season: 1… the only season that exists y’all 
favorite episode: i think i have officially decided details is my favorite episode 
favorite romantic ship: marcus and sherlock i’m crying
favorite family ship: kitty and sherlock   
favorite friend ship: joan and sherlock
worst ship: am i allowed to say mycrosoft here bc joan and mycrosoft should’ve never had any scenes together i truly suffered

send me a show!

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Hiya!! I love your headcanons for the riarkle kids (I love all your headcanons lbr here) and as a fellow theatre geek, wondered which kid is the most theatre geek-y? I know you said that they're all pretty involved, but there's a chill drama kid and then there's a Minkus-Matthews kid 😂 xxx

WHY WITH THE OC’S omfg okay

  • Penny cannot fucking sing
  • No one has the heart to tell her
  • Basically every year she goes out for shows and has an experience close to Farkle’s at the end of GM Truth
  • They do not tell her the truth lmao they just all let her believe that for some reason the drama teacher has already picked favorites and she’s just not one of them
  • She eventually just quits altogether like junior year because at this point it’s ‘disrespectful’ lmao but she still listens to/sees shows whenever she can.
  • Everyone keeps trying to get Cassie into theater professionally bc she’s A+ at dancing/singing/acting but the fact alone that everyone wants her to do it stops her from doing it lol
  • But she still really likes them
  • But to anyone outside her family, theater is like…a closeted passion lmao
  • Her daughter Tabitha gets super involved with it at school too
  • And then when they move to New York, they move in with Auggie and Ava and Ava’s a fucking Broadway actress so obviously the four of them geek out all the time
  • And one day Katie tries to sneak into the apartment when she thinks everyone’s out to set up for a surprise romantic dinner
  • She enters as Cassie is doing Mein Herr from Cabaret
  • And when Cassie finally notices she’s there she’s FREAKING OUT because she’s been exposed but Katie is about to achieve an Anime-Nosebleed over this omfg
  • Needless to say she starts looking into musicals more and they just become trash together it’s v cute
  • Cleo does not fucking care
  • At all
  • You all need to stop singing
  • She just wants to play lacrosse STOP TAP DANCING DAD
  • UGH
  • One day she caught her son Riley on and acted as though she had walked in on him watching porn omfg
  • She just. Needs everyone to stop with the theater thank you and goodnight lol
  • Tessa only admits to liking the ‘darker’ shows because she’s 9Edgy5You
  • You know like Sweeny Todd, American Psycho, Heathers, Jekyll and Hide, shows like that
  • Get this Mama Mia shit away from her, she yells, as Riley feels her heart collapse
  • Although Tessa will never admit it for obvious reasons, but she REALLY fucking loves Legally Blonde the musical omfg
  • The only time she ever did a show was her senior year when the school did Jekyll and Hide and she got the role of Lucy and she RUINED EVERYONE’S LIVES WHAT THE FUCK TESSA WHERE DID THESE EMOTIONS COME FROM
  • Also she literally didn’t mention to anyone she was in the show, Nova and Leo brought it up bc they were in it too lol
  • NOVA
  • V E R Y  S E R I O U S L Y
  • Life is a competition and there is literally nothing more competitive than auditions holy shit
  • She signed herself up for voice lessons when she was five
  • Like Riley and Farkle had no idea until they were billed for like 3 months of her lessons at a theater school and they were like WTF
  • Okay and Nova is also 900% the kind that when her best friend doesn’t get the role she wants, she’s just like “Don’t worry I can get you rat poison!!!”
  • She’s like Sharpay but nicer, do you feel me
  • If Sharpay and Gabriella had a love child, it’d be this girl
  • She’s that bitch at dance rehearsal that is like “Ugh warm up stretches are the worst!!!!” and then very easily just pulls her leg over her fucking head as you struggle to breathe without falling over and pulling something
  • She can rap Guns and Ships perfectly it’s the funniest fucking thing
  • Always running for drama club president and stuff
  • Ends up marrying a Broadway actor that she toootally hadn’t been fangirling over for years lol
  • L e o
  • Is such a mess of a human being
  • Because he really doesn’t actually care at all about theater but he feels like he needs to bc his family is so crazy about it
  • And it’s so funny like he’s sleep through shows and movies and miss important plot details and have to bullshit scenes that he liked most when his fam asks lol
  • He’ll be in his usual attire of backwards baseball cap, vintage welding googles or some shit, and he’ll be carrying like a three books and a fucking knife collection
  • And someone will be like “LEO I BET YOU CANT DO A BACK FLIP INTO A PIROUETTE” and he’s immediately like “YOU WANNA FUCKIN BET” and tries to do it without dropping anything so Farkle’s in the back yelling “sON NO” and it never ends well okay
  • Anyway so his freshman year of high school, Nova, Tessa, and his best friend/girlfriend Skyler literally fucking bully him into joining the drama club
  • Because 1) It’s always funny seeing him trying to dance but also 2) SHIT he’s actually a great singer and actor what the fuck they NEED you LEo
  • But like. They literally bully him into this omfg
  • Tessa’s decided since she’s a junior she’s allowed to make her freshman sibling’s life hell lol but she doesn’t actually do anything that will actually hurt him or upset him you know what I mean
  • But like he’ll be minding his own business and then Tessa is jokingly slamming him into a locker telling him that he’ll never stop being a dork unless he does theater
  • Or she’ll be like ‘You have to listen to me you’re freshman scum and I am the Upperclass Overlord JOIN THE DAMN DRAMA CLUB”
  • Nova will fill his locker with passive aggressive notes insulting/challenging him like ‘you must be a wuss’ or ‘I bet you won’t try out because you have no talent’ and stuff like that
  • And he mentioned them to her and she’s like ‘Oh my God who would ever say such horrible things to my dear, precious brother’ and he’s just like ‘NOVA I CAN RECOGNIZE YOUR HAND WRITING CUT IT OUT” lmao
  • “Skyler please listen to me I really don’t want to try out for the drama club!”
  • “Well Leo I really don’t want to make out with you right now! Should I take one for the team or go home?”
  • “WhAT thE FuCK”
  • So eventually after like 2 months of this he gives up and decides to audition
  • And he’s like “Maybe…I’ll just sabotage my own audition so they don’t cast me as anything”
  • And he got really excited about that plan
  • But then
  • Since he is his father’s son
  • None of his plans can ever work out for him
  • So everything he did to sabotage himself, something else happened that prevented him from looking bad
  • It was so fucking funny to the girls bc they knew he was trying so hard to suck and it just wasn’t working lmao
  • They cast him as Moritz in Spring Awakening lmao
  • And after that, everyone in school wouldn’t stop talking about how great a performer he was, so he was like…fuck I’m stuck with this until I graduate aren’t I
  • He was
  • On his last day of high school, Riley and Farkle go into his room to have an emotional ‘Oh my God our baby’s graduating” talk after they had one with Nova
  • But they open the door and
  • Leo’s got a fucking sacrificial alter or some shit set up, and a metal trashcan with a fire blazing in it right in front of it
  • And he’s throwing into it all his scripts, costume pieces, makeup and tap shoes he’s gathered up over the years, laughing manically
  • When he notices his parents he freezes and they just stare at each other for like five whole minutes
  • But that took his concentration away from the fire, which then got too big and catches his fucking sleeve on fire
  • So he’s now jumping around trying to put it out and that causes him to bang into the fucking alter, knocking it down and putting a fucking hole in his floor.
  • Riley’s just like “why couldn’t we have just walked in on you watching porn” at the same time Farkle  goes “why are you like this” lmao
  • They never speak of that again
  • He still gets dragged along on family musical trips tho lmao
  • riarkle kids why are you doing this to me
"Make new friends but Keep Discord" review (spoilers...duh

“Make new friends but Keep Discord” review

External image

WOW! This episode! Hjhjhajhdjahjhajhjzjfhjh

Okay let me calm myself for a moment to give a straight review.

In the beginning, the fact that we get to see Discord and Fluttershy having tea together was a plus in my Fluttercord moments scale. So let me just separate my shipping sense and my friendshipping sense in two points, side by side.

So the fact they call their get-together’s Tuesday Tea. This was great to SEE and not mentioned. The one downside about it was that they were inside and not outside. I thought that when they have tea it would have been outside. But that was okay, I just loved how they interacted with eachother, they tell stories, they have inside jokes, and they laugh together. It was so lovely to see that.

Also I believe Discord won best face in this episode because from all of his jelousy moments, he had the best expressions. Plus two points for the animators! From the mere mention of Treehuggar he is sent to a jealous fit. Yet in the tea party moment, he gets up and leaves early! He acted so rude! He had his paws clenched, he stomped towards the door and he took all of the tea cakes! I would have never thought of him doing something like that to Fluttershy! UGH! It made me so angry at him “Bad Discord!” *slaps him with rolled up newspaper*

When he went to see the mane 5 and Spike was another good scene I saw, From Spike, he got a bit of a fright to find Discord underneath his blanket and too close for comfort. He even shook from fear! Lol. But I belived the reason Discord went to see the mane 5 was because he wanted to see if they were taking somepony to the Gala, almost a way to get into the party. The interaction with the CMC was an interesting one because we only seen them in the comics. In the comics they actually like eachother…

External image

but in the show…they don’t…and I liked that. It showed that the CMC and the rest of the Mane 5 don’t really trust him completely.  Apple Bloom used SLAP!….its super effective.

When Discord goes to see Pinkie Pie, she already knew he was there…showing that there are still some power within Pinkie Pie if she was able to “sense” him and Discord still does not like Pinkie Pie and still finds her annoying. (Don’t be offended Pinkie fans, I don’t mean anything bad about this) .  

(Turns around and does a fist pump) no but seriously, that one scene might have fueled the Pinkiecord shippers.  Breaking the fourth wall and doing great refrences went along with his character and I was so glad to see that present itself throughout the episode.

Once Discord sees TreeHuggar he is already on his jelous-train.

External image

  Once he heard Fluttershy laughing, you can tell that he is feeling hurt and betrayed because he thought that what he and Fluttershy had was something special.

External image

 But while it was, he still felt betrayed because it seemed that Fluttershy could say the same things to anypony else. Treehuggar was an interesting pony, she shows not fear or hate towards Discord and calls out on his “sweet vibes”. Somehow that made Discord turn angry finding it as an insult.  Did you see his eyes glow? I loved it ^_^ it is so nice to see some “evilness” still inside him.

Discord’s dimension, (which is what we are going to call it)

External image

was awesome! We finally got the chance to see where he lives! Kind of….I mean is it like a pocket dimension? But either way if the mail pony can find it then I guess anypony can. Also a moment of silence for Mail pony…who got taken by a monster….

Once Discord got his ticket, he is already planning what to do. He takes the Smooze as a last resort because he has no other friends to take. The moment he makes it to the Gala, he really does make his presence known throughout the gala. He is the center of attention, of course. Immendiatly he goes to find Fluttershy and his excitement to find her was so great and it fuels my ship even further. ^-^

He tries EVERYTHING to get her attention and to get Treehugger to go away.

  1. Attention grabbing-

    External image

    External image

    External image

    he introduce her to the smooze, the way he said that the Smooze and him were bestest friend, it was almost as if he wanted Fluttershy to experience the same jelousy he was feeling, but that failed.
  2. Insults- he tries to get rid of Treehugger by “forgetting her name”, that fails too.

    External image

  3. Story telling- he mentions the story about Fluttershy and him getting cakes together to show how “great” they are “together”.

  4. Jokes- once hearing that Fluttershy called treehugger funny, he tried to get his place back to be the funniest being she had ever known.

    In this episode, it really focuses on Discord to understand that sometimes Fluttershy and him could have other friends to discuss things with eachother. Fluttershy talks to Treehugger because they love nature. Im sure Discord finds that boring to talk about and if Discord want to cause some chaos, Fluttershy wouldent like that very much, so it really shows how their different interest really clash but it does not mean that they don’t like eachother. Its obvious that they do but don’t really express and spend time doing what the other wanted. They shared one thing and that is spending time together in their tea party by just..talking. Which is nice.

    The smooze…was…a side character, that became a “problem” by devouring anything that is shiny, but I think taking the main villain and turning him into a “minor” problem was not the way to go but, it seems that they needed the smooze for some reason. In fact, if the smooze wasent there everything would have ended the same, with Discord trying to send her to anouther dimension. Adding the Smooze did not make sense at all, I think that the writers and animators just threw the Smooze in there just to bring back an old villain.  The way Discord treated the smooze was so unbelievably rude and Discord is really a huge JERK…like always. But yikes.

    In the end with the confrontation, we see a really interesting fight. Discord plays off sending anouther pony to a dimesion as if it was a light problem. This is the first time we had ever seen him so angry. He was very very angry, did you see him on green fire?!!! The color of envy!!!


    External image

    After calming down he saw the errors of his ways and tries to win back Fluttershy forgiveness by playing the “pity-card” but that does not roll with Fluttershy who demands he apologizes and He presents HER with a flower,

  6.  with does not bode well with Discord as she does not accepts it and points to Treehugger. Did you saw how he stammered when she did not accept the flower? So cuuute, so much fluttercord!

  7. But in the end, he understands that Fluttershy is free to hang out whoever she wishes and that Discord would have to respect that and not be so jelous about it.

    I also made a list to separate the friendship aspect and the shipping aspect to Fluttercord. Check it out below.

Fluttercord ship

  1. They love spending time together and tell eachother

    Jokes and stories. Fluttercord LOVES their Tuesday teas and

    Discord loves it too. Mostly if its Fluttershy, the mere mention

    Of Treehuggar already sent Discord in a mild jelous fit which

    Quickly escalated to an uncontrolled jealous rage.

    He showed excitement when he heard about the

    Grand Galloping Gala and she took Tree Huggar

    Instead of him. He wagged his tail when he

    Quotes “I was wondering when you were

    Going to ask me”

    Like how a girl acts around a guy, or boyfriend? Hmmm?

    But with the roles switched.

  2. Asking around to see if the Mane 5 were taking somepony else to the

    Gala. It seemed he was looking for a way to go to the Gala, because

    He assumed he did not have a ticket. Finding a way to get close to

    Fluttershy in any means possible seems to hone in on his

    “stalkerish” or “clingy” personality. He seems to really revolve all of his

    Energy to get rid of the competition and have Fluttershy all to himself.

    He wants her to be jelous too, because I bet that was the reason for taking him. Fluttershy is his only friend but he does not want her to know that. As if he is embarrassed? And wants to keep in good graces with her.

  3. The way he wanted to get rid of the competition was a malicious one at that.

    When he is sending Treehugger to the other dimension, he was really really angry. He even quotes that “I can’t have you interfering with my relationship with Fluttershy!” AHHH! That quote! But in all seriousness, I think the writers made Treehuggar a girl to avoid any “romantic connections” from that quote. If Treehuggar was a guy, it would have been better…but whatever…

    Discord thinks that he is doing nothing wrong once Fluttershy calls him out, but he just plays it off that “they’ll have a good laugh” about it. Looks like someone was reading “bride of Discord” in Hasbro again…

    When Fluttershy tells him to apologize, he presents her with a single flower, I thought it was very sweet only for Fluttershy to slap it out of his paw. (okay I laughed at that) hitting the flower aside made sense because she was pretty mad at him and him trying to butter her up won’t work on her.

    Again this is something from Disneyfanatic “bride of discord”.

    But Fluttershy was the one that got him to calm down

    Fluttershy got him to apologize

    Fluttershy got him to understand. (pretty sure he is going to get jelous again…)

Fluttercord Friendship

  1. In regards to their Tea Time, it seems like any get

    Together that friends like them should have,

    Which is perfect to building back the trust that

    He lost with the Tirek-incident.  It is so nice

    To see the everything seems to be back to

    Normal in their relationship together, him being jelous

    Is relatable because if one of our friends went to a party

    That we wanted to go but took someone else instead.

    So his anger and annoyance towards it makes sense.

  2. Yet with his “clingy-ness” and apparent jelousy, Fluttershy

    Is his “oldest” and “bestest” friend he has, even if Twilight

    Is his friend, they don’t really hang out, so is Celestia. There are

    Two different friends in this, one who says they are friends but don’t

    Spend time together and ones who are like Fluttershy-who has tea parties

    Dinners, and you know, friends stuff.

    Him wanting to be the center of attention, from “interrupting” her and her friends

    By laughing with them, all awkward and also expressing the fact that the Smooze and

    Him are BEST friends to Fluttershy and everypony else to show that he is not alone.

    But really he is.

  3. Getting rid of the completion, was the final push for Discord because he actually felt threaten with his relationship with Fluttershy. The whole time that Fluttershy is spending time with Treehugger she makes comments that she made towards Discord. Those same comments must have hit Discord because it seemed that he was being replaced as a friend to her and from getting rid of Treehuggar was the only way of establishing his place. Yet, in the end, he realizes that he overreacted and that he shouldn’t be jelous if Fluttershy spends time with anouther friend because in the end they can still be friends.

    The things I like:

  1. Discord attics-it was so funny, any episode with Discord is a good episode in my case.

  2. Treehugger- eh, she’s nice, I don’t really hate her.

  3. Fluttercord moments

  4. Discord’s house!

  5. FACES!!

    External image


    The quotes:

    DISCORD: “We like eachother!”

    And so many more ^_^ Im so want this on a shirt!

    My overall score:


    I really loved the interactions, Discord was really the focal point in all of this, what I did not like is that ending with Twilight and Celestia it seemed to really pull away from Discord and his friendship lesson and also A DANCE WITH FLUTTERSHY, from all that time! THEY SHOW US A SMALL TALK WITH TWILIGHT AND CELESTIA!



Kiznaiver Ep 08 Thoughts

So much to talk about holy crap! I had to try and summarize everything because it took me ages to gather the all the caps lol

General thoughts, Symbolism, Tenga + Tendori, Hisomu, Honoka + Yuta and Katsuhira, Noriko and Katsuriko below the cut!

Warning. More image-heavy than ever!!

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narcrogers  asked:

Hi! Sorry if you're asked this a lot but I just wanted to know what are your personal favorite fics?

UPDATE: corrected first 3 links!

It’s alright I love talking fic! *u* but I’m gonna list only complete works cus as you probably saw, you never know where wips might end up lmao (war flashbacks to that stucky wip that became sam/steve in the middle)

  1. Steve Rogers at 100: Celebrating Captain America on Film (post catws, it’s mostly crack but i love it so much and all the manips of posters in there are breathtakingly awesome and hiLARIOUS)
  2. Pianissimo (30s to ‘45, very sweet and loving)
  3. I’ve Been Funny, I’ve Been Cool With The Lines (post catws, steve believes clint & bucky are together and he gets so jealous and i have a soft spot for the jealousy trope in fics)
  4. The Steven G. Rogers Guide to What You Missed the Last Few Years (post catws, steve dealing with the future and the internet is the best, ever)
  5. Good Boy (post catws, gentle dom steve and affection starved bucky and it’s all perfection itself)
  6. These Days Are Not Done (steve and bucky teach each other how to dance; yes this fic still makes me cry years later)
  7. To Hide The Wolves Of Sleep (post catws, shield made the winter soldier, I USED TO LOVE THAT TROPE WHERE WS FOUGHT WITH THE AVENGERS AND THEN DISAPPEARED EVERY TIME AJDGDJH)
  8. I’ve Been Careless With a Delicate Man (post catws, bucky is recovering and a misunderstanding makes it that they are fake dating but bucky thinks its real – most most most fav ever)
  9. The Supersoldier’s Amnesiac Groom (au, captain america has to marry the winter soldier for political reasons and he finds out his groom is bucky barnes his bff who he thought was dead, aka sorta canon divergent, also they go on a honeymoon lmao)
  10. Things SHIELD Never Told Captain America (post catws, steve finds out he can marry bucky now and it’s the cutest thing to ever have been written)
  11. Parts Per Million (au, abo, bucky taking care of his sickly alpha bff and then post-serum they finally confess and get together uwu)
  12. Misery I Need (abo, post catws, omega cap is ashamed of looking like an alpha and bucky comforts him – i always had a soft spot for dysphoria themes with cap ;u;)
  13. Welcome Home (abo, post catws, sweetest established relationship fic, also the sexiest lol)
  14. Sign Dirty to Me (& Sequel) (au, deaf steve, the funniest most cutest most adorable fic)
  15. Critical Feline Mass (au, ws!bucky and dealing with ptsd and artist steve aND CATS OKAY NEED I SAY MORE)
  16. Sharp Teeth and Bird Bones (au, mermaid!ws!bucky, this is some intense shit its like a dark fairy tale that ends well im so in love with this okay)
  17. We Should Just Kiss Like Real People Do (au, crossover, steve/tj/bucky, the only polyamory fic in my heart forever, this is everything EVERYTHING GOOD i needed after finishing political animals = one of seb’s tv shows)
  18. Have You No Idea That You’re In Deep? (post catws, pwp)
  19. Up All Night (pre-war, pwp)
  20. Out of this world (post cacw, steve and bucky’s mid credits scene how it SHOULD have happened)

roughly all my most favs that i can think of right now

sunday recs =)

LAST FEW DAYS OF THIS HIATUS Y’all!! We’ll see Captain Swan + Co. THIS SUNDAY! THIS SUNDAY!!!!!!!! 

Whew, that said…. here are today’s Recs….

As you can tell I’m very very very excited but I still need to take a minute to thank all of y’all writers who helped me get through this hiatus! I’m horrible about keeping up with all the works that get posted, but I did try my best and I got to sample SO MUCH of the talent in this fandom! 
You all are so creative and great! Thank you so so very much! 
Also, for giving me the chance to share my own stories with y’all. I’m super insecure about my writing, and reading such wonderful stories every week makes me feel more so, but all the same, y’all who’ve read my stuff at one point or another during this hiatus, have given me that li’l push of confidence I so need some days, so THANK YOU! I’m still very much a baby blog, hardly 4months old (lol) but even so, the amount of love I’ve gotten from this fandom has been more than I’ve ever gotten in any other fandom! It means the world to me! :)

This summer, after avoiding the ouat fandom for five years, I ended up reading over 200 stories, and contributing myself well over 80k published words of CS love to this fandom! I’m gonna count this as a very very productive hiatus, thank you very much lol =)

Now, after that ^^^, whatever that was, let’s get on with recs, shall we? :)

Efflorescence –  @carolsdixxon

Soulmate AU. Please excuse me while I throw all my love in buckets to this story! It is a beautiful take on this trope! It encompasses Captain Swan’s whole story in such a beautiful unique way and take! It’s so wonderful to see their whole story played out in little vignettes! I loved so much the way this is written and the emotions behind it. So great.

The Price@profoundlyfadedfics

This is an au with lots and lots of Maleficent/SleepingBeauty feels, twisted just so to fit Captain Swan and the ouat universe. In this one Killian actually manages to kill the Crocodile, and ends up becoming the dark one himself before the first Dark Curse is enacted. Regina’s curse never comes to pass, but Killian, or better yet, Hook the dark one ;) does end up cursing Emma in some way and after that, we see how their lives play out! I loved it! it’s really a wonderful super entertaining read!! The way their paths end up crossing and how his curse ends up biting him in the butt is probably one of my fav thigs ;)

Unhand the Carnations @blowmiakisscolin

This AU is everything! Killian gets caught stealing flowers from Emma’s garden one day and from then it is just the most precious thing in the world! The way their relationship grows here is so lovely! and I mean, it’s a bit sad at times, but mostly just incredibly lovely and I just love this a lot, kay? :) Their bantering is on-point, and the feelings are so completely there, and on top of everything, there’s that touch of bittersweet Jones Brothers feels, and that’s just the cheery on top for me :)

fallen skies — @alexandralyman

Post-Apocalictic AU –This was a first one for me, I’ve never ventured to read an au like this, but I was so not sorry I decided to go ahead and read it. This is very well written but beyond that, it has this way of pull you into the story. Killian and Emma meet here after whatever it was that happened happened, and they are in pure survivor mode. Emma has her son, and she has to make an impossible decision of just taking her son as far away as possible, or help this really hurt stranger they’ve just found. Guess what she decides to do? By definition this isn’t a happy upbeat story, of course, but the relationship these two form here is so powerful and you feel that. How important they become to one another! it’s just so great. Please read! I just loved it and could babble about it all day lol

Hooked Up —  @artandteaandstuff

This is a deleted/missing S2 scene of sorts. Emma goes to visit Hook in the hospital after his accident a second time. This one shot is just SO SO SO much fun! I was crackling the whole time! This is perfect, fluffy and funny and just exactly what you need to turn a crappy day around into a happy one lol! I LOVED THIS! Emma ends up teaching Killian all about that heart monitor he’s hooked to and just the way she teases him and plays with his reaction toward her is just about EVERYTHING TO ME! Too precious and perfect! I loved this! <3

Ready to Believe You — @mahstatins

This one is just THE funniest AU I’ve read in, like, forever! I ADORED THIS AU! It made me laugh more than some comedies have sometimes. It’s a Ghostbusters AU that gets it just RIGHT! The tone is perfect, the characterizations, the serious moments vs the funny moments! The way OUAT canon gets wedged in so perfectly! I could talk about how much I loved this one all day as well! It’s just SO great! Besides Emma and Killian and their absurdly lovely relationship here, I have to say I enjoyed Mary Margaret and David here as well so much! This is just such a funny read and at one point of the other they all say just the darnest funniest things! The best! If you want a good time and angood laugh, I highly recommend this story!!

Carpool Hell@captainswanluver

Oh man, the title of this one doesn’t lie let me tell you. This story is a nightmare! LOL (I say that in the best way possible of course!) But Christ, can you imagine a future in which Killian gets stuck with carpool duty in the mornings to not just his kids with Emma, but baby Neal, Belle’s kid, Zelena’s Pistachio, even Regina’s second adopted kid???? It’ll be a nightmare, so yeah, I felt A LOT for poor Killian in this story! I laughed a lot too because, man, poor guy, but some of the things he ended up dealing with were just too funny not to laugh! I loved how in the end he just didn’t give up and managed to get through the week, but oh my God, just thinking about everything he goes through here makes me so glad I’m not the one having to deal with this scenario :)

(more under the cut)

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Can we just talk about how incredible dramatic this was?! This scene had me giggling from beginning to end. Lito has the funniest lines in the show and he delivers them so well. Imagine Lito like this everyday lol Poor Hernando wouldn’t know what to do with his bae. He was even more dramatic than he normally is and gods it made me laugh so much. He is such a likable character 😆😄
(Gifs not mine)

17 High School AU pt.1!

Just want to put a disclaimer, these do have small mentions of partying involving drugs/alcohol. In no way am I promoting the use/consumption of these things, but I wanted a realistic AU that was in tune with modern day typical high school age teens. So if you have any problems with this please don’t continue.  ❤

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Summary of the Teen Wolf Group Panel with Dylan, Tyler Hoechlin, Daniel, Ian, JR and Linden

The Teen Wolf Group Panel just ended a few minutes ago. Here are some of the things they said! 

-> Tyler’s favorite scene with Daniel was when Isaac took off his glasses right before Gun deal in Season 3B

-> To the question what the funniest thing was that ever happens on set, Ian said: “When people hurt themselves, lol” He also told the story how he once accidentally kneed Tyler Posey in the balls - he’s still laughing about it.

-> Tyler’s most embarrassing moment on set was when he accidentally kissed Shelley on the cheek (without knowing her) because he thought she’s Jill Wagner. 

-> Ian’s favorite fan experience: His work helped someone to get over mental issues.

-> Linden about his most heart-warming experience with a fan: A fan came to the set via “Make a wish” and he loves just to give joy like that.

-> Question to JR: “What happened to Chris after Allison’s death?”    Answer:  “He’s devastated, grows a beard and starts protecting people fiercly.”    - lots of internal struggle and thinking about how to keep the code

-> Dylan saw himself on the big screen behind himself and said, “Oh my god, I feel more insecure now." 

-> All of them were asked what their favorite food is: 

Linden: Sushi

Tyler: Mexican or Shushi

JR: Lasagna. Lasagna. Lasagna.

Dylan: Chicken, in all kinds.

Ian: Everything Italian.

Daniel: A good english breakfast

-> Tyler’s favorite scene was the one where Derek got possessed and tried to kill Chris in 3B

-> Tyler was asked how he feels about Kate coming back. He answered, "I don’t think they’ll come back together. Derek sucks at relationships.” 

-> They asked Dylan how he felt as he found out that he has to play the Nogitsune, he said, “I was so nervous because I thought about that I couldn’t do it. I was so nervous." 

-> All of them were asked if there was a movie shot about them, who would play themselves and who’d direct it.

Ian: "I’d want Tom Hardy to play me”

Dylan:Robert DeNiro should play him, and he’d direct it himself

Tyler: Tyler would love to have Dylan as the director

Linden: Kate Winslet would play Linden, and Dylan would direct it.

-> Daniel couldn’t decide if he prefers to play a werewolf or a witch and for a change he’d like to play someone normal.

-> Dylan’s favorite scene was the one in S1e1 where Stiles hangs head first from Scott’s roof

-> If Dylan was an animal he would be a fluffy bunny…. or a lion.

-> Dylan said he liked playing Void!Stiles because it was something new and different, but he’s also happy to go back to playing “normal” Stiles - mankind and sarcastic.

-> Tyler said that in S1 Derek hated everyone, especially Stiles (he pointed at Dylan)

-> “What kind of superpower would you wanna have?”    Dylan: “Throwing a ball for 110 miles per hour so I’d be the best pitcher" 

-> JR had to pick a favorite line from Stiles but couldn’t decided so he picked the moment with Stiles and Derek in the Jeep, back in S1 when Derek was shot by Wolfsbane Bullet 

-> Linden said he can’t pick his favorite line from JR, he can’t even learn his own lines

-> Tyler: “Isaac’s favorite line, I just can’t remember,”   Daniel: “This is why I left.” 

-> Dylan on his favorite line of Derek: *stands up and stares.*

-> JR joked that Daniel paid him so he cried sad tears when he found out that Daniel was leaving the show. Tyler joked that he cried too…but happy tears. 

-> Tyler said, “We’re a family.” about the TW Cast

-> Dylan said that he doesn’t know Stiles’ real name and that he’d find it funny if it were something simple and ordinary like “John” or “Derek” or “Scott”. He also said that we’d never find it out.

-> Tyler said we’d get a glimpse of Derek’s past/younger time, but not too much flashbacks 

-> Someone asked Dylan if he wanted to direct any special kind of genre, and he said, "No…. everything.” 

-> Someone asked Tyler who gives the best hugs and he said Holland.

-> JR joked, “We hunt those who can’t protect themselves.   - If you’re under 5 Argent will get you.” 

-> Tyler said that he’s obviously not at all like Derek and had to get into the “I hate everybody and myself” headspace first.

-> Ian pretend to be Coach

-> Daniel loves the scenes with JR because he’s such an experienced actor.

That’s all we got so far, if we’ll find out more, we’ll add it of course. Feel free to message us and let us know. Thank you :) 

fatnakedkitten  asked:

Hi! I loved that meta you did for OQ about what you love most about them, with the pics and all, for the anon, it was so beautiful. I had literal tears in my eyes. OQ is so amazing. Can you do another rant about them? About, like, all the aspects of them. Friendship, parenthood, romance, and especially how they are such a new couple, but they already such an ferocious passion for each other that this show hasn't seen in... like, ever. Pretty please! You can make it as long as you want! I luv OQ!

Sorry it took me so long to reply back. I was trying to find a new way of doing this without sounding repetitive, but after thinking about it, it’s going to sound like it either way. lol But I decided to do you one better! I like the idea of exploring the different aspects (as you mentioned) of Outlaw Queen’s relationship and why I love them so much! BE WARNED, This is a long one…

First off, their partnership. I love the idea that they have each others back. For so long Regina was by herself…I’m so glad that she’s not alone anymore fighting battles, inner demons, and whatever it is. As for Robin, lord knows that Regina is perfectly capable of handling herself, yet he still chooses to go with her and fight with her. They’re like this badass couple fighting evil monsters together. lol At least with them, it’s never boring.

Friendship is such an important part of a relationship. A friend is someone who is committed to your happiness…does that sound familiar? Like I’ve said before, when Robin asked Will for help, he wanted to help Regina find her happiness! He spent the entire day in an old library, probably reading an endless amount of books, just so he can maybe get a clue about the author. With Regina, she thought that by finding a way to cure Marian and bring his family back together, it would make Robin happy. She knew it was important to him and how much it would mean to Roland to have his mother. She put her own feelings aside, regardless of how much it was hurting her, in order to help someone she really cared about.

The rarest of all the aspects. They aren’t just each other True Love, but they are Soulmates. It’s a special kind of love! It’s the kind that comes once in a lifetime, and definitely worth holding on to and fighting for. I loved the scene where Regina was telling Robin about the tattoo and Tinkerbell. Robin looked shocked but oh so happy when he found out it was him. ’It was me.’ I loved that line and his smile after it. Tink said it herself, this is the person you are destined to be with and we all know pixie dust never lies…

I think it’s safe to say that Regina is an amazing parent. I mean she straight schooled Snow and Charming in Smash The Mirror about Emma. I love all the Regal Believer scenes, they’ve come so far since season 1. As much a Henry was hurting Regina by denying her, leaving her to find Emma, ect. I have never once doubted Regina’s love for him. I was so angry at Emma for even asking that question if she loved Henry back in season 1. I would’ve slapped her. Robin and Roland are absolutely the most precious thing ever! Even with the small amounts of scenes we get with them…it’s always a treat to see them on scene. They are just the cutest! Robin was left with raising Roland all by himself when Marian passed away. He needed to be strong for his son and Roland became a reason for him to keep going. He wants what’s best for Roland, and wants to set good examples for him. They both love their children unconditionally and that’s what being a parent is all about. THIS FAMILY IS ALL I’VE EVER WANTED. This idea drives me crazy with feelings. I am a big sucker for anything family related or the idea of forming a family, and the fact that my OTP is slowly creating this family… I can’t even.

The funniest aspect of OQ! The pine-cone line is one of my favorites!! Seriously, with scenes/moments like these, they make me think they are  already SO MARRIED. I hope we get more scenes like this in the future, actually I’d just really like to see more of the missing year. Their little banters with each other are so cute! It’s so much tension, which leads me to…

I really don’t feel like I need to explain this one… this aspect of Outlaw Queen is pretty obvious.

As painful as this aspect of their relationship is, it’s probably my favorite part about them. Another couple in history that were star-crossed lovers were Romeo and Juliet, and they became one of the greatest love stories ever told. I believe that that’s what Outlaw Queen is all about, meaning that they probably have the greatest love story told in the storybook. sorry bout’ it Snow and Charming.

The what if aspect…dating all the way back to the tavern scene. What if Regina went in and met Robin? What if Marian never came back, where would they be now? What if they already met, but someone wiped their memories? One of my favorite theory’s is the idea of Roland being Regina’s all along. All these possibilities!

They have both experienced a lost of a loved one. They both know how hard it is to move on, yet they found each other, and saw a second chance at love.

Every time they caress each other, it kills me. I am giddy all over! It’s the smallest things, but it’s these details that count. The forehead thing! GAH. It’s really a Robin and Regina thing. It shows they really care for each other. It’s more intimate than any kiss scene or love scene. And the hug, let’s not forget about THE HUG.

This is such an important aspect of their relationship, in anyone’s relationship for that matter, because without this, a relationship is doomed to fail. Regina, a woman who built walls upon walls so that no one could ever get close to her, trusted Robin, a common theif. She trusted him with her heart, literally!! SHE GAVE HIM HER FUCKING HEART YA’LL. (I’m still not over that.) Then there’s Robin, he trusted her to find a cure for Marian, without hesitation, he let the woman, better known as the Evil Queen, take Marian’s heart because he trusted her to save her.

The fact that everyone else knows how much they love each other is what drives me crazy too! Marian, Will, Snow, Henry, Emma, Tink, all of these people! I’m in love with their love. All I know is, when Outlaw Queen have their reunion, I will be one happy camper. This ship is everything. I am excited to see their growth as a couple. True love is never easy but have faith. If it’s real nothing can stop it. I hope this did justice for what you asked fatnakedkitten, and I’m sorry if it didn’t. I wanted to thank you as well for asking me to do this, after that gut wrenching mid-season finale, I really needed to let that all out. lol