lol i should be doing hw

* As an apology, Sans treated you some nice cream. You felt very happy and wanted to share with Papyrus.
“are you that happy? it’s just nice cream…”

sequel of THIS 
and human!sans is nasty and gross and should be put in jail like me

March 3, 2017
wow that dream.
broOoOoOoO i’m disappointed in myself. i accidentally ate meat UGH jahn pls.
i went through my email and deleted a lot to make room in my phone. i mean, i still have a lot, but i don’t like that fact that i used more than half already.
picked up the sib and laila. when aren’t my dad and tito marlou together?
i’m surprised i was actually motivated to do work lol. i finished reading and now i just have to do chem and stat work online.
rough night, but at least i had sushi. when am i not craving japanese food? fricking love ramen and sushi.
watched bob’s burgers when i really should’ve done chem hw but oh whale.
talked to omaid and he talked about how char and i are nothing alike. he called me “the super nice angel sibling” LOL
it’s hard to fall asleep since i use youtube to help me, but i gave it up for lent.

Every Marichat Fanfiction (ily authors u so talent)
  • Chat: hey nice window... would be a shame if someone... *crash* broke it
  • Mari: chat why are u in my room I'm tryna sleep/ do physics hw (it depends)
  • Chat: o lol ok imma just stay here
  • Mari: adrien is a dick he won't love me
  • Chat: truuuuuu you know you shouldn't love him u should love me (bc I am him and I'll reveal it 25 chapters later)
  • Mari: *history of Japan music* how bout i do anyway
  • Chat: ok
  • Also Chat: *chu*
  • Mari: y u do dis now I angst
  • Chat: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Mari: *sleep*
  • Mari: GDI
  • ~•~•~•~•~•~
  • Akuma: bitch imma add some plot
  • Chat: HOW DARE U
  • Mari: o lawdy
  • Mari: lol ok u keep waiting
  • Tikki: Mari leggo
  • Mari: *damsel in distress*
  • Chat: *saves*
  • Everyone: GDI HARUHI
  • ~•~•~•~•~•~
  • Chat: *rebreaks window*
  • Mari: GDI
  • Chat: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Mari: let me live
  • Chat: LB wont love me
  • Mari: move on
  • Chat: no
  • Mari: *i cri evritim*
  • Chat: *comforting claws*
  • Mari: am sleep bai
  • ~•~•~•~•~•~

name: Lien
birthday: June 9th
gender: potatoes
orientation: bisexual demiromantic
age: 19

favorite soda: n/a
favorite candy: i love kit-kat. any kind really

favorite pizza: Blaze Pizza / all except the ones w/ pinapple cause i hate pinapple

favorite salad dressing:
favorite meal: anything that doen’t have the things i hate

best memory: when i visited a cousin of mine back when she lived in Marina. we both told our parents that we were going to walk around town and they were okay with it. older brother tagged along. we just … walked and enjoyed each other’s company. then we decided to go to the beach. had to go across the freeway tho and my dumbass self was walking slow on the freeway on purpose. once we got to the beach we just played around in the water and didn’t go back to the apartments till the evening.
best friend: My sister (even tho we fight a lot) & my irl friend named Kei. For those online well … I like to consider these three people i’ve known for 3-5 years close to me: @kiraahachi (even if we havent spoken in a while), @regen-frau@imperattore​, & @jsdro​ . along with @euphorithe​, @yokiina​ & @windflew

best relative: some of my uncles & aunts

best pet: My lavender budgie named Excalibur + my 19 nieces & nephews / grand nieces & grand nephews (along with new members. idk how many chicks there are atm) 

best celebrity: lololol

one random fact about you: i cry easily over things. you can put on The Prince of Egypt and i’ll start crying while watching.
one random fact about your day: my mom instantly forgot about bringing me with her to a store in another town so she didn’t leave the car keys and i was dying from the heat™

one random fact about your job/school: Cute girls everywhere i look.

one random fact about your favorite tv show: i dont really watch tv so …

one random fact you wish was a fact but it isn’t: im not afraid to speak in front of an audience.

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ok so I have too much hw to do to spend more than a minute on that update but:

I’m like 90% sure that this attic vs. roaches thing is foreshadowing a captain conflict. first of all, holster and ransom being on the opposite sides of an argument is completely unheard of, and I can’t imagine that it has nothing to do with the fact that they’re (theoretically) competing for a position next year. secondly, holster made sure to call ransom ‘mature and leader-y,’ which should be a compliment but actually made him look… really sad? he said ‘dude quit,’ which could just be him being humble, but he looked too upset for that to be his reasoning. with that in mind, I’m pretty sure that either

a: holster has a fantasy scenario where both he and ransom are captains, but ransom doesn’t want to be captain. ransom is REALLY busy and hockey doesn’t seem to be quite as much of a priority as his education; it wouldn’t surprise me to see him prioritize his already massive educational responsibilities. meanwhile, holster’s always praised rans so much that I can’t imagine he’d see rans as being unqualified/unable to handle the business

or b: holster wants just rans to be captain, and rans doesn’t want to be captain. I think holster would ENJOY being captain, and I think he probably secretly wants to be captain no matter what, but I wouldn’t be surprised if behind all holster’s bravado he’s actually unsure of himself and doesn’t believe he could be captain.

in either case, this could be a really touching narrative arc where hols/rans have some honest conversations and begin to understand the ways that their lives/life goals are different. this would be an excellent set-up for a senior year where they have to face the reality of living lives apart from each other. personally, though, I prefer the second option, just because I’d love for holster to get some serious individual character work

either way, I’m sure playoffs will be emotionally devastating… again