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The signs as out of context quotes from my teachers/professors
  • ARIES: I said you could chew gum, but not if you're going to chew it like a cow. SPIT IT OUT.
  • TAURUS: I'm losing faith in you, George.
  • GEMINI: *sings* Bitching and moaning, bitching and moaning.
  • CANCER: I'm supposed to go out and PROCURE cookies?? WHAT??
  • VIRGO: Here's a very common quick and dirty way to ask a multiple choice question.
  • LIBRA: I don't care about 98% of things.
  • SCORPIO: This meme from the interwebs.
  • SAGITTARIUS: I would use all sorts of swear words in front of my students. Especially the f word! Love that one!
  • CAPRICORN: I should stop drinking before noon.
  • AQUARIUS: Oh dear god, that man is always shirtless!
  • PISCES: This is why I need aspirin after this group.
i owe it all to you.

Word Count: 927

Pairing(s): Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: mentions of death, slight swearing

Summary: Reader is an actress who is cast in the second Spiderman film and is being interviewed in preparation of the release of the film. SO! MUCH! FLUFF!

Notes: This is a (not so) tiny follow up to this one shot that I posted a few days ago. I’m really surprised that you guys liked it so I wrote this in like an hour instead of going to bed. I’m so excited to watch the film today ahhh I’m gonna explode. Again, I would really love some feedback if you wanna drop something in my inbox or whatever. Okay, I’ll stop talking. ENJOY!! 

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Quote found on google images LOL

I swear I need to stop turning my drawings into silhouettes… Please do not repost anywhere else without my permission! This is entirely made by me (including the silhouette of Oikawa!) You can use this as a phone wallpaper as long as it’s for personal use!

I miight make other characters?? Probably?? LOL

Study Buddy

Prompt: Howdy friend! I’d like to supply a Harry Potter prompt if you’re still in need. I was thinking of a first meeting type ting for a Marauder’s Era SiriusxFem!Reader with the phrase: “Um excuse me? This is a library. Can you and your noisey friends stop coming in everyday just to be a disturbance?” as inspiration. Bonus points for a sass battle. Thanks so much dear! You rock! 💜💜 by @hey-haylee

A/N: This is my first time writing both Remus and Sirius and I think I love writing for them lol

“I swear to Merlin, are you incapable of sitting still for more than five minutes?” Remus groaned as he laid his quill down and rubbed his eyes. He needed to study and Sirius had decided to tag along. James was busy trying to woo Lily Evans and Peter had made a sour face when Remus mentioned books so he was left in the dorm.

“Mooney, you know I am not good with this whole not moving and staying quiet thing.” Sirius said with a pout. He laughed when Remus glared at him. He turned and noticed a girl sitting nearby. She appeared to be in about the same year as them and she was very busy trying to study. He could tell that his antics were irritating her, but she was also pretending like she didn’t know he was there.

“Padfoot, don’t you dare.” Remus hissed. He had also noticed the girl and had seen the gears in Sirius’s head start turning.

“What?” Sirius said with a smirk. “I just thought about practicing this spell I know. That is what we are doing here, right? Getting better at magic and all that shit.” Before Remus could stop him, he tore off a tiny piece of parchment and charmed it to fly across the room. It landed on the page the girl was attempting to read. He watched in amusement and she closed her eyes and sighed. She didn’t turn to him though like he had wanted, she just continued to try reading.

Sirius smiled wider and repeated his actions. “Padfoot, stop.” Remus said, grabbing Sirius’s wand.

“Tt, you’re no fun.” Sirius sighed.

The girl closed her book with a huff. “Um excuse me? This is a library. Can you and your noisey friend stop coming in everyday just to be a disturbance?” She said, turning to glare at Remus and Sirius.

“Apologies, sweetheart. I’m not very good at this whole studying thing. Maybe you could give me some tips?” Sirius said in a flirtatious tone.

“I have never met this idiot in my life. Don’t blame me for his stupidity.” Remus muttered as he gathered his things. “C’mon, dumbass, time to leave the lady alone.”

“In a minute, stranger.” Sirius laughed. “My name is Sirius, what would yours be?”

“If I tell you will you leave me alone to study?” The girl asked. She sighed when Sirius nodded enthusiastically. “My name is Y/N.”

“Lovely name for a lovely girl.” Sirius said with a wink. “Now a promise is a promise so I’ll leave you alone, but you ever want me it shouldn’t be too hard to find me.” Remus groaned and grabbed Sirius’s arm. Y/N sighed when he finally left. He was a prick. A gorgeous, self-centered, prick. Merlin help her.

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So, I blame you for my decision to watch TCW from…

Don’t get me started on the dramatic posing either - Ahsoka “Actually half Spider monkey” Tano wins for sheer creativity but Kenobi and Skywalker cannot pass a high point without stopping to look majestic. I swear if Dooku had really wanted them out of the way he should have made a complex consisting entirely of ventilation ducts, shadowed ledges and sunset backed outcroppings - it would be the ultimate Jedi trap…

LOL, yes: the Separatists could have won the war easily by just appealing to their unstoppable need to show off their own handsomeness. I am convinced that no one is as into these two as they are

I mean, recall that they stood like this, wordlessly, in the middle of a battle for apparently entire minutes in the old TCW series as smoke Dramatically Lifted Around Them Revealing Their Beauty: 

LOOK AT THEM. You don’t just suddenly start doing something like this by accident. This took a concerted effort – a joint decision – to be like “aaaaand then as the smoke clears I’ll stand like this, and you stand like that, and we’ll both look like We Mean Business but, like…slightly sexy business? And hopefully the wind will pick up and blow our hair around some more and everyone will be like “oooooooh look at them” and then somehow we’ll win the battle.” “Makes sense to me!” 

I can just picture Mace Windu on the other side of the battle field being like WTF ARE THEY DOING NOW

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Branching of from your idea that the Persona give their masters advice regarding their s/o: I couldn't help but imagine that Loki and Robin Hood would start bickering about that at the most inapropriate times. Like Goro is in Shido's office and Loki gets bored by Shido's blah blah and he is like: "Hey, kid. I know something that will make any girl scream out loud. S/O will be a damn mess in no time with this." And Robin is like: "I must disagree with your brash methods... [1/2]

… It is always more enjoyable to let the lady set the pace.“ (I picture Loki to be more agressive and he speaks casually, maybe even swearing a little bit, whereas Robin is more gentleman-like and talks like Goro on TV.) And so they bicker on until Goro has enough and is like: “Shut up.”, but he accidentally says it out loud and there are only him and Shido in the room… LMAO. (But maybe that is just me wanting to tell Shido to shut up whenever he was like “I am chosen.” *rolls eyes*) [2/2]

I think the Personas need to stop giving advice. LOL Tbh you’re probably right, but imagining them switched is so funny to me??? Like Hood’s all ‘pull their hair and make sure they don’t walk for a week’ and Loki’s just ‘wtf dude’. LMAO

But yeah, Loki’s very… vulgar. It doesn’t help since Akechi’s posing as a ‘gentleman’ in public. And it definitely doesn’t help that Hood agrees with him sometimes. Like when Loki’s all ‘slam ‘em against the wall and give it to ‘em’, Hood’s just like ‘…he’s got a point’. Then Loki and Hood go into a conversation about being rough vs. being sensual and poor Akechi is just twitching from irritation and embarrassment. LOL Meanwhile Shido’s just eyeing Akechi like ‘what the hell is wrong with you??? listen to me’ and Akechi just says he’s not feeling well. ;_;

I definitely agree with you though. Hood is like Kidd when it comes to that stuff; there should be a balance between passion and aggression. Loki… it’s a miracle his lovers don’t die. LMAO

Okay so yesterday I was talking with a friend and suddenly she said “can you stop talking about Park Jihoon for three damn seconds?” And I was like “yeah, sure. One, two, three. So did you see Jihoon…”, and she screamed “fFS JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM”. I smiled, nodded and quickly changed the topic to Wanna One in general.

I swear, for a second I thought she was going to kill me.

I’ll Be Good - Part 18

Masterlist -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 17  -  Part 19

Summary: Series - You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op. Chapter – You face the consequences of the failed mission, and are forced to share more about your work before you came to the compound.

Warnings: swearing, angst train! toot toot!

Word Count: 2911 - ok I need to stop promising to make these shorter… it’s just not going to happen.

Author’s Note: I really like this part! Hold on guys, plot is picking up again! So much dialogue in this one! Yowza. Also I’ve officially reached the point in this series where I have to fact check myself… against myself lol. XD As always, my Russain has been rusting for like 7+ years so feel free to pm me corrections :)

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Stepping out of your scalding shower, your mind was still swimming with thoughts of Bucky. It wasn’t like you to be so wrapped up, chewing absentmindedly on the edge of your nail, kicking your clothes into a heap in the corner instead of neatly folded. You were distracted, careless, even.

When you came out of your bathroom, squeezing the water out of your hair with your towel, you yelped and jumped slightly, your heart pounding when your eyes finally made it to the bed and found Natasha perched on it, legs curled under her. Shit, I really am distracted. Get it together! She eyed you carefully, obviously sharing your thoughts.

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And it's so weird! Because he is supposed to be just a bandmate. Crossover promo should be normal! They don't NEED to bring up larry at all... it's so weird.

i swear to god the larry stuff doesnt bother me because harry seems okay and comfortable while talking about it like if he was uncomfortable and awkward i would be like uhhh stop lol cause in the end of the day “larry” is for US - its OURS - they don’t have to be talking about it all but since he seems okay it doesnt bug me that they keep talking about it to him and using us to mention it, what bugs me is that they never just talk about louis normally to him they treat it like a joke as if their entire friendship is this made up fan thing that they could laugh off like uh one of the biggest reasons why larry was created back then was because of how close they were, they were in a band together for years, are both now under sony solo and have big projects releasing this Friday that they could both use to promo eachother but people rather ask him about a fan theory that like 4 people mentioned on Twitter just so they could talk about larry for click bait ??? LOL all im saying is that I wish people would respect their friendship more (like they do when they ask him about liam or niall) and just ask the man normal questions about louis and treat the situation normally like they want us to believe nothing is going on and distract us with all these stunts and bs but still treat “larry” weirdly and make it super obvious like great work team, try harder. - admin.

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I swear I didn't ship them before, but this tour with all pics/vids of them is making me ship Red Velvet and Lacey needs to stop with the Sharna/Alan fic before I start shipping

LMAO all the crackships!

I really wanted to go to the bathroom
Nishiyama Koutarou, Kaji Yuki
I really wanted to go to the bathroom

Nishiyama’s “unrelatable embarrassing experience”

(from Kiznaiver “KizRaji” public recording, morning part)

In this corner titled “Reach for Your Goal, Kiznaiver of Solitude! ‘Only One’ Championship Match,” each seiyuu needs to share an embarrassing experience that the audience should find hard to relate. After each seiyuu’s story, the audience will indicate that they can relate by applauding, and the seiyuu who gets the least applause wins.

(This happened after Kaji told his story… You can check that out in my previous post if you want ^^)

Nishiyama: It all happened –

Kaji: Everyone is starting with “it all happened”… *lol* (Note: Kaji went first and started his story that way, so everyone just followed his example lol)

Nishiyama: – when I tried to hold it and not go to the bathroom as usual…

Kaji: Just go if you need to!

Nishiyama: Whenever my home is pretty close by, I tend to make bad judgements and think that I can hold it until I get home.

Kaji: Is this story gonna be ok?

*laughs from the audience*

Nishiyama: Then, I waited for the elevator (at my apartment building). But, the elevator just didn’t seem to come. I really wanted to go to the bathroom – so badly that I could barely stand it. At this point, the elevator came.

Maeno: Don’t tell me –

Nishiyama: And there was no one in it.

Maeno: Don’t tell me – !!

Kaji: …Eh?

Audience: Ehhhh – ?!

Nishiyama: No no no! I’m not done yet… I really couldn’t hold it anymore, so, in order to be able to do it the moment I get home, I loosened my belt.

*laughs and applause from the audience*

Kaji: So that’s what it was.

Maeno: I see now.

Nishiyama: Yeah, I loosened my belt so I could just go ahead the moment I stepped into my bathroom. But when I got to the floor that I live on, my neighbor appeared right in front of me.

Kaji: Uwahh…

Nishiyama: Not to mention that my neighbor was female… So I bent all the way down and rushed into my apartment before I lost control… That was my embarrassing story.

Kaji: Ah. I see.

Nishiyama: Yeah, that’s all.

Kaji: Have you met that person afterwards?

Nishiyama: I was careful not to run into her.

Kaji: *lol*

Nishiyama: I would take a look through the peephole to make sure she wasn’t outside before I go out.

Kaji: Oh… I see.

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Tag you're it! Ship each member of day6 with a mutual excluding yourself! Go!

lolz this will be interesting

  • Sungjin - @everyday6​ (you’re welcome, Cree. I know you ship yourself with Sungjin too)
  • Jae - @so-na-gi​ (Krisztina, I swear you’re a Jae stan. Stop using Wonpil lol)
  • Brian Young K - @noa-noa-noa​ (Janice is so cute. Like she probably didn’t realise it but pretty sure she was converted to a Brian stan at the Taipei fanmeet lol. Don’t fight me on this one Janice. Just look through your Day6 in Taipei album on the my day kakaogroup hahah)
  • Wonpil - @its-youngk​ (idk if I really need to say anything more for this one. Just look through the Wonpil posts on Mae’s blog.)
  • Dowoon - @jaechicken​ (drummers in white t-shirts. Amirite, Nicole? ;) )

Sorry it took me so long to answer this. I completely forgot about it -_-


Fave Harry Gifs #14 

Let’s talk about that handsome face, shall we?


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Requested?: yes, part of the Drabble #29 and 48 (you can find it here)

Author: Athena lol 

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Warnings: idk swearing?
Derek and I had been looking In the woods for clues on this horrible hunter that would string up werewolves, I had to beg Derek to help him look for signs on this guy.  For some reason, he was a dick about this whole thing. “Derek,” I stated in a harsh tone. “What,” he snapped back at me. “Would you stop acting like you don’t need any help,” I said as he got into his car. “You need me, Derek,” I put my hand on the door so he wouldn’t shut it. “You think I need you? Because I don’t” he said making me let go of the door. I stood there speechless as he drove away down the dirt road. 

Months had passed, Derek still nowhere to be found. “He’s probably dead by now,” I stated to Lydia who was currently reading a book. “He hasn’t called in over 8 months.” I continued “No,” Lydia said placing her book down. “I don’t think he’s dead.” she smiled. Later that day I heard a knock on my door, confused I got up from the spot on the couch I had been sitting walking up to the door. “Yes,” I said opening the door. “Oh my god, Derek?” “It turns out I do need your help,” I laughed “I thought you were dead,” He frowned “I’m so sorry.” Was all he said before pulling me into a hug.

  • Me: *around midnight* it's quite late. I'm tired. I should just go to bed.
  • Me: *accidentally on purpose goes on the tag of every otp I have*
  • Me: *fangirls, cries, screams*
  • Me: *realizes is suddenly 6am; the sun is out, the birds are singing, my self control remains inexistent, my eyes are red from exhaustion*
  • Me: *begins to wonder what's messier: my hair, my sleeping schedule or my life*
  • Me: just one more post then I swear I'll go to bed...

To sum up the conversation:
Playmaker: You said there was a Knight.
Ignis: We’re in the right place.
Blue Angel: S'up fuckers, it’s about time you showed up.
Playmaker: ??? What the hell–
Blue Angel: Stop being coy, you little shit, YOU CALLED ME HERE!

oh my god Ignis you little shit. Clever boy.

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lol no superman swooped him out of the building in time (while carrying him bridal style! i've photos saved to my phone). But that's not even the funny part about it. Ok, Get this - Mr. Wayne was flirting with him the whole time superman was carrying him down from the burning building! Like he didn't stop hitting on the man even when the reporters came. I swear to God, the poor guy was blushing so hard! It was adorable.

Holy mother of Jesus

I’m gonna need to save this