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Tokyo Ghoul Abecedary

↳  P  →  Pierrot

The Clowns (Pierrot) are a group of ghouls with a mysterious goal or purpose. Its members primarily wear clown-themed masks and state their intentions are to “have the last laugh.” There is no data on their member amount, activity area, nor goals in the CCG database. It is stated that the Clowns do not usually group up, but when they do, they demonstrate exceptional teamwork.


I shouldn’t call it as “a preview”. it’s just another draft. 

I really haven’t started yet. :)

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do you know any anime movies/shows that are about depression and topics like that? thanks :)

i do! here’s some!!


A Silent Voice 聲の形 
“A young man is ostracized by his classmates after he bullies a deaf girl to the point where she moves away. Years later, he sets off on a path for redemption.”
(cute movie but involves suicide and depression)

Colorful カラフル
“A soul wakes up in the body of suicide victim Makoto and must find a way to fit into his existence. The soul must unravel two mysteries – the secret of the great sin it committed in its previous life, and why Makoto committed suicide.”
(a kind of slow movie, but i really enjoyed the message at the end of it.)

 The Heart Wants to Shout /Anthem of the Heart 心が叫びたがってるんだ。
“A girl has her voice magically taken away so she can’t hurt anyone with it until her outlook on life is changed by music and friendship.”
(high school life-type, very emotional, touching, and beautiful music)

HAL ハル
“Kurumi struggles with the loss of her boyfriend, Hal, and shuts herself off from the world. She remains a recluse until an android is made to look like Hal and sent to help her cope.”
(very very emotional, touches a lot on regret.)

 The Case of Hana & Alice 花とアリス殺人事件
“Tetsuko, a 14-year-old student, moves with her mother to a new town. She is immediately bullied in her new school and is given the seat of a murdered student. Determined to find out what happened, Tetsuko begins investigating the death.”
(this sounds dark but is actually a much lighter movie than the rest. it’s not too focused on depression per say but i just wanted to add it to my list of recommended!)

as for series,

 i really don’t watch a lot that involve situations like that but one of my absolute favorite series is Honey and Clover, it’s about a bunch of art students trying to find their way in life. it’s very sweet and fun with a lot of heart but also involves a lot of questioning your life purpose and such.

similarly, made by the same writer, March Comes in like a Lion. basically about a social recluse/shogi champion and the warm family relationship he builds with this orphaned girl and her two younger sisters. really sweet moments but also gets deep about feelings of loneliness and anxiety.

THE OPENING OF MARCH COMES IN LIKE A LION actually makes me really emotional lOL it is like the definition of depression and anxiety.

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OMGGG PLS RECCOMEND ME SOME GOOD KDRAMAS PLS! I loved cheese in the trap though I haven't been able to finish if cause finding the final ep on web is hard, but yeah. (:


Strong woman Do bong soon (complete + everyone is having melt downs cause its done lol )
The liar and his lover (8 episodes out but still ongoing+ JOY from red velvet is the main character )
Hwarang ( complete + taehyung played in that drama)
Kill me heal me (complete + ISTG THIS DRAMA NEEDS TO WIN AN OSCAR LOL)
W (completed + the main guy is the sexiest actor ever lol)
Scarlet heart Ryo ( complete+ tbh who needs subs when you got so many hawt eye candies to look at for 1 hour every episode 😂)
City Hunter (complete )
K2 (complete)
Healer( complete)
The legend of the blue sea ? ( complete + I’m not sure if it’s the right title but it had lee Minho in there )
My love from the stars (complete)
Playful kiss ( complete)
Itazura na kiss ( complete +japanese drama , but damn it’s cute af lol)
What happens to my family (complete)
Five children (complete)
The heirs ( complete)
Descendants of the sun (complete + IT GAVE ME ALL SORTS OF FEELS FHDJDK)
Moorim school (complete)
High school !Love on ! (Complete)
School 2015 : WHO are you (complete + one of the best teen dramas I watched in a while )

Tell me what are your favorites :) ❤❤❤ I need me more suggestions as well ~~~~♡♡♡

I should play Off again with HEADPHONE~! Since I want to do some crossover arts I think I should be more familiar with everything in the game. Like, I might miss some important details in the first run. Maybe I’ll find something new in the second run. heh

My computer was actually back but it’s going to be sent to the repairer again because the problem is still appearing…danm it.

Before my computer is gone, have a sketch that might appear in the crossover comic. lol  

so like, i’m rewatching kyou kara maou, cause my friend and i had been talking about animes we watched when we were kids and we both got excited cause we’d never met anyone else who’d watched it, too. anyways.. so, i was feeling nostalgic, decided to rewatch it and i’m like.. so shook, cause now my love for shiro makes so much sense… he reminds me So Much of konrad…. Like seriously, it’s amazing. anyway, i had a big ass fictional crush on him when i was, like, 14? and shiro is apparently carrying on that legacy…

ANYWAYS the reason for this post: it got me thinking about a voltron au of this, with, like, hunk as the main character. it’s kinda one of those almost-magical girl type animes, only with, like, a guy main character, and involves being transported to another world where he’s, apparently, the next king. and he ends up meeting a bunch of really attractive people, and there’s a bunch of shenanigans, from cultural misunderstandings to simply not being ready to be a king, but he eventually grows into the role and is really awesome….

anyway, if you haven’t watched that series, it’s pretty fun, though an older-ish series. also pretty gay, which was probably why i liked it as a kid to begin with, lol. but like….. i’m tempted to write something like this……… idk, i want “actually apparently super powerful and royal, and also everyone falls in love with him and he has a whole bunch of super attractive people around him all the time and he becomes a really amazing king who brings long-lasting peace to his kingdom” hunk….. set in medieval-type, magical europe-not-actually-europe………

{ { { the mun } } }

I underestimated you all big time on sexual sunday bc there’s so many lmao

So I’m gonna hit the sack and and hopefully finish the rest of em’ tomorrow! Thank you everyone for interacting with my awkward sand boi :’) it’s funfunfun