lol i still get shocked when i see the difference between their on and off mode

Nosy Rosy Big Brother

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Summary: Dean’s hit with a strong case of curiosity. Pure, uncontrollable curiosity that leads to him finding a treasure trove of nasty little things.
Paring: Sam/Reader, Dean/Reader (kinda), Implied Sam/Reader/Dean at the end
Word Count: ~2.5K
Warnings: FILTH. At this point it’d be easier to name what’s not in this fic, but I’ll name a few that are; smut (obvy), dirty text, nudey pics, sex videos of Sam/Reader, masturbation, anal play, anal sex, vaginal sex, dirty talk, copious amounts of semen, Sam’s a big fan of creampies (both of the butt and vag variety), more masturbation, voyeurism, NSFW gifs just to really mess y'all up :)
a/n: aight don’t judge me but I only have one fic to post today bc school’s got me fucked up and has literally sucked my soul from my body. I’m still working on some of the requests you guys have sent in and other WIP’s as the mood/will to do anything but cry in a corner hits me (lol but I’m fine tho I swear) I hope you guys enjoy my contribution for Smut Appreciation Day 2017!

The first time Dean “snoops"—it’s by total accident. 

Sam had lent him his phone after Dean’s had been compromised on the hunt that they had just finished. Long story short; phone in pocket plus getting pushed into pool by werewolf equals no bueno. Dean pulled up the messaging app to shoot the hunter that been helping them out a text to let him know that everything had been squared away, but when Dean went to tap compose message, his thumb took a sharp left and ended up pulling up the messages between you and Sam. 

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Recap of the Defenders panel at SDCC, pt. 2 (aka just a beat by beat recap of episode 1...)

If you missed, it you can catch part 1 here. I’m sure you can find videos of the panel out now, but if you wanted my additional commentary, there you go, haha :).

I’ve been writing bits and pieces of this since Friday night, so needless to say, I’m starting to get a little fuzzy on the order of the scenes and specifics b/c I was in such a state of shock while watching (and I don’t get the benefit of rewatching it right away 10 times in a row, lol), but I’ll try to recollect as much as possible, as best I can. I’ll also share some of my opinions and theories at the very end.

Some brief, non-spoilery thoughts: This was definitely a set up episode for everything that is to come, so as much as I know everyone wants answers to certain questions, you’re just not going to get to them right away. The show doesn’t hesitate to pick up the threads left from each individual series though, so don’t expect it to be slow at all. They also did a lovely job making each Defenders’ scenes look and feel like their own shows, while still bringing them all together into a new kind of feel and style for The Defenders. I was impressed by that. Anyway, if you have any more general questions, feel free to send me an ask or note.

And now…I shouldn’t have to say this, but just in case…HUGE SPOILERS FOR THE FIRST EPISODE OF THE DEFENDERS UNDER THE CUT!

(Apologies for any mistakes, I wrote too much and just want to get it posted rather than spending even more time editing!)

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So, @savetimeless got asked why certain folks ship Garcy and kinda threw the question out to the fandom for further thoughts and discussion.  Since I hella ship Garcy and talking about them is one of my favorite things, I thought I’d give this a go and see if I can turn my 50 gazillion thoughts on them into some semblance of order, lol. 

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Agathrights: This local bug literally lives in a box and Megatron lets it crawl around inside of him to do repairs, News At 10.

evilsciencebros: You made him 10x awesome in ways I never would have expected! I love your fountain of imagination. LMAO *snuggles up inside the warrior poet*

agatharights: I kinda had the vague idea of making him either a true minicon or an uplift a while ago so it was fun to finally flesh that out!Who doesn’t want to crawl around inside of megatron. it’d be cozy

evilsciencebros: *huggles the swiss army knife* He’s perfect *squishes down into pancake mode*

agatharights: He just squish down.The only problem with being an uplift is that -actual- scraplets will probably follow him if given the chance, because this scraplet is bigger and smarter so clearly it has more food!And i’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that a nonsapient swarm of dumb, hungry metallovores makes for poor company, unless you’re in an autobot base in which case HEY NEW FRIENDS EAT EVERYTHING

evilsciencebros: The perfect drone army. They’re not allowed in the Decepticon base

agatharightsyeah: probably a good idea to not bring those homeThey can’t tell the difference between autobots and Decepticons and while Oil Slick is pretty unpalateable to everything (both Junkions and Unicronians refuse to eat him, which is impressive) everybody else…

evilsciencebros: Bless. He probably has a little hidey hole for them, so they don’t go wondering off. Either that, or just kills/eats them, like Movie Scalpel did with that creepy worm thing that crawled through Sam’s head. LOL. Everything keeps trying to eat Oil Slick and fails miserably XD

agatharights: I’d imagine so. Scalpel can probably eat virtually anything, if given enough time for his teensy tiny mouth, since he’s still got a scraplet digestive system.

evilsciencebrosI: eat with his butt

agatharights: They had to remove most of the scraplet mouth/jaws though to make room for an actual brain.

evilsciencebros: Tiny brain. An Archive worth of knowledge. That’s an impressive memory chip he’s got

agatharights: Excellent quantum linkage with his spark for memory storage. Whatever company made him probably priced him pretty high- he would’ve been top-tier medical equipment at the time

evilsciencebros: ^w^ He is one of a kind

agatharights: “He is one of a kind” “Because everything else in his production line was disposed of when they became obsolete or were deemed too high-risk." you can even ask Optimus but like "What was Cybertron like?” “It was beautiful, and terrible.”

evilsciencebros: it was beautiful…but at the same time, on fire

agatharights: Well, to be fair, on fire was more after Megatron finally started calming down and realized he maaaay have literally killed Primus and was like “Mm. Okay. I’ll admit, I got a little out of hand.”“Lets…lets just go find a new planet.”

evilsciencebros: *sweeps the old planet under the rug.* Don’t worry, we can still fix this

agatharights: And then he left Cybertron, a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and somehow by the time he got back Shockwave had made it worse and he was like how did you do this? When I left this was a heap of scrap that was on fire and full of electrical storms? WHY IS IT FULL OF ZOMBIES AND PREDACONS NOW? And Shockwave was like “i thought you were never coming back ever so I panicked”

agatharights: Shockwave is the master of “picked up necromancy as a hobby, made some mistakes”

evilsciencebros: This is what happens when you don’t return people’s phone calls. they join cults

agatharights: And if there’s no cults to join, they make their own, and when you finally show back up they’re like heyyyyyy…the good news is, Cybertron’s not dead, the bad news is, neither are the Insecticons and now there’s so many of them.

evilsciencebros: On the bright side there’s a cool spider lady who keeps them in check…when she doesn’t wanna eat you herself

agatharights: I dunno about that. Season Three of TF: Matrix is basically slotted to be “Blackarachnia is pissed Megatron ditched her on Cybertron, has been selectively breeding an army of insecticons and predacons to take it out on him” Megatron, and who can blame him, was like “Alright, we need to get everyone we can off the planet before the spacebridges go dark…but do i want to be stuck in a tube floating in space with a bunch of self-replicating cannibals? Do i really?"And then effectively gave the Insecticons/predacons the wrong time/place and took off without them and they’ve been salty about it for a few centuries

evilsciencebros: Megatron. Can’t break up with someone to save his life. Instead changes his phone number and address, and pretends to be shocked when they finally run into each other years later.

agatharights: …god I’m terrible because the first thing that pops into my head is "Clearly, he learned that from Orion”

agatharights: Since Orion basically ditched Megatron as soon as the Decepticons started getting too hot for him to handle and then Megatron didn’t see him again until he was working with Sentinel Prime centuries later.And he was like  " :) This is fine" And promptly murdered them both.

evilsciencebros: Cybertron. Died because of poor communication

agatharights: Pretty much.Which, to be fair, this problem didn’t start with Megatron and Orion, this problem probably started the moment Prima was like “Guys, I know the thirteen of us are pretty happy, but what if we made a few billion more people?”

agatharights sent a GIF

evilsciencebros: I don’t see any downsides to this.

agatharights: Downsides: Quintessons were like hey, uhhhh looks like you have…a lot of people there. Can we…borrow some??????“no piss off Quintessons”

agatharights: And then Unicron was like HEYYYYY LOOKS LIKE YOU HAVE A LOT OF PEOPLE THERE…CAN I DEVOUR EVERYTHING??? “NO PISS OFF UNICRON” (and then Nova Prime was like “Hey, what if institutionalized racism?” and instead of going “no piss off Nova” people were like “yeah okay” and that’s Cybertronian history) The ghost of Solus Prime shaking her head like come on you guys I did not make all this shit that can literally cause miracles just so you could immediately start conquering and murdering things but she was dead so nobody listened to her

evilsciencebros: immortals need hobbies too. The only ones allowed to traumatise their OCs are them.

agatharights: “these are my OCs the entire Cybertronain race. original idea, do not steal.” (and then the Quintessons, who created Primus and Unicron, were like WHOA PLAGARISM) Also oh no I realized the saddest thing that could happen to Scalpel

evilsciencebros: !!!!!

agatharights: Scalpel would’ve been an actual Scraplet, if very briefly (probably plucked right from a natural forge) before he was modified into a, well, a person, rather than a parasite. Which is all well and good, uplifts weren’t uncommon for a long time, though they’re very rare post-war

agatharights: But if he attacked Buster and Buster panicked there’d be a chance Buster’s matrix abilities- including the ability to “repair” virtually anything Cybertronian given enough energy, would kick in- and Scalpel could be reverted into a Scraplet. It briefly happens to Ravage, but Ravage shares a spark with Soundwave- so Soundwave is able to re-activate his uplift status by restoring his spark (and Buster is very sorry like yeah okay the Decepticons have regularly tried to kidnap him as a power source but he didn’t mean to hurt anyone!)But Scalpel being turned back into a Scraplet, even if it were temporary, sounds like a nightmare for him. Turned into a literally brainless creature (scraplets have no processors- their actions are directly connected to their spark rather than utilizing a processor)

evilsciencebros: ;-; poor baby

agatharights: He keeps biting Oil Slick and then being surprised and angry when Oil Slick tastes bad but he has no memory at the time. So he keeps trying bc Oil Slick carries him off to try and fix him ;-;

evilsciencebros: <3

agatharights: awwgh that’s so sad i’m putting that in the “horrible things to potentially do to characters” folder

evilsciencebros: My boys. Looking out for each other ;3;

evilsciencebrosYou should feel bad! Poor Scalpel, reduced to something less than an animals, and poor Oil Slick trying to care for his little buddy.

agatharights: Someone on the team suggests that they should put Scalpel out of his misery, that they don’t want to risk him eating someone and producing more scraplets, and Oil Slick gets so angry about it he has to leave for a lil bit, just to clear his head before he does something stupid like drop a white phosphorous grenade on them)He’d have to get fixed, eventually, but until then Oil Slick can keep him in a box and feed him scraps

evilsciencebros: OMG I hope he gets better one day! Poor Oil Slick trying, and failing, to bring Scalpel back, but unwilling to snuff out his little spark.He will murder that human boy >:/

agatharights: jskdlfaj if he confronted Buster the poor kid would be like ???!!! Because he’d have no idea what he’d done, and once he knew he’d freak out and start bawling because he didn’t mean to! He’s so sorry! He can fix it- he can, he can try, at least? “I don’t want to hurt anyone! Please, just lemme try to fix it…”

evilsciencebros: He is very fortunate that Oil Slick is desperate and revenge can wait.Now stop pouring lubricant out of your optics and do your work weird god magic shit.

agatharights: akfdljsaf poor babies. At least Buster can probably undo it. Might take a bit, though, and a lot of energy. he’d konk right out afterwards, and Scalpel just re-grew an entire brain so he’s very tired too.