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Sorry if this comes accross as rude but I don't really ''get'' being poly. As in, how can you be in love with two people at the same time and is this socially acceptable in the US? In my country it's illegal to marry more than one person at a time but in some states it isn't? Most people here view being poly as being that one Creepy Guy(TM) who has 5+ wives, who is also either a redneck or some weird Arab guy wil oil money. So I don't really get it? (1/2)

here lie the answers you seek. (i recommend just looking through the whole site, but reading this page first)

* As an apology, Sans treated you some nice cream. You felt very happy and wanted to share with Papyrus.
“are you that happy? it’s just nice cream…”

sequel of THIS 
and human!sans is nasty and gross and should be put in jail like me


Yo! I decided to finish this request (a mix of both @nishikinonico & @deathgremory ) that was sitting in my folder for…who knows how long orz (Totally not doing this because I have a math midterm and I should be studying instead of drawing…)

Here’s your angsty soldier game trio in suits! (I don’t remember the actual reason for their angst so you all can decide lol)

I’ll disappear again now…

P.S.: Made it a print because why not so here

The Headcanon Master Post: Ahlis Ildilayan (ARR + HW)

Alright everybody! This has been put off for far too long, but that’s what happens when you wrap up the MSQ twice in two months in a mad dash before Stormblood (never again). A few things I want to mention before getting this underway though…

This post will cover many of the personal head canons I have for my main character Ahlis Ildilayan. These will all most likely be for the Warrior of Light (WoL) verse but if there are any discrepancies I’ll note ‘em. If I update this in the future I’ll probably reblog this same post but Stormblood is going to get it’s own post most likely, so I’m looking forward to drafting that in the future!

Now without further ado…let’s get to it!

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[chocobae]: i mean wow yall have your special way of being assholes. definitely dont wanna give a dude a chance when they’re making a 380 degree turn around in their life? (380 is a circle right??)

[chocobae]: anyway the point is yall be talking about how its all bout second chances and shit and when someone gets a second chance and does well with it yall be like ‘lol dude remember that disgusting thing u used to do pTH RIP lMAO’

[chocobae]: lemon is fucking suffering. i couldnt live his life for a day. hes studying and hes trying to be good and he knows he could just push the damn button but he doesnt. he gave them all their happy ending.

[chocobae]: so stfu and let him have his. besides im getting kinda lonely over here without yall on my ass chasing me bout my sins ;3 *hands ur grey asses an invitation*

Every Marichat Fanfiction (ily authors u so talent)
  • Chat: hey nice window... would be a shame if someone... *crash* broke it
  • Mari: chat why are u in my room I'm tryna sleep/ do physics hw (it depends)
  • Chat: o lol ok imma just stay here
  • Mari: adrien is a dick he won't love me
  • Chat: truuuuuu you know you shouldn't love him u should love me (bc I am him and I'll reveal it 25 chapters later)
  • Mari: *history of Japan music* how bout i do anyway
  • Chat: ok
  • Also Chat: *chu*
  • Mari: y u do dis now I angst
  • Chat: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Mari: *sleep*
  • Mari: GDI
  • ~•~•~•~•~•~
  • Akuma: bitch imma add some plot
  • Chat: HOW DARE U
  • Mari: o lawdy
  • Mari: lol ok u keep waiting
  • Tikki: Mari leggo
  • Mari: *damsel in distress*
  • Chat: *saves*
  • Everyone: GDI HARUHI
  • ~•~•~•~•~•~
  • Chat: *rebreaks window*
  • Mari: GDI
  • Chat: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Mari: let me live
  • Chat: LB wont love me
  • Mari: move on
  • Chat: no
  • Mari: *i cri evritim*
  • Chat: *comforting claws*
  • Mari: am sleep bai
  • ~•~•~•~•~•~

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GOM, Izuki and Himuro when they're at a game and someone from the opposing team flirts with their s/o?

This is some basic too, so I’m surprised that no one requested it yet, but now it’s here, so thank you very much! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ


Izuki would feel somewhat offended, because as someone that played basketball for a long time, he held some pride for being a regular and since the matter between this guy and him was in basketball and not in personal matters, he would place faith in you, so he would let you handle the guy and he would make sure to kick his ass on the court (or the teammate sharing the guy’s position on the court, so he wouldn’t mess up the balance). And after the game he would shower you in affection and some cheesy compliments, so you would be reminded as of why you turned the guy down and he was the better choice.


Kuroko would be disapproving, but didn’t feel too much of a grudge grow inside him for the guy, because maybe they just had a personality similar to Haizaki’s and of course, you were pretty, so it was almost logical that he’d hit you up and he probably couldn’t know that you were his partner. But he made sure you turned away from his attempts to flirting and Kuroko just made sure that he beat the other in basketball and then ask you to eat with the team, just so he could spend some more time with you, feeling possessive and as though he had to remind himself that you were his.


Kise would probably throw aside reason and then when they were both back on the court, he wouldn’t care about his mark, as long as he could make that other guy look bad and bag the win, he would see it as an overall win and also make sure to mention that you were his when the game was over with a mean smirk, before coming to you and then spending time with just you, so he could prove how much better he was once again.


Midorima would only glare at the guy from the bench and demand for Takao to make even more passes in his direction, just so he could prove that he was the best player on the court and be the center of attention, so your attention would automatically be on him too. And being the actually praise-loving guy he just is, he would subtly ask what you thought of today’s match and then let your praise rain all over him, also letting it strengthen his ego silently, smiling faintly when you couldn’t see.


Aomine would be totally furious and even if you told the guy off on your own and he didn’t have time to interfere during the time-outs, he would even steal a pass directed to his teammates or two, just to make the other guy look ridiculous every time he passed him and do a fancy move that made the crowd cheer and he would even go as far as making fun of the guy during the game, probably resulting in Wakmatsu trying to calm him in any possible way, but he wouldn’t settle until he had his arm around your shoulders again and then he would demand a lot of passionate kisses and only then he’d calm down again.


Himuro actually didn’t think that here in Japan there were a lot of guy’s with such flirty personalities, but he then felt as if he had to defend or claim his place at your side all over again and would go all out in the game, but still follow his coach’s strategy pretty much all the time. In America it was a bit more usual, but here it wasn’t very common for guys to have such flirty and confident personalities. He would also do a lot of fakes just to make the other look bad for always falling for it, although he knew that none of his teammates could do it either, but he did, anyway. And after the game he would ask say ‘I love you’ to you, just so he could hear an ‘I love you too’ in return and be reassured that he was the one by your side.


Murasakibara would probably not give a damn about the strategy his coach has laid out to them at the beginning of the game, he would focus so much on the guy, he would block him every time without fail and even though his motivation was above his usual level, their coach would whack him in the timeouts for not following the plan. But it would take a lot of whacks to get him back to following the plan and even so, he would still focus on the other mainly and after the game, he would passive-aggressively devour snacks and then cuddle you a lot as well.


Akashi would be focusing on taking his rage out on that guy in the basketball game and would ankle break him just when the other team’s fighting spirit was close to vanishing and then would tell the guy in a volume that just he would hear that he didn’t like it when other guys touched what was his. He then would continue to crush the team and maybe even go for a one-on-one against that guy if there was a good opportunity and after the game, he would spend the evening with you, showering you in affection and take you out for dinner, generally showing his love for you and that he was absolutely in the right place by your side.